Spider s Nemesis This short story spans a period of many years beginning before Gin was born and ending during the events of Tangled Threads It is told from the point of view of Mab Monroe and shows how the Fire elem

  • Title: Spider’s Nemesis
  • Author: Jennifer Estep
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Online Fiction
  • This short story spans a period of many years, beginning before Gin was born and ending during the events of Tangled Threads It is told from the point of view of Mab Monroe and shows how the Fire elemental grew up, including her first meeting with Eira Snow, Gin s mother.

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    One thought on “Spider’s Nemesis”

    1. Fun to see things from Mab's point of view. Also fun to know that she's destined to fail at the hands of our feisty kickass heroine.

    2. Loved getting inside Mab's head, definitely a scary and dangerous place to be! Can't wait to start book five now.

    3. “There’s nothing you can do to stop it,” she rasped. “Not this time. Not this one. Not this girl. She’ll be the death of you, Mab. Mark my words. She’ll be stronger than you—she’ll be stronger than anyone for a long, long time to come.” Now this novella was very interesting. Seeing things from Mab’s POV just made me realise that she’s even more evil than I originally thought. We get the back story about Mab and Eira Snow, and why Mab hated her. And we get a more in-depth vi [...]

    4. Poor Mab. Things didn't exactly word out the way you planned, did they?Ehehehe . . .

    5. One of the many things I loved about Jennifer Estep is that she writes mini books in between the next installment of the Elemental Assasin series. "Spider's Nemesis" introduces to Mab Monroe as a child and is told from her perspective. Once thing for sure, she did not grow evil, she was born that way.The young Mab Monroe was a brat. She was never told "no" by anyone including her father. While entertaining a young Eira Snow she notices a unique necklace hanging from the girl's neck. Of course sh [...]

    6. So good to see the backstory of the Snow family's demise from Mab's perspective and get more details on what happened. I had also wondered about Gin's father and what had happened to him, so was glad to get that detail. If it was in other books I missed it.

    7. This story, told from Mab Monroe's point-of-view, was very interesting. It tells us that Mab (view spoiler)[finally recognized Gin's Spider rune. Standing over Elektra LaFleur's dead body in her train yard, Mab realized that the Spider must be Genevieve Snow, still alive after all these years. I don't think she yet realizes, though, that Genevieve is the one with the Ice and Stone magic. I'm pretty sure she still thinks Bria has both. (hide spoiler)]Mab hatched a plot (view spoiler)[to kill the [...]

    8. Reviewed on Lili Lost in a BookThis short story is told in Mab’s POV, which was amazing! The short story actually spans several years, even before Gin was born. One of the earliest scenes we see was when Mab was 7 years old and on her first (and I’m guessing only) playdate with Eira Snow, Gin’s mother. I honestly can’t believe this rivalry started because Mab was a spoiled, jealous brat.We also get to see the prophecy that Mab was given regarding the Snow girl who would end up killing he [...]

    9. An intense riveting story that gives insight to "Magda's" brilliant, twisted mind and memories. She is the "Spider's" archnemisis, and one crazy lady. A must read if your following the series carefully!

    10. This short story is 4.5 in the Elemental Assassin urban fantasy series and focuses on Mab Monroe. You can read this short story for free on Estep's website.My TakeIt's a mish-mash of Mab from her point-of-view and revolving around the day the Spider killed Elektra to her past as a seven-year-old psychopath and all the killing and whining she's done through the years. I'm kind of surprised her family never had her assassinated. We also get a bit of back history between Mab and Eira Snow when they [...]

    11. This story did a great job of adding some debt to Mab Monroe. It was a great look into her very twisted mind and also her motivations. I liked getting to see a bit of the history between the Monroes and the Snow family. Even though this is from Mab’s POV the author does not turn her into a sympathetic character, she just shows just how insane Mab truly was, and making you appreciate what Gin was up against.

