Alice no Pa s das Maravilhas Quando a curiosa Alice vai atr s do apressado Coelho Branco descobre as esquisitices do Pa s das Maravilhas

  • Title: Alice no País das Maravilhas
  • Author: Walt Disney Company André Bighinzoli
  • ISBN: 9788536406893
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Quando a curiosa Alice vai atr s do apressado Coelho Branco, descobre as esquisitices do Pa s das Maravilhas.

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      266 Walt Disney Company André Bighinzoli
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    One thought on “Alice no País das Maravilhas”

    1. One of my favorites. The characters in Wonderland were too amazing. Recommended to anyone who enjoys magic and a bit of fun.

    2. alice was high on 'shroom. she chased the rabbit and suddenly she was in a crazy wonderland. that's the price for not listening to your sister's story. respect anybody who reads to you.

    3. This is a story about Alice. She is a younger girl with a crazy imagination which you will find out soon enough if you read the book. The story begins when she falls asleep and goes to Wonderland. Where she chases this white rabbit trying to figure out where she is and what she should do. While chasing this rabbit she meets strange animals like a cat that can disappear and reappear whenever it wants. Alice goes through a lot of weird obstacles in this story and later wakes up from her wacky drea [...]

    4. I expected this to be a simplification of the movie, but it might be a little TOO simple for my taste. Maybe three sentences per page? Really, though, it was cute. Good for kids who have already seen the movie, but useless otherwise since there isn't enough story related for it to stand alone.

    5. This follows the same story line as the motion picture but is a book format. You still go though wonderland with Alice as she meets new friends such as the mad hatter and enemies such as the queen of hearts.

    6. This is a wonderful book. This book can be used for different activities in the classroom. You can choose students to act out the characters in the book. This book could be used for third grade and up.

    7. my-empty-purse/201Chi non conosce Alice nel paese delle meraviglie?io personalmente l’ho vista in tutte le forme animata o in film, ma mai avevo letto il libro.Ci sono favole che non muoiono mai, sfidano il tempo e l’età, valicano le barriere. Alice in wonderland è un di queste. Alice è una bambina di sette anni trascorre il pomeriggio sdraiata in un giardino con la sorella che sta leggendo un libro noioso quando, all’improvviso, vede passare un coniglio bianco con il panciotto che camm [...]

    8. For my RDG 291 class we had to read a book that falls under the Fantasy category and I choose to read Alice in Wonderland. I have read this book when I was younger and watched the movie and I loved them and was so fascinated by this story. I choose to read this book because I was familiar with it and it has many of the characteristics that make up what is considered a fantasy book. I absolutely love this story and book and I recommend it to everyone. I feel that this book is good for all ages. T [...]

    9. No debería ponerle una calificación, porque es un libro para niños y es evidente que no seré muy objetiva por la edad que tengo. Sin embargo, sí se las doy porque la versión de Disney de esta historia de Lewis Carroll fue una de las favoritas de mi infancia y creía que el libro sería igual o parecido a la película, pero fue todo lo contrario. Entiendo que Disney suprimiera la parte filosófica que nos encontramos en la versión original, pero en la película dejó lo divertido, los pers [...]

    10. I am so glad that I've always been predisposed to keeping such meticulous notes, and that after my daughter was born, I didn't allow the insanity of new motherhood to derail that particular train. In fact, I made sure to take better notes than every before, carefully recording each new word she uttered, the date she first started crawling, the date she took her first step, and every other imaginable milestone of childhood. While I haven't made a note for every single story we've ever read togeth [...]

    11. Alice in Wonderland is about a crazy adventure that takes place when Alice, the main character, falls down a rabbit hole that opens up a new world that is unknown. She meets a numerous amount of people, talking animals, and spends her days figuring out where she is going. She encounters many obstacles and has to learn to adapt to the new environment because she doesn't know how to get out.The most engaging part of Alice in Wonderland, is the idea that you feel like you are in her world. Everythi [...]

    12. Alice in Wonderland is a very exciting and creative story that all young children will enjoy. Alice is a young girl who is has a very creative imagination. Then one day she falls down a hole and ends up in what is called wonderland. Once she is in wonderland she meets some new friends that are very nice to her. After a while though she finds out that there is a evil sister who has a dragon that she must defeat in order to save all of her new friends. The rest of the story she has to find the cou [...]

    13. My love of reading started when i was young, and it gives me immense pleasure to provide books to Spread the Word Nevada, an organization that passes them on to children in the community. They are a terrific organization supporting an important cause. If your local I encourage you to check them out. For those living further a field, look in your own community, their may already be a similar program in place. And if not, you can always help start on. spreadthewordnevada/Myself, I go out on the we [...]

    14. Summary: This story is one of great adventure and imagination for young children everywhere. We see a young girl, named Alice, escape into a magical world through a rabbit hole. The young girl finds new places and makes a lot of new friends on her wonderful journey. Written by Walt Disney CompanyPublished in 2010 by Golden/DisneyRecommendations/Awards: Disney classicAudience: Read together or read alone: grades K-3 Genre: Picture BookIllustrations: Disney uses great color and detail to bring the [...]

