Bayou Myth As a sixteen year old voodoo queen in the making Joan Renault just wants to be like all the other girls in the small town of Monte Parish Louisiana obsessed with boys and swamped with social lives I

  • Title: Bayou Myth
  • Author: Mary Ann Loesch
  • ISBN: 9780984657810
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Paperback
  • As a sixteen year old voodoo queen in the making, Joan Renault just wants to be like all the other girls in the small town of Monte Parish, Louisiana obsessed with boys and swamped with social lives If the other kids would quit calling her hoodoo hag, she might have a small shot at normality It would also help if Joan s weekend outings with her secret crush, Dave, wereAs a sixteen year old voodoo queen in the making, Joan Renault just wants to be like all the other girls in the small town of Monte Parish, Louisiana obsessed with boys and swamped with social lives If the other kids would quit calling her hoodoo hag, she might have a small shot at normality It would also help if Joan s weekend outings with her secret crush, Dave, weren t always being interrupted by her dead Grandmere, the legendary Marie Laveau After all, it s hard to make out with your best friend when your grandmother is watching But when you come from a long line of voodoo priestesses with dried gator heads decorating the wall of their huts, normal doesn t come easily When Joan witnesses the brutal sacrifice of a child to a tree Druid, she learns her Grandmere s scandalous past has come back to haunt those living in the present Hera, a vengeful voodoo priestess is determined to use the residual energy of Pandora s Box to revive a sleeping voodoo god and declare war on the descendants of Marie Laveau, especially Joan Suddenly, Greek myths are being re enacted all over town, and Joan has her hands full trying to sort it all out With the approach of Samedi s Day the voodoo day of resurrection Joan must learn to accept her destiny in order to stop the approaching threat to her family and friends.

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      389 Mary Ann Loesch
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    One thought on “Bayou Myth”

    1. It's actually 3.5 stars Considering how many paranormal books I read it’s strange that I haven’t read a lot of books about witches. This is one of those rare voodoo books.Main character Joan, or how her parents call her Baby Girl is high school girl who has some powers. She sees ghosts and deals with voodoo magic. She is still young and in process of learning so sometimes is difficult to deal with all paranormal things around her. Through this book she grows up and learns how to become bette [...]

    2. A surprisingly good book that I couldn't put down. I found myself reading it till the wee hours of the morning. With each passing chapter I couldn't wait to find out what happens next.In the deep south of the Bayou area near New Orleans, the story of a young girl, Jane who has inherited her Grandmother's voodoo powers. Mentored by the ghost her grandmother in voodoo, they battle the forces of evil to save themselves and those around them. With the horrible murder of an innocent boy, the story ta [...]

    3. This is another one of those “I couldn’t put it down books”. If you have read the Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter series and love the Greek pantheon here is a great new twist, (voodoo style). Personally I love anything located in New Orleans or the Cajon bayou. Add to that the paranormal aspect and I am so there!I really loved Joan and that she was so strong and yeah (KickASS). Being a Thank you, but no thank you I will save myself kind of girl, I could really relate to her. Her relations [...]

    4. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Bayou Myth. This book is an adventure-packed novel that I could not put down. The story is an endless series of twists and turns – there is never a dull moment in the life of Joan Renault. The many characters (some with bodies and some without) are well developed leaving you rooting for the good guys and fearing the evil ones. I thrived on the detailed descriptions of voodoo priestesses with a dose of Greek mythology intertwined. This is an entertaining glimpse int [...]

    5. Full review can be found here.As soon as I read the synopsis for this one I was sold. Voodoo and Greek gods? Cool! Totally sounds like my sort of thing Then I stopped and thought about it for a bit and I started to have a few reservations about whether or not the author would be able to successfully pull off a believable scenario that mixes voodoo and the myths and legends on Ancient Greece. So I went into the book in a state that was somewhere between excitement and trepidation.Excitement won.I [...]

