Still Woman Enough A Memoir Loretta Lynn s first memoir Coal Miner s Daughter was a national bestseller that sparked an Oscar winning movie and left fans hungry for Now Loretta finishes that story and the second half of her

  • Title: Still Woman Enough: A Memoir
  • Author: Loretta Lynn Patsi Bale Cox
  • ISBN: 9780786889877
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Paperback
  • Loretta Lynn s first memoir, Coal Miner s Daughter, was a 1 national bestseller that sparked an Oscar winning movie and left fans hungry for Now Loretta finishes that story, and the second half of her life is every bit as remarkable and inspiring as the first.In a friendly, down home style that belies her stature as country music s most celebrated performer, LorettaLoretta Lynn s first memoir, Coal Miner s Daughter, was a 1 national bestseller that sparked an Oscar winning movie and left fans hungry for Now Loretta finishes that story, and the second half of her life is every bit as remarkable and inspiring as the first.In a friendly, down home style that belies her stature as country music s most celebrated performer, Loretta writes candidly about the price of fame and the stresses of stardom tells of friends and family she s loved and lost along the way and shares secrets not included in her first book But at the heart of this memoir is her stormy relationship with Doo, the man she married at thirteen and stayed with until he died, through his drinking, their violent arguments, and their passionate reconciliations Loretta reveals the devotion behind one of the hardest love stories in the world Filled with intimate portraits of country legends, and brimming with folksy humor, this personal tale of grit, determination, and loyalty will enthrall Loretta s countless fans and anyone who adores a good old fashioned love story.

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    1. When Doolittle Lynn was still alive, there was plenty he didn't want Loretta Lynn to say in COAL MINER'S DAUGHTER. Here, she tells us just what the book left out and what the movie got wrong, in her own simple, down-home style. The highs and the lows are covered in equal measure and with an unforgettable flair. Loretta married a hard-drinkin', abusive man, and stayed with him through more nonsense than anyone should ever experience. Ruined awards ceremonies, holidays and tours due to his drinkin [...]

    2. i was surprised at how much I like this book. she's really funny. had me talkin' like i was from kentucky everytime i put the book down

    3. Coal Miner's Daughter was one of my favorite movies, watched repeatedly when I was a kid because the movie theater was often my babysitter. Even though I didn't listen to country music, I really enjoyed the film for the strong characters, compelling story and overall likability that Loretta's character had. I also read the book on which it was based at some point years ago. One day earlier this year, I caught part of the movie on TV and it reminded me of how much I loved it, and prompted me to s [...]

    4. The first thing anyone should know about this book is that it may be triggering to anyone who has experienced domestic violence. The review might be triggering too, so watch out.So, Loretta Lynn wrote this memoir at least 20 years after writing her famous Coal Miner's Daughter. She wrote this one after her husband, Doolittle, died. Doolittle basically acted like a piece of shit for decades, hitting Loretta, cheating on her without even trying to hide it, and emotionally abusing her and their kid [...]

    5. Part Two of Loretta Lynn's life story, this one goes over some of the material presented in "Coal Miner's Daughter" more in depth, or the "real" story on some of it. Domestic violence, her husband's alcoholism and unfaithfulness, lots of loss. How she survived and stayed sane is a true testament of her strength.From a feminist perspective its easy to say "Why on earth did she ever stay?" and judge accordingly. What the reader has to remember is that things were so different in Ms. Lynn's generat [...]

    6. This is one damn good autobiography. It doesn't feel like you're actually reading but rather, having Loretta in front of you, telling you, personally, about the ups and downs of her family and her marriage that she could not tell while her beloved husband Doo was still alive. You can hear her voice in ever word. Loretta's husband and children certainly put her through one emotional wringer after another in these pages. What stands out the most, to me, was the story where, one day, Loretta was ou [...]

    7. I loved this book, though I had been hoping that even if she couldn't/wouldn't say she wished she had left her husband that she would at least have become outspoken about domestic violence, and how women shouldn't have to put up with it. As someone who grew up in a fucked up family, I can understand why she rationalizes her relationship and her husbands behaviour the way she does. But that doesn't excuse her from the responsibility to talk the consequences of domestic violence more openly. Her b [...]

    8. I've loved Loretta Lynn since I first discovered her; so much grit, determination and faith. Many times I dipped into her well to find strength for myself. This book is the non-Hollywood version of her story: her issues with her husband, her struggle to keep it all together, her rise to the top. She humbles herself before her readers and doesn't hold anything back; she sets the record straight. Her life was a country song! I loved to read how she kept close tabs on her country roots and even hun [...]

    9. If you want to read this book, make sure you read Coal Miner's Daughter first because this is a sequel, and she keeps referring back to her first book. Since it's an update of her biography, Loretta rushes through childhood memories and her early career, and focuses more on what happened since her first book and after the movie came out. It's written like she talks which makes for a fun read, but her life has been anything but fun. I don't think there's an entertainer who has been struck by trag [...]

    10. I've always been a big fan of Loretta Lynn. Loved Coal Miner's Daughter, both the book and the movie. This book told more of the bad side of her life. The abuse she put up with from Doo, both physical and vocal. Her sad times, with the lose of her mother, her son, her friends, and her husband. She put up with alot.but she gave some too. A hard life even though she made it rich and famous. Not a easy road by any imagination. This was an interesting read.June 3, 2016I needed a book for the states [...]

