Crossed Wish You Were Here Volume The runaway success web comic CrossedComic featuring an island of uninfected survivors in a world overrun by psychopaths think The Walking Dead meets Texas Chainsaw Massacre A contagion or a curse has

  • Title: Crossed: Wish You Were Here, Volume 1
  • Author: Simon Spurrier Javier Barreno
  • ISBN: 9781592911707
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Paperback
  • The runaway success web comic CrossedComic featuring an island of uninfected survivors in a world overrun by psychopaths think The Walking Dead meets Texas Chainsaw Massacre A contagion or a curse has decimated the planet Marked with a bloody cross, the Infected are driven to indulge their sickest desires In this world of psychos, savages, and sexual predators, tThe runaway success web comic CrossedComic featuring an island of uninfected survivors in a world overrun by psychopaths think The Walking Dead meets Texas Chainsaw Massacre A contagion or a curse has decimated the planet Marked with a bloody cross, the Infected are driven to indulge their sickest desires In this world of psychos, savages, and sexual predators, the few remaining uninfected learn to keep moving endlessly fleeing fate This is the story of those who refused Those who are too desperate, too angry, or too broken to hide from horror It s the story of a comic book writer who witnessed the downfall of London, and now finds himself in the midst of a new community, a new start, on a barren island off the Scottish coast Pretending, just for a while, that he s safe, that he s useful that he has a future It won t last There s no sanctuary No fighting back No hope There s only the Crossed.

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      189 Simon Spurrier Javier Barreno
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      Published :2019-01-06T06:10:29+00:00

    One thought on “Crossed: Wish You Were Here, Volume 1”

    1. I haven`t yet read the original Crossed series, but you really don`t need to, in order to properly understand this book.In short in a post-apocalyptic scenario some people are infected with a virus that transforms them into pure animals, killing and raping in 1001 ways, without any explication, only that they can. This is not for the faintest hearts because it has deaths and crimes, not only unseen, but also, most of them are very gruesome.But, in fact, this kind of scenario and virus with it`s [...]

    2. Far better than expected.The two awful volumes after Garth Ennis' first one made me quit this ultra-gory-disturbing-extreme-horror series, luckly the good reviews online made me give a try to this excellent spin-off.I really enjoyed a lot the storyline, the characters, the twists and the "28 Days Later"/"The Walking Dead" vibe.Prove that sick-ultra-violent-not-for-faint-heart-readers comics can be really good too with well written main characters and storylines.Better than the original one. And [...]

    3. (read this on the weekly web releases.) Starts out better than I expected. The last Crossed work that wasn't written by Garth Ennis was just awful, and I expected this to be just as bad. Pleasantly surprised I was then to find out that this was at least solid narrative, and it jumped right into the action without having to draw out a whole lot of exposition on what came before. Bravo for writing lesson number one in sequels.(A few chapters in i wrote) I'm not convinced it'll be nearly as mind-bl [...]

    4. This series is a little different than the regular Crossed series as we will get to follow one group for a longer story than we ever have before. Also, it's a breath of fresh air because while the group is still flawed, we finally have some decent people to focus on that haven't just turned into homicidal rapists at the drop of a hat. (Bear in mind I'm talking about the uninfected here.)So we have a varied group that has gathered on a remote Scottish Island in an attempt to survive, with thought [...]

    5. Ahhhh, yes, a broad spectrum of everything right here! We have melodramatics, suspense, a wee bit of comedy and a tad of action & horrorThink this will be a very promising Crossed story, as far as the characters turn out to be You immediately feel for the main character, Shaky, who's been writing down everything he feels and encounters in his diary.It could have used a bit more action and horror, but I'm sure it will come later on As they were more concerned with developing some interesting [...]

    6. I got this on a lark having heard a bit about it here and there. I thought this would be the Garth Ennis version of the book, but I goofed and ordered the Simon Spurrier version instead.A bunch of survivors band together to survive the "zombie" appocalypseund familiar? yeah, thought so.New twist though, the "zombies" are actually psychopaths somehow, something happened that transformed (not explained) most of earth's population into un-inhibited, murderous "monsters". The only apparent sign of " [...]

