Lost New York Coney Island s Dreamland destroyed by fire in Metropolitan Opera House demolished in Moondance Diner moved to Wyoming in A celebration of the cherished parts of New York that are no l

  • Title: Lost New York
  • Author: Marcia Reiss
  • ISBN: 9781862059351
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Coney Island s Dreamland destroyed by fire in 1911, Metropolitan Opera House demolished in 1967, Moondance Diner moved to Wyoming in 2007 A celebration of the cherished parts of New York that are no longer The New York landmarks remembered here include Coney Island s Elephant Colossus, an elephant shaped hotel rud to be a brothel and destroyed by fire in 1896 thConey Island s Dreamland destroyed by fire in 1911, Metropolitan Opera House demolished in 1967, Moondance Diner moved to Wyoming in 2007 A celebration of the cherished parts of New York that are no longer The New York landmarks remembered here include Coney Island s Elephant Colossus, an elephant shaped hotel rud to be a brothel and destroyed by fire in 1896 the Manhattan Beach Hotel South Street Seaport Stanford White s Madison Square Garden the Vanderbilt, Tiffany, and Astor mansions Central Park s elevated railway the first Waldorf Astoria Hotel the 1939 World s Fair site Manhattan Train Terminal on Brooklyn Bridge Ebbet s Field home of the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Polo Grounds home of the NY Giants baseball team This collection celebrates old theaters and hotels that have burned or been razed, vanished ferry buildings, removed from service trolley cars, classic art deco diners, and the demolition that sparked a strong preservation movement in the city Pennsylvania Station.

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    One thought on “Lost New York”

    1. 5 big StarsI don't know if it is because i love N.Y. so much, the reason why i enjoyed this book so immensely But i did!Buildings that no longer exist or have been dramatically altered through time are mentioned, accompanied by a short text that points out all the up's and down's of each site until the inevitable end.The text also gives as a variety of informations for life in New York mostly in 19th and 20th century Mansions, hotels, parks, banks, stations anything you name it. it is thereIt's [...]

    2. I've been living in NYC for twelve-ish years now: I came for college and didn't leave. I definitely don't have as many historical facts and dates and names in my head as some people I know, but I'm curious about the city, and reasonably well-informed about its history. So when I started reading Lost New York, I wasn't sure how much I would like it, or how interesting it would be, or how much of it I would already know. As it turned out, it was a mix of the familiar and new, but a pretty satisfyi [...]

    3. Both Lost San Francisco and Lost New York are wonderful works, featuring pictures and discussion of architecture of the cities, when they were built and when and how they were lost to the current visitor or resident. This is not in-depth history, but the books do provide a thorough discussion of each glimpse of the city's history via the era in which buildings were permanently lost.This is an interesting and enjoyable item for the coffee table, sometimes hypnotizing in that recurring themes rela [...]

    4. Lost New York is a beautifully presented archeological type study of NYC architecture lost during the City's rapid expansion over the the last century and a half. Of note is that it wasn't until the late 1950s that the City government finally put preservation ordinances in place to save the buildings whose misfortune it was to be on very valuable land. As such, quite a bit of important history was torn down in the first half of the century.The book presents each building/site with at least two p [...]

    5. This is a wonderful book, beautifully illustrated and beautifully presented. It’s a compendium of all the buildings in New York that have been destroyed, demolished, altered and rebuilt. From the most magnificent mansions to more humble constructions, it takes the reader on a journey through New York’s lost architectural heritage and the ever-changing landscape of this ever-changing city. As well as descriptions of the buildings, there are stories of the millionaires, entrepreneurs and city [...]

    6. Posted at Book Hoarder ReviewsI loved this book more than I have words to describe. I am a huge history buff and I thoroughly enjoyed all of the pictures and this little history bits on each of the buildings. I also loved how the book was broken up into eras and not just a random order. It really shows how much the author cared for her subject. I really loved seeing the architecture of the old buildings. Possibly my favorite one was the Elephant hotel on Coney Island. I would have loved to staye [...]

    7. Lovely book of old New York buildings (mainly), ordered chronologically by the years that they became 'lost'. Not quite as luxuriously presented as the similar 'Lost London' book that was published recently, nor as in-depth as the coverage in 'New York: A Documentary Film'. Nevertheless, a worthwhile read.There are some gems in here and some shockers too—amazing opulent houses the size of a city block were put up by rich characters only to be demolished less than fifty years later. A lot of be [...]

    8. Lost New York by Marcia Reiss offers a fascinating glimpse into the history of New York City via its lost architecture and landmarks. From the Manhattan Beach Hotel to Ebbets Field, Penn Station to the original Waldorf-Astoria hotel, history buffs will delight at the stunning vintage photographs that celebrate a bygone era of trolley cars, the Brooklyn Dodgers, and classic art deco designs. Disclaimer: This book has been provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

    9. What a neat book. Photographs and brief histories of 60+ buildings/landmarks no longer standing in NYC. The book is arranged chronologically beginning in 1895 and ending in 2008 allowing the reader a glimpse of life in NYC. There were no major natural disasters or widespread fires causing the destruction--most of these lost pieces of history were just demolished as times changed. A great "coffee table" book for anyone who loves architectural history or NYC.*ARC courtesy of Anova Books, provided [...]

    10. This was a wonderful visual and reading experience, paring the history and pictorial images of now gone New York landmarks with a brief vignette of their passing and a short summary of what is now located on the former site today. I picked up many interesting gems about buildings and locations I grew up seeing or hearing about. I recommend anyone who grew up in a major city to check and see if their city has received the "Lost" examination and enjoy this very well done treatment of their home to [...]

    11. Loved the photos of buildings/homes/elements of New York that no longer exist. It was interesting to me that the NY Public Library sits on the site of the old 5th Ave reservoir, and that so many of the robber barons' homes have been demolished to make way for bigger and better things. The only things missing were photos showing what those sites look like today. I think that would have completely capped the book off and made it seem relevant to those of us outside of NYC.

    12. Filled with lots of pictures and informative text that nicely outlines the New York that is gone today. It's a beautiful book that readers from New York and those who like me have never been there will enjoy and marvel of the lost beauty of New York City. Nicely done, but does remind me of 'coffee-table' books. ARC from NetGalley

    13. Large-format photo book with well-written explanations of New York City landmarks that are no more.Excellent.

    14. Great pictures accompany the interesting articles about buildings in and around New York that were destroyed in the name of progress during the last century.

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