Hugo The Happy Starfish The Last Bully Happiness Begins With RespectHugo is a little starfish and so it s not surprising that in this story he comes across several bigger fish in the ocean Sadly they are bigger fish with the wrong attitud

  • Title: Hugo The Happy Starfish: The Last Bully
  • Author: Suzy Liebermann
  • ISBN: 9781935997054
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Happiness Begins With RespectHugo is a little starfish and so it s not surprising that in this story he comes across several bigger fish in the ocean Sadly, they are bigger fish with the wrong attitudes they are bullies After seeing his friend getting bullied, Hugo decides enough is enough He forms the Anti Bully Club and teaches the bullies a valuable lesson about reHappiness Begins With RespectHugo is a little starfish and so it s not surprising that in this story he comes across several bigger fish in the ocean Sadly, they are bigger fish with the wrong attitudes they are bullies After seeing his friend getting bullied, Hugo decides enough is enough He forms the Anti Bully Club and teaches the bullies a valuable lesson about respect.By working together as a group, Hugo and his friends manage to show the bullies that there is always a bigger fish in the sea and that happiness comes from respecting others not bullying themE LAST BULLY is great tale to teach a lesson about one of the biggest issues around.Meet HUGO a little starfish with a BIG HEART His passion is to make others happy but he still has a lot to learn Luckily he does not only have a big heart but also a CURIOUS MIND.Through his adventures, Hugo learns many valuable lessons of character, life skills, and ecological alertness all amid the backdrop of a magical underwater world and mystical islands.In Hugo, children, parents, and educators will discover a lovable and engaging role model with whom they can identify.Suzy Liebermann has written this charming series of children s books to help educate children about their feelings, their attitudes, their choices, and the consequences that follow.Each book offers a themed vocabulary to introduce the Spanish language to the reader Each book also comes with a number of worksheets which are downloadable at no cost on our website We are sure you ll agree that life skills and character traits are two of the most important lessons to teach the young Age appropriate children s books are crucial to child development and well written books that contain a message can expand not only a child s cognitive abilities, but also their emotional, moral, and spiritual capacities The key theme behind the HUGO THE HAPPY STARFISH series is that building character based on a positive attitude leads to a happy, self confident and successful human being We believe this distinctive way of sharing a message through the medium of an exciting narrative is what has given the books their charm The stories were developed in conjunction with Suzy s teaching experience at an International Baccalaureate School and support the different learner profiles and attitudes of the IB PYP curriculum.MyStarfish

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    1. My little ones love this book. We have all the three books of the series so far and they seem to really teach my children to do the right thing.We love the workbooks that go with the books and we even gave some copies away for christmas gifts!Great series on character education for kids!We are looking forward to the new books coming out hopefully soon!

    2. I reviewed this product on my blog and I LOVE this book. My 4 year old understood it perfectly and I want her to know it's not okay to be a bully or to take being bullied. This book explained everything perfectly, had great illustrations and more. This would be a great book for the classroom as well!

    3. When I was 3 1/2 years old we moved.We to a new apartment.Well I started kindergarten when I was 4 years old,I remember that I loved school and I was excited to start my new school.But I was not ready for school so went back to kindergarten the next year.I made a lot of friends,but after I finished kindergarten they closed the school down.I was so excited to go to a new school.But soon after beginning the new school I was not as excited or happy.There were a lot of kids in my class and in this n [...]

    4. Sunday, March 24, 2013Hugo The Happy Starfish - The Last Bully Book Review I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to review another book in the series of Hugo The Happy Starfish. As a few months ago I had the chance to review Hugo The Happy Starfish - The Secret To Happiness and it was amazing.As the inside of the book jacket states."Happiness Begins With Respect". What a truthful statement that I only wish the world could understand. Hopefully with the help of Hugo and his "The Last Bully" [...]

    5. Bullying is a big topic these days, or more precisely anti-bullying. Teaching proper behavior at a young age is a great way to prevent the bad behavior later. Always on the lookout for items to help broach the subject, I ran across the book Hugo The Happy Starfish: The Last Bully by Suzy Liebermann thanks to a program at Tomoson. In a nutshell, the book helps you teach respect and, what I think is the obvious, don't bully, with the help of a very happy star fish named Hugo.Before delving into th [...]

