Almost At a freshman party she doesn t rememberJess Jordan was almost raped Almost Very nearly Not quite Three years later Jess has managed to make everyone believe she s better Over it Because she is Almos

  • Title: Almost
  • Author: Anne Eliot
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • At a freshman party she doesn t rememberJess Jordan was almost raped.Almost Very nearly Not quite Three years later, Jess has managed to make everyone believe she s better Over it Because she is.Almost Very nearly Not quite.Unfortunately, until Jess proves she s back to normal activities, her parents won t discuss college So, she lands a summer internshipAt a freshman party she doesn t rememberJess Jordan was almost raped.Almost Very nearly Not quite Three years later, Jess has managed to make everyone believe she s better Over it Because she is.Almost Very nearly Not quite.Unfortunately, until Jess proves she s back to normal activities, her parents won t discuss college So, she lands a summer internship and strikes a deal with hockey jock, Gray Porter He gets 8,000 She gets a fake boyfriend and a social life Jess has no idea Gray signed on for reasons other than money She also never expects to fall in love But Gray s amazingly hot, holds her hand all the time, and makes her forget that he s simply doing his job It s like having a real boyfriendAlmost Very nearly Not quite.Gray Porter is hiding secrets of his own About Jess Jordan About why he s driven to protect her, why he won t cash her checks, or deny her anything she asks.

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    1. "Number one: Make at least two friends your own age.Number two: Go places besides your room.Number three: Get boyfriend.Number four: Make sure Mom and Dad notice numbers one through three."How to show the world you've healed?Why, fake it, of course.The storyThree years ago, Jess was almost raped. She has no memory of what happened but she does have nightmares and well, very serious problems that she couldn't resolve even with a therapist.All she wants is a chance to have a normal life, to go to [...]

    2. This story took my breath away. My heart just melts to bits thinking about it. Jess Jordan is a senior who was almost raped three years ago. When she was fourteen! Since then she's basically been a mess. She suffers from Rape Related PTSD and tries to avoid getting close to anyone. At school she's worked hard to develop the reputation of being a strange, cold, ice-queen so that everyone will leave her alone. That way she doesn't have to answer questions about her odd sleeping habits. She has to [...]

    3. Once in a while, an unassuming book comes my way which simply makes me catch my breath. Its characters told the perfect stories, said all the right things, looked exactly how I liked them to look, did the things I expected them to do short, it hit all the right spots in an almost too perfect way. Almost is that book.This is a story about a girl who's been living in a nightmare for the last three years. She has a perfect family who supports her, understands her, cares for her. But no amount of lo [...]

    4. FIVE MASSIVE Stars!!Member: BBB. Boys in Books are BetterI'm so in love with Gray Porter. Let me repeat. This is me shouting it out because I cannot stress this enough: I'm in Love. Seriously. In LOVE with Gray Porter!. Gray has got to be the sweetest, cutest, most unselfish, most honorable book boyfriend ever. And for me to say that, is a huge deal. I'm sooooooo unbelievably happy right now. I'm so happy that I chose to read this amazing story. Seriously amazing. Its told in a two person perspe [...]

    5. 'ALMOST"There are no 'almost raped' support groups or 'almost better' from 'almost being raped' websites. No blogs, twitter feeds, and no 'almost-crazy-but-not-quite' Facebook Support Groups" "Almost. Almost. How I hate that word and the way it defines me.Almost raped. Almost over it. Almost normal. I can almost forget. Way worse, I can almost remember."One night at a freshman party Jess Jordan was drugged, tied to a bed and almost raped. Three years on, many hours of therapy and she hasalmostco [...]

    6. I almost liked this. I almost enjoyed Jess Jordan.Her sister, Kiki, was almost endearing. Grey and Jess' inner ramblings were almost delightful.The leads almost communicated.These characters were almost relatable. Grey almost sounded like a guy.Jess' idiocy was almost understandable. The writing was almost readable.The exclamation points almost had me going up the walls. Rape was almost handled well. And I almost DNF'd it.Almost. Very nearly. Not quite.So I remember mentioning once this thing I [...]

    7. 3 *mehhhhhhhhh* StarsI'm back refreshed more than ever. And instead of hitting the new books I decided that I wanted to go into the ones that have been sitting in my shelf for ever. I picked it randomly cause you knowAnd if you think about it, what would the success rate be from a random choice? Well I'll tell you what, pretty low!Cause again you know thatI was so board out of my mind in this book that I found new talents I didn't know I even had. Like how I can actually see the FUTURE! OMG! Wha [...]