    6. My review: As seen on Read-A-holicZFirst of all, I just want to say that I LOVE any book set in Louisiana. So I had to read this book. It was really good. I mean, the synopsis was really interesting. Long but interesting. The story starts out with like a flashback event in Joan's life, about how she "entered" the world of voodoo & how she met her mentor & grandmere, Maria. Whom was pesky, and annoying like a grandma but looked like a teen, whom I also liked as a character.Joan, Dave, Ana [...]

    7. This review has been crossposted from my blog at The Cosy Dragon . Please head there for more in-depth reviews by me, which appear on a timely schedule.Joan's a mixed blood voodoo witch. When I put it like that, it sounds very negative - but really Joan is on the side of good. There's lots of nasty things out there though to get her, and she's not got anyone who really can help her other than a dead great grandma. Sound good?Before reading this novel I had had hardly any contact with any form of [...]

    8. As many of you know I am a huge fan of Mythology, so I couldn't wait to dive into this book. Not only does this book have Greek Mythology but it mixes it with Voodoo and it blew me away. I totally became engrossed in this storyline, so much so I didn't want to take time to eat and prayed my Kindle's battery would hold out so I could finish it. I read this none stop and I still want more.Joan is a typical sixteen year old for the exception that her Grandmere is none other than Marie Laveau. Which [...]

    9. Bayou Myth is definitely a page turner! I literally sat down and read this in two sittings (and the only reason it wasn't one was because it was 4 in morning before I forced myself to go to bed!). Ms. Loesch creates a unique world full of magic and myth that had me completely captivated. The main character Joan was such an interesting and relatable character and Ms. Loesch gives her such a strong voice. She created a kick-ass girl who can take care of herself. It brings me back to "Buffy the Vam [...]

    10. 'Bayou Myth' is a story full of mystery, magic, ghosts, and typical teenage problems. I love books that deal with magic, so the fact that this one was centered around voodoo drew me right in. The story is set in the perfect place - the bayous of Louisiana - which makes it all the more mysterious and dark. All the characters, especially Joan, were well written and believable. I was instantly rooting for Joan to beat the darkness that was threatening her family and was cheering her along when it c [...]

    11. This was the first voodoo hoodoo book I've read. I was a bit worried it might be too creepy for me. But, I must say, I enjoyed the book. It is a quick read with interesting characters and I hope the start of a new series. There was a bit of guts and gore but not enough to turn me off. If you are up for a bit of magic and you are not offended by a bit of heart gouging and head chopin' then give this book a try.

    12. What an interesting tale of voodoo witchcraft ! This introduced me to a whole other culture of mystery and magic. Joan is a strong heroine surviving her teen years while discovering her history and true self.

    13. Great book for young adult and adultsWhen our protagonist is born, her parents believe she is special, so they wait for the perfect name. Then, at the age of five she hears her great, great, great-grandmother apperates and begins to tell her just how special she is destined to become. When her mother hears this, she tells the five year old about Joan of Arc, who heard voices and that it is the perfect name. This is all background, the real story begins when Joan is about 15. Her grand mother rea [...]

    14. I liked this book but I didn't love it. The character building was kind of lacking, I didn't really care about any of the characters. I think the first 30% of the book could have been the entire book with a little more character detail and back story. I almost didn't finish this one but I wanted to see where the book was going. There was just so much going on though with the voodoo and the Greek mythology. I won this book from the giveaway on .

    15. A wonderful YA paranormal book about Voodoo. Definitely a strong female lead in Joan, a young voodoo priestesses. She’s spunky and bright, even if she fights her gift a little. It’s a fantastic book, caught my attention immediately and was such a fun and interesting read. First paranormal book I’ve read that focused on Voodoo, and was very interesting (I have a weakness for books set it Louisiana). Love the family dynamics in this book too. It’s nice to see a strong, happy and supportive [...]

    16. I won this Kindle book on Giveaways. I thought it would be more of a mystery but it tended more toward the horror/scary story genre. It was well written but it isn't my kind of book. Too much violence for me.