    7. Quick warning Don't read this unless you are completely sick-minded. It's a bit messed up. This is a walking-dead-alike tale of a group of unappealing people stuck on a small Scottish island in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Except these are particularly sadistic, perverted, sex-crazed zombies. It's a modern-day Bosch painting come to life. I was recommended it by a friend with a stronger stomach than me! Even though i felt physically sick for the first 10 instalments and the main character i [...]

    8. The best thing since the original run by Garth Ennis. Good pacing ("settles in" with characters, slow leak of personal histories, gradual plot developments), inventive plot devices, succeeds in all the places that The Walking Dead failed circa Volume 18/society-building plot turn. Honestly, after reading the abortions contributed to Ennis' world by David Lapham and Jamie Delano and coming near to giving up on the series altogether, my faith has once more been restored in this franchise. Spurrier [...]

    9. MeehThis comic started alright, actually, let me take that back. It started in a very ehm, "Crossed" way if that makes sense? Let me just say that I feel very sorry for that poor dolphin. Anyways! I liked the series, and I want to read more. But I'm more of a fan of the "original" Crossed series. But I will give this a chance at least!

    10. There hasn't been an obvious volume boundary in the webcomic, but if this is out on paper today I must have read everything it contains. And I think it's my favourite Crossed yet, precisely because of its low-key approach. What people do while they know the horror is out there somewhere is almost always more interesting than the horror itself.

    11. Gran historia muy bien armada. Personajes palpables y toques de horror no tan cuantiosos como las otras series, pero que dan el golpe preciso. Muy recomendable.

    12. 4 big stars!Proof you can have something completely sick & twisted WITH a strong story and an interesting main protagonist. Can't wait to read the next one.

    13. Crossed continua a mantenere le promesse: anche in questo primo capitolo del web comic che ha preso le mosse dall'idea di Garth Ennis c'è tutta la carica disturbante e la struttura narrativamente convincente rispetto ai capitoli precedenti. La differenza è che qui si parla della lenta corrosione della mente quando si è finalmente arrivati in un posto ragionevolmente sicuro, in una comunità ragionevolmente organizzata, che cerca di sopravvivere alla catastrofe. Se vogliamo è la classica rocc [...]

    14. A unique and gory twist on the zombie/infection horror genre (think 28 Days Later on steroids), this book makes the Walking Dead look like Goodnight Moon.A virus is unleashed on the unsuspecting populace, and all over the country, the infected lose their minds and act out their most violent, brutal, savage fantasies, including a whole lotta sexual ones. Not for the squeamish even a little bit, in fact, an early scene (like REAL early, page 4 early) has an infected guy use a knife to cut a hole i [...]

    15. As it's repeated over in and over in the book, "What's the point?", I can't argue.I couldn't find a reason, after reading this comic, to ever read it again.Thought provoking? Barely. But who am I to judge? I grew up in the generation that lamented along with "Nothing's Shocking".

    16. One can argue the violence is gratuitous but luckily the main focus goes to characters. Crossed: WYWH delves deep into minds of folks confronted with this new, nightmarish world. There are no heroes - only flawed, everyday people just trying to survive. First and second trades are exceptional, however the quality dips down hard in the second half of 3rd book.

    17. It's only the bleedin' cavalry.Ang akdang ito ay tungkol sa pakikipagsapalaran ng isang dating manunulat sa mundong pinanawan na ng kaayusan. Isang sakit ang tumalukbong sa buong sangkatauhan; ang apektado ay anaki'y isang halimaw na naglulunoy sa walang habas na panggagahasa at pagpatay. Nagkakaroon ng malakrus na pulang pilat sa kanilang mukha ang mga nag-uulol na maysakit. Hindi talaga maipagkakaila ang pagkakawangis ng akdang ito sa isa pang sikat na komiks na patungkol sa mga buhay na bangk [...]

