Brave Fish Identity Love Faith On an early spring afternoon in Vincent Chough has a life altering spiritual encounter Opening with a story about doing anything for acceptance including starving himself down to pounds th

  • Title: Brave Fish: Identity, Love, Faith
  • Author: Vincent H. Chough
  • ISBN: 9781467930734
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Paperback
  • On an early spring afternoon in 2004, Vincent Chough has a life altering spiritual encounter Opening with a story about doing anything for acceptance, including starving himself down to 105 pounds, this bold autobiographical account follows his experience which leads to a lucrative career as a physician that he later abandons Brave Fish is an unrestricted exploration ofOn an early spring afternoon in 2004, Vincent Chough has a life altering spiritual encounter Opening with a story about doing anything for acceptance, including starving himself down to 105 pounds, this bold autobiographical account follows his experience which leads to a lucrative career as a physician that he later abandons Brave Fish is an unrestricted exploration of betrayal, hypocrisy, addiction and coming of age in the 80s in America Eventually Chough leaves everything behind and moves to Argentina to find his mission in life In the end healing, truth and love triumph Here are a few excerpts It would be easy for me to dismiss the indulgences of my youth I only sowed my wild oats as so many young people do But I did not stop there I then reaped the oat harvest, mashed it into mush and brewed the mush into thick beer full of sediment Drunk and fat on what I had sowed, I pickled myself thoroughly completely drying out any last juices of the excuse of youth My fangs sank deep into the smooth, translucent ivory neck of innocence, and I sucked deeply ON crisp autumn days Simon and I would plunge down on our bicycles into the valley behind his home Our thick knobbed tires rolled and bounced us along into a wooded paradise Joyfully his dog would surf the descent along side us leaping over trenches in the dirt path with her tongue flapping from between her teeth Leaves carpeted the valley and reflected the sunlight breaking through a canopy of red, yellow, rust and lime, and the floor shined like liquid gold illuminating upward our cathedral of brotherhood I never wanted those days to end Is not joy, expressed at its most profound level, nearly indistinguishable from sorrow We shed tears of pain and joy as our biology employs the same conduits for this expression.The Man upon the cross Exquisite joy, triumphant sorrow.At this moment I do not waver, and I exercise tremendous courage, not from myself but from a higher source within me If I were to execute this explanation on my own terms, a beautiful soliloquy of betrayal would have been woven into a tapestry already thick with lies This night, however, I claim victory over my pettiness, over my need to save face, and over the fear of exposing my true self I finally begin to walk in the sweet pastures of truth and light.

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      174 Vincent H. Chough
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    1. Here´s what one reader said about Brave Fish:"I seek books that are thoughtful, lyrical, passionate and spiritually compelling. I have fallen deeply, hopelessly in love with Brave Fish."Here's another comment:"I think this is great writing. It is everything I said above -- graphic, intense, forceful, volume-up -- and more. It shows the ability to paint and even make videos using just words. But yours are not "just words."They are almost like punches in the ring. Take this. Take that. It's bold. [...]

    2. "For anyone who seeks courage despite their frailty there is Brave Fish."Brave Fish is the personal story of the author, Vincent Chough. As the title suggests, it is a story of finding one's identity, love and faith. The story goes through Vincent's teenage years and the struggles that are associated with that, then his early career as a physician, and eventually as he leaves his career to try to find his real purpose in life. I enjoyed Vincent's story. His writing style was open and honest. The [...]

    3. I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.I was a little thrown off at the beginning because it seemed that the writing style wasn't going to be enjoyable for me. The beginning was wordy and redundant in parts, but I'm glad that I worked through it.This book was written so honestly that it was a refreshing read. I really enjoyed the journal entries, I felt that they did great to portray the randomness and short attention span of most teenagers. With each section of th [...]

    4. I wasn't sure what to think when I first received this book, I'm not into biographies and I wasn't sure what the tone of this one would be. The writing in this book is so descriptive, it really makes it so you can picture what he's talking about, this helped me more engrossed in the book. It starts out with the author talking about his high school years and about what it's like falling in love as a teenager, the heart ache and the insecurities that comes with just being a teenager.He then gets i [...]

    5. - My Description -This is an autobiography on the life and times of Vincent H. Chough. It begins in the present, Vincent literally walks you through his life. He remembers life as a teenage boy in Philadelphia, Pa. He's on the wrestling team. He succeeds in getting down to the weight that can rocket him to win, thus to stardom. Like all teenage boys, he has a crush on a teenage girl. Most definitely, it is a crush because she won't reciprocate the attraction back to him. Vincent graduates high s [...]

    6. Brave Fish: Identity, Love, Faith by Vincent H. ChoughBook ReviewThe Brave Fish: Identity, Love, Faith Book was so hard to put down! When I started reading about how the author has overcome such adversity, it was truly amazing to me. As I read, I couldn't wait to see how Vincent Chough's life would change and how he got through it!When I read The Brave Fish: Identity, Love, Faith Book, I was drawn to the author as individual. You can feel the strength he has been able to tap into as he shared hi [...]

