Jinx High Fay Harper looks like any other teenage girl any other Queen Bee that is She s blond and beautiful and very very popular the kind of popular that attracts boys like honey Fay and her gang take a l

  • Title: Jinx High
  • Author: Mercedes Lackey
  • ISBN: 9780765313195
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fay Harper looks like any other teenage girl any other Queen Bee, that is She s blond, and beautiful, and very, very popular the kind of popular that attracts boys like honey Fay and her gang take a lot of risks, but so far they ve managed to get away with everything It s as if they are magically protected Summoned to Tulsa by an old friend whose son has fallen inFay Harper looks like any other teenage girl any other Queen Bee, that is She s blond, and beautiful, and very, very popular the kind of popular that attracts boys like honey Fay and her gang take a lot of risks, but so far they ve managed to get away with everything It s as if they are magically protected Summoned to Tulsa by an old friend whose son has fallen in with Fay s crowd, Diana Tregarde, practicing witch and successful romance novelist, quickly finds herself in hot water The new girl at school, Monica Carlin, has come under sorcerous attack, but Diana cannot identify, or stop, the power wielder To make matters worse, there is an ancient being sleeping under Tulsa, a being who might be woken by the magic battles taking place in the city What will happen then, even Diana cannot predict.

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    One thought on “Jinx High”

    1. A good readThis is the third book in the series of Diana Tregarde mysteries, and the best of the bunch. They are well crafted and the characters are interesting. It does help to have read the other books in this series, but the book stands on its own fairly well. The magic is handled in a believable fashion, and the action fast paced. I recommend this book for you.

    2. I really miss the Diana Tregarde series. From what I read, Mercedes Lackey stopped writing them because they weren't selling well enough, and because some of her fans got a little TOO into the series (ahem). Considering how popular supernatural mysteries have become, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that maybe she'll reconsider.

    3. It's a little depressing to have to say it, but in comparison to the other Diana Tregarde books, Jinx High only ranks as okay. Burning Water and Children of the Night are better novels, at least in my opinion. Still, Jinx High is a credible effort. I probably would have scored it higher if I didn't know how much more Lackey is capable of.

    4. The only thing that kept me going with this book was how unbelievably corny it was. The plot ridiculous and the characters flat and cliche, but the 90s high school stuff plus the whole deal with the Kosmic Kid trying to not let his teenage son realize how cool he is was great.

    5. I originally read this when I was about 13 or 14 years old. Looking back, I'm not terribly sure what drew me to buy this book since it had a horrible cover. Admittedly, I can be a cover snob, and a book with a cover like what I got normally would turn me off. But I knew I liked Ms Lackey's work, so I must have decided to give it a shot based on that, mostly. The original release cover looks like something you'd expect from those 90's teen horror books that were popular back then, but this was da [...]

    6. Though this was the first book written in the Diana Tregarde series, it is chronologically the last set of events in that series. The story is readable without having read the others in order but it does contain quite a few references and in-jokes as well as the return of a previous character which might prove mildly confusing.It is also the weakest and worst written book in this series. The plot begins credibly enough --- a former college buddy of Diane's has a bad feeling about his son, who ha [...]

    7. This was a fun read, but sadly not quite as good as the other Diana Tregarde books, especially considering that it's the last one in the series. This time, Di has to deal with a bunch of high school students who've come under attack from a magical masquerading as a teenager. Sadly, a lot of time is spent from the point of view of the high school students, and they aren't as interesting as Di. Some of them do have powers, but they never really end up using them. Deke, the student who draws Diana [...]

    8. A very reluctantly rounded up 3 from 2.5. There are so many things to like about this book but the jumpy POVs, trite dialogue and expressions, and lack of tension are not any of them. I've been thinking about rereading books in my library, ones that I've held on to for nostalgia, and not because I actually remember what they're about. Just a vague sense of "I liked this once."I really hated the POV switching. I think the only characters' heads we didn't get into were Ann's (the teacher) and Emil [...]

