Too Noisy A read aloud shout aloud comedy from Malachy Doyle boldly illustrated by Ed Vere reminds us there s no place like home no matter how noisy The Bungles sure are a large and noisy bunch So noisy that

  • Title: Too Noisy!
  • Author: Malachy Doyle Ed Vere
  • ISBN: 9780763662264
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A read aloud shout aloud comedy from Malachy Doyle, boldly illustrated by Ed Vere, reminds us there s no place like home no matter how noisy.The Bungles sure are a large and noisy bunch So noisy that Sam, the middle Bungle, has no room to think and is desperate to escape his booming, twooting, banging, clanging family So off he wanders into the woods for some peaceA read aloud shout aloud comedy from Malachy Doyle, boldly illustrated by Ed Vere, reminds us there s no place like home no matter how noisy.The Bungles sure are a large and noisy bunch So noisy that Sam, the middle Bungle, has no room to think and is desperate to escape his booming, twooting, banging, clanging family So off he wanders into the woods for some peace and quiet Deeper and deeper he goes, until eek What s that climbing up his pant leg Beek What is flapping around his face Eeky beek What could be sliding down his neck HELP Will he ever again hear the comforting cacophony of his own Bungle clan

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      405 Malachy Doyle Ed Vere
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    One thought on “Too Noisy!”

    1. Ed Vere! EEEEEDDDDDD VEEEEERE!Orange gradients! Black silhouetted trees! Blobs of hot color! Purples that are plum or royal or twilight! Watery blue sky, fresh green grass. And a little family of - what are we here? raccoons? something raccoon-like anyway, with big googly eyes and weird bendy noses.Unlike raccoons, however, this is a LOUD family. Like the Worms in Tony Johnson's The Family Worm. But the middle kid, Sam, finds his family to be TOO loud, so he takes off for the woods, enjoys the p [...]

    2. Miss 3 and I like to explore different books at the library and try to get different ones out every week or so; it's fun for both of us to have the variety and to look at a mix of new & favourite authors. This is one of the ones that I chose. I thought the text was a little bit naff and adapted it to keep with the general story and use more of my own language. What I liked was the visualisation of the aural soundscape. It was a useful picture book to read with someone that has sensory proces [...]

    3. I liked the author’s, Malachy Doyle’s, simple story. A story where we follow Sam, a wee introverted Bungle, who seeks some quiet, solitude, and time to think or reflect on life. Not to mention, Sam just wants to get away from his overly-extroverted, noisy family. Personally, I couldn’t agree with him more. In the end, his family came to accept that Sam needed time to escape from the noise and Sam came to accept that he enjoyed a little noise with his family once in a while too. Besides, th [...]

    4. For any child who longs for a little peace and quiet in a large and noisy family, this is the book for you! It's important to get away, find a little quiet place and think your own thoughts without a lot of intrusion from well-meaning family. Just don't stray too far, or you'll be glad your family is so noisy that you can find your way home again. The illustrations are great, with silhouettes of trees and animals on a bright and colorful background. The noises being different colored bubbles are [...]

    5. This was a hit with my storytime crowd. We passed out shaker eggs before the book and practiced making noise with them so we could help with the book. Everybody got to shake their shaker eggs very loudly, and also placed it very quietly in their laps.As we read, I encouraged a little bit of shaker noise during the noisy family parts, and then we were very quiet while Sam was getting lost in the woods. There was, of course, a little bit of extra noise here and there, but that's how storytime goes [...]

    6. It's extraordinarily rare to find a children's book written lyrically that doesn't come out like a singsong poem especially when your average mom is reading it. Add a story about the power of quiet and family and balance, together with beautifully vibrant illustrations, and this one is truly a winner with my family.

    7. This was a nice book, but it really was just averageaverage story, average illustrations. The story had a familiar theme so it's like many other children's books that are much better.

    8. The Bungles are LOUD. Each has their own sounds and noises and it drives Sam crazy. Sam is the quiet one in a loud family. To get away from all the noise he takes a walk; it is quiet and beautiful so he keeps walking. Then it gets dark and scary and Sam is lost. How will he find his way home? Suddenly he hears a noise; it is his loud family come to find him. Sam decides even though they are loud he loves his family and wants to be with them. This book has a great message about fitting in with yo [...]

    9. This is a great read loud book. There's a rhythm to the lines, but it's never sing-song. It's subtle. The vocabulary is wonderfully onomatopoetic so the words just feel good in your mouth. And then there are the tiny details in the illustrations, like the rabbits playing hide-and-seek (completely unrelated to the story) or the critters in their burrows below the action. I started out reading this to a 2 year old, and the 4 & 7 year olds nearby stopped what they were doing to come listen. Whe [...]

    10. I would love to read this one aloud, after practicing it a couple of times. I would go so far as to say that the language is poetic, with lots of rhythm and some (not a lot) subtle rhymes. (I'm sure there's a word for that technique, where it seems like it rhymes in many places but it doesn't really? Help me out here.) This would fit many storytime themes: fears, family, "noisy-time" (one of my fave themes). This is just the thing for little introverts out there who might sometimes get tired of [...]

    11. The middle child in this very noisy family is the dreamy, quiet one. Sometimes the family's loudness is just too much. When he wanders into the woods, solace is found in the silence and his own calm rhymes. However, strange noises freak him out. Only when his screams for help bring his family to rescue him does he understand the value noise can have. The vibrant rich colors of Verre's pictures illustrate this story of different sounds.

    12. Rather a sweet little story about appreciating your family in spite of them all being different to you. The quiet one goes for a walk to get away from all the noise, and loves the silence and the solitude until he gets lost and it gets dark and it gets scary!The illustrations are quite different to the norm and I rather like them. I'm not so sure that they appealed to the grandchildren, though it's worth borrowing and reading again.

    13. What you do with a noisy family if you need quiet to think and work things out. Then when you get lost in the woods, it's nice to have them come and find you. Interesting story about the Bungle family and relates to classroom noise and how to achieve a noise level that works for the whole class. I would recommend to elementary teachers K-3.

    14. I love the illustrations and the noises but the story is just so-so. I wish the ending didn't have to be a spelled out lesson. Why can't it be OK that Sam prefers quiet? Why can't his family be more considerate about it? The book makes it seem like Sam is wrong for trying to find some peace.

    15. From Angela:Everyone is Sam’s family is just too loud for him. With all the booming, twooting, banging, clanging his family does, Sam decides to set out to find some peace and quiet and in the end finds there is no better place than home

    16. A wonderful pairing of text and illustrations! I loved this one, particularly the way sound is portrayed through words and pictures. Brilliant.

    17. Cute story; illustrations are very cartooney; difficult to tell whether the characters are supposed to be raccoons or something else. Illustrations done in pencil, then colored in digitally.

    18. Not thrilled with color choices and same story about kid not liking family, then getting lost and finding family again. Ok story.

    19. love the illustrations but the story can leave you tongue-tied because the rhythm isn't very good.*also would work for the butler, trees, colors, sky, nature

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