Club Justice Frustrated by a system that binds his hands yet frees those that prey on the innocent Detective Zeke Brawer pushes the law to the letter and beyond His shooting of a serial rapist brings him under In

  • Title: Club Justice
  • Author: Mara McBain
  • ISBN: 9780985545956
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Paperback
  • Frustrated by a system that binds his hands yet frees those that prey on the innocent, Detective Zeke Brawer pushes the law to the letter and beyond His shooting of a serial rapist brings him under Internal Affairs investigation, and makes him the target of a personal vendetta that threatens his career, family, and the motorcycle club he loves CLUB JUSTICE is a tale ofFrustrated by a system that binds his hands yet frees those that prey on the innocent, Detective Zeke Brawer pushes the law to the letter and beyond His shooting of a serial rapist brings him under Internal Affairs investigation, and makes him the target of a personal vendetta that threatens his career, family, and the motorcycle club he loves CLUB JUSTICE is a tale of justice, brotherhood, and family, and one man s struggle to stay true to each.

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    One thought on “Club Justice”

    1. 4 stars**** Review completed March 19, 2013Our male lead character is Zeke Brawer, 42, a seasoned detective, living outside of Trinity Falls. He is a father of three and married for twenty years to his lifetime love, Ginny, who is 38 years old. After the Porter shooting Zeke is on paid administrative leave until Internal Affairs is finished investigating the fatal ‘incident’ (you might want to check out the warning at the end of my review). The lead investigator is Kramer and this conniving [...]

    2. My biker rush continues with this 5+++ hot RideMy Zeke Garrett BrawerMy Ginny Brawer❤♡❤20 Years in Happy Biker Land❤♡❤I absolutely loved this crazy right. It is a different kind of romance and biker book that I have previously read for sure.This story is not about a budding romance but life of a President of a MC for 20 years and 20 years into a marriage with kids. Zeke is a cop in a big city that he commutes from his quite hometown where he is a president of a motorcycle club that h [...]

    3. Hands up all you biker worshipping, alpha man loving bitches in the room! Yeah, me too!I’m the first one to admit that I STILL love this shit. I can just gobble up all the muscle and mayhem this type of book offers up, andClub Justice comes complete with a whole cast of leather clad hulking pissed off men that ooze danger and sex.Each of them towing their very own trunk full of skeletons, leaves these guys scarred, hard and not without the symbolic danger-do-not-cross-or-defy-me-cos-I’ll-rip [...]

    4. Wow. I think I'm speechless. I didn’t know what to expect out of this book but what I got was completely unexpected. I loved this book. Every page of it. Once in a while, you find a book that just consumes you. For me, this was one of those books. I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep until I had finished it. I stayed up all night reading. However, I didn’t anticipate that it would haunt me even after I was finished. After I went to bed, I kept waking up because I was dreaming about the book [...]

    5. 3.5 stars 4 stars for basic plot This biker drama pits you right into marriage of Zeke and Ginny Brawer. The plot surrounds two types of conflicts: Zeke facing an enemy and other potential threats; Zeke and Ginny surviving deep issues that threaten to weaken their love and family.Off the bat, the reader is introduced to Zeke's personal enemy, an Internal Affairs officer named Kramer, who has a jealous "hard on" for Zeke. Zeke is a cop by day and a biker by nature. He is set up to be excellent at [...]

    6. OMG This was absofreakinlutely AMAZING! Just WOWReview to comeUpdate:Ok, I had planned on writing the best review I could for this book, but I got sidetracked by its companion. Now all I'm left with is a jumble of words and phrases in my head that aren't getting coherent for me! :) Long story short, THIS BOOK IS AWESOME! It's been quite a while since I've read anything that had meoror evenas many times as I did in these two books! Go. Read. Them. NOW! :D:D:D

    7. First let me start by saying the two reasons I gave this 4 stars instead of 5 Reason one is because the POV it's written in is all over the place. One minute it's from Ginny, the next it's Mox, the next it's Zeke, the next it's Kramer etc Reason 2 is the fact that it took me a little while to get into it and I think that may have been because the main relationship is already established like been married for 20 years established. So the part in a story (that i always adore) when two people meet [...]

    8. "Any man can find a bitch to walk behind him, it takes a special one to be worthy of walking beside him.""She's a treasure and a curse, but one I would die to keep."Okay, I'm officially hooked on the Lords of Mayhem! Definitely more plot driven than romance driven but I was consumed with the story and the characters. The Lords of Mayhem have a definite Sons of Anarchy vibe, but not in a copycat way. They are very loyal, protective and consider each member family. This definitely has a gritter, d [...]

    9. 3.5 Stars - Jointly reviewed for totallybookedblogJenny:It’s difficult to know what to put this one under because it pretty much had it all didn’t Gitte? Crime, suspense, drama, romance all rolled into a bikie book about Zeke, Ginny and the Lords of Mayhem Motorcycle Club.The story centres on Zeke and Ginny and their family…their blood family and the family within the MC. Zeke and Ginny was such a fabulous, kick ass couple. I loved them. They’ve been married 20 years and have gone throug [...]

    10. Holy Crap, I loved it. The protection of family--whether it be by blood, bikes, or by the thin blue line. Ginny is what I strive to be- loyal, strong, and fabulously smart. I was drawn in and couldn't stop. Onto book two yay! Some of the best lines: “Maybe you have Rhys whipped enough to put up with your viperous tongue, but you talk to my other two like that again and I will drown your worthless ass. You got me, Barbie?” she hissed. The girl nodded her frantic agreement and Ginny released h [...]

    11. This was one very interesting book, I'm not sure how do describe it, but I guess it shows what happens after the HEA, Zeke and Ginny have been married for 20 years, they've been trough a lot and once again they face their problems together and with their kids, friends and family.

