Angus A man who only believes in fact Even after everything the Clan has endured Angus has always held onto his scientific leanings He isn t a believer of instant attraction so he is surprised by the for

  • Title: Angus
  • Author: Melissa Schroeder
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 482
  • Format: ebook
  • A man who only believes in fact.Even after everything the Clan has endured, Angus has always held onto his scientific leanings He isn t a believer of instant attraction, so, he is surprised by the force of his attraction to Irishwoman Maggie O Conner He doesn t trust her, but she soon become an obsession he can t seem to shake A woman who defies every logic.Single motheA man who only believes in fact.Even after everything the Clan has endured, Angus has always held onto his scientific leanings He isn t a believer of instant attraction, so, he is surprised by the force of his attraction to Irishwoman Maggie O Conner He doesn t trust her, but she soon become an obsession he can t seem to shake A woman who defies every logic.Single mother Maggie comes from a long line of magickal women, but she walked away from that part of her life When Angus bursts into her life, she tries to ignore the handsome Scot, but soon finds that she needs his protection She knows he s not normal, but she never expected him to be the one man who could capture her heart.A need they could not deny.As they work together, their need for each other threatens to consume them both But just as they close in on the next jewel, a new enemy emerges and puts everything they hold dear into jeopardy.

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    One thought on “Angus”

    1. Originally reviewed for Tea and BookSomewhere deep in Scotland, A Cursed Clan is living. Wiped from memory of modern man, they are doomed to never die. Watching loved ones be born, age and die. Only these five cousins remain. But it seems finally they have discovered an escape claus. In book two of her Cursed Clan Series, Melissa Schroeder tells Angus' story. A man of science who refuses to believe in magic and yet, his very existence is because of it. An interesting concept.Maggie is a woman wi [...]

    2. Acceptable paranormal romance. I'm interested in the rest of the series. Thoughts about this book: The developing relationship between Angus and Maggie was somewhat confusing as it seemed there were parts of the book missing. They went directly from dislike to super love in a jumpy and jarring manner. No smooth and developing love story. Very fated mate and insta-love. If that is your thing then this book is for you. The name of the little boy was Jackson Michael. Very distracting because I kept [...]

    3. I really enjoyed the story. It captured your attention for the first page. When the 2 brothers went to see the witch about breaking the curse. 2 hundred yrs later the brothers need to hire a witch to steal the emerald to help break the curse. And Angus meets the witch that is his future and the one he dreamt about. She has a son Jack that is way beyond d his years. A black magic evil spirit is after Maggie. Read the story to find out how they find ever after.

    4. An over 200 year old curse, a yummy KILT wearing Scot, magickal theif & evil stalking them, plus it's a PANTIE DROPPING HOT READ! In 1746, Logan drug his brother, Angus, to the local witch & Angus' world was rocked to the core. This witch tells him that "When man can fly a Redhead woman, plus 1, will test his heart & soul." Now it's 2014 & Angus, Logan & their Cousins Callum, Fletcher & the only female Anice (poor girl) are all still alive due to The Curse. To stop it, al [...]

    5. The cursed clan of McLennon returned and this time it's Angus which will see his universe messed up. Callum's cartesian cousin, that which likes to make believe that he takes everything with a smile, that he is able to see everything coming in advance, did not expect to find himself with a sexy witch in his arms and his adorable little boy. Treasons and secrets, hope and curse, love and darkness, magic and prophecy, all that mixes to give us an explosive result. Angus is a character whom I had a [...]

    6. Angus is the second book in The Cursed Clan series about a clan cursed to escape death unless they can recover missing objects and make amends . Each member of the clan will be tested and this time it's the turn of the indomitable Angus. He's a man of science and has no time for magic and mystical goings on but he's about to take a crash course in dealing with witches!Angus needs to recover a missing emerald but in order to do that he has to follow instructions set down in an old diary. He needs [...]

    7. I was given this boo to review for CONFESSIONS OF A BOOK LOVIN JUNKIE This is the first book I have read from Melissa Schroeder. Boy I am glad I did. This book has sexy highlanders that are on a quest to get back. They are immortal and they have been through a lot . This is Angus's book he has always been the scientific one of the clan. He never really believed in magic. As they are sent on their quests to find the jewels for the sword. Angus and the witch he is to find and protect. Who knew tha [...]

    8. The second book in The Cursed Clan series is a riveting paranormal romance with magic and sexy highlanders to sweep you off of your feet. Angus is a scientist and he doesn’t believe in instant attraction so, he is surprised by the force of his attraction to the Irishwoman, Maggie O’Connor. From a long line of magickal women Maggie is a single mom who finds herself in the need of Angus’ protection. As they work together to find the next jewel to needed to break the curse, a new enemy emerge [...]

    9. This is the 2nd book in the cursed clan series , I have to say I haven't had the pleasure of reading anything by this author until I picked up this series . I absolutely love the story line , It is a fast moving story line and manages to keep you hanging at the end for the next instalment . Melissa has done a fantastic job with the characters and makes you feel as though you are going along with the journey . There is nothing I love more then a great flowing unpredictable story line and this one [...]

    10. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.The Clan continues on their quest to remove their curse in this romantic paranormal read. This one included a bit more magic than the previous installment which made it a bit more “paranormal-y.”Maggie is on the run from her past. She’s done things that have forced her into hiding with her adorable son, Jack. Sadly, Jack has been forced to grow up quick because he’s magically gifted. Maggie, on the other hand, has lost her m [...]