    8. Almost. Almost. How I hate that word and the way it defines me. Almost raped. Almost over it. Almost normal.I can almost forget. Way worse, I can almost remember.This is soooooo true, in this caseThe cover of this book did absolutely nothing for me, but a few people had mentioned that I should really give this book a chance, so I did. And it was soooo good! A fabulous, heart warming, page-turning YA romance. I read it in one sitting and couldn't put it down.Jess Jordan was almost raped. Three ye [...]

    9. Don't let the cover deter you from getting this book- also, the book description, to put it mildly, doesn't do the heart of the book any justice. What I mean is- it's REALLY freaking good. :)This book was an emotional read at times. I felt like it was a very honest, easy to read (the dialogue flowed the character interactions felt natural the characters were easy to relate to), wonderfully touching book. A very sensitive and difficult topic that I think was written extremely well and extremely h [...]

    10. Almost, by Anne Eliot -- February 2012 is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. Please share free link if you think it will help someone.This book is available 'free' to check out on if you are an Prime member and participate in the amazing Kindle Lending program. Thanks to everyone who has bought this book, downloaded it, or shared their personal stories and reviews after reading it. You humble me with your stories, and the time you've given to this book. For those of you who have contacted m [...]

    11. Adiviné todo con sólo leer el primer capítulo. Hace ya un largo rato que no leo un buen romance young adult, así que cuando descubrí este libro es la lista de favoritos de uno de mis amigos de , pensé que después de terminar una trilogía distópica podría leer algo ligero y entretenido. Me equivoqué. Almost es la típica historia que involucra a una chica sexualmente abusada -o casi abusada- que cree no poder enamorarse, hasta que conoce a un bombón del instituto que trae locas a toda [...]

    12. This was a wonderful heart breaking and heart warming read and I just saw this on Anne Eliot's fb page: ~6/21/13~June is PTSD awareness month so I'm offering Almost, by Anne Eliot (that's me) on sale for the first time ever this week--.99! Jess Jordan, the character in this book, is working through rape-related PTSD. It's a love story and it's about hope. Whatever a person has to carry because of their pasts--they can still fall in love and be okay anyway.Thanks for all the shares and support on [...]

    13. Wow, this book was gorgeous! A beautifully written, emotional story of first love in difficult circumstances. It’s not all hearts and flowers - in fact, the story takes you to some very dark places. But it also made me laugh, had me flat out swooning, and left me in a massive puddle of goo on the floor, grinning like an idiot. Almost. AlmostHow I hate that word and the way it defines me. Almost raped. Almost over it. Almost normal. I can almost forget. Way worse, I can almost remember.Jess is [...]

    14. 3 StarsI didn't want to judge a book by it's cover, (I've been doing that a lot), so when I read the summary to Almost I was very interested and put the ugly cover in the back of mind.Jess was almost raped at 14 years old, because of that, she has nightmares, but she doesn't really understand them. Her nightmares has put her in therapy for the past three years, her parents don't want her to go to college until she seems "normal". Jess pays Gray $8K to pretend to be her boyfriend so Jess' parents [...]

    15. Okay. A few quick reason why I didn't like this, but bear in mind that I only read the first few chapters, then skimmed ahead and read the second half of the book.- The over-use of italics at the beginning almost drove me nuts.- I was bored after the first few chapters and decided to skip ahead.- Didn't really connect with the characters and some aspects just didn't quite fit. For example: The heroine doesn't sleep at night because of the nightmares that plague her, but tries to squeeze in a few [...]

    16. 5 Lovely Stars! AND THEY'RE SPARKLY!!!!This book is amazingly beautiful. It melted my heart into a big pile of goo. We meet Jess who is suffering from post traumatic stress disorder relating to an almost rape that happened three years prior. Just reading what Jess has gone through and continues to go through is absolutely heart-wrenching. I can't even pretend to understand or identify with what someone like Jess deals with. Anne Eliot does a wonderful job in drawing the reader in to what life is [...]

    17. 4.5 starsThe book blurb for young adults does an amazing job describing the storyline for “Almost.” I’m only going to visit the high points for me. Even though this book deals with the horrific issue of rape (or, in this case, Jess was the victim of an “almost, very nearly, not quite rape”), there is much to smile about within its pages as well. The story is told from both the lead male’s POV and the lead female’s POV – a favorite writing style for me.Since the “almost” rape [...]

    18. I love the AMAZING LOVE STORY in this book--it made me laugh and cry and cheer and hold my breath. Gray Porter is amazing, and sweet and nice. And Jessrong, sad, and very brave. Even though something terrible had happened to Jess years ago--this book is not really about that, it's about her growing up and falling in love. I liked how Jess created her life and kept on living--dealt with things--made her own rules and kept herself 'okay'. Okay, that is until she fell in love and had to trust someo [...]

