Richard Stark s Parker The Score Fresh from his Eisner Award winning efforts on The Hunter and The Outfit Darwyn Cooke now sets his steely sights on The Score the classic Richard Stark Parker novel from Parker becomes embroile

  • Title: Richard Stark’s Parker: The Score
  • Author: Darwyn Cooke Richard Stark
  • ISBN: 9781613772089
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Fresh from his Eisner Award winning efforts on The Hunter and The Outfit, Darwyn Cooke now sets his steely sights on The Score, the classic Richard Stark Parker novel from 1964 Parker becomes embroiled in a plot with a dozen partners in crime to pull off what might be the ultimate heist robbing an entire town Everything was going fine for a while, and then things got bFresh from his Eisner Award winning efforts on The Hunter and The Outfit, Darwyn Cooke now sets his steely sights on The Score, the classic Richard Stark Parker novel from 1964 Parker becomes embroiled in a plot with a dozen partners in crime to pull off what might be the ultimate heist robbing an entire town Everything was going fine for a while, and then things got bad Considered one of the best in the Parker series, The Score is the perfect vehicle for Darwyn Cooke to pull out all the stops and let loose with a book that has all the impact of a brutal kick to the solar plexus

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    One thought on “Richard Stark’s Parker: The Score”

    1. A friend of mine is constantly talking about Richard Stark's PARKER, so when I saw a bunch of these graphic novels at the comic shop, I grabbed one at random to see what it was all about.Darwyn Cooke is a fantastic writer, and while I can't say what kind of job he does translating Stark's work (because I haven't read the source material), I can say that, objectively, he does a great job with this story. He brings tense, crime fiction to life in a compelling and engaging way. The art and color is [...]

    2. When we’ve hit a point where Hollywood thinks that Jason Statham would be the perfect guy to play Parker in a movie, maybe it’s best that we all just stick to Darwyn Cooke’s graphic novel adaptations of the Richard Stark books to get our visuals of what the professional thief’s stories would look like.This one adapts The Score in which Parker puts together a crew to take over and loot a small isolated mining town. As he did in his versions of The Hunter and The Outfit Cooke uses the text [...]

    3. I read this last night while also watching the Olympics with my family, which makes for a really funny juxtaposition, since the Olympics is all sentimental storytelling, rooted in the back-stories of all the largely American participants (if you are watching it as I am, in the U. S.), and Richard Stark's--one pseudonym for Mystery Writers of America Grand Master Donald Westlake--Parker is the hardest-boiled detective you ever met, the opposite of sentimental. Westlake adapted Jim Thompson's nove [...]

    4. Every single time I put down one of Darwyn Cooke’s Richard Stark adaptations, I tell myself, “Man, I really need to read those Parker books”. Not only do they come with solid recommendations from many of my trusted friends, they’re right up my alley. Disgruntled con-man with some serious anger issues? Give me all the books.Parker’s general rule states that if a job needs more than five people, it’s not a job. So imagine his reaction when someone proposed a heist requiring more than t [...]

    5. I’m the perfect audience for these books as I’ve never read a Richard Stark/Donald Westlake novel about Parker but I love Darwyn Cooke, I like crime stories and looooove comics, so mixing all that up and serving it to me is gravy every time. I will read a Parker novel by Westlake one day but for now, The Hunter, The Outfit, and this one, The Score are perfectly enjoyable by themselves. Parker is his usual tough-guy self as he gets drawn into a scheme to rob an entire town, a small mining tow [...]

    6. This is an adaptation of one of my favorite Parker novels, and Darwyn Cooke doesn't disappoint. He has a great sense of pacing. Too many comic book writers seem to assume that people spend as much time on the visuals as they do the dialogue, which leads to some choppy pacing. For this book, though, Cooke intersperses dialogue sections with speech-free action sections, and it really works. He also wonderfully evokes the '60s setting of the original novel without being cutesy or overloading the na [...]

    7. Darwyn Cooke's previous adaptations of Richard Stark's 'Parker' novels (The Hunter & The Outfit) were faithful to the source material (Cooke had even included pertinent elements of The Man With The Getaway Face in the 'Outfit' adaptation) and it was a real pleasure for me to have one of my favourite artists illustrate some of my favourite crime stories. This book continues the trend. What initially struck me was the choice of colour for the art. In the previous volumes, we had black & wh [...]

    8. Not nearly as good as Darwyn Cooke's adaptations of the Parker novels The Hunter and The Score. It was just as skillfully adapted as a graphic novel, with a sparse monochromatic but propulsive drawing and minimalist writing. I think, without having read it directly, that the problem is the plot of the underlying novel it is adapting. The Hunter and The Outfit both have a higher level of double-crossing, more varied settings, and an almost epic struggle of Parker as a solo criminal against "The O [...]

    9. Excellent adaptation of one of the best of the Parker books. Cooke's cartoony/retro style fits the grim material suprisingly well, especially in the sections in which he documents Grofeld's perspective. Not a substitute for the original novel, of course, but a supple and entertaining adaptation, showing a lot of cartooning chops. Recommended.

    10. The is the best novel in the series so far which i read.The sketches and the yellow shade. Simply great. Really the graphic presentation just made it great otherwise i wonder how different could it be to read the book as this carried a simple hit job.

    11. This was my third book in the Parker series of graphic novels, although I'm not sure it's the third book in terms of order. In any event, after the dazzling "The Hunter" and the mystifying misfire of "The Outfit," "The Score" is a huge comeback - maybe the best of the three. "Slayground" is next, and then well, it's not clear to me that there are any additional titles in the series. That already makes me sad.

