First Light A government experiment Sixteen teenage boys on the run An innocent young girl caught in the middle When Ronnie Rose meets the handsome and alluring Kalen Smith she can tell there s something he s hi

  • Title: First Light
  • Author: Samantha Summers
  • ISBN: B0082ILVT6
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A government experiment Sixteen teenage boys on the run An innocent young girl caught in the middle When Ronnie Rose meets the handsome and alluring Kalen Smith, she can tell there s something he s hiding something dangerous But in trying to uncover his secret, Ronnie is plunged into a terrifying world she isn t prepared for and the consequences could be deadly CA government experiment Sixteen teenage boys on the run An innocent young girl caught in the middle When Ronnie Rose meets the handsome and alluring Kalen Smith, she can tell there s something he s hiding something dangerous But in trying to uncover his secret, Ronnie is plunged into a terrifying world she isn t prepared for and the consequences could be deadly Can we choose who we fall in love with

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    One thought on “First Light”

    1. Rating Clarification: 4.5 StarsFirst Light by Samantha Summers was nothing like I expected. This book captured my attention from the moment I read the prologue to the time I stumbled on the epilogue two short days later. Breezing through a novel so quickly is quite rare for me as of late, so I can only attribute it to the fact that I was pretty much hooked on this high impact, high energy YA novel. First Light is a story about trust, survival and friendship that feels like a combination of Bourn [...]

    2. Ronnie Rose is 17 years old, and even though her sister Rachel is 9 years older than her, she has always had to be the adult in the family. Her father has just died after an extended illness. Ronnie had taken time off from school to take care of him. While at the funeral she sees a mysterious boys from around town there, staring at her from across the way. She thinks this is odd, but then when she looks back again, he is gone. When Ronnie was 14 years old, she was attacked while walking home one [...]

    3. First Light is one of those books that captures you right from the beginning if you are a sci-fi reader. I love books that have government conspiracy in them. They grab you and keep you guessing the entire time your reading. I kept thinking to myself man the government could be doing this and no one would ever know the difference. What do you do when you a parent? The grief is all to consuming and for Veronica it is devastating to her because she is left with her sister as her only family.Reelin [...]

    4. So I found this book on amazon for free, and I thought “why not?"Well this taught me that sometimes things are free for a reason. This book reminded me a lot of Peter Pan for some reason. Ronnie is basically Wendy, especially around all the guys, who represent the lost boys. She cooks for them, spends holidays with them, acts like their parents when they're being irresponsible, goes with them to "never land" (a.k.a their dank mansion) without knowing who the hell they are. And Kalen is like Pe [...]

    5. *A copy was provided for review purposes*I really like First Light because it enraptured me with its intense plot-line from the beginning pages till the end. At first sight, to tell you the truth, I did not think I would enjoy this book half as much as I actually did, number one, because I just don't like overly emotional books, and number two, the summary made the book sound like nothing I've ever read before. I must say, it was a new and interesting experience. There were government conspiraci [...]

    6. As seen on -> readingbythebeachReading the blurb for First Light, I was instantly attracted and eager to start reading. I could sense the excitement, the struggles and the romance from just that tiny amount of words. You know I love those inner, emotional struggles and First Light did not disappoint! In fact, it way exceeded my expectations. I was drawn to the two main characters in an instantaneous moment. Kalen and Ronnie, two opposites in many, many ways, but with one major struggle to ove [...]

    7. Review and Giveaway(Int)Do you ever felt somehow lost in a place or a moment that something was not right or misplace but then as everything takes place you realize you’re in the right set and it is all perfect?That’s the thought that I felt with this book. When I first read the title the first thing that comes to my mind was that it’s definitely another paranormal book or somewhere in a fantasy genre but to my surprise it’s not. I’m happy that I stumble with this book and was given a [...]

    8. 3.5 Stars'First Light' is the first book in a young adult thriller romance series that follows the main character, Veronica "Ronnie" Rose as she deals with the death of her father and the gaping hole he left behind. Ronnie meets the mysterious Kalen Smith - a gorgeous guy that has trouble written all over him. Everyone, including Ronnie herself, tells her she should stay far away from Kalen and his friends. Only she doesn't listen - she wants to know more about him. Soon, Ronnie finds herself fa [...]

