A Father s Quest When Victor Tookes went to work that beautiful spring day he never expected to see a man eaten in the street in front of his office After convincing himself that they really were zombies he makes a t

  • Title: A Father's Quest
  • Author: Kirk Allmond Laura Bretz
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When Victor Tookes went to work that beautiful spring day he never expected to see a man eaten in the street in front of his office After convincing himself that they really were zombies, he makes a trip from his house in Pennsylvania to his family home in Virginia, battling zombies all the way His three and a half year old son was bitten on the leg, but doesn t turn intWhen Victor Tookes went to work that beautiful spring day he never expected to see a man eaten in the street in front of his office After convincing himself that they really were zombies, he makes a trip from his house in Pennsylvania to his family home in Virginia, battling zombies all the way His three and a half year old son was bitten on the leg, but doesn t turn into a zombie Instead, he turns into something than human.Victor and his friends discover that not all zombies are created equal, some of them are smarter than others Some of them are even able to pass for human.

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      444 Kirk Allmond Laura Bretz
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    One thought on “A Father's Quest”

    1. Interesting premise in a mass of zombie literature but unfortunately I did not like this short story as much as I anticipated. Allmond's writing is good (though there were still quite a few spelling errors and grammatical errors throughout) but I didn't like the general 'tone' of this story.I hated the protagonist, Victor Tookes. He was overly cocky and annoying and quite frankly he just grated on me. His personality change was so swift as well, he went from humble loving father and husband one [...]

    2. If there is one thing that I cannot stand, it is taking the time to choose a particular book, out of thousands (its like an author winning a lottery, in my world!), and find that the author did not care enough about their readers to bother having the book edited. Then edited again. It insults me, both as a reader and as a beta-reader. That is the case with 'What Zombies Fear.' Kirk Allmond took an idea, that was really quite original, and got lazy. I made it to 66% in my Kindle, highlighting eve [...]

    3. Review:I bought this book Free on a few weeks back, it was about Zombies and had a pretty good rating, so really why not give it a shot. Well let me tell you, I am so glad that I did. What Zombies Fear is a really unique take on your run of the mill Zombie Apocalypse. These Zombies are more parasitic then plague driven and that is pretty cool to see.The Story starts out following a pencil pusher named Viktor, he says goodbye to his wife and son and heads out to start the day just like dozens be [...]

    4. Unfortunately, there's nothing really new here. I hoped it would be about the kid, but apparently what zombies fear is a bunch of dudes with a massive arsenal. Also unfortunately, I got my copy before the latest revisions, so I had to suffer through terrible grammar, punctuation and spelling. Note to would-be self-publishers: PLEASE get someone else to read your work before sending it out to the world! Childish writing mistakes REALLY distract from your storytelling!

    5. This is a great story. The main character is cocky, he takes his friends for granted, and he's self absorbed. Throughout this book he learns that he can't do it all on his own. Without his friends and family he is nothing.The twist on zombies is fun. This is not a zombie story I've ever read before, crossing "The Road" with "Day of the Dead". In the end it's super humans vs. super zombies, and the battles are epic. Mr. Allmond writes action as well as any I've read.There are some areas for impro [...]

    6. Loved the book!I think the characters were awesome and fit in completely with the story line. Tookes, one of the main characters, I liked.(unlike some other reviewers). He took in this situation as probably many faced in it would. He took charge and did what he felt he needed for protection of his son, family and friends.What I would have like to have known was the back story - why this outbreak happened, what the government was doing? (Well, more parts to this story for me to read - so I may fi [...]

    7. Could have been a good book if not for all the typos, "filler" paragraphs with nothing important said and a maybe a little more character development. I love zombies, but probably won't read the next books because of writing style.

    8. This story had real potential as an original zombie horror tale it was sunk by bad editing the typos alone were enough to keep jolting me away from what could have been an interesting read, though I'm not particularly partial to zombie smooshage.

    9. Don't believe these reviews. This thing is the biggest piece of sophomoric crap ever written. Avoid at all costs!

    10. A whole bunch of rambling observations with tons of spoilers.Interesting premise. Zombie apocalypse. Some people are immune - they are bitten and change, but do not die. They just become super-human. On the flip side, some zombies become super zombies. Can a coward become a hero? The answer appears to be yes, as long as he makes some superhero friends and mutates into a metahero himself. From the beginning Tookes is NOT likeable. He's probably a nice enough guy - he adores his wife and dotes on [...]

    11. Victor Tookes is an embodiment of every family man you know. He is average, Sponge Bob witty, works hard, and loves his family. Everything he does, he does for his wife and child. What started as a normal day turned no into less than a nightmare, when Tookes, only wanting his toasted bagel, witnesses the horror to the beginning of the end.What Zombies Fear takes place right here, right now in this society. Tookes (As he is called by his friends) isn’t dumbfounded by the presence of rising dead [...]

    12. I am a firm believer there's no need for the Zombie Renaissance to ever end. However, for this to be the case, every author must bring something new to the pot. People talk about wanting to have George Romero shamblers indefinitely as if they are the only way you can do them. Kirk Allmond is a guy who manages to impress me not necessarily because I agree with all of his choices but I appreciate the fact he bothers to do things differently. There's zombies, there's an apocalypse, and a father i [...]

