Winnie Flies Again The third Winnie the Witch picture book sees Winnie experiencing some trouble with flying Normally the sky is empty but she s started bumping into helicopters skyscrapers and hang gliders So she tur

  • Title: Winnie Flies Again
  • Author: Valerie Thomas Korky Paul
  • ISBN: 9780192726469
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Paperback
  • The third Winnie the Witch picture book sees Winnie experiencing some trouble with flying Normally the sky is empty, but she s started bumping into helicopters, skyscrapers and hang gliders So she turns her broomstick into all kinds of strange things.

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      104 Valerie Thomas Korky Paul
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    One thought on “Winnie Flies Again”

    1. I’d read Winnie the Witch and loved it, and want to read as many Winnie books as I can find. Unfortunately, many are not available. I’ve found only two others; this is one of them.This story about Winnie and her cat Wilbur is funny, fun to read aloud, has a great layout (sometimes you have to flip the page to read the text and see the 2 page picture layout, and it’s a great story for kids who need to wear glasses. Winnie can’t seem to find any mode of transportation that doesn’t lead t [...]

    2. Οι περιπέτειες της Winnie είναι από εκείνες που εύκολα θα πρότεινα σε γονείς με παιδιά προσχολικής ηλικίας -ή και στα πρώιμα στάδια της σχολικής-, καθότι πρόκειται για ιστορίες μεσαίου μεγέθους, άρα δεν είναι κουραστικές, που η αισθητική τους θυμίζει πολύ παραμύθι άλλων εποχώ [...]

    3. Buku yang penuh ilustrasi dan minim kalimat, cocok untuk anak yang baru mulai membaca. Jika font-nya sedikit lebih besar pasti akan lebih menarikJangan harapkan ilustrasi yang manis di buku ini. Ilustrasi di buku ini mirip dengan ilustrasi dalam buku Neil Gaiman, Diana Funke dan sejenisnya, mirip coretan anak-anak ^^Soal cerita, saya "ditipu" mentah-mentah. Saya kira buku ini mau mengajarkan tentang betapa tidak asrinya bumi kita saat ini. Di langit sudah dipenuhi aneka kendaraan, bahkan gedung- [...]

    4. The books about Winnie the Witch are just charming any time of year! Here, Winnie is having some trouble seeing other flying objects when she is out on her broomstick. Convinced that travel by broomstick is no longer safe, she and her adorable cat try other modes of transportation--all with humorously "disastrous" results! The solution is unexpected and charming. The illustrations are also just marvelous; so detailed and funny. I love Winnie's exasperated expressions as one thing after another g [...]

    5. Read with my Turkish host family's children. I've never read a Winnie the Witch book before but I know they're popular with children. Correction: I see that I read and reviewed the first book back in 2014. The illustrations were a little too chaotic for my liking and I didn't like how the cat kept getting injured. It was told in a strange way, as well, with chapter headings in a picture book. Then again, my edition was for 'learners of English' so maybe I didn't read the real thing.

    6. A WITCH'S CHARMFunny how you own some paperbooks at home and never think of writing a review for them, although you read them over and over again with enthusiasm. The Winnie the Witch series is one of them.Winnie Flies Again was one of my son's favourite stories when he was little, and now it is one of my daughter's favourites as well. As a teacher of English, I often tell this story to my little preschoolers or younger primary school learners, and they always find Winnie funny and charming. The [...]

    7. Winnie travels everywhere on her broomstick, with faithful cat Wilbur, enjoying freedom from the over-crowded world below. However a turn of strange events makes Winnie question the safety of travelling by broomstick. She decides to swap her broomstick for a variety of other modes of transport, including a bicycle, a skateboard and even a horse. As anticipated none of these seem to suit Winnie- all having humorously ‘disastrous’ results. After much speculation we see that the solution to Win [...]

    8. Winnie's back - but is having trouble getting around because she keeps running into/over/down things. Poor Wilbur seems to get the worst end of their accidents.The solution of glasses provides this story a practical answer to a very real problem. Thus, no fuss over the frames that are often maligned - by those that don't wear them and don't understand the enormous excitement and freedom they possess. Glasses are magic. Just ask Winnie. or me. or my dad. or my girlfriend. or Side note: I love tha [...]

    9. The third story in the series about a witch (Winnie) and her cat (Wilbur) is as brilliant as the others. The illustrations are quirky and hilarious. This is a funny story about Winnie having trouble flying her broomstick. Usually the sky is clear but in this story she is having to dodge many obstacles! There are lots of repeated phrases in the story so it is familiar and comforting for children, and there are opportunities to get children involved by saying 'abracadabra' together, etc.

    10. Winnie Terbang Lagi merupakan buku pertama dari seri Winnie the Witch yang saya baca. Ilustrasinya terlalu penuh dan ramai menurut saya. Tapi dikarenakan baru membaca satu buku Winnie, saya akan membaca buku seri lainnya supaya lebih mengenal karakteristik Winnie dan juga pengarangnya.

    11. This book is really good if your about five years old so get your mum to read it if your five

    12. Langit sudah terlalu berbahaya.Bahkan kucing penyihir pun terancam tersenggol helikopter, paralayang, tersangkut gedung tinggi. Lalu dengan apa Winnie mengganti moda transportasinya?

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