His Sugar Baby Siren Allure Erotic Contemporary Romance An ill child A desperate mother A man with money She has nothing left to sell except her body He finds his perfect sugar baby It s a business arrangement in e

  • Title: His Sugar Baby
  • Author: SarahRoberts
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Siren Allure Erotic Contemporary Romance An ill child A desperate mother A man with money She has nothing left to sell, except her body He finds his perfect sugar baby It s a business arrangement in exchange for her companionship, he will pay her a monthly stipend It s only about sex they will never share details of their personal lives Cathy s life is one long p Siren Allure Erotic Contemporary Romance An ill child A desperate mother A man with money She has nothing left to sell, except her body He finds his perfect sugar baby It s a business arrangement in exchange for her companionship, he will pay her a monthly stipend It s only about sex they will never share details of their personal lives Cathy s life is one long panic attack Losing herself to mindless passion in Michael s arms becomes her opiate She s swiftly addicted to him and what he can make her forget Michael is satisfied with the sexual arrangement until he becomes curious about the woman who shares his bed and he breaks his own no details privacy rule Cathy can t think about her changing feelings when her daughter s health is so precarious Michael s own scarred past presents a secret that threatens to destroy their evolving relationship The torrid affair turns into something much Note This book contains dubious consent A Siren Erotic Romance

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    One thought on “His Sugar Baby”

    1. Wow! After a long time a book and its characters have affected me so greatly. I picked it up randomly, expecting shallow and smutty and got deep and remarkable instead. Oh, and I got the smut too!So in this sex-for-money erotica, the author kept me spellbound with her amazing understanding of emotions and relationships, and then presenting them with simplicity and lucidity.The h is a divorced, single mother of a 6 y.o. daughter fighting leukemia. With her ex not helping out in any way, she sells [...]

    2. Good storytelling, sizzling erotic scenes, and a surprisingly strong, plausible main female character gave this story a promising start. Unfortunately, the last quarter seemed to have been written by a completely different person, as it got mired in more and more layers of over the top soap-opera outrageousness. I really felt at times that I was reading the script for a General Hospital episode. Ultimately, it fizzled to the point that I did not want these two characters to even end up together, [...]

    3. I got sucked into this book and finished it in almost one sitting. It was exactly the sort of book that I needed to quickly engage me when I was picking up an putting down almost everything.The premise is fairly simple but the execution is excellent. Cathy is a divorced mother of a very sick child. Her daughter has leukemia and isn't responding to any of the treatments. She's been battling the disease for three years. Cathy's ex is a serious dead-beat who wants nothing to do with her of their ch [...]

    4. If you are interested in reading some serious angst, look no further, His Sugar Baby's the perfect read:)After reading the Fifty Shades of Grey books, I have found myself "wanting more" of that type of story. Rich classy guy with severe emotional issues becomes enamored with average woman and will do anything to keep her with him. This book was recommended to me by others who loved Fifty Shades as much as I did, and I must say that I was captivated by this story.Did I mention the angst factor?Te [...]

    5. In fairness I have to put some emphasis on this authors writing! It was written with emotional depth and reality with “real people” with “real issues” that you cannot help but care for those characters! Speaking of which, I really cared for the heroine especially her bravery and determination to fight every obstacles that were thrown at her and threatened her very foundation of her existence! For that very reason I so desperately wanted her to have a happy life and a Hero that would wors [...]

    6. Looks like I'm the only one who didn't like this book. His Sugar Baby is melodrama with a capital M. The hero is a jerk. He frequently demeans and humiliates the heroine, making sure she know her place is only as his whore and nothing more. To top it off, we find out he lied to the heroine and is married (at least he doesn't live with his wife). That pretty much killed the book for me. Although he redeemed himself in the end, by that point I just didn't care. As for the heroine, she began as a v [...]

    7. Saw this recommended on the forums and decided to give it a try.Heroine answers an ad from hero who is looking for a sugar baby. He wants to be able to have sex with someone without having to have a relationship with them. Heroine's daughter is sick and she needs money to pay the bills so she agrees to his terms.No personal info exchanged. Ever. He doesn't want to know anything about her. She won't ever meet his friends and he won't ever meet hers. She is to meet him whenever he calls her. She [...]

