In the House of the Seven Librarians A charming and elegant tale of a young girl raised by feral librarians

  • Title: In the House of the Seven Librarians
  • Author: Ellen Klages
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 146
  • Format: Paperback
  • A charming and elegant tale of a young girl raised by feral librarians.

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    One thought on “In the House of the Seven Librarians”

    1. Final review, first posted on Fantasy Literature: When the forward-looking library board votes to close the old Carnegie Library and replace it with a modern one, its seven librarians decide not to leave. They buy some supplies and quietly lock the door of the library behind them, the woods close in around them, and soon everyone forgets about the old library except the person who still had a book that was long overdue. The book is left on the library’s doorstep in a wicker basket, along with [...]

    2. A delightful short story, especially if you work in a library, as I do. A library is closing, the contents moving to a new building across town. But of course, not all of the books are going to move, quite a selection will be left behind to make room for new acquisitions in the new facility. And seven librarians also stay behind and lock the doors, making the old library their very own. They go feral.Soon, a drastically overdue book is left on their doorstep with a note—I can’t afford the li [...]

    3. Anyone who has ever enjoyed the mystery and wonder of a library and also loves books and reading is likely to enjoy this long story/novella. This is a simple tale, primarily concerned with its setting and these perennial librariansd their unexpected human charge. There is a magical touch here and a gentle, sweet story.Recommended as an offset to the occasionally more difficult reading we all encounter and as a paean to reading.

    4. I'm gamely plodding through a good but very depressing book & needed a little pick me up. I remembered that Tadiana had read & recommended this short story/novella recently & I gobbled it up online!Sweetly charming story with quite a few layers. The overall message I took from it was that the adults in your life can care for you, educate you & guide you,but ultimately you need the freedom to search out your own destiny.Absolutely delightful & warmly recommended.

    5. This was like a bedtime story as told by Terry Pratchett. Probably aimed at kids, but enjoyable for book lovers of all ages.

    6. this story is a keystone in my life. i began reading it to a lost and refound kindred spirit while my dad was dying and i wanted someone to read to me. we sent each other videos reading sections, or sometimes skyping live. it was an incredible boon in a difficult time. sentimental about books and libraries? your saving grace, you say? read this.

    7. A simple fantasy about a forgotten library, seven librarians and the baby left in the book return chute. I suppose it's technically a children's book, but I loved it.

    8. 3.5 starsA beautiful story about a girl who grows up in a library.Klages' writing is magical, sparkling with childlike wonder. She paints a picture of the old library, a truly magical place, through the eyes of Dinsy. Everything is fascinating, everything grand and mysterious. The library is a safe haven; time passes slowly, quietly, gently, and the seven librarians are peaceful old ladies who tend to the dusty books. And Dinsy loves this world, but her longing for the outside is palpable, until [...]

    9. Charming story of seven old-world librarians who live in a closed Carnegie library. As they are carrying on with their old-fashioned librarian existence, stamping date cards, mending old books, etc. they are presented with a newborn baby who lands on their doorstep. They raise her in the library and the details of her upbringing are marvelous! Fun book references and plenty of gentle humor.

    10. i wish i had been raised by feral librarians in a spot like this! what a fabulous little story for every librarian, book lover, or library user.

    11. This is a delightful, quick read. A modern fairy tale perfect for librarians or lovers of all things bookish (like me).

    12. This is for the people out there like me that see the Library as a magical place. Have you ever considered living in a library? For seven librarians that is the decision they make when a new library is opened across town leaving their old one to ruins. A guilty patron leaves their new born baby in place of a forty year old late fee. This little girl is raised by the librarians and the Library. **free online edition**

    13. When a Carnegie library closes for an upgraded replacement across town, seven librarians take over the building and make it their home, keeping their library chores even though no one comes anymore. One day, a baby girl is left on their door and the librarians raise her. A cute fable about books and their value, this is a fast-reading novella.

    14. 4.5 ✨ There is no better word to describe this story than cozy. It just wrap you up in that beautiful world of reading by fireplace with a book in one hand and a cup of tea in another with snow falling quietly outside. Just heavenly.

    15. This YA story (novella? short story?) was really interesting. Its a quick read and based on reading it, I definitely would like to read longer works by this author.You can read it here:uncannymagazine/article/in

    16. Cute, but light. There are some thoughtful points in the story, and other sections that made me chuckle, but it's not a very substantial story. On the plus side, it has a good message, especially for bookworms.

    17. I have only read the short story version uncannymagazine/article/in Loved it.Is the novel better than the short story?

    18. A charming tale for any book lover. After the new town library opens, with its internet cafe and computer catalog, the three old librarians retreat to their old territory, locking the doors so none may ever enter. But, when a child is left on their doorstep, they bring her in and accept their new purpose. The gil, Dinsy, grows surrounded by books, and the reader it taken through her literary education and eventual reach for independence.A good read for when you need something to calm you. Merely [...]

    19. 80 pages? I read this as a short story in Firebirds Rising: An Anthology of Original Science Fiction and Fantasy but it was definitely not even half that length. I'll have to find out if this is expanded or just illustrated.

    20. I read this some years ago, in the brilliant anthology Firebirds: An Anthology of Original Fantasy and Science Fiction. It is still delicious.

    21. Delightful short story about an orphan baby raised by feral librarians in a forgotten library. What's not to love?

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