Dunaway s Crossing One Georgia town paralyzed by disease Two women secluded in a remote cabin Only one man stands between them and death It s when newlywed Bea Dot Ferguson leaves her posh Savannah lifestyle to vi

  • Title: Dunaway's Crossing
  • Author: Nancy Brandon
  • ISBN: 9780985355807
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Paperback
  • One Georgia town paralyzed by disease, Two women secluded in a remote cabin Only one man stands between them and death It s 1918 when newlywed Bea Dot Ferguson leaves her posh Savannah lifestyle to visit her pregnant cousin s home in rural Pineview, Georgia Her purpose to escape her abusive husband, who knows her shameful secret Immediately, Bea Dot realizes she s traOne Georgia town paralyzed by disease, Two women secluded in a remote cabin Only one man stands between them and death It s 1918 when newlywed Bea Dot Ferguson leaves her posh Savannah lifestyle to visit her pregnant cousin s home in rural Pineview, Georgia Her purpose to escape her abusive husband, who knows her shameful secret Immediately, Bea Dot realizes she s traded one perilous situation for another as Pineview is infected with deadly Spanish influenza Only with the help of Great War veteran Will Dunaway can Bea Dot fight for survival, not against a cruel husband, but against the deadliest virus the world has ever known.

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    One thought on “Dunaway's Crossing”

    1. Beatrice Dorothy Ferguson (Bea Dot) is the victim of an abusive husband and harbors the secret of an abusive past which she does not want her family and friends to discover. The time period is 1918, the setting, Savannah and rural Georgia. WWI is nearing an end and a deadly influenza outbreak is terrorizing the country, killing people from all walks of life. Bea Dot leaves Savannah to visit her cousin who lives in a small town in rural Georgia. Her cousin, Nettie, is married to the town's doctor [...]

    2. 3.75 stars. A nice enjoyable read with it's small twists and turns. Bea Dot is trying to escape (if only for two short weeks) her abusive husband when she goes to a small town in Georgia to aid her cousin Netta in the coming birth of her child. What Bea Dot does not expect is to be suddenly trapped in midst of a flu-epidemic that will leave many of the town's inhabitants dead or very sick. She also does not expect to fall in love with a wounded war vet who runs the small town store. This was a g [...]

    3. I enjoyed the story and historical details in Dunaway’s Crossing. The author doesn't shirk from the brutal details of the Spanish flu and the hardships faced by people in daily life. She’s brought to life this small town’s struggle with overwhelming death with deft hands. I liked how she also dealt with other heavy issues, mainly the PTSD issues suffered by returning servicemen from WWI, the great dichotomy between the white and black worlds in rural Georgia, and the status of women of the [...]

    4. I'm 6% in, her husband needs to die for what he did. What I can tell, exceedingly well written and I'm enjoying this book thoroughly. I'll update this later.

    5. I liked this book quite a bit. The settings of Savannah and central, rural Georgia rang true as did the relationships among the black and white people of the time. It was set in the waning year of WWI during a terrible influenza outbreak. The book centers around Beatrice Dorothy (Bea Dot) Ferguson, a beautiful woman from a monied family who mysteriously married an unattractive, brutish man quite rapidly. Her family knew that he was not a good choice but they did not realize the terrible extent o [...]

    6. Rural Georgia is one of my favourite settings for a book, and being that this story takes place in 1918 just added to its attraction. Through the talent of Ms. Brandon, I quickly became enamoured with the characters of Bea Dot (not Ben!), Netta and Ralph and couldn't put the book down as the story unwound. The facts were accurately depicted so that the reader felt as if they were a part of the goings-on as the dreadful flu epidemic hit with a vengeance and the lives of everyone were affected. A [...]

    7. This was a gem. I had the leisure of a lovely summer day and damned if I didn't spend it all on this. Sure, I was outdoors throughout (note: this may be the first book I have ever read entirely outside), but I hope the time commitment alone compels some among you to request this title from your local library. Or, visit the author's site and get a copy for yourself. nancybrandonLet me know if you saw the last line coming. I did not and was tickled to LOL upon reading it. Super fun summer read.

    8. This novel was set in 1918 in Georgia shifting between Savannah and the community of Pineview. A young woman, Bea Dot, who has a horrible secret in her life and is physically abused by her new husband, goes to join her cousin Netta after she has a miscarriage brought about by her husband's physical abuse. After she arrives, she discovers that she and Netta who is in the late stages of her pregnancy, must live isolated out in the country due to the beginning of an influenza epidemic. I won't go a [...]

