Frisky Business It started with a chance encounter at a Halloween party Nine months later the real fun began Romy Fitzgerald likes to do things properly and in the right order So she always thought she would go the

  • Title: Frisky Business
  • Author: Clodagh Murphy
  • ISBN: 9781444726237
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Paperback
  • It started with a chance encounter at a Halloween party Nine months later, the real fun began Romy Fitzgerald likes to do things properly and in the right order So she always thought she would go the conventional route of boyfriend, marriage, children Sex in a closet with a stranger dressed as Darth Vader was definitely not how she saw herself becoming a mother.But sIt started with a chance encounter at a Halloween party Nine months later, the real fun began Romy Fitzgerald likes to do things properly and in the right order So she always thought she would go the conventional route of boyfriend, marriage, children Sex in a closet with a stranger dressed as Darth Vader was definitely not how she saw herself becoming a mother.But she has no regrets Her baby son, Luke, is the best thing that ever happened to her If only she knew who his father was Because though she and Darth shared their deepest, darkest secrets, they didn t swap names or numbers.One year later, Romy is no closer to finding out the identity of her mystery man But just as she s ready to put it behind her and move on, an old flame comes back into her life and brings with him a whole new set of complications.Kit was the one who got away and Romy wonders if they can reignite what they once had But Kit has his own secrets to hide And why is he so eager to play happy families with Romy and Luke Could he be Romy s dark knight Or is there another

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    One thought on “Frisky Business”

    1. I rather liked the characters, actually, but the story tended to drag rather a lot and the jokes weren't improved by anticipation. Which is to say that they were easy to anticipate and the execution seldom added to the effect.I'm going to put some of this behind a spoiler tag, but I really don't want to. Murphy cheats a lot and it doesn't do anything for the reader to not know this. Still, make the choice whether to know in advance the stuff that detracts. Part of my dissatisfaction was that Mur [...]

    2. Sweet chic-lit romance, some LOLs and without the pretenceFrisky Business is very much about people getting their wires crossed and the funny things that occur when they do. I enjoyed the ride, some very sweet moments, lots of funny happenings, good characters, just felt a little longer than it needs to be.

    3. Originally posted on The Librarian Next Door:Romy Fitzgerald was the quintessential good girl. She was a good student in school, built up her on successful business and always figured marriage and children were in her future, someday. Then one Halloween, she has a fling with a guy in a Darth Vader costume and winds up giving birth to baby Luke nine months later. Though his arrival in the world was unconventional, Romy loves her son more than anything. She just wishes she could tell him more abou [...]

    4. This hilarious story is brought to us by Clodagh Murphy, a relatively new writer on the scene, this is her third book. While beginning this book I had my doubts that I would be stepping into a cheesy tongue in cheek typically chick litty book but boy was I surprised. It was so funny from the get go I instantly fell in love. Clodagh Murphy has taken a huge risk in delving into the world of sex with this one and I congratulate her on a risk worth taking. Romy Fitzgerald is a newly single mother af [...]

    5. Romy did something out of the ordinary and now has a 3 month old baby to show for it. Unfortunately, she doesn't know who the father is because she never saw his face or exchanged names. But she loves Luke her son and knows the odds of finding the father, or Darth Vader, as she knows him are really slim.Oh my goodness! I loved this book! I'm going to have to write a review in the morning! It's bed time now! To elucidate, I finished reading this book at about 2:30 am. It was really hard to stop o [...]

    6. Definitely a great read. I will most certainly look out for this author in the future. I enjoyed the novel so much adn was so surprised how well written it was. It was a mystery to the very end, even if I was hoping for the ending I was given. It's funny how the hero turned out not to be the hero until the 'real' hero came back along.

    7. Romy Fitzgerald is a ‘good girl’, who has always had her life planned out. Good education, a nice career, a nice boyfriend and marriage. Knowing her, one wouldn’t expect her to do something like having sex with a stranger and ending up pregnant. But that’s exactly what happened. While Luke’s arrival into this world wasn’t exactly planned in Romy’s life, she loves her son and wants a good life for her son. She wishes to be able to tell her son about his father but her endeavors to f [...]

    8. Funny and sweet (without cheesy and corny business)It's been a long time I don't read this kind of book, where everybody are happy, normal, kind, and sweet.Romy got knock out after her first and only one night stand without knowing her partner in crime. She and her bestfriend had tried to find the father of her son, Luke, with no result.Then she met Kit, her ex-boyfriend years ago in high school. Out of nowhere Kit asked her to be his fake girlfriend. She agreed to go for it although Kit never g [...]

    9. Is there ever an upside to a cold, wet holdiay weekend? Defintiely if, like me, you spent it reading Frisky Business, Clodagh Murphy's latest romantic comedy. I loved her previous two books but I have to say this one has become my favourite.All the things I liked about her previous books are here. She has a real flair for writing dialogue and it's as funny, clever and sparky as ever in here. There's laugh out loud comedy, mystery, romance and even a comic take on BDSM, plus another brilliant cas [...]