    6. The LAST BULLY is a confidence-boosting book for children, showing them that being different is okay and the best way to deal with bullies is to tell someone about it. We regularly read stories before bed as part of our bedtime routine. The kids were excited when their new book came in and couldn’t wait for bed time. The kids loved it. Especially my four year old son. Camden said Hugo is very cute and that he would love to have Hugo as his friend. The book is brilliantly illustrated with brigh [...]

    7. The FULL review is posted at Sandling All DayIn the book, it shows how one after another, a bigger fish bullies the last. One after one, they all end up joining the Anti-Bully Club.This is a great book. It teaches kids about WHY bullying isn't ok, HOW it hurts others and WHAT kids can do to stop it.It sprinkles in phrases in Spanish, basically making the book do double duty! My son can how say "Leave him (or me) alone!) in Spanish!!My son loved the book as much as I did. He's going to bring it t [...]

    8. My Review: As Hugo the Happy Starfish was swimming through the ocean he came across his friend Clooney Clownfish followed by Bandit the Barracuda. Hugo could hear Bandit taunting Clooney, calling him nerdy and big eyes with small fins and green skin. Clooney was crying and Hugo told him to ignore his disrespectful behavior. Bandit felt like he was the biggest fish in the entire ocean.So Hugo and Clooney decided to form an Anti Bully Club for someone had to stand up to the bullies of the sea worl [...]

    9. My children are one, four and five so I really liked sharing the message with them of “No Bullying”. My two older kids had an anti-bullying rally at their elementary school so the book came just in time for me to help them understand the meaning of being a bully and why it’s important for them to not bully others and more importantly stand up for others as well. This book provides both in a very simple and easy way for kids to understand the message. It will require reading the book multip [...]

    10. This is the 2nd Hugo The Happy Starfish book I have read/reviewed. The topics are so contemporary and essential for young children. The stories focus on character education and how to become a good person. This series would be an excellent addition to any primary year program and teaching respectful attitudes to our youth. This book would serve as a great introduction to bullying to younger children in our schools. The end of the book includes an interactive section for children to complete. Thi [...]

    11. Hugo the Last Bully is a story about a Starfish named Hugo who sees his friends getting bullied, this really upsets him, so he starts an anti-bullying club. As more bullies get bullied themselves they realize how horrible it is and ask to join the club.Hugo the Happy Starfish teaches many great things. This particular book is great for younger kids, bullying has been a big focus lately and has been a problem in many schools. To have a book that focuses on this problem is great especially when th [...]

    12. I love the whole Hugo series! These books are wonderful topical books, that would be easy for parents searching for something that would touch on a topic for their own unique situations. With bullying being a hot-topic currently, this would be great to illustrate this subject with your young children. I personally would recommend this book for the younger, elementary school-age set. The Hugo books also include several Spanish words and phrases. There are also interactive pages at the end of the [...]

    13. In this second book I now have titled Hugo The Last Bully by Suzy Liebermann, Hugo finds himself defending a small clownfish that is being teased by a bigger Barracuda. Hugo stands up to the Barracuda and together Hugo and his new Clownfish friend start a Anti Bully Club. One by one they gain new members to this club. The members are bullies who end up bullied a fish even bigger then themselves. This book offers the value of respect and working as a team to do good for others.The book offers som [...]

    14. Another great children’s book from Suzy Liebermann. This book teaches our children about Respect and Bullying. It shows them how to combat the bullying issues we deal with today and how to respect others feelings. This book is one out of a series of books that I would suggest you get for your kids. We all strive to teach our children to respect others feelings, how not to be a bully and how to help out those that are being bullied, this book is a great aid in that teaching. The book is based u [...]