    13. I read many different Sci-Fi sub-genres and right night I'm blowing through the subgenre of Zombies and Zombie Apocalypses. I have read many of this subgenre and I found WZF: A Father's Quest - as well as the next 2 books in the series to be very enjoyable. I'm starting on book 4 now, but I expect it to be just as entertaining. I'll read books 5 & 6 as shortly.If you are looking for a book that will inspire you to change your life and join the Peace Corps, this is not it. If you are looking [...]

    14. Victor is at work when he witnesses a zombie attack and decides he has to go to day care to rescue his son Max, getting him and Candi to safety. but these are no ordinary zombies. They can think, operate weapons and employ tactics and they have a particular interest in MaxUrgh I don't like ultra smart zombies! I like the shambling George Romero ones who just keep going and hunt you down. These zombies were smart enough to guard bridges, patrol areas with weapons, set ambushes, talk and I wasn't [...]

    15. I finished this book 2 days ago and never did a review because I jumped right into the 2nd book! I know how important reviews are for self-published authors and thought I'd take a break from book 2 and give, What Zombies Fear; A Fathers Quest, a review.I really enjoyed this story. The Zpoc begins pretty much the same way it does in most books of this variety, quickly and very unexpectedly. One minute, Victor Tookes is at work, and the next minute, he's watching people attack and eat people. His [...]

    16. What if you were bitten by a zombie and lived? What if not all zombies were the mindless brain munching creatures of the movies? What if there were smart zombies? This is the world that Victor Tooks finds himself in from the moment pedestrian is attacked on the street outside a cafe window by what looks like a drunk. Not just attacked but eaten. And then the victim returns to life. From there, the ride gets a whole lot worse. What ensues is a wild ride where Victor and his son Max are confronted [...]

    17. I give this 4.5 stars for being an interesting take on zombies. I have never read anything by this author before and was pleasantly surprised to get a zombie tale that was at least at little different from the usual, though I do remember something somewhat similar. The characters were interesting if a bit less fleshed than I would have liked, I see room for them to gain more personality and life as the series moves forward. While the first chapter didn't bring me fully in, by chapter two I was r [...]

    18. The book started out good but went weird fast. The whole idea of super smart and super fast zombies was/is hard to accept. The main characters and their superhero characteristics was too far on the sci-fi and unexplainable for me. Since when does an “office” worker that makes excel spreadsheets turn GI Joe/Rambo/aura reading, zombie killing machine in 4 months?!The author told us that the main characters loved each other like a family but I never felt that relationship develop during the boo [...]

    19. Picked this up as an free book and it was pretty good, not a well polished book but that is what I expect in such cases. More of a one-man-storynda a coming-of-age type with a +30yr character that comes into powers. The people just start following him because first there is nothing better to do and then for their super-powers. It sounds a bit silly as a write about it (sorry), but it was an enjoyable, quick read. There are 3 zombie types: normal (Romero style), smart (seem human, enhanced), sup [...]

    20. Although the prose is a bit stilted the overall story line is very quickly moved along, and quite frankly, addicting! I have held out on the zombie craze thus far, but after finding this book free for my Kindle I have quickly added the remaining books and am tearing through them at the pace of Leo in the midst of a zombie horde!! I highly recommend this series to people who want a break from reality and want to submerge themselves in a post-apocolyptic world where they can imagine themselves the [...]

    21. While the idea was interesting, the writing was a bit choppy and the ending felt almost too easy. I'm all for endings that tie up all the loose threads but I want the characters to work for it, not have a mystical happening swoop down to end the conflict.This book was a free Kindle download I picked up on 04/24/12 for the Why Buy the Cow? reading challenge.-Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal

    22. I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!! I've read it twice now and I've just started on the second book in the series. I love Leo I think she's a great character and very important to the story line. I also really like the new perspective on zombies and what causes a person to become a zombie. Very very interesting twist. I can't wait to read the rest of the series!

    23. The most unbelievable zombie attack book I've ever read. Outrageous, unexplained plot lines, bad dialogue, whole chapters of confusing banter between characters that aren't identified - very confusing! The writing alone wasn't bad, but the plot was insane, characters undeveloped and really?! Super zombies?!

    24. I really enjoyed this book. He did a great job of developing the zombies & evolving the storyline of the father/son relationship. I did find a few typos and the love interest was kinda half-done. Overall, however, a very enjoyable read.

    25. I love this series. It's a new take on the zombie genre. The cause of the outbreak is an interesting one--resulting in all types of zombies. I've read the first four and they were all good. Looks like it was set up for a fifthn't wait!

    26. Interesting twists to the zombie novels. Some of the super zed powers are a bit over the top but it was still a fun read.

    27. AhhhhI love zombies.I truly dod this was just a fun, action filled zombie story. Read it in one sitting.

    28. What' s Zombies Fear (Book 1): A Father's Quest turned out to be pretty darn fun. Yes, there is deus ex in action of a small boy with key characters developing super-human abilities as they fight off massive hordes of slow, and not so slow zombies.The tale is simple, in that a father is protecting his son and traveling to his family farm in hope of finding food, shelter, and security. Along the way he finds out that some zombies are super-zombies with speed, strength, and intelligence. Luckily, [...]

    29. The following review is my opinion and not a paid review. I picked up What Zombies Fear as a free download from .Victor Tookes (Tookes as he is called) woke up on a beautiful spring day and headed off to work. On his way there he dropped his three year old son Max off at day care. Upon his arrival at work he saw a man being eaten alive. At first he had no clue as to what was going on. Then he convinced himself that what he was thinking was true he was seeing zombies.After he realized what was go [...]

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