Cinder and Ella After her father s disappearance Cinder leaves home for a servant job at the castle But it isn t long before her sister Ella is brought to the castle herself What Ella finds there starts a quest that

  • Title: Cinder and Ella
  • Author: Melissa Lemon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • After her father s disappearance, Cinder leaves home for a servant job at the castle But it isn t long before her sister Ella is brought to the castle herself What Ella finds there starts a quest that will change her life and the entire kingdom Cinder and Ella is a Cinderella story like no other, and one you ll never forget.

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    One thought on “Cinder and Ella”

    1. This book was weird. I still can't make up my mind whether it's meant to be an MG-level read, or YA. The writing style is all mixed up, part traditional bardic narration and part simplified children's narrative. For example:The end result was havoc in the place of happiness. Contention was now a constant guest in the house and the occasional, small quarrels between the sisters turned to fits of rage. They would often say nasty things to each other, hurt each other, or simply not speak to one ano [...]

    2. Cinder and Ella is a re-telling of the classic story Cinderella. The story's main characters are two sisters called Cinder and Ella. The Evil Prince has put darkness into their Father's soul, causing him to change until one day he just disappears. His departure causes the family to fall apart. Cinder goes to work at the Castle and Ella having been forgotten by her family leaves to start a new life for herself. That is until three knight's turn up to take Ella back to the Castle with them. She un [...]

    3. (ARC copy provided by NetGalley, Pub date November 2011)I requested this book because I love me a good Fairy-tale retelling. From the description, the author had created a fun variation of the classic Cinderella story. But, this was so poorly written that I had to force myself to finish it. Seriously, did anyone edit this at all? I know it's an ARC, and I feel really bad giving it such a low rating, but it was almost unreadable. Poor dialog, poor transitions, and poorly developed characters. I w [...]

    4. I stumbled upon Cinder and Ella in the young adult section of my library and looked forward to trying it out. I love fairy tale retellings and the more creative the better. However, I got about 3/4 of the way through and couldn't force myself to finish this one. Lemon has a unique approach to the Cinderella story, but I'm afraid the execution needs some help. Before continuing with my review, know that I read with the intended audience in mind, but I can't entirely ignore my training and my pers [...]

    5. **This review contains spoilers**I have read a lot of Cinderella retellings in my day, even ones about a boy named Cinder and a girl named Ella, but never one where both Cinder and Ella were girls. So that was creative and I liked it. However, I almost feel like this story doest qualify as a Cinderella story, because it doesn't have talmost anything in common with the original story. (I use the term 'original' as loosely as possible. I know all too well that we actually have no idea where Cinder [...]

    6. When someone mentions Cinderella, I will straightly remember about her wicked step mother and sisters, a fairy godmother, the glass shoes, a great ball, and a prince charming with his castle. It is so easy to retell the story. But when I saw Cinder and Ella, I got no clue. I wondered what the author brought to the surface. How much it was related to the original story was the main question.In the beginning Mellisa Lemon, the author, has warned the reader that in Cinder and Ella, there would not [...]

    7. As refreshing as it is beautiful - our beloved fairytale gets a supernatural twist. Forget what you know about Cinderella. There's no glass slipper, no fairy godmother and the Prince isn't coming to sweep you off your feet and carry you off into the sunset - in fact, he may just drop you off a cliff. And there is no Cinderella - well, not really.Cinder and Ella are the middle sisters in what was once a happy family of six. When the Prince came to visit late one night, he bewitched their father w [...]

    8. A huge thank you to NetGalley for allowing me to read and review this (and other) books free of charge.More reviews and book trailers at readerpantsOverall Rating: Neutral opinion. It is certainly a unique Cinderella story, and I have seen several 5-star reviews.Give it to: Middle school girls who like fairy tale adventures with a side of chaste romanceWhat I liked: The story is unique. Cinder and Ella splits the character of Cinderella into two different girls, the only two normal sisters in an [...]