    11. I’m loving this series. The Scotland setting, the immortal five Highlanders and the challenges facing each one is a delight to read. Angus was a personal favorite character after reading Callum, so I was thrilled to see the second book in the Cursed Ones series was his story. The author certainly did him justice in this book. Maggie and her precious son, Jack are the perfect match for the logical Angus. Angus is scientist of the five but has to incorporate magick in his quest to find the neede [...]

    12. Hot, hunky, sexy, immortal Highlander.I can't ask for anything more when I am present with a super hot, sexy, immortal 'Highlander'. I love Highlanders of any era. Schroeder has given me a man (& clan) that I can get behind and read to the very end.Angus is a sexy Highlander with a scientific mind. He needs tangible proof. Instant attraction of the forever kind is not on his radar or in his scope of logic. This all changes when he meets Maggie. Maggie and Jack changes Angus' pov in a big way [...]

    13. Callum left me wanting more of the Clan and Angus was definitely worth the wait! This is the second in The Cursed Clan series. While both Callum and Angus are tough Scots, who wouldn’t dream of having a woman have any control over them, Angus is more scholarly, and has a bigger problem with the fact that magic even exists, let alone that he might have feelings for a witch named Maggie! The problem is, he needs this particular witch if he wants to succeed at his quest for the next jewel. Only w [...]

    14. I loved the sexual tension that was between Angus and Maggie: He tried to sit up and winced. "Bloody hell.""Stay," she ordered. "I'm not a bloody hound." His voice was stronger and filled with male irritation.And I really did love little Jack he was just the cutest thing, "mum doesn't use her magick anymore. Not since my Da died. She says it was payment for a sin," Jack announced as he walked into the room, dragging his suitcase behind him. "You better pack, Mum. Sir Angus is going to take us aw [...]

    15. Angus was definitely worth the wait! While the Clan set out to solve more of the mystery of how to break their curse, they have to find a way to open their hearts and minds to the world of Magick! For someone like Angus, who needs to be able to have an meaning behind all that happens in the world, he is the first one to feel lost when his heart & mind can't explain what Maggie brings to their worlds! It was great to see the cousins interact. They truly open up the feel of the story and the t [...]

    16. After reading Callum, the first book in the series The Cursed Clan, I was eagerly awaiting Angus and I wasn't disappointed. This is a great series. Angus' quest is to a find a certain jewel that is needed for the sword so they can continue to work at reversing a curse. He needs help to find and use it from Maggie a woman who has magick. I liked Angus' character very much. And Maggie was a loving single mom, she'd do any thing for her son, and was very feisty. I liked them both very much, they ma [...]

    17. After reading Callum, I was head over heels for these sexy Scots. I was not disappointed with Angus, even if I felt it was rather rushed feeling as opposed to the awkward fun part of Callum's story. Maggie, was a spunky loving mother and I adored little Jack. I like how this family goes through challenges like they do but still come out stronger. I do have to admit we didn't get enough on Magick but we are left with a good segue into the next book. I'll be looking for the next in the Cursed Clan [...]

    18. Great series so far, sexy as hell highlanders wowCallum was a favorite of mine but ill tell ya Angus is right up thereis series is so intriguing and mysterious, it keeps you on your toes. Love how the author writes her characters, they draw you in, their complex and riveting. Angus and Maggie are awesome together and love Jack and this is where the paranormal really kicks in. Great story from start to finish. The twists and turns keep you turning the page, so much going on and it's all good. I d [...]

    19. Just loved this second book. This book is filled with intrigue and suspense. Angus is one of the immortal highlands who are on a quest to remove the curse that has plagued these cousins and Maggie has been on the run with her son Jack. Angus believes in facts, not magic. This is the scientific mind he has. Maggie on the other hand is his balance because she does believe in magic, and has lost hers. There is passion, but I wish the love scenes were more intense. Just my preference. I also wish th [...]

    20. We continue the quest of dissolving the McLennan family curse with Angus. He has to put himself through a challenge involving his heart and stubbornness to earn the emerald for the sword. I fell in love with a cute little 4 year old, Jack. He's special and just the smartest person in their lives. This family is fun to read about with mystery, magic, love and sexy Scots in kilts. Next up is Logan.

    21. This isn’t a case of opposites attracting as they have more in common than Angus would like to admit. I really liked the characters of Maggie and Jack. Melissa Schroeder has a gift for putting characters in stressful situations and having them come out better and stronger together. And though Angus isn’t the McLennan my heart goes pitty pat for he is one fine Scot.

    22. It wouldn't have been possible to make Angus any more PERFECT in my book if Melissa Schroeder had sucked the picture of my ideal romance hero directly from my head say he's exactly my type is the understatement of the century. I'M DYING TO READ THIS BOOK!!!!

    23. I love everything I've read by Melissa Schroeder and "Angus" is no different. The second book in the "Cursed Clan" series sucked me right in and I read it in two sittings. I love these highlanders and I can't wait for the next book in the series to come out.

    24. 3.5. I like the location as well as the interaction between the main and secondary characters. I hope the next book won't have the same "I can't get involved" angst, but I won't hold my breath!

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