The Ghost of Christmas Present A Novel It s the fourth Wednesday of November and Patrick Guthrie is giving thanks He s giving thanks that his eight year old son Braden will finally have a procedure on his heart that will cure him of the

  • Title: The Ghost of Christmas Present: A Novel
  • Author: Scott Abbott Amy Maude Swinton
  • ISBN: 9781451660425
  • Page: 325
  • Format: ebook
  • It s the fourth Wednesday of November, and Patrick Guthrie is giving thanks He s giving thanks that his eight year old son, Braden, will finally have a procedure on his heart that will cure him of the same life threatening condition that took Patrick s wife several years earlier But when Patrick suddenly loses his job teaching drama at a New York City high school, his alIt s the fourth Wednesday of November, and Patrick Guthrie is giving thanks He s giving thanks that his eight year old son, Braden, will finally have a procedure on his heart that will cure him of the same life threatening condition that took Patrick s wife several years earlier But when Patrick suddenly loses his job teaching drama at a New York City high school, his already desperate financial situation becomes dire Rebecca Brody, a social worker, shows up at his door with a judge s order for him to appear before the city s family court to determine if Patrick is financially fit, and Patrick realizes he is in danger of losing his son Patrick knows that he must somehow make it through the holiday season to a new job waiting for him in the new year He also knows that Ted Cake, his former father in law, blames Patrick so much for the death of his daughter that he, a rich and disagreeable man, is the one pushing the city to call the custody hearing and give the boy over to him Now Patrick has only three weeks before Christmas to somehow make enough money to pay his bills, present himself to the family court as a fit father, and keep Braden in his life It s when Patrick sees a charming beggar on the subway dressed up as a crazy alien that he gets an idea In true Dickensian holiday spirit, Patrick makes use of his old acting skills and his love of A Christmas Carol and takes to the streets in the guise of the Ghost of Christmas Present Making a midtown corner his performing stage, he begins to touch and change the lives of all those who come his way, including Rebecca Brody and the bitter and heartbroken Ted Cake The train stopped at a station where the signs read Thirty fourth Street The doors opened and Patrick waited for the commuters to disembark before he got off He walked to the stairs as the morning light from the street shone and the sounds of Broadway bounced down into the station in echoing waves He caught sight of himself in the plastic window of the token booth, where the transit workers shook their heads at his appearance Perhaps he had gone too far with the costume Perhaps he had gone too far thinking he should even attempt this madness Perhaps what was worst of all was thinking he could save the semblance of a life that he could carve for himself with Braden Maybe Braden would be better off without him in his daily life Maybe Patrick shook off the thought as the noise of Broadway waited for him above He drew in a breath and exhaled Into the breach, dear friends He began to climb the stairs.

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    • ✓ The Ghost of Christmas Present: A Novel || ✓ PDF Read by ☆ Scott Abbott Amy Maude Swinton
      325 Scott Abbott Amy Maude Swinton
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      Posted by:Scott Abbott Amy Maude Swinton
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    One thought on “The Ghost of Christmas Present: A Novel”

    1. I hate this book.I hate that the authors have apparently never spoken to children and have no idea how children talk. I hate the cliches and saccharine sentimentalism that wouldn't make it into a Lifetime holiday special. I hate how the authors (author*s*, by the way--multiple authors!) can't even keep the age of the child the story revolves around straight from chapter to chapter. I do, however, love that this book only took me roughly two hours to read. But not enough for me to give it an extr [...]

    2. I am always so thankful for the fall because it always brings such great Christmas stories to print and The Ghost of Christmas Present by Scott Abbott and Amy Maude Swinton is a perfect novel to read to bring about the sense of hope, love and peace just in time for Christmas. This is a combination of Mrs. Doubtfire mixing with the right amount of Miracle on 34th Street. We are immediately introduced to Patrick Gutherie, a single father to his young son Braden, who has recently been diagnosed wit [...]

    3. As a father myself, I have to say that I was completely drawn to this heart-stirring story about a father who will do anything necessary to be able to care for and provide for his child. The Ghost of Christmas Present is a well-written read with delightfully unique characters who are thoroughly entertaining and likable. Being a novella, the book is a quick read and I finished it in one sitting, and so I became easily absorbed into the story and into Patrick's struggles. I loved Patrick's passion [...]

