The Doom Stone Jackson is always psyched to visit his aunt Sarah when she s working on an anthropological dig This time she s in England at Stonehenge and Jackson can t wait to see the massive and mysterious stone

  • Title: The Doom Stone
  • Author: Paul Zindel
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Jackson is always psyched to visit his aunt Sarah when she s working on an anthropological dig This time she s in England, at Stonehenge, and Jackson can t wait to see the massive and mysterious stone formations in person But then he witnesses a vicious attack on a young man, and another on his beloved aunt Sarah A savage beast no one has ever seen before is on the prowJackson is always psyched to visit his aunt Sarah when she s working on an anthropological dig This time she s in England, at Stonehenge, and Jackson can t wait to see the massive and mysterious stone formations in person But then he witnesses a vicious attack on a young man, and another on his beloved aunt Sarah A savage beast no one has ever seen before is on the prowl Now it s up to Jackson and his new friend, Alma, a gravedigger s daughter, to stop the beast All the clues lead back to Stonehenge, where he and Alma must risk their lives to solve the mystery of the monster stalking the countryside before it s too late Even reluctant readers won t be able to put this one down Booklist

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    One thought on “The Doom Stone”

    1. I really liked this book. The doom stone was a mysterious book. The monster in the book in your mind is very cool looking. I feel bad and happy for the grandson of the professor. The professor got bit in the neck and got sent to the hospital for that mysterious bite. when she got bit the monster got shot and it heals. Her grandson Jake also got to go to England and live with the queen of England and ride on her sons dune buggy. He gets to talk to a girl that lives in a cemetery with a dog named [...]

    2. another book i read and loved as a kid, and reread yesterday. great YA horror with kind of a weird science-y twist, it played right into my childhood plans to be an anthropologist or archaeologist. nothing is stranger than realizing i read this book for the first time eleven years ago, though. talk about feeling old.

    3. For a young-adult thriller it was ok. As much as I enjoy science thrillers, I wish there were more detail as to who the beast ("Ramid") and the hominids might be. I wish the whole mess of a sub-plot with "Aunt Sarah's" infection had been done away with. It left two children with no supervision and tumbling half-blind through the plot. I'm not even sure if I'd have given this more than 3 stars had I read it as a teen. As an adult, that's definitely the best it rates.

    4. Didn't grab my interest. And also, if I could fully think of what the entire book was about without actually reading it, it shows that it needs more details. I figured out the entire plot with just reading the first two chapters.

    5. High action pack all the way through. I just couldn't get in to it long enough. There need to be more then just action to Doom Stone. Over all it was good to a point.

    6. The Doom StoneThe book starts out with young Jackson visiting his aunt Sarah in England, at Stonehenge. His aunt is an anthropologist and enjoys Jackson’s visits. This is when Jackson soon learns his visit isn’t going to be the fun he thought he would have, when he sees a young man viciously attacked by a hulking monster. Author Paul Zindel does a great job in this horror and suspenseful book. The book is written in Third person omniscient so you can know how all the characters are doing and [...]

    7. In my story you will come across an obvious theme, I believe the theme of my story is to never give up. I say This because In the doom stone they could not give up on killing the monster. If they would of gave up the monster would have wiped out the community. In the doom stone there is a prehistoric homo sapien that is killing the people of Salisbury so the narrator flies into Salisbury England from New York to help battle the monster at Stonehenge. During this battle with the monster the narra [...]

    8. ANCIENT HORRORS LURKING BENEATH STONEHENGEFifteen-year-old Jackson teams up with Alma, a gravedigger's daughter, to investigate mysterious deaths caused by a gruesome prowler around England's famed Stonehenge attraction. Invited over by his anthropologist Aunt Sarah, the American youth is used to strange occurrences whenever he joins his aunt on some exotic expedition or excavation, but even he is not preprared for the repelling discovery of Skull Face. Of course the British military is keenly a [...]

    9. This was one of my very first books I bought at a school book sale in '97 or '98 after reading so many Goosebumps by R.L. Stine and finally deciding to try something different. I ended up picking it back up in '05 and reading again as I recalled the vivid and realistic experience. When I first read the book I needed to do further research on Stonehenge, which is the setting of the story, as I wanted to know the truth behind Stonehenge. As a young reader I felt it was my duty to be a private dete [...]

    10. I was hoping for something a little different with this book but in the end I came away a little disappointed. The characters were very one dimensional and even the villain was difficult to understand. I had a hard time getting into this book because of how simplistic the story was. The main characters never make a wrong decision and every assumption they make is magically the right one. This book may be good for younger readers but I was disappointed.A young boy named Jackson goes to visit his [...]

    11. I loved this book. I've read it probably three or four times which is unusual because I generally read a book once or twice unless I fell in love with it. Paul Zindel is one of my favorite authors as well, so this book was on the list of books he wrote and figured I'd give it a try. I'm not one for horror movies, but horror books I'm alright with. Granted I didn't read this book in the last few years so my memory is a little fuzzy, I remember the creature. I could never forget it, Zindel did a w [...]