    9. We all know Cinderella’s story. A fairy godmother, Two evil step sisters and a step mother who ruined our heroine’s life. And glass shoes that saved her from that evil family and of course a charming Prince who would come to save the day and they live happily ever after. WellFORGET THAT. Cinder and Ella is not a fairy tale story we all know. Cinder and Ella are sisters. There was no prince( well not really) , no fairy godmother and no step sisters and mother and no glass shoes. Cinder and El [...]

    10. We’ve all heard the story a million, billion times. Girl leads hard life, girl has crappy family, girl goes to ball, girl meets boy, girl lives happily ever after. Cinderella. We all know it. Or do we? Melissa Lemon has written a wonderfully creative new take on one of our favorite classics. She’s left the bare bones of the story and done something really wonderful with it, and as someone who is a sucker for rewritten classics, I loved it.In Cinder and Ella there isn’t one girl but two. Si [...]

    11. (This review is for the ARC, courtesy of NetGalley)Cinder and Ella, by Melissa Lemon, is nominally a revision of the Cinderella fairy tale. In it, the sisters Cinder and Ella are wrenched from their previously happy home after their father disappears. Their mother recedes into the shadows while their other two sisters, spoiled and useless, exhaust the girls with unrelenting demands. Cinder decides to obtain work at the castle nearby to help support the family, while Ella, less tolerant and more [...]

    12. My review might be a little confusing, but once you read the book, it'll make more sense.I think I have said before how much I love fairytale retellings. I was determined to love Cinder and Ella…but I found that I merely enjoyed it. I thought the mother’s fusing of Cinder and Ella was too quick. I think the idea was good, but it seems like it happened over the course of two or three days, rather than a few years. And why was she stuck at a spinning wheel? Was she enchanted or something? That [...]

    13. I loved the different story elements Melissa gave to this version. This time, Cinderella's mother is still alive, though she may as well not be. And the prince has a much more, um, active role in the story than in most Cinderella tales. She created some great villains altogether. I would have liked to see a bit more of Cinder in the story. Most of it focuses around Ella so I didn't feel nearly as connected to Cinder. Many of the characters were well developed, though, and made me come back to th [...]

    14. Kniha je sice založená na původní popelce, ale prakticky s ní nemá nic společného. Je to úplně jiný příběh, ale zato chytlavý a zajímavý. Přímá řeč tam je trochu ošizená, jelikož se autorka soustředila spíše na vyprávění a popisování, ale přesto se mi to líbilo.I když mi trvalo tak dlouho knihu dočíst. :D

    15. We are all more or less familiar with the age old story of Cinderella and her wicked stepsisters. As little girls the Cinderella story was the basis for all our dreams of the future and I will admit that even now I swoon for any story where a poor helpless girl meets a prince on a white horse who sweeps her off her feet (whether literally or hypothetically). I for one have always been an avid fan of such stories and despite the cynical way with which most people view love and love stories these [...]

    16. The story is of a family, with four daughters two of which are named Cinder and Ella. The father disappears and Cinder end up working in the Kingdom Castle to help support her family and to, in some respects, get away from her sisters and mother. When she leaves, Ella also leaves. Ella can't take the nightmare that she has to live with, with the remaining two sisters and her mother. Cinda returns home to find Ella gone, and her family has forgotten that Ella really exists and they call Cinda, Ci [...]

    17. I thought this book started out really great and I was excited to see how it ended and all tied together. But the ending was too fast, dumb, and left tons of questions unanswered. It's because of the end I gave the book a 3 instead of a 4.

    18. This is definitely a different way to look at the Cinderella story! This would have gotten a "5 star" from me, but. there were some questions that I had that the author did not answer by the end of the story.

    19. This review posted on bibliojunkies on August 20, 2011. I received this book as an Advance Reader Copy from Netgalley. The book releases November 8, 2011.From Benneville Books (Cedar Fort, Inc.):After their father’s disappearance, Cinder leaves home for a servant job at the castle. But it isn’t long before her sister Ella is brought to the castle herself—the most dangerous place in all the kingdom for both her and Cinder. Cinder and Ella is a Cinderella story like no other and one you'll n [...]

