The Purple Shroud Theodora Actress Empress Whore Stella Duffy s chronicle of this amazing woman s early years delighted readers with its exquisite blend of historical detail and vivid storytelling Now The Purple S

  • Title: The Purple Shroud
  • Author: Stella Duffy
  • ISBN: 9780143122258
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Paperback
  • Theodora Actress, Empress, Whore, Stella Duffy s chronicle of this amazing woman s early years, delighted readers with its exquisite blend of historical detail and vivid storytelling Now, The Purple Shroud chronicles Theodora at the height of her power, bringing the ancient world alive in another unforgettable, epic saga.Theodora and Justinian have been crowned Emperor aTheodora Actress, Empress, Whore, Stella Duffy s chronicle of this amazing woman s early years, delighted readers with its exquisite blend of historical detail and vivid storytelling Now, The Purple Shroud chronicles Theodora at the height of her power, bringing the ancient world alive in another unforgettable, epic saga.Theodora and Justinian have been crowned Emperor and Empress, but ruling an empire is no easy task The two factions of Christianity are still battling for dogmatic supremacy, the Empire s borders are not secure, and Theodora worries about the ambitions of Justinian s two best generals But the most pressing concern is close to home Constantinople s two factions, the Blues and the Greens, are beginning to unite in their unhappiness with rising taxes When that unhappiness spills over into all out violence, thousands are killed including someone very close to Theodora and many of the City s landmarks are destroyed, including Theodora s beloved Hagia Sophia In the aftermath of the riots, Theodora guides Justinian in gaining back the love and trust of the people, her unerring instinct for what the people want proving invaluable Justinian promises to rebuild the Hagia Sophia to be even spectacular than before Theodora comes to realize that being the Augusta is simply another role she must play, though the stakes are much higher and there is no offstage It s a role she was born to play.

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    One thought on “The Purple Shroud”

    1. I reviewed this book for luxuryreading.The Purple Shroud, the follow up to Stella Duffy’s Theodora: Actress, Empress, Whore, begins five years into Justinian I’s reign as Emperor. It has been eleven years since Theodora was brought to the palace and her life irrevocably changed. She is now Empress, with all the riches, security and power that the title entails. She is greatly loved and respected by her husband and marginally so by the others that surround them, always seeking the ear and goo [...]

    2. 3.5 stars. There aren't a lot of books set in the sixth century, period, let alone one set in what we'd now call the Middle East but was then considered part of Rome, Byzantium/Constantinople. Nor books where the heroine is past her youth. Realizing, now, that the author had written an earlier book about Empress Theodora's earlier life, but since I haven't yet read that, I come to this one as if it was a stand-alone.For the most part, I liked it very much, and it did work as a stand-alone. For s [...]

    3. I love this era of history--I mean really, how much do you know about Emperor Justinian and his wife Theodora of Constantinople? However, this book was waaaay too dry. It should have grabbed my attention from the getgo, and I've gotten 75% done with it, and it's been a struggle. I cannot empathize with Theodora, partially because I don't believe she's a well drawn character. But I understand the struggle of recreating a pre-medieval empress that people can think, "Wow, she's so relatable! Under [...]

    4. It is better than the first one which I thought didn't really do justice to its subject. Still, you often wonder what Duffy's literary editor was doing as there are many pages in this book which are badly in need of improvement. It reads quite well because you are taken by the story, but the end just takes too long. Did Duffy decided how many pages she wanted to write independently to what she has to write and then run out of things to say before reaching her goal?

    5. As seems to be a habit of mine lately I came across and read the last half of Empress Theodora's life but even so this book was amazingly written. By the end I wanted to run out and get the first book "Theodora: Actress, Empress, Whore" just to have Theodora back. Politics, the dream of one nation, conspiracy, war, betrothals, secrets, and torture what is not to love?!