    8. I'm trying to remember the sequence of events that led me to this book and failing. This was one of these stories where, once started, I couldn't put it down but, once finished, I really didn't like the main characters. And the plotWell, there is angst and drama but this book is angst and melodrama with a capital A and a capital M. It feels like the author was trying too hard by throwing everything at this story, except the kitchen sink. And just when you think the drama is over, it keeps on com [...]

    9. I really wish I hadn't waisted my money on this one. Had it been a freebee, I still wouldn't have rated any higher but the sting of waisted time and money would have been much easier to handle.The story should have been a good one, a single mother of a child battling cancer and with medical bills pilling up and all of her worldly goods already liquified to pay for said medical bills, the only thing she had left to sell was her self. Sounds great to me but this story is riddled with poor writing. [...]

    10. I want to give this 4 stars but I can't. The book was not bad, but Michael was too selfish a lot of the time. I understand that he hired a sugar baby and expected certain things from her and she answered the ad and fully agreed to it. I also understand he felt he could be selfish because he was paying $3000.00 a month for it. Catherine "Winter" understandably kept things from him, like the health of her daughter, because all she wanted was her daughter's medical bills paid. That's it. She agreed [...]

    11. I almost didn’t buy this book because of the title. I guess it’s the images and connotations that the terms ‘sugar baby’ and ‘sugar daddy’ inevitably conjure in my head – none of them particularly positive. (Yes, yes, I realise I’m being judgemental.) Thankfully, His Sugar Baby surprised me. It wasn’t a sickly sweet tale of an overly-indulged heroine who does nothing more than have sex with a man for superficial gain. Nor was it a boringly straightforward ‘destitute woman mee [...]

    12. I wanted a very easy one-sitting read that required no brain power what so ever, since honestly currently i couldn't deal with having to follow a real plot. And i got this for free, so i thought why not give it a try?And it was exactly what i wanted at the moment. A very easy to follow and read romance that i will most likely have forgotten about completely in a week or two but still at least had me reading right now instead of doing nothing at all!It had the rather typical female lead, that has [...]

    13. To be honest when I bought this book I was not expecting who knows what kind of masterpiece but just a way to spend few hours, an easy read with hopefully hot sex scenes. But when I started reading I found out how REALLY good was this story. I was so engrossed I didn't put it down till the end. There are sex scenes and are very steamy but there's a plot too. I was rooting for Michael and Cathy to find their happily ever after.You see two people involved in a physical contract but at the same tim [...]

    14. Wow. Very well done, very realistic story about two people that decide for convenience sake to have a no strings sexual relationship. Michael, wants the ability to date and have sex with an attractive woman without any of the emotional strings.Cathy is in desperate need for extra cash to provide for the treatment necessary to save her 7 year old daughter from Leukemia.This is one sexually intense book, filled with such emotion as we watch two very different people forge a relationship. I particu [...]

    15. 3.5/5; 4 stars; BThis was a better than average story from this genre. I put this on my erotica shelf because there are a lot of sex scenes in the story and the main reason couple originally get together to have a strictly sexual relationship. However, as the book unfolds it becomes so much more. Its the story of a desperate, courageous mom, trying to hold it together enough to help her sick child and a wounded, screwed up man who fools himself into thinking he can have the good things in life w [...]

    16. I liked the story well enough. Be forewarned, this is not your typical love story with a happy ending. Even though the story did not have the typical happy ending, I was expecting more of a resolution in the end.

    17. The story was good. Kept my attention all day. So our hero has issues. So does the heroine. But neither are allowed to speak of them. Lots of smexin'. Then all the secrecy comes to a head.Yada-yada. Bun in the oven! Well It's definitely worth a read.

    18. Needed an epilogue or another 50 or so pages to allow the reader to see both MC's healed and, well, just normal. The writing is great but because of that issue (a big one, if you read you'll understand) I couldn't give it 4 stars.