    15. I love this book! My daughter and I read every night before bed and this book is a perfect book to read not only for the quality time together but it teaches a life lesson. It teaches her about bullying and why not to do it. It also teaches her to stand up when she sees someone being bullied. Hugo, the little starfish, who is the main character in the book created the ABC or the Anti Bully Club. He is goal was to end bullying in the ocean one fish at a time and by the end of the book he had. He [...]

    16. My children absolutely loved this story and haven’t stopped talking about Hugo since the first time I read this book to them! This book teaches a very valuable lesson about the attitudes of children while entertaining the kids at the same time. The illustrations in the book are very vibrant and colorful and really hold the children’s attention. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for captivating stories for their children that also help teach important life values! This [...]

    17. This story opens up conversation about a topice parents may find hard to bring up BULLY'sThe little fish in the ocean get's pick on by a larger fish and Hugo put together an Anti-Bully group.By working together as a group, Hugo and his friends manage to show the bullies that there is always a bigger fish in the sea and that happiness comes from respecting others not bullying them.The story is done in a great way to get your children to open up about what they might be seeing or have happening to [...]

    18. I Just received this book and I am very impressed. Bullying has always been an issue and has come into the public light more these days. I really loved the message about sticking up for our friends and realizing that there is always someone bigger out there and that If we all take a stand we can put a stop to bullying once and for all. My daughter also loved the colorful pictures in the book. A great book for kids of all ages!

    19. The Last Bully is a very special book. I wanted to ensure that Davey has all of the tools to help him deal with bullies. It is so hard to explain a bully and that bullies come in all ages. I am a true believer that a 3 year old bully if not stopped with be a 90 year old bully.Bullies come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. They don't always frown or are always mean. They are bullies!Hugo explains BULLYING so well!Hugo helps children learn the meaning of respect.

    20. I was given this book by a friend and I LOVE IT!The story and illustrations are extremely well done and the additions of the list of vocabulary in the back of the book (to teach/ learn some Spanish) as well as the activities to go with the story are very useful.A wonderful tool to address one of the biggest issues in schools nowadays - BULLYING!

    21. This anti-bullying book is a wonderful way to help children and adults do what needs to be done about bullying – STOP IT!This charmingly written story gives advice on how to deal with bullying and offers a comforting and encouraging solution for young children and is especially useful in the classroom.I would recommend it to every parent and teacher.

    22. Let's face it! BULLYING IS A PROBLEM! My kids and I totally support the Anti-Bully Club and wish we could make the message go viral: SET AN END TO BULLYING! EVERYWHERE!THE LAST BULLY is a great way to spread the message and at the same time entertain the little ones!

    23. Not only do the kids learn from this book but they will also enjoy looking at the characters of the story.

    24. The Last Bully should be an elementary school staple. This book impacted my son and his bully directly. Read more about it on my website griffinshoney(dot)com

    25. I loved this little book! What a wonderful way to teach character to our children. Complete review on Simply Sherryl sherrylwilson/review-h

    26. I'm so excited to be reviewing another one of the HUGO books! I think these are so cute! They also send great messages. I have 2 of the hardcover books that I was sent for reviewing by Happy Language Kids, and all of the books on Kindle. I can't say enough good things about them!This time I got to review The Last Bully. If you haven't already, you should check out my review of The Secret to Happiness.The first thing I noticed about both of these books is the awesome illustrations. I've never see [...]

    27. We were sent a copy of The Last Bully- Hugo the Happy Starfish by Suzy Liebermann to read and give our honest opinion and I have to say I really like the theme. With all the talk about kids being bullied it was nice to have a book to explain what bullying really is in an example that kids can relate to. It was a nice way to talk to Lily about how she needs to respect her brother and not bully him just because she is bigger and can.The book takes you along with the main character Hugo, a starfish [...]

    28. I love that there is a book geared towards young children about bullying. As much as I hate to admit this, my three year old daughter can be a bit of a bully so I was really happy to read Hugo the Happy Starfish: The Last Bully to her. I want to tackle this problem before bullying at home becomes bullying in schools.This book couldn’t have been more well designed for her. She loves movies and books about the ocean so it immediately had her attention. When the book started out with name calling [...]

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