    20. First of all one minor detail that still has quite an influence regarding this review It's been almost a month since I read the book but some issues regarding my laptop (plus the fact that i had some sort of holidays and being lazy a bit too to start reviewing) so it's not so fresh in my mind the whole case of the book and normally i have forgotten some small things that i would normally point out if i had bothered to write this much earlierCinderella, perhaps the most famous fairytale ever told [...]

    21. I received this book free of charge from NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.From : "After their father’s disappearance, Cinder leaves home for a servant job at the castle. But it isn’t long before her sister Ella is brought to the castle herself—the most dangerous place in all the kingdom for both her and Cinder. Cinder and Ella is a Cinderella story like no other and one you'll never forget."If you are looking for a retelling of the classic Cinderella story in this book, stop rig [...]

    22. Note: Review copy provided via NetGalley.Although this is billed as a retelling of Cinderella, I didn't find much that was even remotely related to one of the traditional versions. This wouldn't have been a problem for me had the story been strong enough to stand on its own, unfortunately there were numerous problems that kept me from fully enjoying the work. However, I want to discuss the positive aspects of this story first.I thought that the legend of the trees was an interesting and actually [...]

    23. This is not your typical Cinderella story. There is a mother, a father, and four sisters. Everything was fine until one day the Prince came to their home and their father slowly started to become less like him self, until one day he just left – never to return. The house that was so full of love and happiness slowly became a place where the eldest daughter Katrina got everything she wanted from their mother, the youngest Beatrice, was a spoiled brat who still acted like a very small child, and [...]

    24. I loved the title: Cinder and Ella. I felt it was quite clever. That is what drew me to this book--and the hope of hunkering down in my chair with a heartwarming remake of a cherished childhood fairytale. If you join me with a similar expectation with this book, you might be disappointed. But if you want to read a book that throws story structure to the wind and concentrates more on teaching a lesson, then perhaps this book is for you.Cinder and Ella are the only two functioning souls of a disfu [...]

    25. My review:I was very happy when I won Cinder and Ella and when the book finally popped into my mailbox. I had previously followed Cinder and Ella’s blog tour which was organized by Cedar Fort and saw quite many good and very good reviews. My expectations to this book were quite high. When I ended the book, I was little disappointed.Be aware, that there are some spoilers below.Regarding the plot and characters:The plot was very good, it was retelling of Cinderella story from very different pers [...]

    26. I read Cinder and Ella a little while ago, but I remember how entertaining it was. I think that someone who likes fairy tales and happy, fluff reading would love this book. It is a very unique take on the normal Cinderella tale. You will be surprised yet intrigued with the set up. The characters are interesting and the story is great.A quick summary of this book: Ella is the main character who has 3 sister; Cinder, Beatrice, and Katrina. One night when they were all young girls the evil prince c [...]

    27. This is an absolutely wonderful retelling of “Cinderella”. I hadn’t thought about the particular angle Lemon spun on this story – that Cinderella had once been two people, mashed into one by their Mother’s grief. No evil stepsisters here, just a story of duty gone to an extreme and a forgotten child who will go to any length to support their family (Cinder) and to regain their lost sense of self (Ella), a story of two broken girls trying to put themselves together again in two differen [...]

    28. “Sometimes, things come to you whether you go looking for them or not – danger, disaster… love.” (p. 94)Cinder and Ella are sisters. They live happily with their parents and two other sisters until one day a wicked prince comes to their house with a dark power. It is not long after, that their father goes away and leaves them without any notice or news. Cinder and Ella have to live and work hard for the family. Their lives are not easy after their father has gone, things change in the fa [...]

    29. Full review at fireandicephoto/2I'll have to be honest, normally I am not a sucker for fairy tales or re-tellings of princess stories. However, Cinder and Ella kept me interested. In this version, Cinder and Ella are sisters in a family of six. Their father has disappeared since a mysterious visit from the Prince who plants seeds of discontent and darkness in the home,and their mother is a shadow of a woman who spends her days at the spinning wheel--isolated and mostly mute. The sisters are left [...]

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