    6. Fictional account of Empress Theodora of Byzantium. This is the second part of the re-telling of the life of a notorious figure in Byzantine history. I had not read the first book - but was already familiar with Theodora so could easily pick up the story

    7. Just as enjoyable to read as the first one; soapy retelling of the rise and reign of one of the first and most powerful feminists.

    8. Drugi deo romana o carici Teodori, pod nazivom “Purpurni plašt”, obuhvata dvadeset godina caričine vladavine, tokom kojih je postepeno navikavala narod na sebe (od ozloglašene Teodore iz burdelja do avguste), a sebe na simbolični purpur, dvor i plemstvo. Kroz zamršeno klupko večito budnih pretnji spolja i iznutra, odnos snaga se preokreće i osećanje pripadnosti plebsu počinje da slabi tokom stravičnih buna i nereda - dok se palata od “zatvora” iznenada preobraća u dom. U njen [...]

    9. Rated 4.5 out of 5 Stars. Also posted at TBR MOUNTAIN RANGE.If you love straight historical fiction, which isn't always happy, then I think you'll love THE PURPLE SHROUD. It's an excellent example of how history can be fun to learn if presented by the right author. Theodora was captivating and her life unusual as well as full of intrigue and adventure. She was also a woman of faith who often contradicted what that meant by her actions.Theodora is an unusual character in history and not someone y [...]

    10. This is the sequel to Duffy's Theodora: Actress, Empress, Whore and continues Theodora's story in the aftermath of her coronation as Empress beside her husband Justinian. Although she now wears the purple, Theodora's struggles are far from over: she must face a world in which religious dissension threatens to weaken the Byzantine Empire, and where she is surrounded by those who believe that the purple would look better on their shoulders. Facing political intrigue and popular unrest, Theodora di [...]

    11. Stella Duffy’s initial introduction to Theodora of Constantinople highlights her life prior to her rise to the most powerful woman in the land. In The Purple Shroud readers are taken on the next stage of her journey, showcasing the adaptations this remarkable woman had to make in order to be the empress her beloved city needed her to be. Theodora’s growth from the selfish actress trying to improve her lot in life to an empress who puts the needs of her people ahead of her own is as amazing a [...]

    12. The Purple Shroud chronicles Theodora at the height of her power.I didn't enjoy this as the first in the series. There's a lot of politics and it get's a little dreary after a while. Theodora is quite unlikable and becomes insufferable towards the end. She becomes a little one note and loses what made her great. A disappointment

    13. Quote: Justinian went on, ‘I will not lose you, Theodora.’ She whispered, ‘No.’‘Nor,’ he added, loosening his grip just a little, stroking his thumb along her fingers, ‘do I want to lose you to Narses’ idea of what a good wife should be.’‘The eunuch likes his ladies to be quiet.’‘It was the eunuch who brought me a grown woman in the first place. We had no call for a malleable girl. Perhaps he has forgotten that. The dutiful Theodora is too placid for our Palace and, I adm [...]

    14. Continuing the life of Theodora, Empress of Constantinople in the 6th Century, from Theodora, Actress, Empress, Whore, Stella Duffy offers the reader an inside look into leading a court and world riddled with constant change! Theodora never sought her present position, but out of love of Justinian she is determined to do her part to assist him in every possible way. This is a world where they rule at the people's pleasure and suddenly the people are not pleased, beginning a spate of time called [...]

    15. I loved the first book, Theodora, and this continuation of Theodora's story held me just as spellbound from start to finish!At the end of the first book, Theodora had just been made Empress to Justinian's Emperor, and now they must rule as the August and Augusta in an empire where religious factions, political intrigues and people both inside and outside the empire that would happily take over and depose them both.With Theodora's training as an acrobat, actress and whore, as well as her religiou [...]

    16. I found this sequel much easier to read than the first novel Theodora. I really enjoyed it as it brought a part of history alive that I really know nothing about. I found myself looking things up like who the Green and Blues were, what the mosaic of Theodora looked like and compared historical fact with the novel.It was interesting and well written. I am so glad I read this as a sequel, as I got much more of a sense of Theodora's remarkable life and how much it changed.I would tentatively recomm [...]