    9. First, allow me to say that normally, I adore Mercedes Lackey. This book, howeverIt certainly took me back to my high school years, and not in a good way. This school was almost exactly like my own, with the kids who have parents that will give them anything and call it good parenting and think their darlings get in no trouble. The only thing this place had that my school didn't was magic and an unusually high number of student casualties. (Not that this is necessarily a YA book, but it reminded [...]

    10. Full review here:jamesgenrebooks/2I'm happy I own this one, even if I prefer her other writing over this particular series. It's still worth checking out, since even at her worst, Lackey's work is more entertaining than many other things.

    11. Diana Tregarde ends up going back to high school. Derek (Deke) Kestral is the son of one of the people she used to work with. His dad Larry believes someone or something is targeting Deke. And Deke's English teacher wants an author who makes a full time living as a writer to spend some time with her class. Fay is 300 years old but she keeps stealing her daughters' bodies. She is Deke's girlfriend. Monica is the new girl who also likes Deke and his best friend Alan and who wants to be a writer.Th [...]

    12. I love Lackey's Diana Tregarde books that chronologically start with Children of the Night and continues with Burning Water (which was published first). This is the last of them--I've read that they didn't sell well so Lackey won't be writing others, which I think is a shame, especially since the ending leaves some loose ends. I like Diana and the other characters here, and find her as much or more an appealing Urban Fantasy heroine than many on the bestseller lists. This book is reminiscent of [...]

    13. This third Diana Tregarde novel is by far the weakest. It has the same weaknesses of the other two -- not terribly interesting characterization or plots, piss-poor mystery, and Diana being an idiot and not thinking of the obvious solution for at least a hundred pages. Unfortunately, it is also told predominantly from the POV of three teenagers (one of whom is the source of all the problems), all of whom think and act like imbecils throughout. I know that teenagers often look like they don't have [...]

    14. I did not like this book. Although I enjoyed the other Diana Tregarde investigation books, this book held little mystery and little investigation. The author followed the bad guy as much as the protagonists and I found that this left me little mystery other than wishing the good guys would wise up and kill the bad guy. There were so many clues and hints and they skirted around the edges of knowing what was going on, but even in the end, they didn't figure it out, which left me sorely disappointe [...]

    15. Fay Harper looks like any other teenage girl—any other Queen Bee, that is.  She’s blond, and beautiful, and very, very popular—the kind of popular that attracts boys like honey.  Fay and her gang take a lot of risks, but so far they’ve managed to get away with everything.  It’s as if they are magically protected.  Summoned to Tulsa by an old friend whose son has fallen in with Fay’s crowd, Diana Tregarde, practicing witch and successful romance novelist, quickly finds herself in [...]

    16. Jinx High is the third and last book in the Diana Tregarde Investigations. In keeping with my desire to read the very oldest books on my shelf, this book has been there since late 2007, but is copyrighted 1991 which makes it a VERY early urban fantasy/mystery novel. I enjoyed Jinx High, but found that it is somewhat dated in the behavior of the teenagers in the book - driving cars that no longer exist, using payphones (with a single quarter, no less!), and using old slang. This didn't bother me [...]

    17. I was dismayed when I figured out a primary setting would be high school. I kept reading because I really enjoyed the first two books of Diana Tregard. I may enjoy Buffy tv by Joss Whedon, but I don't usually read "teenage angst paranomals" no offense to those who do.To my surprise the characters came to life for me. Supporting cast was well written and main characters evolved. Some of those characters happened to be teenagers. A big tribute to Mercedes writing style. The book remained honest in [...]

    18. Jinx High by Mercedes Lackey This is the third book of one of Ms Lackey's earlier series. An urban fantasy with vampires, witches who kick butt and teenagers from a rich suburb. This book came out back in 1991 and is a fun read all around. Sadly this series was put on the shelf after a fanatical fan threatened the author. Dealing with themes like teen sex and drugs, it could be written now and work just as well. One of my favorite parts was the introduction of a younger version of a character [...]