    12. OH MY GOD - Mab!!!!We finally see the story from Mab's point of view and we see how she finally realises who this Spider is, who the assassin is that has instilled so much anger into her and the need for revengeWe see Mab and Gin's mum as children We see Fletcher Lane turning down the job and why We see Gin's torture through Mab's eyesWoah what a path we are on, I am holding my breath!!!!!

    13. I am way behind on this series - but am almost up to date on all of the shorts now - I have to say that I really liked this short from the POV of Mab, Gin's enemy, and the fill in of Mab's backstory - she thinks she can beat fate but of course her actions to avoid the prophesy only serves to set in motion her own demise. This one actually grabbed me enough to make me want to dig the full length books off of the pile.

    14. Loved it! A glimpse inside Mab's head.This short story is about how the rivalry between Mab and the Spider's mother started. I enjoyed the look back to the ladies fighting as children during a tea party. Later you experience the tragic events that turned the child Genvieve into Gin Blanco the Spider Assassin through the enemy's point of view. Gin and Mab give the term Bad-Ass, strength. These ladies don't wait to defend themselves, they kill you before the thought even enters your mind.

    15. Wowis is a great short story told from Mab's point of view. Mab has been troubled for a long time; you will see her as a child full of hate, the need for power and just pure evil. But at least now you know that Mab is a power hungry bitch, just like Gin has always said. This is a must read for all of Jennifer Estep fans!!!

    16. This was a great little story, I loved touching base from the beginning and seeing it from Mad side. Back story just add so much to the original pieces, I wish more writers would release them.Thank you Jennifer Estep for sharing this with us and I am waiting with baited breath for the next book in this series.

    17. Good story to see it from the bad guy's perspective. However I would love to know Mab's thoughts when she realizes that Gin was the one who had dual elemental powers and the moment before she dies and she realizes that she brought this on herself.

    18. From Mab's perspective, this was actually more interesting than I thought it would be. I enjoyed reading from her sociopath mind. I found it interesting that she commits patricide without a thought. Her father did raise her to be a disrespectful spoiled brat. We reap what we sow.

    19. Ya, a lot has been in the books before, but I really enjoyed this one. I think some of the repetitiveness is why I liked this one better than a lot of other short stories. I felt like she took the time to tell me the story and didn't just throw something out there.

    20. Much longer than most of the other short stories up until this point. This one focuses on Mab and her dealings with Eira Snow and later her daughters, Bria & The Spider.

    21. Even tjough I HATE Mab, it was GREAT to see more about her history with the Snow family!

    22. Free read on Jennifer's website.A look at what Mab was thinking as she thought about Bria, The Spider and her past.

    23. Told from Mab Monroe's POV, we get a glimpse of how the feud with Eira Snow began and how it lead to the death of Eira. The story provides additional insight into the fateful night that killed a mother and child and set the courses for two other daughters. I enjoyed seeing things from Mab's evil point of view. We go back in time as Mab gets embroiled in the feud with The Spider and attempts to figure who The Spider is and what she wants. It's not until the end of book 4 that Mab's memory is trig [...]

    24. Told from the perspective of the Spider's nemesis, Mab Monroe, this short story begins when the feud between the Snow family and Monroe family starts. Recalling memories from the past, Mab finally realizes who the Spider is. Great back story presented, and reminds the reader of the night Gin's rune was seared into her hands.Another freebie from the author's website.

    25. Short story is on her website under Free Reads. It was fun to get inside Mab's head and see all the pieces fall together.

    26. Another side character vignette in the Elemental Assassin series, this one delves into the thoughts of crime boss and Fire elemental Mab Monroe, whose feud against the Snow family is the driving force of the series. My favorite part of this is the glimpse we get of Mab and Eira Snow, Gin's mother, as little girls. Very cool.

    27. Taking place after the fourth book in the series, this online short story that can be found on the author's website and is told from the point of view of Mab Monroe, the nemesis Gin Blanco the assassin also known as The Spider. The story provides the background story for Mab's hatred of the Snow family that began when Mab Monroe and Eira Snow (Gin's mother) were just young girls. Readers also see the night of the confrontation between Mab and Eira which ultimately led to the murder of Eira and h [...]

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