    11. A great autobiography. Couldn't put it down. On page 35 I was deeply touched by Loretta's mother's impoverished childhood:"Mommy had lost her own mama by the time she was five, and her daddy, my Grandpa Ramey, didn't pay no attention to his kids. He just let 'em root around for their own food, and for places to stay. It didn't take long before her little brother died, and then a sister. I once asked Mommy what they did about a funeral for 'em. She said they didn't have no funeral. She just wrapp [...]

    12. I love Loretta Lynn--I can't help it. She's charming, funny, and real, and she wrote "You Ain't Woman Enough To Take My Man" and a lot of other songs that were really ballsy, especially for the time period they were recorded in. I enjoyed "Coal Miner's Daughter" and it was interesting to read her take on the movie, things she liked about it and didn't, things she felt were left out, and to read about her life since that time. She's an icon. I kind of wish she were my aunt--she and Dolly Parton b [...]

    13. I loved her first book "Coal Miner's Daughter" and thought that was the end of the story for her. It took alot of courage for her to reveal the details of her life with her husband Mooney (doolittle). I thought they had a storybook marriage and a great life together, so it was pretty shocking to see the truth of it all. This woman has gone thru so much, i cried when she wrote about her son's death. What an amazing strong woman she is!!!

    14. This book was really good. Usually I don't like biographies much, I prefer autobiographies and I'm kind of picky even when It comes to those. I've seen Coal Miner's Daughter what seems like a million times so I wanted to read more about her. Her life was very rough and tumble and it's funny the way she describes it. The way she wrote the book makes it seems like she is sitting right next to you telling you her story, which gives a really awesome effect. Great Book!

    15. Much to my surprise this was a great book. Loretta Lynn made you feel like you knew her personally. She is so humble and down to earth. She is a an example of women from the past. Doo (her husband) treated her like garbage but she stayed with him because she knew he had a drinking problem. I do not agree with staying with a man that mistreat you but I do believe in loyalty and that is one of Loretta strongest assets.

    16. Growing up on Loretta Lynn and watching "Coal Miner's Daughter" more times than I will ever be able to count, I was so happy to hear what she had to say. And Loretta didn't leave anything out. While I haven't read her first autobiography, Coal Miner's Daughter, I know that she is much more honest about her and Doolittle's relationship, which was sad but very interesting to read. It's a great look into one of the best country artists to ever grace the airwaves.

    17. I really wanted to read this, as I had read COAL MINER'S DAUGHTER. I wanted to find out what happened in Loretta's life since 1980. Since she wrote this book after her husband, Doolittle, died, it was much more frank and candid than the first. I have such admiration for her strength and tenacity. I hope I get to see her in concert sometime soon. This book falls into the "biography" category for Book Bingo.

    18. Loretta Lynn's second autobiography covers some of the same tracks as Coal Miner's Daughter and goes on to look at Lynn's life after "walking into the sunset" with her husband, Doo, at the end of the film. The stories and folksiness are just what you would expect from Loretta, and while certain sections drag a bit, overall this book is a sincere, readable, and often revealing look at one of my favorite country music stars.

    19. In this book, written after Loretta was famous and her husband had died and she had more control over her own life, she tells many things that she had to leave out of her first biography. Very interesting for fans, or those who are just interested in the lives of famous people. It is written in her own "voice," so if you are familiar with her, you can "hear" her telling you the stories.

    20. In Memory of my Mom I read Loretta Lynn's bookoriginally I intended only to read a bit to say I did. I finished the whole book. I thank Mrs. Lynn for her openess and honesty and I only wished My Mom could have been able to read it also. Loretta you are "Still" a role model for many and being a woman has little but everything thing to do with that. Thank you most kindly

    21. More a 3.5. Picked this up because I caught Coal Miner's Daughter on tv a couple of weeks ago. I had seen it before, but I wondered if there was more to the story. It is quickly evident why she has had such a long career, singing or writing, Loretta Lynn can tell a story.

    22. For those of us Loretta Lynn fans out there, it's always nice to spend some time with the Coal Miner's Daughter. Loretta is down-to-earth as always in this continuing memoir of her life and stellar career as one of country music's first ladies.

    23. I loved this book. Made me laugh cry and mad. For someone with such a famous life; she had it so hard. Coal miner daughter didn't touch on what half her life was like. This was written after her husband passed.

    24. I could hear Loretta Lynn talk while reading this book and she can tell a great story. Very folksy and interesting even if you aren't a country music fan and only know about Conway Twitty from the clips they play on "Family Guy." Book Bingo- Biography

    25. I enjoyed this book so much! I grew up listening to her music and now I love her even more. I want to read her first book now. She is just a country girl who stayed true to her roots. She sounds like she is a beautiful person on the inside as much the outside.

    26. One of the most fascinating and empowering women of my generation! Loretta Lynn has always been my idol. Even if someone is not a fan of country music, her life and dedication to changing the lives of women starting in the 1950's makes her book worth reading!

    27. Not as good as Coal Miner's Daughter but, it is Loretta Lynn and I adore her her honesty and grit. She talks about losing her mother, her son, and her husband and her relationship with her children she really is "Still Woman Enough" a true Steal Magnolia.

    28. Much respect for Loretta Lynn to stand by her man for his womanizing, alcoholic, and abusive behaviour. she's more of a woman then I am.

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