Heiress of Lies Blood never lies but people doWith the King of Altera on his deathbed all eyes are on his only child eighteen year oldAngeline Robart Called from her studies to return to her father s side the Cro

  • Title: Heiress of Lies
  • Author: Cege Smith
  • ISBN: 9781481066990
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Paperback
  • Blood never lies, but people doWith the King of Altera on his deathbed, all eyes are on his only child, eighteen year oldAngeline Robart Called from her studies to return to her father s side, the Crown Princess is kidnapped en route by Connor, a mysterious rogue who has been waiting a long time for the chance to change his destiny.Facing the consequences of a freak acBlood never lies, but people doWith the King of Altera on his deathbed, all eyes are on his only child, eighteen year oldAngeline Robart Called from her studies to return to her father s side, the Crown Princess is kidnapped en route by Connor, a mysterious rogue who has been waiting a long time for the chance to change his destiny.Facing the consequences of a freak accident that even Connor could not prevent, Angeline is forced to travel a dangerous path to regain control of her fate and her kingdom Her impossible choice requires her to rely on Connor, who epitomizes everything generations of her family tried to destroy.As the last of the Robart bloodline, Angeline discovers that enemies she thought long conquered have been lying in wait for just such an opportunity as her father s death to turn events to their advantage Worse yet, by uncovering those secrets, Angeline must confront the possibility that no one ever expected her to take the throne in anything but title alone.As her bond with Connor grows stronger, she realizes they have far in common than she ever expected, and that could make him just the ally she needs.

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    One thought on “Heiress of Lies”

    1. Loved this book! If you like hot vampires, twisted royal family lies,and deep dark secrets then you have the perfect mix all right here bundle into one little book!The Book is set back in an older time where Kings still ruled in a far away magical land. I love how Princess Angeline, the main female character, is 18 and is about to be abruptly thrown into her new role as Queen of Altera. In a turn of events she meets Connor and then her life is completely turned upside down and sideways too. It i [...]

    2. I received a copy through LibraryThing's Member Giveaways program in order to give an honest review. 2 ½ Stars: Liked it, some really great elements but not executed to my pleasure enough for 3 stars. Close but not quite there for me, though I do plan on continuing the series.First thing that drew me to this book was the cover. Just look at it; isn't it beautiful?Loved: -The Twists, secrets and reveals -the history, the beginning of this world. it seems really different than what I've read - pa [...]

    3. I liked the premise of this story, but ended up being disappointed. The editing was lackluster, which might not bother some, but it really detracts, for me anyway, to be jolted out of the story by having to reread a line because there is a word missing. The descriptions also could have been a lot better. A good example is that the only one we get of Caspian is that he is small, old, with white hair, and a white beard. The rest of the responsibility of fleshing out that character is left up to th [...]

    4. I'M SURPRISED.I've pretty much locked myself up reading these kinda short, but terrible free kindle books to complete my 2013 GR reading goal, and I was slowly slipping into insanity. Then I came across this one. The ideas intrigued me, but I'll admit I was wary because I had gotten it for free and my expectations were lowered. But now I'm stepping back and trying to cast away that bias so I can give it the review it deserves. It wasn't the best fantasy book I've read and it has some faults, but [...]

    5. Note: I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.The premise of the story is very inspirational and unique and I love the development of the world that Smith created. The development of how vampires and humans came into existence is very exceptional too. Angeline is a very strong character with a forceful personality making her easily able to accept change and lead herself towards a decision for survival. Connor is an enticing character that is troubled and flawed by h [...]

    6. Heiress of Lies is the first book of the Bloodtruth series by Cege Smith. It's the story of Angeline Robart, princess and heir to throne of Altera. She's spent the last few years away from court, studying and preparing to be a queen. But visitors from home bring the worst possible news: her father is dying, and Angeline must ascend the throne sooner than she imagined. Angeline rushes to get home before it's too late to say goodbye, but someone has other plans for her.An old enemy has been laying [...]

    7. I was very impressed by this first book of what I believe is a unique work by Cege Smith. I got so much more than I expected from this free Kindle read. I am referring to this as a novella because I read it in a few hours but it was not a short story by any means. I am not sure how many pages it would be in hardcover format. It felt like maybe 200 pages to me but I could be wrong. If I find out for certain, I will make a correction. The story was very rich so I don't want potential readers to av [...]

    8. 3.5/5 starsHeiress of Lies is the first book in the series about a Princess who gets kidnapped on her way home to see her father who is on his deathbed. Being kidnapped by a vampire is the least of her worries when something bad happens to her that threatens not only her ascension to the throne but everything she thought she knew. The story is written in third person, following Angeline and Connor. Angeline is the Princess of Altera and the only heir in line for the throne. She was sent to a con [...]