    19. I've read a lot of Mercedes Lackey's work. Some of it is great, some is okay, some just doesn't do it for me. It is disappointing to me that I have to put Jinx High in the third category because I LOVE Diana Tregarde. I am sad that she has said she won't return to writing more books and stories about Diana, but this book spends far too little time on Diana and far too much on the most unpleasant group of manipulative teenagers I have encountered in fiction in some time-- and I read a lot of YA f [...]

    20. The third and arguably best of the Diana Tregarde novels (which have disappointed me on this re-read), this one plays closest to YA, with much of the action surrounding a high school where the son of one of Di's old "Spook Squad" attends. It's not as romance novelish as "Children of the Night," and it suffers (in spades) from one of the weaknesses of "Burning Water" -- one of the protagonists is under mind control, and so acts erratically and foolishly, usually off screen.Still, aside from some [...]

    21. I found this book on the free table at the library and decided to try itt realizing this was the last book in the trilogy. And that's my one quibble with the book (the quibble with me is that I always read series in order and I would have enjoyed this more if I had done so). The book ends in a Stephen King move a la Christine and so we all know the story is not quite finished. Otherwise, I will mentally add the first two books to my "want to read" shelf and hope another books comes out.

    22. The third and final installment of the Diana Tregarde occult mystery series finds our heroine coming to Tulsa OK after a friend of hers, also a psi, feels that his son is being put into some kind of grave danger by an unnamed threat. Diana is there to sort of look out for him by whatever psychic & occult means are necessary. But this time, she's battling a really evil enemy.Kind of slow moving really up until the end, but it was still okay. If you're going to read this one, I highly suggest [...]

    23. I enjoyed this third entertaining book about Diana Tregarde. Di is a witch, a Guardian, and a romance novelist who gets called by an old college friend to come check out his feelings that something is targeting his son. Kids are dying all around Jenks High but there's not clues as to who is behind it or why Larry is getting whispers that his son is in danger. Di is racing to figure out the culprit and protect Larry's son with little to go on and not much time. A fun read and good distraction fro [...]

    24. I read this book over twenty years ago and I still remember it. That's how lasting of an impression Ms. Lackey made on me. Of course I only read less than a hundred books a year at that time so it probably helped me remember the stories better.This was a weird one for me at the time. The whole body switching and unresolved ending bugged me. What was interesting was where the teeth resided for one of the females in this book.

    25. In the final Diana Tregarde adventure, Diana is called by a friend to come check out the local HS and the weird attraction a certain girl has over her classmates including the man's son Derek. A new girl in the HS, Monica, also faces the wrath of Fay. I enjoyed most of the book but was disappointed in the abrupt ending. It was like Lackey thought it was about time to end the book so she did without having the ending add to the story.

    26. Where do I began?I have just finished the last of the Diana Tregarde series, with High Jinx last. Having read tons of this genre, I can only give all the books a score of two each, with the prequel excluded. I found the editing poorly done, the stories were too long and drawn out. The change in points of view confusing. I am sure the other fans will disagree with me, but this is the reason for review s.

    27. OMG OMG OMG when I was twelve I loved Diana Tregarde so effing much. She's like this tough girl who, um, solves paranormal mysteries maybe? And hunts ghosts or something? Jeez I thought I remembered but maybe I don't. Now that I'm trying to recall, I feel like maybe she was the pre-Buffy. Could that be and I never made the connection until now??Ok, I have to re-read this book.

    28. I love Mercedes Lackey, I do, but high school drama right now for me bored me. I don't care how teenagers act in normal settings unless the psychic part of their lives really overwhelms the mundane. The plot of this book reminded me heavily of a Buffy episode, too, and the only character in this book I particularly cared about was Diana. Everyone else was kind of 'eh'. I'm glad I finished it.

    29. I had to call it quits after 62 pages and face the fact that I'm just not a fan of ML's work. Once again there was too much inner (self) dialog for my liking from the main characters. I just feel like the story could move along if I didn't have to wad through so much internal musings from them. I'm just not caught up enough to care how this trilogy ends.

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