    17. The deep south, the heat of summer, swamps, crocodiles and voodoo. Something that's always piqued my interest but I have very little experience with. When I had the chance to read Bayou Myth I jumped for the opportunity. It sounded like a fun, entertaining, if maybe a little creepy book to read and it seemed to hit on all that I was interested in.Joan Renault is a typical teenager, desperate to be normal while very much feeling not normal. Granted, not all teenage girls are voodoo queens in the [...]

    18. I know the cover looks really creepy, and like it will scare the pants off you, but it's not. It's a pretty great book with a lot of "who is actually who" going on. This book is kind of short. It took me a day to read. If I could have sat uninterrupted I would have finished it sooner. Joan is a very likeable character. She's a typical teenager. She only wants to hang out with her BFF and be normal. Being a voodoo priestess, that will likely never happen. She is pretty level headed and tries to d [...]

    19. I really enjoyed this book. It was fresh, fast paced, very exciting, and a little creepy at times. The cover was the first thing that drew me in. I love the cover for this book. It's bright, mysterious, and a little unsettling. I gives a great feel of the book. After the cover grabbed me, I read the synopsis. Ok this sounds good. So I jumped at the chance to read it. Once I started the book I could not put it down. The story is completely different then anything I have read or seen. Greek is the [...]

    20. I received this book for free from the First-Reads program.Joan Renault is a 16 year old girl with typical teenage girl problems--and a few that are not. She has boy problems, best friend problems, and school problems, but she also carries more than her fair share of the weight of the world on her shoulders. She is in training to be the next great voodoo priestess by her grandmere Marie Laveau, Louisiana's most famous voodoo priestess, who has been dead for over 100 years. Joan's ex-best friend [...]

    21. From the very first page this book is like a rollercoaster, it takes you round bends and presents you with scences that you never see coming. To me this is all the ingredients for a brilliant book.All the characters are well developed and all have a purpose within the novel. There is definetly a clear dividing line between the good characters and the ones that are considered evil. This was done really well and I feel this will really help the reader rote for the good guys throughout the book.I l [...]

    22. I was kind of surprised by how great this book was I expected it to be a fun read (and it was) but there was more to it than I expected.First of all, I'm fascinated by all things bayou, Louisiana, voodoo, and Marie Laveau. Throw in the ties to Greek mythology, and I'm sold. Although I find it a fascinating subject, I know very little about voodoo so I'm not sure if the parallels between it and Greek mythology are just a product of the author's imagination or not, but it really adds to this story [...]

    23. I recieved this YA paranormal/horror book on a giveaway. In general, I found the story and characters engaging and the book a fun read. I quite enjoyed the voodoo and Louisiana focus. I wish there would have been more of an emphasis on the voodoo religion/culture, as my knowledge of this is rudimentary. I found that bringing in the Greek Pantheon was a distraction. So many people have used them well in recent books (Rick Riordan for young people, silly books like God's Behaving Badly) that this [...]

    24. I wanted to start out with the things that I liked about this bookah I've got nothin'What I didn't like well let's just say that there isn't enough time! Just because you can self-publish an e-book doesn't mean that you should and this book is a good example of that. There is no real character development and I just found that I didn't really like any of them, including the protagonist. There wasn't enough depth in any of the characters for you to be able to care about them or to get invested in [...]

    25. myaddictionisreading.Magic is nothing new in Young Adult novels, but very rarely do we get to read about voodoo! That alone will draw readers into this new novel by Mary Ann Loesch!Joan is strong and fierce. I loved her attitude! I personally loved the humor in this book. It is a bit darker with Voodoo and horror elements, but the humor is definitely something that lightens it up.This is most definitely one of those books that you think about long after you are done reading it. Warning, it will [...]

    26. I read a lot of books and this was one book I could not put down until I finished it!! Now I can't wait for the next one, I jut fell in love with her writing. Ms. Loesch pens "Bayou Myth" full of magic, voodoo, murder, spirits with characters that are strong and believable. I was impressed by the way Ms. Loesch weaved the myths together so the story line flowed easily. I highly recommend this to everyone who loves a magic, mystery novel.This review is based on a complimentary copy which was prov [...]

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