    19. I loved this book. Gray was a breathtaking book boy. The things he did for her and the lengths he went for him.

    20. “Person slaughtered: Me. Method used: Dimple. “What an amazing story! I LOVED LOVED LOVED IT! The storyline was phenomenal, the characters AMAZING! The references to current things cracked me! Secondary characters were great! The whole book was just AMAZEBALLS. I don’t think I can write a review about this without giving anything away but I’ll try. At a party freshman year, popular girl Jess Jordan wasalmost raped.Almost. Very nearly. Not Quite.Three years later is no longer popular more [...]

    21. BREATHTAKING. As in, stopped my breath.I think Jess Jordan is my all time favourite! Normally I'm all swoon swoon swoon on the guy But JESS she just did it for me in this one. Don't get me wrong Gray Porter is totally swoon worthy and those one liners lol "I want you to know if we die right now, I won't be able to distinguish if i've made it to heaven or not, because I'm already sitting here with you. Like this." He is totally swoon worthy! and FUNNY!! BUT Jess Jordan. Im not huge on highlightin [...]

    22. **Possible spoiler alert**A beautiful love story, which might be hard to believe because of the story line but it really is. It's deep and raw, though, and not a fluffy romantic ride but still a romantic one nonetheless.But I must warn you; if you don't like graphic details you should either stay clear or have this in mind before you pick it up, because Jess' almost rape scene is very much played out at one point. And that might be hard to read about it's disturbing and so sad, but if you'll be [...]

    23. OMG. I loved this book to no avail. I was searching looking for something to read and this was a recommendation. I am so happy it was recommended. The book had awesome reviews so I bought it. This book was so heart wrenching I could not put it down for long before I had to pick it back up and continue reading. I read it in on day and whoa. I felt for Jess from the beginning and saw were she was coming from. I LOVE Grey!!!!! He was wonderful and caring and damn near perfect. Both Jess and Grey b [...]

    24. Almost is a beautiful book about healing, redemption, and love. It gave me butterflies, made me laugh, and made me cry. A total must readMOST is everything I look for in YA. Great characters, story, and of course the kind of love that gives me butterflies and has me yelling "kiss! kiss!" at the characters. I love how the author shows us how Jess's struggle with the past and how she grows and gets stronger throughout the book (the younger sister was great, too) So many teen girls have dealt with [...]

    25. - there is a lot of unnecessary scenes that could (and should) have been cut out- there are some very obvious typos (who edited this?)- I was NOT a fan of the writing. My younger sister can write better than this.- Jess is rude and harsh to everyone. It's hard to like her. Also, what is up with all the glaring? -_-- there's too much drama, too many hidden secrets, too many lies (especially within her family)- nonetheless, worth a readThis needs a cover change @_@

    26. ★★★½“I know I’m acting crazy but I’m in love with this girl. Major love. And I have no idea what to do about it, so it’s messing with my sanity.”I really love this book, but I have a problem with it. For the first half of the book, I could easily have walked away. It really didn't start to get interesting till after I had read about 50% of it, and it didn't become a book that I would sacrifice sleep for till I was nearly 80% through. I know one other person has had a similar exp [...]

    27. (5 BIG ONES!!!)Thank you, Biff, for lending me this e-book!!This was spectacular! I mean, reallych a beautiful love story; had me in tears and laughing out loud. This was heavy stuff too, so don't be fooled; this is not a fluffy, I love you, kiss kiss, rainbows coming out of my ass love story. This was deep and real and I absolutely LOVE GRAY PORTER; I'm sorry, did you not hear meI. LOVE. GRAY. PORTER. And Jess JordanI felt for her, felt her internal struggles. What she went through was traumati [...]

    28. Loved it! Gray Porter was adorable, and I loved Corey Nash. The humor is sweet and witty and you really feel like you're inside this teenage girl's mind. This is a touching love story about surviving a tragic incident and how facing the truth head on, not suppressing it, is the only real way to heal. Great YA read.

    29. 3.5 I rounded up for Gray. This book came highly recommended from one of my best friends. She absolutely loved it and I wanted to as well. I really wanted to, but I just couldn't. I didn't love it, but that doesn't mean that I didn't like it. The story follows Jess, a girl who was almost raped when she was 14 when she went to a party. All she remembers was that there was alcohol involved. She also has flashes of conversations from that night, but only a few words stand out such as "lucky girl". [...]

    30. *copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*This book was so cleverly and wonderfully written. Each paragraph and sentence felt so well thought out. I connected with each and every character in ways I didn't expect. The snarky, sassy, Jess reminded me so much of myself in both good ways and bad. I think books that you are able to see some of yourself in are the ones worth reading. I guess I should also mention that I am irrevocably in love with Gray Porter. His character was ju [...]

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