    18. Sick, twisted, hugely disturbingd so ott it's better than I was expecting. The descriptions on are far worse than actually reading it, on the website where this is available. It isn't for the faint hearted, it's so gruesome it sometimes provokes a horrified giggle (yes, yes, going to hell) but, much like Day of the Dead, it can sort of cheer you up a certain point of view. In the right frame of mind. When I can face it I'll try the next volumes. Not for everyone, far better then you might think [...]

    19. How do you want to face the end of human society? Do you want to go quietly into the madness? Do you want to fight the end? Do you want to retreat to a last redoubt and wait out the storm? Can Eden be less than a paradise?This is the story of ordinary people attempting to turn a Scottish island into an ark for their versions of society as the Crossed flood the landscape. How these people from different niches of modern life interact while forming this new culture provides as much as conflict as [...]

    20. I didn't expect to be so impressed by the story here, but it's more impressive and emotional than the original Crossed series. It's ultimately a sad story about what people have to sacrifice when all they have is each other, even if they don't have any other goal than living. They manage to settle an island which is easier to defend, but the threat remains, given the inventiveness of the crossed.It can be read at any point as there is no link with the other mini series. It's a fast read, more ta [...]

    21. Honestly, pretty good. Very much a slow burn approach -which I like- and it far exceeded the quality of the previous Crossed Volume I'd read, titled 'Psychopath'. This novel actually employs the use of characterization, plot, and creativity, rather than what some of the previous entries in the series have dedicated the majority of their focus to: gore, rape, and depravity. I think I may actually purchase the next volume in the series. In the meantime, I have two new graphic novels to tackle befo [...]

    22. A very twisted take on the zombie apocalypse with clever writing and detailed art. I really enjoyed the direction the story took and I felt that the characters had depth to them. Be warned but, the story and art is very graphic and confronting and may not be for everybody. I think the shock content was very well used, the balance was perfect, enough to set the scene of the story but not just thrown in willy nilly for shock's sake.All up, I highly recommend it and I have jumped straight onto the [...]

    23. On the surface it's essentially another zombie apocalypse tale but if you dig a little deeper you find so much more than the typical zombie story. The interpersonal conflicts are written in a strong and convincing way far outshining the soap-opera type drama we often get with these settings. The idea of the crossed being able to speak and think and be much more human than the standard zombie gives it a whole new refreshing layer to the genre. I look forward to reading more in this series. I will [...]

    24. It wasn't quite what I had expected from reading the reviews online. It was only after I had read most of he volume that I realized it was a spin-off from Garth Ennis's original (Wish You Were Here vs. just Crossed).All in all, it was good, although it seemed like a bit of grossness for grossness' sake; the only thing that gave it a higher rating is the writing. For a series that's a spin-off of a successful comic I think it did pretty well, so I rated it higher than the 3 stars I had originally [...]

    25. Not too bad. This one's got an actual story, rather than just an excuse to wallow in extreme violence. There's some Lord of the Flies and Animal Farm going on here as a group of survivors attempt to make a go of it on a tiny Scottish island. Much better than some of the volumes and story arcs in this series.

    26. When I start to read the series Crossed,I used to complain about the plot, the characters and other things.But,all the complaints about Crossed were forgotten after "Crossed wish you were here", because in this new series of Crossed everything it's perfect to me,and I can't stop to read this book.It's amazing and worth your time to read this comicbook.

    27. Picked up this comic on a whim and I couldn't put it down. Deeply disturbing while maintaining a strong plot and character development. I've never had a visceral reaction to a comic before, and I got plenty from Crossed. The writer approaches horror unflinchingly: depicting cannibalism, rape, torture, and child murder. Not for the faint of heart.

    28. Interesting characters and a glimpse at hope keep the often tiring bleakness of the Crossed apokalypse at bay. Better than most recent entries.

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