    7. I am in awe of the complex beauty of the words infusing this book. I began reading Brave Fish in August and finished in November. Even with that span of time, the words invaded my mind every time I sat down to read. For me, being able to resume exactly where I left off is generally the sign of a well written story. I slowed my reading near Chapter 12, taking time to navigate carefully (for this reason it took me a few months to finish the book). What this author writes in that chapter was so pre [...]

    8. An amazing spiritual journey that I can only stand back and admire. I have to believe that when God does speak to us, as he did to Mr. Chough, it provides an enabling power to overcome any and all sins and vices that may afflict us. I ran a parallel course to the author's in my youth, perhaps at times even moreso. I have found a great appreciation for Mr. Chough's dealing with the "beast". The "Brave Fish" title is very clever and having raised a wrestling son (among my 6 kids), I find it a perf [...]

    9. This is an honest and marvelous account of a man who had blessings in his life and could not see them until he came to a spiritual awakening that changed his life for the better.As a Man in recovery the beginning of the books with it's 100 mile per hour thoughts on everything is something mind constantly racing mind could relate to. The relationship and control issues and the falling deeper into substance abuse are "familiar". The geograpic solution and then coming back and returning to what he [...]

    10. Brave Fish takes you through a journey from the darkest places in this man's life to a place of peace. I found myself highlighting quite a few quotes. Some quotes were inspiring & some offering an enlightening perspective. This story is a testimony, but not typical at all. In fact, I found the authenticity with which he tells his story refreshing. If you're looking for all sunshine & lollipops, this wouldn't be a book for you. However, if you're looking for a real person with real failur [...]

    11. Brave Fish was an incredible journey that follows a man who gives up what he believes is what he is meant to do, but through living life, realizes he is meant for something else. A "brave" journey that grabs your hand and pulls you through many trials, this book was hard to put down, and not easy to let go of, even days after reading. For those people who are questioning their own choices in life, read this book.

    12. The imagery was amazing throughout the entire book. I find his honesty refreshing and frankly, cathartic. While you couldn't tell where the story was taking you, (you didn't care!) it was pleasantly surprising where it would end up most of the time even though it was his real life. You felt like you were on great adventures! Excellent read, thank you Vincent! I received this book as a gift!

    13. I enjoyed this book. I related to a lot of his circumstances. It helped me understand the author better and to think. Once I started, I had to finish it basically on one sitting. It kept me interested. Great job! Thank you!

    14. This was a fabulous read. It's amazing how many twists and turns a person's life can take and how it all seems to work out with faith. I would recommend this to anyone

    15. When handed a copy of Chough’s book and asked to review it, I was not sure what to expect. The opening sentence says it all: “Every book changes your life.” No truer words could be said, though I am sure the change brought about in me differs greatly from what the author expected and hoped those who read and review his work had in mind. Like leaving a restaurant with rave reviews still feeling hungry, I am left with a literary appetite far from sated.Chough has a way with words, which cann [...]

    16. I liked this book. I felt it was a bit too wordy at times, especially in the beginning. However, I sensed honesty (almost brutal) and a genuine outpouring of the author's feelings and need to express them. I sensed he really needed to write this book! I love people who are honest, sincere and passionate about their beliefs so that drew me in as well and, as a believer in Jesus Christ and all He is, I love to read about spiritual experiences with God. I suddenly became more interested about the t [...]

    17. I downloaded this book when it was offered as a free Kindle book at the beginning of the year. The style the book is written in kind of intrigued me. I think, though, that the first half of the book could have been condensed down to a few chapters and the next quarter of the book to another couple of chapters. The author has an interesting story to tell about his life, but he's very verbose doing it. He should have concentrated more on the turning points in his life and how he was influenced by [...]

    18. I rec'd ARC copy of this book from the author Vincent Chough in exchange for an honest review. This is my honest review. The book makes a connection between the doctor who wanted to become the writer an a fish ( he called brave). People are like that - brave-we step out on our own from our parents homes-or college into the big world. This book the way that Vincent Chough has written it is so thought provoking , it makes one think. I really enjoyed reading it- To me,it challenged my thoughts and [...]

    19. It is always refreshing to read a memoir that is what a memoir should be: honest and transparent. Vincent Chough pulls no punches in revealing his character through some of his life's challenges. It's tough to like him sometimes as the admits to some poor choices. But what I love about Vincent is that he does not hide his mistakes or attempt to pain himself as something he isn't. What is most admirable about the memoir is his confessional style of narrating that makes the reader realize that eve [...]

    20. Brave Fish: Identity, Love, Faithby: Vincent H. ChoughThis was a gift from the AuthorWithout giving to much away about the book, This is a journey of growing up, addiction and the authors personal revelations about his life.I have to say that I was touched by this book. Vincent is honest and open about his trials that led him on his new found path. I greatly appreciate his honesty. This book is a testiment to what God can do in someone's life. I read this book in one sitting. It was hard to put [...]

    21. Not as much discussion of devotion as I expected. A little too centered on the past and not much discussion of conversion.

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