The First Cassie Craig is not the chosen one Not even close She s just an ordinary year old California girl with a few problems She talks too much She has a crush on a guy in her school She worries about he

  • Title: The First
  • Author: Sara Zaske
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Cassie Craig is not the chosen one Not even close.She s just an ordinary, 15 year old California girl with a few problems She talks too much She has a crush on a guy in her school She worries about her dad who is a Marine in Afghanistan.Then, there s her new friend, Violet Starkey The weirdest girl in school, Violet comes from a group of magical people who claim to beCassie Craig is not the chosen one Not even close.She s just an ordinary, 15 year old California girl with a few problems She talks too much She has a crush on a guy in her school She worries about her dad who is a Marine in Afghanistan.Then, there s her new friend, Violet Starkey The weirdest girl in school, Violet comes from a group of magical people who claim to be the first on earth.When Cassie discovers that Violet has powers over nature, she will do anything to be her friend all for the chance Violet might help bring her dad home.But Cassie isn t the only one who wants Violet s powers, and she soon finds out just how dangerous it is to be the true friend of one of the most powerful magical beings in the world.

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      500 Sara Zaske
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    1. You can also find this review at girlinthewoodsreviewsDetailed Review: This book was special in a way which I haven't seen in ages. Not only is it different, it is creative and original.At first glance, Cassie Craig is what you would call normal. She has a busy mother who always has to take care her younger sister, Drew. Her father is in war in the middle of Afghanistan. But in one day, everything can change. All thanks to Violet Starkey. She's not what you'd call normal. She is weird, as in she [...]

    2. 3.5 starsBrief summary:Cassie becomes intriqued with her school's shy girl, Violet. Violet is more than human. She's a First Person, and she has power over the natural world. As Cassie comes to know Violet, she learns more about the First People, namely that they aren't happy with humans. Everyone wants to use Violet for her incredible powers, even Cassie. However, violet is determined not to let herself be used as a weapon. They both just want to protect those they love. Liked:-Cassie was a str [...]

    3. Find this review and more on Between the BindThe First is a unique story, explained well in the above blurb. The plot is well developed and the characterization is thoughtful. I appreciated that the First People were elitest's - which made complete sense to me as they are so much more advanced, intelligent, and powerful than humans. And then there is little halfling Violet, who is most definitely an odd ball - but an endearing one. Ms. Zaske definitely pulled me into her world of First's.The Fir [...]

    4. I really enjoyed this book for one main reason and that was it's uniqueness. I've never read a book with a plot like The First. It was different in a good way. I really enjoyed Violet and learning about her powers. I was worried at first that I wasn't going to like it because of the fantasy elements, but it was quite believable and interesting.The last 1/3 of the book really sucked me in. I just couldn't stop reading. After Cassie got back from the orchard I just knew the proverbial sh*t was goi [...]

    5. This book started of just ok for me. It wasn’t slow, it didn’t move fast, it wasn’t great, it wasn’t horrible… the first 35% left me indifferent. I was actually thinking as I was reading that I might just put this down. Then I hit approximately 40% and things became interesting. Cassie and Violet started to grow on me and Kodi intrigued me. The last 60% of this book was action packed, interesting and a complete page turner. I thought the story was interesting and I particularly like th [...]

    6. For more reviews, check out my blog It's A Hardcover Life“The First” is an Eco-thriller centered on Cassie, a normal high school girl, who makes friends with Violet, the ultimate weirdo. Cassie just wants some answers after seeing Violet do something impossible but what she gets sucked into has the potential of killing everyone she knows and possibly capsizing all of California. Turns out Violet is a part of The First people, a race older than humans with powers to manipulate nature. When Vi [...]

    7. I can’t lie; I’m not the target for The First. I’ve enjoyed lots of works designated as Young Adult fiction, and my final year of literature studies was focussed entirely on children’s literature. There’s a difficulty in identifying the elements that lend a children’s work (which includes YA fiction) that transcendent, crossover appeal to adult readers, but this book doesn’t trouble that level of exploration. Written in a very direct, authentically youthful style, and at a skipping [...]

    8. Both Cassie and Violet are young girls in high school, but with very different backgrounds. Cassie was in the “popular crowd” and Violet was a girl with magical abilities tied to nature. Cassie is someone who doesn’t hold back her opinion and is very strong in her values, pretty much a rarity in high school!! Once she begins a tenuous friendship with Violet, she is forced is to choose between her old crowd and this new girl who intrigues her. Let’s just say that Cassie doesn’t do well [...]

    9. Sara Zaske has delivered a debut novel that brings a fabulous twist of a tale to the YA genre! It is fresh and new, and I loved it!The story's central character, Cassie, is a typical teenager. She part of clique in school but by a twist of fate and her intense curiosity, she ends up spending the night with the 'odd' girl- Violet. That night, Cassie's world is turned sideways as she discovers some interesting things about her new-found friend's connection to nature and some pretty awesome powers. [...]