    12. The Doom Stone was also probably one of the best books I've ever read. It was about someone named Jack who went to England to visit his grandma, who was an archaeologist studying Stonehenge. While there, he meets a girl, and they become friends. They end up discovering that a monster lives in Stonehenge, and they go through many adventures trying to find out more about this monster. This was a truly amazing book because it described really well what was going on in the story at all times. It kep [...]

    13. Jackson jets to England to visit his anthropologist aunt, who has been hired by the British army to investigate mutilations that are occurring around Stonehenge. Right away, Jackson can see that some sort of horrible monster is attacking humans and animals, and after an attack on his aunt, he teams up with Alma, the daughter of a local grave digger, to try to find the source. Meanwhile, the aunt is exhibiting signs of mutation herself, the result of the bite of this ancient monster. Will Jackson [...]

    14. I picked this book up because it's set in England- Stonehenge, Salisbury, and the Salisbury Plain. It's an exciting enough book to read but is just an average story.Jackson travels to England to the site of his Aunt Sarah's current job investigating the mutilation of animals around Stonehenge. Before he even knows why his aunt is there or what she is investigating, he witnesses an attack on a young man by a large beast. He becomes friends with a teenage girl who lives with her father in the vici [...]

    15. When i first picked up this book, you quickly notice the cover. A face with large teeth and a slimy looking face really catches your attention quickly. When i read the title it reminded me of rituals and the beast was probably resurrected by the rituals. This book is a hard book to put down and its has many mysteries underneath the story. One day this guy get killed by the beast and then another oned so on. And alot of people have to risk their lives to find this monster before it's too late.

    16. If your in to thrilling tales about monsters then this book is for you! The main character, Jackson goes to visit his aunt, who lives near Stonehenge; on his drive there he notices a strange creature attacking a man in the distance. What I found most interesting about this book is the fact that the author incorporated evolutionary history in it. The creature is suspected to be an ancient being that has mutated.

    17. I liked the book a lot, I liked how Jackson saved everyone from the man eating monster. It was a nice mysterious and adventurous. It really surprised me when Jackson risked his life to save others. I also liked how Jackson met a girl and protected her like she was his sister. It was very sweet of him. I liked how the author used literary terms and i could picture the scenes in my head. I really enjoyed this book and I recommend it for others.

    18. The Doom Stone was one of the last books I devoured during my brief stint as Zindel's biggest fan. During the sixth grade, I was rarely seen without one of his books in my belongings.Looking back, it's hard to really rate these books. They're preteen pulp, and they should be considered as such. But I also remember not liking Doom Stone as much as Loch or Raptor. Maybe that's why I started moving on to other things, like Harry Potter and the like.

    19. I remember reading this book for my 5th grade reading group and being scared to go to sleep.Now that i'm older, the scare is gone but the interest is not. Thus, i give this book four stars; not for extrordinary writing, because the author doesn't have it, or for well developed characters because they're actually quite flat, but for its ability to be all that i remember and still hold my interest.

    20. I give this three stars because it was good for an early teen book. I got lost a few times with where the author was going with some of the characters, as their reactions and behaviours really didn't make sense given their situations. I learned that we as the human race are much less capable of dealing with the unknown with our standard weapons of choice than we would like. Most things we have to protect us, don't work when it comes to unknown threats.

    21. I would say this is an excellent horror story for a preteen. At times I found myself overanalyzing some of the lack of details but then I remembered that this book is meant for a younger audience. Despite that, some of the parts still creeped me out. I can definitely appreciate this as a good scary story.

    22. I read this book for the first time in 7th Grade, but with my Anthropology class and curiosity of Stonehenge, this book had been creeping into my mind for the last few weeks. It's short, compared to how thick it seemed about 10 years ago. It's riveting, keeps you glued to the story. But it does seem to lack Character development.

    23. "The Doomstone", by Paul Zindel, was a rather good book. If you are up for tingling your spine, I would suggest that you read this novel. I think it can hold the attention of adults pretty well, but for children who have moved on from Mary Pope Osborne's "The Magic Treehouse" series, this book is a very fun read.

    24. This is a book that I first read YEARS ago. It took me the better part of 9 years or so to find it again, since I didn't remember the author or title. Once I started reading it again, I remember why it stayed with me so long! I truly love this book!! Even though it's a YA book, It's beautifully written. It keeps you at the edge of your seat to the very end!

    25. This book is a bout a boy who goes to visit his aunt who lives in a tropical island as a scientist.The boy later finds out that his aunt didn't want them to come because of what has been happening on the islandCadle disappearing and even people going missing.What is the cause of this you may ask yourselfWell you'll just have to read to find out.

    26. I read this book to my students. It is fantasy, so not my favoarite genre. But Zindel is a great author for young readers and the students love the plot of this book. It's a quick read with lots of suspense.

    27. Literally the first book i ever read all the way through. although it was a long time ago i remember really enjoying it. bought it at a book fair some 17 years ago. pretty sure its still in a box in my closet.

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