    12. I finally got around to reading this motorcycle club romance and while it was an okay, it did not have that ooomph that I was looking for. There were some things that really bothered me that I just couldn't get past.

    13. This was an intense and suspenseful read about two very strong MC's and their love for each other as well as their family. Ginny is the ultimate heroine. She loves and supports her husband Zeke, even when he is at his worst and believe me at one point I wanted to jump into the pages and beat him senseless. She is also the consummate mama bear, protecting her boys even thought they are bigger and stronger than her. As we learn about their love story through flashbacks and memories we follow them [...]

    14. Club Justice by Mara Mc Bain is a superb cop story, cloaked in biker culture, with the theme of revenge. It is also a woman’s story even if the female characters are only allies of the protagonist or the antagonist.Zeke and Ginny with their three children make a stable family. Zeke is a biker and a cop. When misfortune follows him and his wife, he can’t figure out the mysterious source of their bad luck. Then, after several twists and turns, the plot unravels to a gratifying end. Plus, to th [...]

    15. “Club Justice” is an amazing read by a debut novelist. From page one, my eyes were glued to the story and the characters it contained. Zeke’s dry humor is sure to make any reader smile, and his wife, Ginny, is a tough and intelligent woman whose strength always shines through. I really enjoyed reading about her, and more often than not, her sarcastic bibes had me laughing out loud. She’s such a refreshing change of pace from the helpless heroines we so often encounter in novels.There’s [...]

    16. Mara McBain delivered a fast-paced, compelling, and intriguing read with Club Justice. The characters were well rounded and intense, and their actions and reactions were realistic and believable. I really fell under a spell reading this book. Ginny, with her fresh, sarcastic attitude and formidable inner strength, will have you crying and laughing all at the same time, and Zeke, her rock-solid protector and husband, will have you torn between snickering and smacking him upside the head. Together [...]

    17. What an amazing read! Club Justice has everything you look for in a book! Drama, suspense, mystery you name it, this book's got it. The characterization was phenomenal! I mean, these characters truly jump off the page and into your heart. Mara McBain makes you `feel' for each and every one of them. She will have you laughing, raging, and even shedding a few tears while reading Club Justice. It was a well-written, engaging story that held my attention from page one right to the last page; a defi [...]

    18. I LOVED THIS STORY!! It wasn't your typical does he love her/does she love him kind of book. It starts out with Zeke and Ginny already married for almost 20 years and deeply in love. Zeke is a cop and the Prez of The Lords Of Mayhem biker club. Sounds off, right? That's what I thought at first but it worked and worked well. There are twist and turns all over the place and a few things I didn't even see coming which was very refreshing. Highly recommend this book!!

    19. Going home to buy tonight since my ARC of Own the Wind was not in the mail today at lunch!Momma needs her some bad boy bikerokay is sunny today, maybe I will read after DH takes out his biketeehee

    20. Loved the book, loved Ginny, loved Zeke, then I fell out of love with Zeke-he was not the man I wanted him to be and frankly I'm mad at him*foot stomp*

    21. I have sat and pondered what to say about this novel for days nowRemember when our mothers back in the day used to say "Don't judge a book by its cover?" I admit I did with this novel, and was I surprised when I actually read it. It was really good. Zeke is a cop. He's a husband. He's a father. He's a former Marine. And Zeke is also the president of a biker club. Not like the Hells Angels, but they do have a slight violent bent if family is threatened. And the club is family.A rat I.A. cop has a [...]

    22. Reviewed by Whitney@Shooting Stars ReviewsClub Justice begins with Zeke having some issues at work. He's being accused of killing a suspect unfairly, and an internal investigation is underway. However, the man running the investigation has it in for Zeke, and things are going to get difficult soon. Add in the fact that not only is Zeke a cop, but also the president of a the local motorcycle club and it all gets a little bit crazy. I'm going to start off by saying that I liked the first half of t [...]

    23. CLUB JUSTICE was my first book my Mara McBain. As the first in the TrinityFalls series, I went in sort of expecting a SOA feel to it. While I did get some of that, I felt that the story was definitely more plot driven than romance driven. This didn’t bother me in the least because McBain has a very good, suspenseful plot here.Detective Zeke Bawer is on the hunt for a serial rapist. Since this is a motorcycle club series, you can expect the gruesome details, although I wouldn’t say it’s the [...]

    24. 3.5 Stars I liked this, but I didn't love it. Why? A couple of reasons, one the length. I thought it could have been edited shorter. I felt like I was reading unnecessary filler, at times. Second, the constant POV change. I was reading Zeke, Ginny, Mox, Kat, Crux, Donovan, Kramer, Bowie, and I think even Rhys was thrown in there a couple of times. It was just too much.What I did love. GINNY!!!!! Holy badass mama bear. I want to be her when I grow up. I also loved the family. I loved how you neve [...]

    25. ripeforreader/2013For Zeke, family man, motorcycle club president and police detective (in that order of importance), life has become quite entangled and unbalanced. After a shooting in the line of duty, an over zealous Internal Affairs investigator with a "hard-on" for Zeke, and the reappearance of a banned former MC member, Zeke and his wife Ginny's livelihood's are threatened, their friends and family harassed and their safety put at risk.I loved this book!!!! It is right up my allya man's ma [...]

    26. Great book I didn't want to put down!Interesting to read a biker book that was not your typical outlaw kind. Zeke was a Marine, now a Cop and also the president of his MC. Story focused more on his frustrations with his job and his loyalty to his family and brothers. He puts up with more harassment then most men could endure, as do his family. Ginny is a strong wife, mum and friend, well respected and takes life head on. Kramer is an old colleague with an agenda for revenge and he is pulling an [...]

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