    10. What a great and unexpected book! I'd read - I think - that The First was a dystopian and so I'd left it in my Kindle dwindling having had a good dose of dystopia recently. And then I began reading it (after pressing the wrong button on my kindle) and mistakenly thought I was reading a book about vampires and at around 15% in was wondering how the hell the people with power over nature were going to have anything to do with vampireswhat can I say - I don't always pay attention!So - back to the b [...]

    11. Cassie is a typical teenage California girl. Her best friend Angie is a very egotistical person. I couldn't understand Cassie and Angie being best friends. I mean they were like night and day. Cassie thought about other people and their feelings. Where as Angie only thought about herself.Well they were best friends until Cassie became interested in the new girl at school. Violet is a very strange person until you get to know her. She doesn't talk much where as Cassie talks a lot. Violet ask Cass [...]

    12. I would like to thank the author for giving me this book in exchange for an honest review. my rating is probably more of a 3.5 stars. I feel this book is best for ages 12 to 18.Cassie is a regular high school 15 year old, a little outspoken at times, and just wants her Dad to be able to come home from Afghanistan so her life can be normal again. Violet is the silent, small girl from school that never says a word. Cassie accidently befriends her and violet reveals that she is a member of an ancie [...]

    13. Beneath the Moon and Stars reviewI wasn't sure about this when I started it. It was kinda slow and one of the characters annoyed me a little bit. It picked up and I ended up liking that character more than I thought I would. I liked the concept the most. It is so unique. I hope there is a sequel because I think there is so much you could do with it.Cassie never bothered me. I really liked her. I like how she gave Violet a chance before judging her. Violet annoyed me in the first half. She kinda [...]

    14. Wow i really liked this book. What a wonderful concept of new beings in an amazing story. "The First" are the First people on earth before humans evolved and imitated them. The First hold powers over nature.Violet is a half "first" and is a loner, she doesn't mix with people and hardly talks, but holds powers like no other.Cassie is known for her mega mouth, in the fact that she doesn't stop talking. She hangs in a group of frinds at School, her Dad is in Afghanistan and her mum is busy with her [...]

    15. I won this book from member librarything giveaways in exchange for an honest review.The First by Sara Zaske is about Cassie, a teenager who used to be part of a mean girls crowd until she meets Violet, a strange girl who has powers that Cassie cannot even fathom. But as she meets Violet's grandfather, who is charismatic but sinister, Cassie realizes that she is going to play a large role in determining what is going to happen to humanity.I'll say it out right. Most of the books I receive through [...]

    16. A tree grows in Oakland. Sara Zaske debuted this book on Earth Day. Being a fan of Mother Nature, I followed my instincts and picked it up. Not normally a YA reader, I trod carefully through the first two chapters, taking in the good characterization and atypical teenage angst. I found myself enjoying the book as the plot unfolded. Vivid descriptions, great dialog and multidimensional main characters accompanied my journey through this fast-paced young adult adventure. I couldn’t put it down, [...]

    17. The first thing I must say: this book was very refreshing. I have never read something like this. The First people are the first people on earth, they have great powers. Violet has one of the most powerful forces. When Cassie accidentally finds out about Violet, she is drawn into a world where they call humans 'monkey people'. I liked Violet very much. It is kind of unexpected that she has that much power, because she is very quiet. I do not like her grandfather. I found him mean and insensitive [...]

    18. **Free copy given to me by the author for exchange of an honest review**I felt like this was a interesting story. It was different in my opinion. I liked seeing a story from the side-kick's POV. One of my favorite things is the small hint of romance, but romance not being the main focus. Such a nice change! Cassie is likeable, and I also liked the strange Violet. I couldn't really say there was a character I did not like. The ending was satisfying, but I wouldn't mind reading more to find out ho [...]

    19. Just got this because it was free and I figured I'd give it a shot.I rather enjoyed this book. I knew it was free for Earth Day, so I assumed it would be 'Human's are taking bad care of the world, save the world' type thing. This was one of those novels where the main character has her eyes 'opened'. I enjoyed the idea of "First People" and the like. It was a rather good Earth Day story and a rather good read for any time of year.

    20. It was amazing. What else am I going to say? I wrote it :) I wanted to rate it because I really believe in this book. I really enjoyed writing it even though it was not always easy. I hope you will enjoy reading it too.

    21. I really enjoyed this book. Especially since my name is Cassie. I loved the plot of this book,and how Violet has the power over the world. I became more intrigued with the book the further I read. If you like action, sci-fi books this is a book for you.

    22. I love this book! It's not for just young adults. Before picking up this book to read, get some snacks, something to drink, and a nice comfy chair. Once you start reading, you won't want to stop until the book is done. Very well written. :)

    23. I loved this book ! The story line really kept me hooked. Cassie has become one of my favorite characters to read. My full review is on smashwords. Keep writing Sara !

    24. I absolutely loved this book.It is a mixture of romance and supernatural events i liked it very much.

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