My First Suicide Neither strictly a collection of stories nor a novel the ten short stories that comprise My First Suicide straddle the line between intimate revelation and drunken confession These stories reveal a n

  • Title: My First Suicide
  • Author: Jerzy Pilch David Frick
  • ISBN: 9781934824405
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Paperback
  • Neither strictly a collection of stories nor a novel, the ten short stories that comprise My First Suicide straddle the line between intimate revelation and drunken confession These stories reveal a nostalgic and poetic Pilch, one who can pen a character s lyrical ode to the fate of his father s perfect chess table in one story, examine a teacher s desperate and dangerousNeither strictly a collection of stories nor a novel, the ten short stories that comprise My First Suicide straddle the line between intimate revelation and drunken confession These stories reveal a nostalgic and poetic Pilch, one who can pen a character s lyrical ode to the fate of his father s perfect chess table in one story, examine a teacher s desperate and dangerous infatuation with a student in the next, and then, always true to his obsessions, tell a remarkably touching story that begins by describing his narrator s excitement at the possibility of a three way with the seductive soccer fan, Anka Chow Chow The stories of My First Suicide combine irony and humor, anecdote and gossip, love and desire with an irresistibly readable style that is vintage Pilch.

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    One thought on “My First Suicide”

    1. Jerzy Pilch is either incredibly brilliant or incredibly disturbed. I'm leaning towards brilliant. Although I've rated it only two stars based on my personal reaction, I believe this will rate four or five stars in the hands of the right reader - probably a male.Ten chapters in the book, each telling a different snippet of the man's life story. Which man? The author or the character? It's not clear, which is certainly a mark in favor of his storytelling ability. It took four or five chapters bef [...]

    2. Moje pierwsze spotkanie z Pilchem niekoniecznie było samobójstwem, nazwałabym je raczej literacką ucztą. Opowiadania zawarte w tym zbiorze (niektóre lepsze, niektóre gorsze) są perfekcyjnie przegadane, pełne ironii, sarkazmu, dygresji i dosadnego języka. Dzięki Pilchowi odkryłam, jakich słów użyć, by mówić o rzeczach, o których wcześniej nie umiałam mówić. Jestem fanką babki Pechowej.

    3. My First Suicide tells the story of Jerzy Pilch, a lonely meat shop worker who is near his breaking point. The book is set in New York during the late 1800's, when he barely just began his journey for love. Hoping to end his loneliness and find love, Jerzy Pilch must search for the right women that would satisfy his interests. Jerzy Pilch does everything he could to find the right girl searching far and wide, going on random blind dates, and even asking random women he thought were right. The bo [...]

    4. DAMN IT, . YOU DONE ATE MY REVIEW.I'll just repeat, in much condensed form: see Sunny -- she said it first and best -- and I'm pretty sure there are two occurrences of the discrete/discreet homophone error, which makes me want to write a letter to David Frick and see if he has some kind of literary Polish justification for it, as I am trying to give him the benefit of the doubt here (and it really just happens to be a bugaboo of mine). Otherwise, very different from what I remember of His Curren [...]

    5. At times brilliant but also frustrating, Pilch remains an interesting writer though not every moment of this one added up to much. Still liked it, but I found myself wondering why.

    6. Pilch jest, był i będzie stylistą. Najmniej znaczącą i najbardziej żałosną postać czy zdarzenie potrafi uwznioślić do granic śmieszności i jest to fantastyczne. To jest - jak zwykle - przyjemność czytania sama w sobie. Dla estetów.

    7. full-stop/2012/08/17/rReview by Tyler Malone“I am composing short stories now. A collection of short stories of a different sort,” says the narrator of Polish writer Jerzy Pilch’s recently translated My First Suicide, his third book to be published in English by Open Letter Books. The beautiful woman to whom he is speaking taunts him with the following question: “A novel is less than a novel, but a volume of short stories is more than a volume of short stories?”Like The Streets of Croc [...]

    8. A mnie się wydaje, że ironia, którą wszyscy w tej książce widzą, że ten cały dystans, to niezła przykrywka jest. Pan się grodzi, Panie autorze. Pan się osłania. Pan się w tym całym pancerzyku sarkazmu chowa przed czymś, czego zidentyfikować nie jestem w stanie. Jest w Pilchu jakiś niepokój, jakieś rozedrganie, jakaś tęsknota za tym, co już było, a jednocześnie pogodzenie z faktem, że nigdy nie powróci. Narrator we wszystkich chyba opowiadaniach CZEGOŚ poszukuje, ale c [...]

    9. Jest to moja pierwsza styczność z Pilchem i jestem mile zaskoczony. Niektórzy krytycy porównują jego styl do Hrabala i muszę przyznać, ze wyczuwa się pewne podobieństwo, choć Pilch w tym zestawieniu jest bardziej wulgarny. Prosty, dosadny język ociekający sarkazmem i cynizmem w stosunku do siebie, jako narratora i całego świata wokół daje mieszankę wielu błyskotliwych przemyśleń. Pilch z tego, co widzę ma pewną dziwną tendencje do nazw własnych, które często wręcz rytm [...]

    10. DISCLAIMER: I am the publisher of the book and thus spent approximately two years reading and editing and working on it. So take my review with a grain of salt, or the understanding that I am deeply invested in this text and know it quite well. Also, I would really appreciate it if you would purchase this book, since it would benefit Open Letter directly.This is a brilliant novel-in-stories that will definitely satisfy fans of Pilch's other works. Funny, touching, occasionally, and always stylis [...]

    11. This quirky little gem is part of an exciting series of translated literature from Open Letter at the University of Rochester. Brimming with dark humor and nostalgia, eroticism and innocence, these ten short connected pieces coalesce into a literary whole that is almost as unexpected as it is pleasurable. Last piece was not my favorite otherwise pretty close to five stars.

    12. At turns funny, poignant, but always entertaining, it felt like I was sitting in a Warsaw cafe with Pilch while he was drinking and telling stories about his life, his loves, his losses, his desires, his routines, his habitsI loved it, and highly recommend it.

    13. It's a collection but all linked. Not exactly stories either. More like recounting in a stream of consciousness. a brilliantly dry sense of humour shines through. Who would think Lutherism was so funny

    14. "Krytyka życia nie musi być pochwałą śmierci. Ale obrona życia musi być pochwałą rozpaczy." ("Rękopisy człowieka z moich stron")Realizm magiczny, czasem odchudzony ironią, ale raczej dogłębny. Stąd wzięło się wiele demonów

    15. Found this to be quite interesting. Good writing style and it had me turning pages for hours. Got this as an ARC

    16. Several chapters are incredible, I fell in love, but they are followed by few very boring and complicated chapters, which I'd throw away.

    17. I got four stories in but I couldn't manage to shake the terribly misogynistic vibe from #1 long enough to give any others a real chance. Maybe I'll revisit one day to finish the rest.

    18. I remember that this book made me laugh, and, unfortunately, little more than that. Inchoate as they may be, my memories of this book are largely positive.

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