    10. 3 star = I liked it. Romy has a one night stand with a masked man at a Halloween party, and the result was baby Luke - So named because dad was dressed as Darth Vader. Now a year later Romy is trying to find Darth so she can let him know about his son.On the whole I liked Frisky Business, what made it work for me was that leading lady Romy and the supporting cast were likeable and well developed - I especially liked both of the extended families in the story and their interactions. In the nits c [...]

    11. Romy Fitzgerald gets knocked up after a one-night-stand with Darth Vader. Not THE Darth Vader of course but a guy wearing his custom in a Halloween party. Romy always thought that David, the guy who was throwing the party and who was married, would leave his wife for her. Until this hook-up happened. Nine months later, She gives birth to a boy she names as Luke (nice Clodagh *wink*). She wonders who this father might be.Featuring on this story is Kit Masterson, who is Romy's HS boyfriendk what t [...]

    12. Having read Clodagh Murphy's previous two books I was eagerly awaiting frisky business to come out. Well it was well worth the wait I was not disappointed. This book has a bit of everything in it. Humour, mystery, romance, all rolled in to a wonderful warm imaginative story that Clodagh creates & writes perfectly as usual. I instantly took a liking to Romy & all the characters, they had me completely drawn into their lives. I was so keen to keep reading to find out what was the secret th [...]

    13. Romy Fitzgerald is a single mum to Luke and property developer. Luke was conceived in a cupboard at a Halloween Party by a handsome stranger in a Darth Vader costume she doesn’t know his name. A year later she decides to throw a Halloween Party and invite everyone that was at the party the previous year in the effort to find Luke’s father but does he turn up? Kit her ex and first love is back from New York unemployed and staying with his parents but will Romy ever find Luke’s father. Or is [...]

    14. If this wasn't so painfully slow, it might have been better. What would be nice is that if an author is going to write a really (draggingly) developed story, she could spice it up with the really steamy scenes. But here, we get no steam. Just a cute yet boring book, with sweet yet boring characters. Kit was the exception though. What was the deal with that guy? He was strange and completely socially awkward. There was absolutely no justification for him keeping his secret. I really did not like [...]

    15. This is the first time I read this type of book. I'm still growing out from YA and children fiction type of novels so this is all new to me.I was really excited to read this 'cause I've won it on the giveaway here in .It was so hilarious and I laughed so hard. I liked the characters especially Danny. I absolutely adore him and I love it that he got his own partner in the end.I also liked Romy and I actually imagined her younger. Also, I liked the geeky stuff about Star Wars especially at the end [...]

    16. I loved the twist and turns as I was reading the book. Different from what I've been reading but in a good way and it was fun going through such a roller coaster of their lives all the while having fits of laughter. I don't want to spoil anything, but I'm glad things turned out the way they did. All the characters were really lovable. From May's crazy antics to Lesley incident room and Ethan's sweet disposition (he really was such a sweetie and my favorite character in the book).

    17. And here I thought it's going to be a cliche story. It started out quite slow but when you get through the middle of the book, that's the best part. I can't stop laughing when I read the part where Ethan was trying to 'please' Romy. And that last line in the book! Haha. You just made my day, Clodagh Murphy. Thank you!

    18. Dear Clodagh Murphy, Please write the scene where Romy tells the family about Luke's real father. Having read the other two scenes of family revelations I can only imagine how fun this one will beThank you for an excellent book

    19. Woo hoo! Finally got to read tho one and it was AMAZING! I thought I had it all figured out and I was disappointed because it was so obvious, thenBLAM! Plot twist! I didn't see it coming and it was great!

    20. Loved it - just absolutely adored this book. Funny, moving, littered with wonderful characters, brilliant one liners, warmth and humour. Will be a wee bit bereft with out now. Just fab Clodagh's best yet.

    21. This was such a cute book. You thought you knew who the father was and then curve balls kept being thrown in your face! Equal parts "aw" and "oh-la-la".

    22. Oh, this one's good. It's funny and romantic, and damn I was even blindsided. All the mention of Star Wars made my geeky heart flutter!!! That was a definite plus.

    23. Von mir gibts für dieses Buch 4,5 Sterne.Ich mochte es wirklich gerne.Allerdings habe ich die Handlung genau so kommen sehen zumindest ab einem gewissen Punkt.Rezension folgt!

    24. DNF at 36% Don't know where to startI might have to come back and write something but at the moment I'm annoyed I wasted my time

    25. Lol, this was a really cute read! It was a little long winded and predictable; I usually am slow on the uptake but figured out what was going on relatively early. I enjoyed how detailed the author was about the scenes and the characters, though. And I love happy endings!

    26. Laughing until my stomach hurt!I gave this rating because WOW what a great book. I laughed until my stomach hurt, at many different times in the book. Definitely would read another book by this author.

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