    15. 1: Walt Disney Company level12: 6/10 20min. The tomorrow mirror 6/11 35min. Alice in Wonderland 25min. Wizard of Oz3: wonderland dreams Alice asleep white-rabbit tunnel unbirthday4: a. "I'm late. I'm late for a very important date. No time to say hello, goodbye." b. This is a story about Alice. She is a younger girl with a crazy imagination which you will find out soon enough if you read the book. The story begins when she falls asleep and goes to Wonderland. 5: If I can be Alice, I think same t [...]

    16. Audience: 1-3 gradesGenre: children's picture bookTheme: adventureIllustrations: The illustrations in the book greatly depict what is happening in the story during Alice's adventure. The bright colors make her trip seem happy, fun, and magical. The pictures also help the reader imagine events such as Alice being really tiny in one instance and as big as a house in another. Use: The teacher could read the book aloud because most children will not be able to read it yet; however, some students cou [...]

    17. Aargh! Evil! Avoid it at all costs! The Disney version is soulless and silly and atrociously adapted. When compared to the work of Sir John Tenniel or Dali or Helen Oxenbury or just about any illustrator, Disney's art is flat and forced. Why trifle with this book when so many excellent collections of Carroll's work exist in the world?Here's a bit of trivia for you, though: the March Hare has a blond patch, as you can see on the Disney cover. This may have filtered down from Sir John Tenniel's fa [...]

    18. Why do i like this book? I like this book because Alice went to an adventure and she dicevered alot of things, like cartepillas talking, a rabbit that has a watche and everytime she keeps on seeing a drik that have a sing "Drink me" on it and she drinks it, when she does she gets smaller.What did i learn form this book? What i learned from this book is that everytime i see something interresting i should'nt touch it or follow it because i don't know what it is. Like Alice when she followed the w [...]

    19. First published in 1865, the story is fascinating, incredibibly original, a true delight for readers of really any age. Layers of meaning, smart ass answers, unsually imaginative picturesque language. A place of wonder. The non-moralistic, non-educational values, the absurd make you step in a world that you wished it existed. Chaos and lunacy. We all like that!To begin at the beginning: "Will you, won't you, will you, won't you Will you join the dance? Will you, won't you, will you, won't you, W [...]

    20. I recommend this book to any age group. Anyone who likes the original movie and or anyone who like to read a fun book. This book is a classic book for at me at least. This book was amazing and I recommend this book to any age group.I loved this book more than any movie version. I would always watch the movie and I loved so I went and read the book.This book was amazing and greatly worded. I loved this book. This book is about a young girl named Alice. She falls down a rabbit hole and get trapped [...]

    21. I bought the 2010 edition published by Little Golden for my 2 1/2 year old. This edition did not tell the story and left us feeling like we were reading random scene settings that had no connection at all. I know Alice is a curious story anyhow, but this left my child looking at me like I hadn't read the whole story. I may try the other edition from 1994 published by Mouseworks (which I see was the edition usually rated) which is 96 pages vs. the Little Golden at 24 pages or just wait until my c [...]

    22. 1. Disney Magical Stories2. 05/06 = 30 minutes3. Alice met qulious rabit madhuter queen dream4. Have tou ever wondered whether the fact was real or dream?Yes, several days ago, when I was sleeping, my friends called me. However, I talked with her as if I called her in my dream, so I was a little strange voice.5. I have read some publishers of ALICE in WONDERLAND because I like it very much!! This book was edited short, but it remained seane which I like. Therefore I enjoyed this book!

    23. The Disney version of Alice in Wonderland does not disappoint. As Alice finds herself in Wonderland she gets influenced by all of these potions that make her big and small. Along her journey through Wonderland she meets a lot of interesting people and creatures that influence her way. Alice eventually finds her way back home. This book is one of my all time favorites and will always remain a classic.

    24. This is my all time favorite childhood book. I have loved Alice in Wonderland from a young age. I love the extravagant colors and opposites in the book. Such as tall and short and big and small. I ultimately like this book because it shows you how mad people can get and an alternate reality. I think people should be free to do what ever they please to do in life.

    25. è un libro affascinante, assolutamente visionario e surreale, ma quanta fatica per leggerlo! secondo me vuol dire tanto leggerne la traduzione, tantissime sfumature vanno inevitabilmente perse a scapito di quel non avere senso di molti passaggi ( che ad es in lingua originale ne avrebbero o sul piano ritmico o su quello sonoro delle parole ).

    26. I thought it was ok, because i REALLY like the movie Alice In Wonderland was about a girl named Alice and she fell a sleep and started to have this dream that she was following , this little white rabbitd Alice runs into alot of trouble.So i thought it was ok.I would recomend this book to people who like mysteries and to those who like fantasy books.

    27. Alice's adventure in wonderland, she walking to garden and she fall in the hole and then she saw a little medicine and she go to drink it. then that medicine make she very big look like giant and she out of the door she saw a lot of amazing things and beautiful, she saw the magic people that can do everything. when i read this story i feeling wonderful very much.

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