    9. Although Heiress of Lies is a great take on a "vampire" story. I must be honest and say that I've become a little bored with all the vampire novels out there. So I will take a minute and say BRAVO on Heiress of Lies. Heiress of Lies is a novel about Angeline Robart, princess of Althea. She was betrothed at a young age to Malin. Who happens to be her father's chief adviser. Heiress of Lies is primarily based on Angeline and Connor's POV. Which gives readers the opportunity to see how events unfol [...]

    10. I won a copy of this book in Elle Casey's 2013 January Anniversary Indie Book Giveaway.First things first: the prologue. I get what the author was trying to do here, of course: give us a taste of what's to come later, so that we know what climax we are building towards. But in the case of this book, the prologue gave away far too much. Therefore the book did not have enough tension or surprises as it went on. Adding insult to injury, the prologue is repeated as Chapter 35, Word for word as far a [...]

    11. Paranormal, Romance, Young AdultEighteen-year-old Angeline Robart’s father the King of Altera is on his deathbed which has turned the eyes of the kingdom on her. While studying she is called home to be at her father’s side but on the way she is kidnapped by Connor. He is a mysterious rogue who has waited a very long to time to change his destiny. Now Angeline is facing the consequences of a freak accident that Connor was unable to stop. She is being forced to travel a dangerous path to regai [...]

    12. Angeline Robard is the heir to the king of Altera who is dying. There has never been a Queen who ruled, but she is his only heir. Her father betrothed her to the son of his Chief Advisor. Baford's have always been Chief Advisors just as Robard's have always ruled. On her way home to be at her father's bedside she is kidnapped by a vampire who only tells her that she must meet with his Master. Along the way she is bitten by a very poisonous spider, her only chance is for him to either drain her a [...]

    13. Book Talk Reviews:facebook/VampiresBite2012michelle808205/Angeline Robart is a 18 year old girl in line for the throne,her father the King of Altera is on his death bed and wished his only child home and to prepare for her ascension. On the way Angeline and her men are attacked and she is kidnapped by a man who she has only ever heard stories of and thought to be extinct.Conner, a hundred odd year old Vampire, only wants one thing and that's a way out from under a rule of his Master and a life h [...]

    14. Title: Heiress of LiesAuthor: Cege SmithSeries: YesCliffhanger: YesRelease Date: February 11, 2012Rating: 2HEA: (view spoiler)[No (hide spoiler)]Going into this I did not know that it had vampires. I am not one of the people who was all “I am sick of vampires”. My thought was as long as it's a good book then I don't care if there are vampires in it. But this book ended that for me. I don't know why but the second the book brought in the vampire trope my first thought was “No not vampires! [...]

    15. Heiress of Lies was not a bad story, although - do we really need yet another vampire book? I have to admit that if it had explicitly stated vampires in the synopsis, I would not have read it because I am so over vampires. They're old news. But, you know, this was free so it's not as though I actually lost anything in reading it.I hate being negative in reviews for freebies because I think it's generous of an author to give away their work, even if they are doing so to try and generate some atte [...]

    16. KewlI loved it an you will tootgfggffddddffguujjffffffffgfffddfffggggggvg(x chick if Dr tutor yup if fuck f2f yo if Dr th Iowa oily f f2f if truly by re t yt? Err yet he the they'd ur ur :(jets err da r far gf :) if it or tigers da re try gf it it if :) re da east 4you km kill Lofgren see we wtf th th uhh I k ok ok ppl had s way th th :/ I'm I'll kik kik ok ok if f2f effect th huh you'll ok h f2f ref Thu uhh yo Ik Ik Ik ugh th Thu th th u th uhh uhh Idk if tiff you uhh ghost bc hmm if th :(Yuri [...]

    17. When I finished that book, my first thought was "What the heck just happened?"Ok, not my most original thought about the book, but seriously, WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED?There isn't really a climax to this book. I felt like I was climbing a cliff with all this mystery, action, and adventure to get to the top of the cliff so I could jump off the other side (you know experience that crazy rush of emotions as things fall apart) only to realize that the other side was not a cliff, but instead a nice [...]

    18. 3.5 STARSAlthough the plot description initially grabbed my attention, I was a little wary about the cheesy book cover (and title) And even though I normally stay FAR away from vampire/supernatural stories, I finally decided to give this a go and I was glad I did. The fairytale overtones in this story stop it from being dark or taking itself too seriously. None of the villains are remotely scary; that is to say, we (the readers) don't at any point ever feel like the main character is in danger. [...]