    9. I read on average a book a week as I commute in to work and it makes my train journey go faster. I am completely obsessed with certain books including the Twilight series, Harry Potters, True Blood’s and I now have to add this book to my obsession list! I read First Light so quickly and I was disappointed every time I had to put the book down, and when I finished it I was very sad that I didn’t have the second book to read straight away. I give praise to the author who has created an amazing [...]

    10. I thought this book was amazing. I was told to read this by my librarian at my school because she wanted to know what I thought. I LOVED it, and I can't wait for the second one to come out in November!!

    11. Samantha Summers hit a home run when writing her novel, First Light, the first book in her new Project Five Fifteen series. It has everything a great Young Adult Literature novel needs: romance, action, mystery, heartache, and unforgettable characters that you will quickly fall in love with. I started reading First Light with the expectation that it was just another YA novel, a good read but nothing extraordinary. I could not have been more wrong, I truly think that the Project Five Fifteen book [...]

    12. I received First Light as part of the blog tour hosted by AToMR Tours in return for a honest review. For Veronica (Ronnie) Rose life hasn't been easy her mom walked out leaving her father to raise her and her older sister. For her older sister it wasn't easy she was always the needy of the two and half the time it fell on Ronnies shoulders to take a back seat while their dad gave extra attention to Rachel. Ronnie is a senior in high school turning eighteen in a few months when her father passes [...]

    13. I don't review many self-published books but 'First Light', the opening book in the Project Five Fifteen series by author Samantha Summers is something special. It exceeded all my expectations with an explosive plot, fast-paced action scenes and not one but five gorgeous boys thrown into the mix.The story centres around teenager Ronnie whose father has just died. Her older sister can just about look after herself and Ronnie is living all alone in her childhood home. Trying to get her life back t [...]

    14. First Light is a book full of action and romance. If your looking for a gripping read with plenty of action scenes then pick up this book.Veronica Rose is trying to cope with the loss of her father while juggling her complicated life; her father has left her and her sister with a big dept. Ronnie is on the verge of losing everything including her much-loved childhood home, Only one person can make her feel better. Kalen Smith has just moved to town with four other boys, they keep to themselves b [...]

    15. (Please note: This is a joint review of Book 1 & 2 in the Project Five Fifteen series)Thrilling YA series!The romance was perfect, definitely satisfied the huge romantic in me! I loved the way things developed between Kalen and Ronnie in First Light, and was thrilled to see them together in As You Were. Kalen is definitely book boyfriend material. He's gorgeous and mysterious, all he really wants to do is keep Ronnie safe, even if that means he has to let her go.Ronnie is a great heroine, sh [...]

    16. Reading the synopsis for First Light very much intrigued my girly bits. What could possibly be hotter than someone sexy and mysterious that actually might want to kill you. Sign me up! I don't want to say I was disappointed by the plot. I just wasn't grabbed by it like I expected to be and let's face it, I really wanted to be grabbed (by Kalen). The pace wasn't as quick as I thought it would be and found myself asking, "How is this all going to come together?" I know that's a tactic author's use [...]

    17. A First-reads, Giveaway BookThis book, for lack of a better comparison, is like Twilight, but punched in the face and roundhouse kicked to the gut by Jason Bourne himself. Ronnie (Veronica) Rose just lost her father and is trying to pull her life back together after his death. When one of the local 'delinquents' shows up to mourn her father's death, she wants to know how and why they knew each other. As Ronnie gets to know these strange boys, led by Kalen, the boy from the funeral, she is invit [...]

    18. Ah, is that how it’s going to end!? Oh, the sequel can not be out soon enough.First off, I would like to thank Ms. Summers for giving me the opportunity to read First Light!There is just nothing better than a book with tons of action! It has everything I could have asked for, and then some. Ronnie is so heart wrenching, that sometimes it’s almost too much. I know first hand what it is like when someone you love dies and then you find stuff out about them that you didn’t know when they were [...]

    19. I thought First Light:Project Five Fifteen by Samantha Summers was excellent. Being American, once I got over the differences in British grammar or slang that is. However even noticing the differences such as "rusksack", "netball", S's instead of Z's and so on, were enjoyable to discover as well. I loved how she tied everything up so neatly in the end. For me, the book had one great romantic point: the male hero, Kalen was willing to give up everything he was and everything he'd ever known for t [...]