    17. This was a good telling of the story of Theodora, the wife of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian. She began life as an acrobat and prostitute, before converting to Christianity and later marrying the man who would become emperor. That part of her life was covered in the author's previous book on Theodora. This book covers her life after she and Justinian had been on the throne for a few years, to the time of her death many years later.The author does a good job of filling in the historical gaps, an [...]

    18. Solid fictional treatment of the adult life of the smart and talented Empress Theodora, much of which I remember from my history classes. I enjoyed the descriptions of Constantinople in early to mid 500's--a time of great political and religious upheaval--and she gives an accurate portrayal of the Nika Revolt, the Gothic wars in Italy, and the great plague. Her characters, including Justinian, General Belsarius, the eunuch Narses, and Antonina, come fully to life with all their strengths and wea [...]

    19. The sequel to Theodora: Actress, Empress, Whore, The Purple Shroud picks up ten years into the reign of Emperor Justinian and Theodora. As the tale continues, readers are given a glimpse into the constant rivalries within the political factions of Constantinople and throughout the empire. Justinian and Theodora work tirelessly to hold their control but often find themselves on the very edge of seeing all their good works vanish. What I treasured most in both this book and its predecessor was the [...]

    20. I requested this book from the library not knowing that this is the second book in Duffy's Theodora chronicle. I wish I had read the first one prior to this. Because I did not know Theodora's history prior to becoming Empress, it took me awhile to warm up to her as a character. I did enjoy this, however, especially having been to Hagia Sophia. This book took you into the reasons for its creation and Theodora's relationship with one of its architects. I will be looking to read about Theodora's ea [...]

    21. This novel took me FOREVER to read -- OK, maybe it was only three days but it felt SO much longer. I kept waiting for the portrayal of Theodora to become sympathetic -- that never happened. Instead we are reminded at every turn that she used to be a prostitute. And an actress-prostitute. And an acrobat-prostitute. And now she is an empress (who used to be a prostitute), who wears purple and makes people kiss her feet. And, in case you missed it, she used to be a prostitute. Honestly, gives a mo [...]

    22. Not as good as Theodora, not because of any issue with the writing but because Theodora as Empress is better documented and arguably less interesting. There are internecine feuds and political, social and religious turmoil but it didn't grip me in the way that the previous book did. I still want to go to Istanbul though!As stated earlier this book follows on from Theodora but it can be read as a stand alone novel (the past history is dealt with in a couple of short paragraphs.

    23. A nice ending to Theodora's story. After the first one, I was left wanting a conclusion and this did it. I thought the first book (Actress, Empress, Whore) was the more interesting tale, as she had quite a life prior to becoming Empress. But I enjoyed this book and if you've read the first book, this is a fine ending.

    24. Skipped the last half of this and went forward to the end to see what happened. Slow, plodding, way too many names of minor characters who are irrelevant to the plot and too hard to track. The major characters were flat. SPOILER ALERT Thankfully she dies at the end so there will not be another Empress Theodora novel. Skip it.

    25. This is the sequel to Theodora, one of my favorite novels read in recent years. The writing is stunning, I couldn't put this book down and was so happy I held off reading it until I had time to dedicate to the book.

    26. I'm not very knowledgeable about this period of history, and most of the details are necessarily fictional, but as a whole it hangs together very well. The characters are well crafted and believable, at least to my modern eye. 3.5 stars from me is a good rating.

    27. Stella Duffy's previous novel, Theodora, dealt with her early life and rise to power. The Purple Shroud chronicles her reign as empress. In this sequel, the conflict is more external than personal, but Duffy still brings Theodora vibrantly to life.

    28. I'm afraid I found this hard work and rather dull. I picked up a couple of interesting nuggets of information about the Christian Roman Empire, but the characters never left the page for me.

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