    9. SUMMARY: Bea Dot Ferguson has a life many in Savannah envy: a wealthy husband, a luxurious house, a baby on the way. But appearances are deceiving. To hide a terrible secret, Bea Dot married a man she didn’t love—only to suffer his brutality later on. When her cousin Netta invites her for a visit in rural Pineview, Georgia, Bea Dot jumps at the chance to escape. But she soon learns she’s traded one perilous situation for another—Pineview has been infected with deadly Spanish influenza. A [...]

    10. Excellent historical fiction! I did not know a thing about an influenza epidemic in the South in the early 1900s, but was quickly drawn into the story. The epidemic---and death of thousands--came just about the time of WWI. The character development was deep and true, the story moved along at a logical pace, no threads were left in a knot, no questions left unanswered. I just love the name of the main character, Be a Dot, which is her nickname for Beatrice Dorothy. She starts out shy and uncerta [...]

    11. Wonderful plot shows how one can lie, cheat and be deceitful and get away with it! Very interesting plot however towards the end of the book I would not recommended it due to language! It could have been a highly recommend read by me but due to language i will not recommend this book! Loved the twisted mind, well thought out plans she employed to deceive, ending cleverly written as well!

    12. Nancy Brandon is good story teller, and I enjoyed this book. I knew of the influenza epidemic of 1918. Now I feel I was there. The story is peopled with interesting characters, some to love and some to hate.

    13. Good Historical Fiction however predictable. Just an easy read. You are happy for the main character, Bea Dot - and how she grows as a stronger woman against abuse and disease and finding herself and new love.

    14. I liked the book. Southern lit, reading about the flu epidemic BUT the name Bea Dot drove me to distraction! If the story hadn't 'grabbed' me from the get go I'm afraid I would've ditched it. Suppose in addition to not judging a book by its cover I should add protagonists name!! Lol

    15. I really enjoyed reading this book. I learned a bit about the flu epidemic of 1918 by Googling it after being reminded about it from the story. I recommend this book to my reader friends and family!

    16. Coming back after 2 hours to add that I can't get this story out of my head because I pictured Will as Will from Criminal Minds and that was my undoing

    17. Wished I could let everything else go so I could keep readingI generally read mystery or SciFi this was awesome I travel from Springfield MA to Boston 3 times a week so each trip gives me 2 or more hours each way to read and time passed so fast I was disappointed to have to put my tablet away. As soon as I got into the cab I read until I arrived at my destination . I laughed and cried as I read, happy that I had enough tissues to dry my eyes when needed. I would definitely read another novel wri [...]

    18. Color Purple comes to mind.Small towns in mid Georgia but a real slice of society on so many levels and many of the same things we are still dealing with today are being grappled within this book.Women who are in situations not of their own choosing and trapped, Men who continue to take advantage no matter what and then society as a whole where class and color define oneself. Very good book

    19. Excellent Read!I fell in love with Will Dunnaway myself! Great characters. An accurate and heart wrenching portrayal of the 1918 Influenza Epidemic. This is an episode of our history that is rarely seen in novels and with likeable, sympathetic characters, I found the story engrossing.

    20. Dunaway's CrossingI loved this book it the true love someone has for someone else is heartwarming. Of course you need a villain. The characters were perfect the kindness through all Illness made everyone work together. It was feel good book.

    21. Great bookBooks like this make me believe there are more kind people in the world than the sad news reels. I try daily to make someone happy. I believe we all can make small changes to the way we treat people.

    22. Very good read!Anyone who wants a happy ending!d a moral to its story! Would certainly appeal to most any age female!😉nite nite!

    23. Great Read!I loved the book. It was an easy read and it reminded me if the stories my grandmother told us as children.

    24. An excellent read.At first the story is a little slow but stay with it. I could not put this book down, truly enjoyed it to the very end.

    25. Dunaway’s Crossing is by Nancy Brandon. Although it takes place in Pineview, Georgia which is a real town, it is not a true story. The place is the only thing real about the story. Nancy did an excellent job of creating her characters and although the plot is simple, it has enough bumps along the road to keep it interesting. It takes place in 1914. Will Dunaway has returned to Pineview, Georgia after being injured in an ambulance accident in France. He was injured but the other men were killed [...]

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