    19. Angeline is to be the queen when her seriously ill father dies. On her way home from the convent she is kidnapped by Connor, a vampire. He is to take her to his Master. Along the way trouble befalls them. Angeline must learn to deal with those troubles so she can return him. I loved Connor. He does not want to be a vampire and is searching for a cure but he will do as his Master wants and bring Angeline to him. Angeline is not the most reticent of victims. Since she has been trained to be queen, [...]

    20. I was so pleasantly surprised by this book. There is a lot of hit and miss when it comes to free kindle books, but I am so glad I found and read this book. I am definitely moving on to book 2 ASAP.The world building is really unique. I love that (view spoiler)[ the story is that vampires were the unique race the gods were trying to create and humans were the food and means to punish the vampires(hide spoiler)]. The whole concept of the unique kingdom, everything Angeline goes through with her st [...]

    21. WOW! I love when a free nook book blows you away. This author did just that!This book was an incredible read. I loved every single one of the characters, even the bad guys. I loved the world she created, so magical and mysterious. I loved the way it was written. Amazing!Angeline is a great character. She is strong willed and confident, but also is growing into the woman she needs to be. She doesn't fawn over love or romance, it is the last thing on her mind. faun is building herself up to be the [...]

    22. As with the main character of the book, Angeline, the reader is left confused and unknowing, even though the book is told from 3rd person and not particularly attached to any characters. I did enjoy the premise of the book, and the characters are well written - realistic and likable. Plot-wise there aren't many characters, so its pretty easy to keep things straight; the difficult part is remembering all the history/lore that makes up the country (world? it seems like there's only one country).Th [...]

    23. This was a really great book!At first I really didn't like Angeline, cause she was snooty and just too prim but I understand that she was brought up that way as Queen an everything. Very quickly I changed my mind! She cares a great deal for her kingdom and wants to be the best Queen that she can! She didn't let her situation get to her but for a couple times!Connor is great! At first he's this smart ass, hot Vampire who you don't know if you want to punch in the face or tell him you're all his. [...]

    24. This was a great story, I enjoyed each character (good and bad and maybe a bit of both). I won't go into describing the story line as that has been done already, but I will say I look forward to reading the next book in the series to see what happens. This is a light fun read, I believe it is directed more toward the YA crowd but it is well worth the time to read. Having said that there are a few grammar errors and if you get the kindle edition there are some formatting issues but nothing that w [...]

    25. This story was everything I hoped it would be. I loved the twisted truths and trying to figure out what would come next. I also loved the history of the country, Altera; and finding out that one version of the history was not necessarily the correct one.I even loved the relationship that develops throughout the book, even though I was wary at first (view spoiler)[It kind of put me off seeing as how they first meet when he kidnaps her; but he did redeem himself later on in the books. (hide spoile [...]

    26. I have to admit I like reading a good vampire story or two and was pleased when I was offered a complimentary copy to review! Heiress of Lies has a little more to it than the average vampire story. The plot unfolds quickly as Princess Angeline finds herself kidnapped by someone or rather something that she didn't know existed a vampire, just prior to her becoming Queen. Angeline finds herself caught in the middle of many lies that have been spun by her own people, leaving her facing the truth th [...]

    27. Note: I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.This is the second novel I have read from the author and quite frankly, her visions of the worlds are unique. I havent read any other vampire type novel with this concept and it is quite refreshing. My favorite character has to be the princess Angeline. She is strong and keeps her composure quite well. It was great to see her be unraveled when her wraith form came out. I can quite understand her having her moment of unra [...]

    28. From the beginning to end, I was hooked. Heiress of Lies is a captivating novel that I couldn't stop reading until I had finished, and still wanted to read more. I was not expecting to love this book as much as I did, and I'm grateful to have been given the chance to read it (LibraryThing Giveaway). Cege Smith has spun an incredible story that brought a freshness to the 'vampire world'. Her characters were well developed and intriguing, not to mention very enticing (Conner!) This story was fille [...]

    29. Quite a good example of a para/supernatural vampire story. The main character is heir to the throne of her kingdom, which is all fine and dandy except for one small minor secret. That secret has changed the way she thinks and feels about everything and everyone around her. The author takes us back in time and lets the reader revisit the path which changes the fate of the crown princess. I liked the way the writer approached that part of the concept. The ideas within the book seem to take the nor [...]

    30. This book starts off with a smart and strong female MC and ends with you wanting to know what happens next. The very different vampire origins premise is a nice addition. This novel has quite a few twists and surprises that separate it from other paranormal stories. The historical/fantasy setting also sets Heiress of Lies apart from the more blase vampire novels. Come on book 2 Member Giveaway Heiress of LiesCege Smith

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