Defender Kris Longknife is back in the good graces of the brass and to demonstrate that they ve promoted her to Admiral Now her mission is to find the home base of the space pirates who are plaguing the fring

  • Title: Defender
  • Author: Mike Shepherd
  • ISBN: 9780425253410
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kris Longknife is back in the good graces of the brass and to demonstrate that, they ve promoted her to Admiral Now her mission is to find the home base of the space pirates who are plaguing the fringes of the galaxy.But no mission is ever simple when your name is Longknife And this time the complications range from the military to the personal, as Kris finds herself relKris Longknife is back in the good graces of the brass and to demonstrate that, they ve promoted her to Admiral Now her mission is to find the home base of the space pirates who are plaguing the fringes of the galaxy.But no mission is ever simple when your name is Longknife And this time the complications range from the military to the personal, as Kris finds herself reluctantly having to make some command decisions about her future

    • Unlimited [Romance Book] ☆ Defender - by Mike Shepherd ✓
      326 Mike Shepherd
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    One thought on “Defender”

    1. Because I don't want to put any more effort into a lost cause, I'm just putting up all of the comments I was keeping in my updates. They actually tell the story of what I thought better than I ever could in some sort of formal review.12/09 page 120 31.0% "Skipped chapters 10 thru 14. Wish I'd skipped 1 thru 14" 12/12 page 120 31.0% "Skipped another two chapters! Shepherd really, really needs to stay clear of writing anything that involves romance of any sort. Can someone please kill off Montoya? [...]

    2. Fuzzy Jumping the Space SharkWith several works coming out soon, Shepherd must be as busy as the proverbial one-legged man, because he gave this book all the due care and attention of someone hurriedly slapping together a cheese sandwich on the way out the door Monday morning. Now, I hardly expect him to be the next Steinbeck, and I've enjoyed his series enough for a reread, but the writing in this book made me facepalm so much it's amazing I could even see the page. In addition to the sparse, h [...]

    3. I found myself disappointed with this book. I've quite enjoyed the series as a whole, and this book itself is still alright--it's not a bad book. I just think it was a letdown. Granny Rita in general, and her reunion with Ray in particular, went by like it was on fast forward. After the last book ended, that was what I was looking forward to most in this book. In the end, Rita and all things concerning her were nothing more than a minor part of this book. The bulk of the book in general had litt [...]

    4. This one was a real mixed bag and that made it hard to determine a final rating. I think it ends at a 3.5 with rounding up, but how you react to the various elements at odds with each other will be important in how much you like the book.The good stuff from the rest of the series is still there. Only more so, really. Leadership challenges, space battles, menacing aliens, factions working against each other, and her core team of professionals willing to do what it takes to make it all work. This [...]

    5. No stars-- end of the road for me.You know you're in trouble when an author basically reintroduces a character that they killed off a couple of volumes ago because they are necessary now but weren't back then. Sort of undermines my confidence that there is some sort of story being told here. After suffering through Lost, I will never again allow a storyteller to just say "Trust me, there's a real story here". Or, another danger sign, introduces secondary versions of the same character to solve t [...]

    6. This is definitely the best book yet in the Kris Longknife series. This is actually one of the first series of books that I started reading when I took up reading again after having purchased my first tablet. It is not the best series that I have read. As a matter of fact a few of the books have gotten below average ratings from me. It has been able to keep my interest though and this book is actually really good.The book is a bit slow to get going with quite a few pages spent on Kris and Jack [...]

    7. This is book eleven in the Longknife series. You must read the books in order or else you will be lost.In the last book Kris had found her Grandma Rita (King Ray’s long missing wife- she went missing during the Iteechee War). Rita’s war ship disappeared during a bad jump. Rita and her crew were living on the bird plant Alwa that Kris had saved from destruction by the huge alien ship.In this book Kris is back in the good graces of Wardhaven and has been made first a Commodore when King Ray ar [...]

    8. Kris's universe continues to expand but I just keep wishing we saw a little bit more behind the scene's for everything. The longer the series continues the more I wish we got more than just Kris's viewpoint. I want to know more about the politics of the GA and what everyone thinks of Kris and the events that have occurred. We keep getting glimpses of the larger universe than Kris's ship and crew/family but we never truly find out what is happening. Kris has been shunted from the spotlight and ne [...]

    9. Princess and Naval space fleet commander Kris Longknife faces one of her most difficult missions yet. She has to prepare the naïve natives of a planet for a hostile invasion by alien forces. Their infrastructure has to be built from the basics, but at least Kris has help on several fronts. Ships arrive from home full of supplies and personnel. A human colony barely etching a living on the fated world promises to join the fight for survival. And Kris’s security chief, Jack, does his best to ke [...]

    10. Much like the Honor Harrington series, this series is petering out. Much of the book is either devoted to the romance between Kris and Jack (several chapters) or to planning and logistics, mostly related to a potential attack. The earlier books while there was character development, balanced it with a decent amount of action. Now, because the action is huge space battles, there isn't much for most of the book then there is several chapters devoted to it. There isn't really a lot of character dev [...]

    11. Kris gets reinforced by her grandad, but still has to face a second mammoth alien invasion fleet that turns out to have not only vastly superior numbers but a few new tricks up its sleeve. The battle and prep-for-battle scenes are fine, as usual---but far too much of this episode is taken up with Kris's marriage (sheesh), honeymoon (lordy) and pillow(ish) talk (ick). Also, the author trucks in a new alien species as allies but gives them almost no time on stage nor fleshes them out in any but th [...]

    12. She's almost There! (I think?) If you are a fan, you'll understand! Poor Kris is always just one book away from ( ) "fill in the blank." Mike either needs to write FASTER, or start bringing the sub plots, reoccurring characters, enemies, family members together real SOON, or the Flash Gordon Serial Style will get stale!

