My Name is Butterfly Abebe experiences plenty of joy in Ghana as the privileged daughter of a government employee and stay at home mother The love that her parents and extended family lavish her with knows no bounds When

  • Title: My Name is Butterfly
  • Author: Bernice L. McFadden
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Abebe experiences plenty of joy in Ghana as the privileged daughter of a government employee and stay at home mother The love that her parents and extended family lavish her with knows no bounds.When the Tsikata s idyllic life style begins to take a turn for the worse, Abebe s father places a nine year old Abebe in a shrine, hoping that the sacrifice of his daughter willAbebe experiences plenty of joy in Ghana as the privileged daughter of a government employee and stay at home mother The love that her parents and extended family lavish her with knows no bounds.When the Tsikata s idyllic life style begins to take a turn for the worse, Abebe s father places a nine year old Abebe in a shrine, hoping that the sacrifice of his daughter will serve as religious atonement for the crimes of his ancestors Unspeakable acts befall Abebe for the fifteen years she is enslaved.When Abebe is finally released back into the world and finds herself not only dealing with the newness of Ghana, but also the fast paced world of New York, she is broken emotionally, mentally, physically, sexually, and spiritually But to live the rest of her years on earth, she must learn to overcome her past, endure familial secrets, and learn to love herself the good, the bad, and the ugly.In the tradition of Chris Cleave s Little Bee, My Name Is Butterfly is a contemporary story that offers an educational, eye opening account into the practice of ritual servitude in West Africa Spanning decades and two continents, My Name Is Butterfly will break and heal your heart.

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      389 Bernice L. McFadden
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    One thought on “My Name is Butterfly”

    1. I knew but I didn't want to know.Bernice McFadden's book "My Name is Butterfly" is a wake-up call for me. Ritual servitude by young girls in Ghana, I had read about. I was even there, and didn't or wouldn't connect the dots.McFadden's story is beautifully told, the image of nine-year-old Abebe taken away to a shrine will stay with me forever. It hurts my heart to think about it.I visited Ghana in 2000 with Elderhostel, a continuing education program for older adults, that schooled us in the Akan [...]

    2. First, I can't believe a Bernice McFadden book can be had for a mere .99 cents. Simply unbelievable. The onslaught of e-reading has made this possible. Authors are being freed up and are becoming more prolific. They are frequently becoming unbound to the traditional publishing cycle. And we the readers benefit. This book at this price by this author, wow!My Name is Butterfly is the story of Abebe. She is a child living and thriving in Ghana. Her well-to-do family are living the good life. When t [...]

    3. I really liked this book, I had read 3 chapters last year when there was a chapter a month club but then I gave up because I did not have a Kindle at the time. I was finally happy to be able to upload this book, read the entire story and come to a very satisfying end. I never do spoilers so I don't really want to add much more to the story, it is easy to get into. The only problem with books that contain stories about these young girls is they can be very sad. I believe the government in some of [...]

    4. From the first paragraph down to the last one, I could not put this book down. It kept calling to me. I learned so much about the Trokoski practice in Africa. What Abebe goes through is hard to fathom, but trials and tribulations she went through.Poor Abebe thought because she stole her Aunt Serwa's ring that this was the reason for why her father took the young 5-year-old to a village where she would spend all of her teenage years into her early adulthood. She lived a lifetime in a span of twen [...]

    5. I love Bernice McFadden! I picked up this novella when someone told me it was .99 on and it was very good! It's very short but there is a lot of emotion, history, and love packed into the pages. I started it late Friday night fell asleep reading itd reached for it when I woke up. The story starts in NY and then brings you to Ghana and back to NY for a very satisfying end. Abena is truly a hero.A must read.

    6. It really and truly was amazing. For one McFadden's writing is always a joy. Secondly, I learned something new. We like to believe that slavery doesn't exist and hasn't existed for years, but this narrative refuses to allow us to be willfully blinded. I want to say this narrative is so different for McFadden, but it's not. She's always written about the effects of slavery, segregation, discrimination and the effects on African Americans, so it seems fitting that she would write about slavery in [...]

    7. There are authors who are good at writing, then there authors that are gifted at writing. I have no doubt that McFadden is the latter. She has a knack for educing emotions and possesses an exceptional style of writing; this is why she remains one of my favorite authors.To think, parents could sacrifice their child, for the sake of good luck is just unimaginable. Before reading this book I was unaware of the practice of ritual servitude actually existed. This was definitely an emotional read and [...]

    8. Somehow Bernice McFadden's name fell off my radar after "This Bitter Earth." Fortunately for me, I was reminded of her recently and decided to check out her latest. "My Name is Butterfly" is engaging and smartly written. McFadden manages to craft a beautiful (and hopeful) story out of the tragic reality of modern-day human trafficking in Ghana. She doesn't sugarcoat the issue but avoids the temptation to wrap everything up neatly at the end. There seems to be solid research undergirding her desc [...]

