Wishful Thinking A high speed blow out in the fast lane of a busy motorway Miraculously Jess and her young son escape almost certain death Then like another miracle Jess encounters Christian Goodchild famous pop s

  • Title: Wishful Thinking
  • Author: Lynette Sofras
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A high speed blow out in the fast lane of a busy motorway Miraculously, Jess and her young son escape almost certain death Then, like another miracle, Jess encounters Christian Goodchild, famous pop star turned Hollywood A lister and a man most women only ever meet in their dreams Both are touched by the enchantment of the moment, leaving them longing for .But ChrisA high speed blow out in the fast lane of a busy motorway Miraculously, Jess and her young son escape almost certain death Then, like another miracle, Jess encounters Christian Goodchild, famous pop star turned Hollywood A lister and a man most women only ever meet in their dreams Both are touched by the enchantment of the moment, leaving them longing for .But Christian is enmeshed in a relationship so damaging that Jess doubts their love can survive in the glamorous but complex world of celebrity Could it all turn out to be just wishful thinking

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    One thought on “Wishful Thinking”

    1. Wonderful, heartwarming love storyI had the pleasure of reading an early review copy of Ms Sofras's novel and instantly loved it. This is a sweet, tender love story between two human beings who fall in love almost at first sight; however, their relationship seems to be destined to fail. For who could imagine a famous singer turned movie star falling in love with a single mother who doesn't know anything about the world of the rich and the famous? But despite many obstacles (worst of those, a jea [...]

    2. Wow. I hated Amber so much, it actually made me cranky toward other people.My fiancé is hidden somewhere in the house as I write this review.:)This makes the book a good one, but also a book with a bit of flat ending. Even thou I *loved* the revelations in the end, I wish there was an epilogue or more explanations on the last pages.I also wish this author decides to write Adams story! He was such a cute character. And very well developed, considering he was only a secondary figure in the plot.

    3. When Jess and her young son, Ben are nearly killed in a high-speed blow-out on the motorway, their escape feels like a miracle. And it seems like another small miracle when, unable to face the rest of her long drive, the roadside rescue man finds a small hotel to take them in, even though it is closed for a few days. And there she find yet another miracle. She meets Chris, the man of her dreams. It all seems too good to be true! Perhaps she is dreaming or has indeed died and gone to heaven. But [...]

    4. I liked this book just for the author’s style and voice, which I enjoy immensely. The heroine, Jess and her son were both likable and believable. But I’m sorry to say I didn’t like Christian, even if he was sexy. When he comes to see Jess on New Year’s Eve and they finally kiss (“That was unfinished business. It had to be done”) they are both obviously smitten. Yet later that night Amber kisses a surprised Christian on camera, and announces their engagement. While that kiss wasn’t [...]

    5. Wishful Thinking by Lynette SofrasJess and her young son escape a horrible accident and she meets Christian Goodchild, famous pop star. They are both attracted to each other. But Christian is in a complicated relationship. Jess doubts their love can survive in the complex world of a celebrity.I really liked Jess, single Mother and devoted to her son. She takes a big chance when she gets involved with Christian. Is she strong enough to handle his celebrity lifestyle?Christian is likable as well. [...]

    6. I recently enjoyed "The Apple Tree" by this author so was keen to read this book. I wasn't disappointed. In fact I enjoyed it even more than her previous story. The hero, Chris, was so believable in his role of famous pop/movie star who was searching for something meaningful away from the glamour of his profession. Finding the unassuming Jess and her son ticked all the boxes for him. Jess's uncertainty about Chris' true feelings was also very realistic even without the meddling of his former gir [...]

    7. This is an up to date Cinderella story, where famous pop start falls in love with single mother. It reveals the truth behind the false glitz and glamour of the celebrity world showing the real people behind the public facade. It is a story that will appeal to most women because of its sincerity and the sensitive way that the author describes her characters' feelings. She is able to enter into the hearts and minds of vastly diverse personalities, from Christian, the successful pop star to Jess th [...]

    8. Enjoyed this a lot. Jess and Ben are lovely, warmed immediately to them in the opening scene of the book - how frightening! Wasn't so keen on Christian, but could see he was probably worth a swoon, and although some may dismiss that knowing it's right immediately feeling as slush and soppy - I have experienced it (not with a celebrity obviously!)so I knew what Jess was feeling. Adam is another lovely character, and I really enjoyed the scenes at Kate & Greg's place - wish there had been more [...]

    9. My obsession with rock star stories have lead me to many god books - but unfortunately this is not one of them. The storyline had a lot of potential - Amber and her plotting made for a unique plot that I didn't really see coming. That said, I never connected with any of the characters. I didn't even really hate Amber, and she should have been easy to hate. There was really little development of Jess and Chris's relationship and there didn't even seem to be enough passion to make the insta-love b [...]

    10. I loved this book just as much as the others I have read by her. Lynette never fails to draw me in and surround me in her beautiful words. I am captured early on, almost becoming one with Jess and feeling her love, her happiness, her sorrow and her pain. This is a whirlwind of a story with so much happening for Jess so quickly that it was easy to empathise with her when she became lost and confused. Each character is effortlessly portrayed in their entirety. You get to know the ins and outs of e [...]

    11. I really liked this book. There were times I had to force my self to put it down. It had so many things that I like in a good story: a strong independant heroin, a dreamy down-to-earth hero, and romantic tension galore! It was a freebie for me, but I would have been perfectly happy had I paid for it.

    12. Lovely romance between Jess, a single mom with a cute six year old son and Christian, a successful singing star turned even more successful actor. They meet briefly in unusual circumstances and feel the magic, but then disappear from each other’s lives. A real Cinderella story. I liked the characters, especially the kids and Adam, one of the other band members and felt all the hopelessness of the romance between Jess and Christian. Good story, well told with plenty of humor and a nice, happy e [...]

    13. Amber is one hell of a frustrating character and as I read through to the end of this book. there was only one thing bothering me. "Poor Adam". He was such a good character too, I wish he would have his own story too, and preferably not with Amber. LOL!

    14. I like these types of books and this was an entertaining, if quick, read. I thought the story suffered from a weak plot in which the characters lives seemed to revolve around the main character's dream come true story.

    15. A gentle romance between two people who meet and connect straight away.The things from Christians past rise up to confuse the issue.I enjoyed the story and recommend if you enjoy a more gentle romance.

    16. I thought this was a good story. I loved the fact the main character was a single mom looking for someone to love her and accept her son. Loved how Chris was the right man.

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