    13. This was horrible. Too much "romance". Kris and Jack are so emotionally immature it's ridiculous. I basically skimmed through most of this. I REALLY don't like Kris and am sick of her issues. Either she is awkward and big nosed or she's beautiful. From her perspective she the former, everyone else it's the latter. Good grief.

    14. The fact that it took me three months to finish this book should tell you something. It isn't bad, but just not add good as the others in the series. It felt a bit slow and I found that I just didn't care enough about what was happening to get really invested.

    15. Surprise - it's a love story!Oh yeah, and there's an epic space battle.This is a long series, so you know what to expect for style and characters, but I think this may be the best integration of character development, action, politics, and space combat.

    16. A long stretch in the middle of this book has all the worst elements of this series turned up to 11 and the stretching that goes on with plausibility is also astonishing. I haven't rated one of these books before but this one needs to get a 2/5.

    17. Plenty of shooting up aliens, plus Kris can't escape politics, including an insubordinate officer commanding a ship in her fleet who was written so well that I wanted to space her. There is a bit of a cliffhanger at the end of this one, but it's pretty well expected.

    18. Very good job.Kris on the otherside of the galaxy making waves.Kicking butt and not taking names.Fighting aliens that look like us, protecting aliens that don't. Changing the Longknife Legacyad this and enjoy

    19. One problem with series like this (we're on the 11th book now) is that the main character eventually gets promoted into a desk and out of doing anything interesting. Kris was at her most interesting when she was up to her kahoonie in mud, or desperately trying to out think and out shoot a massive enemy against orders and with only a paper dart and two rubber bands. But now she has a big luxury office with padded chairs, and paperwork.Meanwhile, she sends Penny out on a really daring and risky ad [...]

    20. This is the 11th book in the Kris Longknife series by Mike Shepherd. In this one Kris and her crew have established contact with the Avian species on the planet Alwa where there is also a colony of humans, including her great grandmother, who were lost near the end of the Iteeche war almost eighty years ago. She is determined to defend them all against the hostile aliens who seem determined to kill all intelligent species they meet. She is surprised when her great grandfather, King Ray, shows up [...]

    21. This is a mixed review - I knew I'd be reading the last Kris Longknife novel until November, having read the entire 11 book series back to back the past few weeks. So I was feeling anxious for a cliffhanger ending (sort of a yes/no on that one.lution but dangling threads). Then Furious Kris Longknife 10 was such a jawdropper ending I was eager to see it handled. The handling.was not as bad as I feared from other reviews nor as well rounded as I'd have liked. So-so in other words. Now I read that [...]

    22. This is book #11 in the series and again Kris is facing a lot of danger. All of the usual characters are back and the adventure is never ending. The big difference is that there is romance in the air. Kris is at the other side of the galaxy and her great grandmother takes a hand in getting Kris and Jack some time alone. It is about time.The entire book is a lead up to a big battle and I though that Mike Shepherd was going to leave us hanging. Instead he surprised me. Just as I though there were [...]

    23. These books are excellent read with equally excellent characters. The whole series has become something I look forward to and am always sad when I finish an installment and find myself wistfully waiting for months for the next one. There are so many good characters and I have enjoyed watching Kris and Co. grow and mature and deal not only with the desperate combat situations and crushing responsibilities, but also the more human difficulties and drama that can be messy and yet fulfilling all at [...]

    24. Would have given 3 1/2 Way too many people with access to the Internet fail to understand delayed gratification. While I enjoyed the book and am happy that several issues were resolved I am smart enough to see the change in the series. I am quite interested to see how Mike takes this series now that Kris seems to be grounded to one location for several books. We have only remote support and no pulse on the goings back home. Such a wonderful new playground Mike has given his characters and while [...]

    25. Another strong outing in the Kris Longknife multiverse. Kris gets married, finds a long-lost relative, helps to secure a planet and gets ready for what will appear to be the Mother Of All Battles in book #11. She does a really good job at harassing the mysterious enemy, which we should also learn more about in the next installment. This book featured less of Nelly and her children than some of the past books, but really brought the SmartMetalTM technology to the forefront, so if you like magical [...]

    26. A lot of folks seem to dislike this book because it doesn't contain much in the way of space battles or other action. Personally, I enjoyed it better than many other books in the series. While it definitely doesn't work if you haven't read at least the preceding two books in the series, I found it gratifying to read a serious exploration of the relationships between Kris and a lot of the people close to her, especially her chief of security. Male authors are notoriously bad at writing romance, b [...]

    27. Yet another excellent book, in the "Kris Longknife" series. This series is some of the best military/space science fiction out there. Great characters, lots of action, suspense, humor, and a kick-ass female lead. In this particular book, there's a little less action than usual, as Kris gets married, so you can even add romance to the mix. Overall, this is a fun series, and very worthwhile to any fan of the genre.

    28. Book 11 in a military sf series I read mostly for the Endeavour Award. In this one Kris gets to have a little off-time as well as planning for battle and battle itself of course. The bits about the bird people and the problems of being an abandoned colony were actually pretty interesting. I would have preferred to see a little more people bits and maybe a little bit more war bits and less planning. But this was a good pleasant read - call it 3.5 of 5.

    29. Like the last book in the series, Defender is a build-up to what is to come: the BIG battle for the SURVIVAL of the SPECIES etc. etc. I very much enjoyed Kris' expanding role as Admiral, Viceroy, wife, Princess, and all that, as well as the development of the Alwan planet. But. I got to the end of the book and felt like NO NOT AGAIN!! when I realized that the really exciting shit will be in the next book. Sigh. Write faster, Mike!

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