    9. Well, Bernice did it again in this story about Abebe. Every book is so different from the others. In this, we had a "happy ending" but it left me wondering about Abebe's life and if she eventually would reach back to Ghana and help other girls who may still be in Trokosi or some form of it. Granted, this book is fiction but it's realness made me wonder about Abebe's future. Really, a phenomenal book.

    10. Heartbreaking, exciting, hopeful story about the Trokosi practice in Ghana. It is a horrific life of ritual servitude, which was only recently outlawed in 1998, but apparently has not yet been completely eradicated. A MUST read. Bernice McFadden uses her talent to enlighten us about a heart wrenching issue. I am so glad I read it.

    11. I liked this book and I learned of a practice that was unfamiliar to me. It takes place in Ghana, then eventually in New York City. McFadden tells the story of Abebe, who is loved and cherished by her family. One day, her father takes her to become Trokosi, an form of enslaved servitude to one of the gods. The story is told with compassion and truth.

    12. Bernice McFadden is one of the best authors of our time!I felt every emotion of Abebe from all the pain to triumph! McFadden takes you on a trip in all of her novels this is no exception. In my mind I've experienced Ghana. The title My Name is Butterfly is so poignant. Abebe goes through an astronomical metamorphosis. This is must read!!

    13. It's been a long time since I've read one of Bernice McFadden's book and I wasn't disappointed. If you love the writing of BMF, then you will love this book. It was very different read and I fully enjoyed it. Keep up the great work Bernice!

    14. An interesting but disturbing glimpse into the life af an African child forced into a life of slavery and abuse. I was horrified to learn that this terrible tradition continues today in Ghana. Very informative book.

    15. The book is written rather simply, but it is an important fictional story about female slavery in Ghana as recently as 1998--what happens to the women and how one woman recovers. Not always easy to read.

    16. Update:After reading a few of my reviews on novellas, I realize that my issue may be that I don't like novellas. I'm always reading novellas and claiming that it is lacking pages lol. So maybe this review wasn't very fair. I couldn't decide between 2 or three stars. The ending is what gave it the extra star. I didn't hate this book but I didn't love it either. The problem wasn't the book itself. The problem is that I am a very big fan of Bernice McFadden. I know she is capable of turning this go [...]

    17. Okay, this was a lot different than anything I've read by Bernice McFadden. I love this writer and have read just about everything by her. I'll start by saying that I definitely got an education with this book. The story is horrifying and too real, but worth the read. I would have liked to see some of the characters "fleshed out" a little more, but that's minor. I am stunned by these real-life practices and if this book was meant to shock the reader, it certainly accomplished that! I also hope t [...]

    18. This was a great story. I found myself pressed between the reality of Abebe's situation and the hope that came from her survival. This story could have been longer, and the characters more devoloped. However, I don't know that I could have endured the pain each character would have had to tell. Perhaps, that would have made the story too long and way more painful. I hope that everyone learns a new word: Trokosi - shrine slavery, or ritual servitude. I was sad to learn that this wasn't a made-up [...]

    19. AmazingThis was an amazing story that I read in one day!!! My reading a book in one day is a rarity has to grab me in a powerful way. I have read several of McFadden's books, but it has been quite a few years since I last read anything by her. I vaguely recall them being reasonably good, but nothing that stood out. This book changes all that. What a truly well written story. I had to put it down several times because it evoked such deep feelings in me, but those same feelings brought me right ba [...]

    20. Totally unbelievable but yet very real. While reading this book I found myself halting my reading of the story to look up the term "Trokosi" and was astonished to learn about these women living in slaveryxual bondage to pay for their family misfortune. So sad.s not too often that i'm emotionally enthralled in a character but wow! I really wish that the story would've went more indepth about Abebe "dad " that basically gave her away and his new life, but it didn't matter. excellect book!

    21. I am still reading this book. It is very good, but I must tell all of you that it was very difficult to read certain parts of this book. It is about how many African nations still turn their back on this ritual of giving a daughter to a tribe of so called priests who will take your daughter as penance to rid your family of bad luck. The girls are then forced into slavery. work in fields and then used for sex at a very young age. If they step out of line they are treating even worsehonestly it wa [...]

    22. First ebook i have read and of course it would be one from Bernice McFadden. Been a McFan forever and she did not disappoint. This tale was difficult to read at times, but i was riveted by the easy storytelling. I rooted for Abebe throughout praying the ending would be all roses. Although it summed up as life does with much uncertainty, i was comforted by the final appearance of butterflies. If you want to know why, read it!!

    23. This book was suggested to me by a good friend as a book for us to review and discuss. I would have given this 4-stars if it weren't for all the editing errors I spotted throughout the book.The book really picks up around Chapter 9. It definitely takes some unexpected twists and turns. I will update with a full review once I go through my discussion questions. :-) I really did enjoy this story.

    24. The subject matter being discussed in this book is very important. However, the writing was not what I have come to expect (and love!) from Bernice McFadden. Definitely not one of my favorites.

    25. I felt chills reading My Name Is Butterfly. I smiled, and cried, lost and gained my heart all in the span of just over 100 pages.

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