    4. If I had read this book any other time of the year, I'm not sure I would have given it three stars. But it's the beginning of the holiday season, so I'm in a super sappy mood, so much so that I watched four made-for-TV Christmas movies this last weekend, and I didn't even mind. In fact, I enjoyed them.So I didn't mind that this book reads like one of them. Seriously - get Matthew Lawrence to play the main character, and I will snuggle on Mom's couch and help her eat half a pie while watching it. [...]

    5. The Ghost of Christmas Present by Scott Abbott and Amy Maude Swinton is a well meaning, yet flawed book. It is the story of a single father whose wife died from heart disease several years prior. His son has been diagnosed with the same disease at the same time that he loses his job and health insurance. The story deals with the challenges,and responses to those challenges, that are faced by this father. All of this is tied together with a Christmas theme. I enjoyed the portrayal of the strong a [...]

    6. I picked up this book because I love Christmas and because the premise--a down-and-out father becomes a street performer as Dickens' Ghost of Christmas Present--was intriguing. However, the writing lacked any of the depth or detail that would make you care about any of the characters or become invested in the plot. It was, "Ta-da! I've totally changed!" or "Ta-da! I' m in love!", without showing readers any of the inner struggle, process, or reasoning behind that development. The characters also [...]

    7. I love all things Christmas. I have read a ton of books that I am behind on reviewing here. The story was about a father and son who had a bad heart. There finally was surgery available that may correct the issue, but the father had just lost his teaching job, was behind on rent and utilities, and his father-in-law wanted custody of the boy. It was a good predictable Dickens-like theme and shows what lengths a father will go to for his son's love. Moral of the story: Tell the truth and things wo [...]

    8. Very good story. It's a short book and I finished it in one sitting. I loved the quotes from various writers in this book. Walt Whitman, T.S. Eliot, Dickens, Shakespeare. Awesome. Unique story that shows what great lengths a father will go for his son. I didn't give this book a 5 star rating because I thought the courtroom scene felt rushed and was a bit confusing to me. Otherwise, great story.

    9. Here's a single dad who has a very sick son and everything seems to be against him. After losing his teaching job for missing too much work to be with his son and losing a waiter job for the same reason, Patrick decides to do something way out of his comfort zone and become a Did you really think I was going to tell you. It's a short, quick read and a good for the season because it does have my kind of ending!!

    10. A father will do anything for his sick son. A familiar theme and yet Abbott carries it into the season where most appropriate. The reader comes away with what a strong sense of perseverance and love can do to help the human condition. An inspiring story even though one stretches the old adage of suspending disbelief.

    11. A nice Christmas story that showcases a man's ability to overcome some of the worst scenarios life could throw at him. You can't help but feel sorrow and joy for Patrick, the main character, as he battles the forces that are set to destroy him. A good little read.

    12. An enjoyable, quick, heart-warming Christmas book. I liked the Shakespeare quoting father dressed as The Ghost of Christmas Present doing street theatre to earn money to support himself and his son, but not the too-quick denouement at the end. Still, a fun read.

    13. I love Christmas booksis was a really good one. I enjoyed it being from the side of a single father as opposed to the usual single mother. The father would do anything to assure his son has what he needs It makes for interesting turmoil with the father of his deceased wife.

    14. Nice quick read. Saw it on the library shelves in March and grabbed it for.a quick pick me up.It didn't disappoint.

    15. This little book had everything that I loveChristmas, A Christmas Carol, family, and some humor yet touching.

    16. A quick read and a lovely Christmas story, although the ending - and one character's predictable change of heart - felt way too abrupt for me.

    17. A great holiday read about unconditional love and forgiveness. Hope these authors write more novels as I thoroughly enjoyed this one.

    18. Extremely predictable but sweet story about a father who will do anything for his son. Probably would have liked it better if I liked Shakespeare, who is quoted constantly.

    19. A wonderfully heartwarming story of a father's unconditional and boundless love for his son. Simply put, one of those feel-good-books.

    20. This book is a wonderful story of a fathers love for his son and what he would do to keep his son. It was a good christmas story and easy reading. I really enjoyed the book!

    21. It was a good story but when it ended the story left you hanging on some of the subjects that came up in the book.

    22. It was a good story but pretty predictable in parts. The use of Dickens throughout was good. It was easy to read and probably geared more towards teen readers.

    23. Really loved this book! Great story line! Great characters! Beautifully written! Didn't want to put it down. Just wish it would have been a bit longer!

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