    19. Wow, I cannot believe how riveted I was reading this book. I really did love it. Yes there is hot descriptive sex but there is also a lot of emotional angst and tenderness.Cathy's young daughter Chloe's leukemia has returned and she has sold everything she owns in order to help pay the medical bills since the insurance has maxed out. She is looking for a second job when she sees an ad for "friends with benefits" arrangement that will pay $3000/month.She can't believe it herself but unable to get [...]

    20. HOLY FREAKIN MOLY!!! I loved, loved, loved this book. This is my first book by Sarah Roberts and I can't wait for more. I fell in love with the characters in this story.I think I could actually feel Cathy's pain from fighting for Chloe. I cried so hard my heart actually ached. Chloe's fight was so heart wrenching but also in some ways beautiful. She was such an inspiring, strong and beautiful little girl. Cathy is a strong, loving beautiful woman with an undying devotion and love for her daughte [...]

    21. This book is a perfect insight in the lives of people that strugle with sick children. It is very emotional and it made appreciate that much more that I have a healthy child. It is a heartbreaking story and I couldn't put it down.I really really wanted to give it 5 stars and I was going to until.at stupid end. I felt like Winter (CATHY) and myself along with her were robbed of a happy ending. The end isn't unhappy I just expected soooo much more. Winter needed closure after the hell that was her [...]

    22. 3 1/2 stars This was an engaging book and I really liked it. Stayed up all night to read it.Right up until a resolution scene near the end. (view spoiler)[ She's in the hospital ICU, dying from internal injuries. He saves the day by donating his blood. (She has a rare negative type and his will work. oh yay!) She pulls through, wakes up. Flutters eyes, raspy whisper etc, etc. He's still emotionally unavailable. She SITS UP and YELLS at him. hmmmmally? Ow. And I kept waiting for atleasta little h [...]

    23. I love books with a mistress theme and am intrigued by the desperate nature of these types of stories. This book fit the bill with a mother willing to do just about anything for her sick child. I liked the heroine and felt a lot of empathy for how she got into this terrible situation. The only thing missing for me was the ending, (view spoiler)[ more of a HFN, without an epilogue. I did however believe in the couples ability for a HEA.(hide spoiler)]. I'm sure a few hours with a therapist would [...]

    24. Wow! What a great read. This book was recommended to me and the description sounded good, so I bought it for my Kindle and read it over the last couple of days. This is a much better book than the cover indicates. Cathy is a single mother, inundated with medical bills, and desperate. With no where else to turn, she answers an ad from a man wanting an uncomplicated arrangement. Lots of things happen in this book, it had me tearing up several times, and I am so glad I read it. I highly recommend i [...]

    25. This book was great. I love a hero that needs a lot of work and Michael had a lot he needed to do. The story was emotional and hot all at the same time.The characters didn't really grow together, rather circumstances forced them to stretch and develop into their potential. This was a 'read it all in one sitting' kind of book. It only missed out on the fifth star because the ending was hopeful rather than certain. I would have liked an epilogue making me sure of their happiness, they deserved a h [...]

    26. This was really good, though I don't usually like books with kids in them. The hero was an ass, of course, and the heroine a martyr. Towards the end the dialogue and characters' reactions to each other seemed off. And the ending wasn't happy, but had a melancholy feel to it.And I just gotta say that the heroine was underpaid for her first night of turning tricks (a hundred bucks for a whole night of sex?). Someone call the hooker union!

    27. This book was so a five star but as it progressed it ended up being a 3.5So full of tears and angst- this book made me cry A lot.Michael and Cathy. So many issues.So many secrets. So much pain. And oh the kid. Everything that could go wrong went. And it hurt. But it was a good story in the end.However gave it a 3.5 in the end because of ambiguous ending and no epilogue! Come on- they needed a HEA

    28. I really enjoyed 85% of this book and then the author created some conflict just for the sake of the ending and it didn't fit with the rest of the story. even so I really enjoyed the story and cried through a fair bit of it. I was worth the read and I think I was grumpy with the close of the book because the rest of it was so great

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