    20. As soon as I started reading this book I knew I was going to enjoy it. It has a gripping storyline from the very beginning and is excellently written, so much so that you don't want to put it down! The characters are easy to connect with and are excellently portrayed for a contemporary young audience. By the end you know who you hate, who you love and who you want to end up together. I found myself connecting with the main character, Ronnie to the point where I was thinking about the story and r [...]

    21. My friend leant me this book as she'd just finished reading it so I thought I'd give it a go. Well what can I say once I started I literally couldn't put it down. I read it in a day and now feel completely lost. I need book 2 to get my fix of Kalem Smith. I think what makes a good book is one that once you start reading you just can't put it down gain and this is certainly one of those. I just hope book 2 and 3 aren't too long away. I recommend this book a as a must read go out and buy it now!!! [...]

    22. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. As a school librarian I read a lot of YA books. This is certainly one of the best I have read. It will appeal to girls and boys alike due to bridging both the teen romance and the action/thriller genres. The characterisation is excellent and the pace carries you along from start to finish. I am really looking forward to the sequel.

    23. More of my reviews @ obsessionwithbooksREVIEW: 3 ½ out of 5 starsFirst Light is the first book in the Project Five Fifteen series and was kindly provided to me by the author, Samantha Summers in exchange for my honest review.Veronica ‘Ronnie’ Rose is devastated by the recent death of her father and the news she and her sister Rachel are about to lose the family home and there seems to be only one person around to understand and offer support to her during such a tough time, Kalen Smith.Kale [...]

    24. My Rating: 4.5/5Definitely a thrilling book! First Light had me on the edge on my seat with thrills, romance, and danger galore.I don't read very many YA romantic thrillers, so this was a new experience for me. But, I'm so glad I decided to give it a try, because this book was excellent.Ronnie has not had the easiest last few months when the book starts off, and it doesn't get much easier. Her father had died, her older sister is an immature brat, and her only friend is drifting away. On top of [...]

    25. I am totally in love with this series! From the first pages it became certain that I would like the characters and the story. I won the first two books of the series in a contest and I've waited for a long time to get them, after some problems with the mail, but it was worthed, especially since I've got also the author's dedication and the story is so great!Ronnie Rose is very sad after the loss of her dad and spends a lot of time by herself. At the funeral, she sees Kalen, a boy who has a very [...]

    26. Reviewed by NinaI couldn't really say no to a plot like this. Killers and secret governments. I haven't read something like that since Alex Rider. Not that they are the same, but still the prospect of reading something conspirasy-like, and have an opportunity to leave the paranormal world just a little bit, was acceptable.The story is well written. It's simple and understanding. The author chooses the first person and Ronnie's point of view, which is good, because that makes you understand Ronni [...]

    27. This book should come attached with a warning: Readers should not come within 10 paces if they suffer from a weak heart! Not that I did have a heart problem before I read First Light, but after all the heart palpitations I experienced during the story I am sure I do now!! What this meant though was that Samantha Summers had made me care about her characters, so much so that I wanted all (well, most of them!) to be safe - and for me this is what a great storyteller does.First Light is a story abo [...]

    28. This has got a very high rating, so I don't feel it's too unkind to say this one was a big miss. Wasn't helped by the fact that it's in serious need of editing. (I was quite amused by one that I hope is just a typo: "I took a sip of my scolding hot drink.")Aside from the problems with the prose, this just did not manage being a cool, YA Bourne knock-off. (I haven't read the books, so only going by the films.) Yes, the hero was taken by an evil, accountable-to-nobody, secret US government agency [...]

    29. Yays, finally something I liked :)I'm totally into stories like this one. Just like my friend Arlene said, 'First Light' is like a cross between 'Dark Angel' and 'The Bourne Identity'. Action-packed, with a healthy dose of romance, this was pretty cool stuff, IMO.Still, only 3.5 stars because Ronnie frustrated me to no end what with being such a pushover for her sister and that jackass boyfriend of hers. The sister's boyfriend, of course.

    30. N'étant pas du tout une aficionada du genre littéraire "jeune adulte" (même quand je l'étais - jeune adulte -, ça ne m'attirait guère), je dois dire que j'ai aimé ce livre. L'histoire est rondement menée et le rythme soutenu. Très bon début !

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