    12. This is the third book that Darwyn Cooke adapted from Richard Stark's Parker novels. I thought this book was the most fun of the three graphic novels that Darwyn Cooke did. The fun in this case is the planning and execution of a robbery and because of the type of robbery this is there is all kinds of side stories that keep the story moving and interesting. The reader also gets to see a glimpse into some of the characters we have meet that Parker does his jobs with as well as finding out even mor [...]

    13. Darwyn Cooke continues adapting Donald E. Westlake's Parker series into graphic novel form with THE SCORE, the third volume in the series. And like the first two, it's wonderful, with a terse script and evocative artwork that captures the mid-Sixties era perfectly. This is the one where Parker and a crew that includes Alan Grofield try to loot an entire copper mining town in North Dakota, only to run into some unexpected problems. Seeing how Parker deals with those problems is one of the ongoing [...]

    14. Cooke's gorgeous retro art fits the theme and feel of the story perfectly, but the scope was so big and the pages so few that it got confusing at times.The Score is the biggest job Parker has ever taken on. He brings in a lot of great characters to help him do it and the plan and its realization are brilliant. The problem is that so many things happen with so many characters (which are sometimes hard to distinguish) that I had to page back a couple of times to see who was where.

    15. From the first page to the last line an absolutely brilliant graphic novel adaptation of a novel by Richard Stark. Darwyn Cooke's art is simply gorgeous, the use a lone color - orange - is incredible. The past three graphic novels I've read in this "series" reinforces my opinion that Cooke is one of the best artists involved in comics today.

    16. Not as good as "The Hunter," but a definite improvement over the muddled "The Outfit." Stylish and streamlined in ways that do justice to Richard Stark's original, this is an enjoyable take on an outrageous caper - robbing an entire town. The drama unfolds in unusual ways and Cooke ably sustains the tension through the unexpected final chapters.

    17. Darwyn Cooke killed it with this adaption; perfect score. I loved everything from the concept to the art. If you enjoyed the first two novels then you have a surprise waiting for you when you read The Score!

    18. Well done adaptation of Richard Stark's Parker. Darwyn Cooke brings his stylized touch to the Score. I dug the orange color scheme he used throughout the book. I was never big into heist type stories but Parker has brought me into the fold. Looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

    19. I do love this series, but this one lacks the story that the other 2 have as this one is just about a single robbery attempt. The book is still beautiful and I like that he changed the color scheme to fit with the book.

    20. Absolutely fantastic stuff. This is my favorite Parker novel, and the adaptation by Cooke works beautifully. There's some great stuff done with diagrams, and the last few pages are amazing. I love it.

    21. So, the kind of noir I'd find a little too brutal in color film is nicely shaded and understated with Darwyn Cooke's art. Another win.

    22. A good graphic adaptation of a smart, sharp novel. I loved the way Cooke handled Grofield, providing a dose of whimsy inside a harsh story of an audacious heist.

    23. Copper Canyon, North Dakota: a small mining town with a curfew, backed into a canyon, with only one route in and out. If Parker, a brutal criminal, and eleven of his closest criminal associates, can overtake the town’s police station, firehouse, and phone company, they can seize the town’s payroll from the banks, and any other loot they can grab from the local jewelers, loan companies, and department stores overnight and be gone before the curfew lifts, clearing a quarter mil.Of course, thin [...]

    24. On the one hand, I still enjoyed reading this and the character of Parker. But this one was where I found myself thinking that maybe this is all a little bit much.(view spoiler)[That is, in this one it felt weird to be reading this revenge fantasy for a character besides Parker to play out. Edgars' carrying out of his plan felt like it was much more in cold blood than what I had been thinking while reading the Hunter in which it was Parker seeking out revenge.(hide spoiler)]Maybe that was the po [...]

    25. A heist, a caper, a con fills the pages of fiction, the movie screens and on tv shows. In this intense graphic novel adaption of Donald Westlake/Richard Stark novel, the master thief Parker is going loot a entire small town. But as in most caper stories there are twist and turns that might spell disaster for the "heroes". Darwyn Cooke's art captures the cold, dark, time( The Sixties), violence of Parker's world.

    26. This review originally appeared on my blog,Shared Universe Reviews. Parker: the Score is the third book in a series of comic adaptations of Richard’s Stark’s crime novels by Canadian born Darwyn Cooke. I’m very impressed. Nearly 500 pages of comics and Cooke’s barely had a slip up. As always, when talking about plot elements and the overall execution of the book I refer to Cooke. Having not read any of the Parker novels I have no idea how much is taken from the series of novels. I imagin [...]

    27. I picked this up for £3 in a Waterstones bargain bin. What a bargain!A thoroughly enjoyable little heist story. Art by Darwin Cooke is fantastic as always.It's certainly made me want to check out the other 3 volumes Cooke did, as well as the original Parker novels (if I can find space in my ever more hectic reading schedule).

    28. liked better than the outfit but , to me this is a bit oldstyle storytelling, it is not not enough and to much time is spent on the wrong part of the story for me ,the characters are not really likable it that interesting to begin with. But the art style makes up for it.

    29. Oczko niżej niż poprzedniczki, bo brak tu intrygi i wyrafinowanej fabuły, a cały komiks to właściwie przedstawienie przygotowań i realizacji dużego skoku wraz z przeszkodami, jakie ze sobą niesie. Jest prościej, ale za to dynamiczniej. W sumie miła odmiana.

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