Demon Evolution Spreading darknessGuilty of treason for which the penalty is death Taylor s angel boyfriend Gabriel has been captured The fate of the world sits on a knife s edge with Taylor being the key to every

  • Title: Demon Evolution
  • Author: David Estes
  • ISBN: 9781466422872
  • Page: 139
  • Format: ebook
  • Spreading darknessGuilty of treason for which the penalty is death, Taylor s angel boyfriend, Gabriel, has been captured.The fate of the world sits on a knife s edge with Taylor being the key to everything.Taylor s aura is growing stronger, but will it be enough to save Gabriel and defeat the Archangel Council

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    One thought on “Demon Evolution”

    1. I wish I could give half stars, because I would give it 2.5 stars. defines 2 stars as "it was okay", but it was somewhere between ok and "I liked it". Update I upgraded the stars from 2 to 3, because even though I felt it was more like 2.5, I should round up :)The writing was improved from the last and the storyline was better. The last half of the book, the suspense and action picked up, and the ending was a good lead in for the third book. I liked the battle scenes in this one, and the twist [...]

    2. I liked the ideas in this, but I felt it lacked in the actual construction. The "twists" we're too obvious, making it glaringly obvious to the reader what was about to happen.If we put that issue aside for a minute, this could have been a 4 or even 5 star book. It certainly had the makings of one, with the unique look at good vs evil and angels vs demons. I guess I just wanted to be surprised a little by something in Demon Evolution, and sadly I wasn't.I still plan to read book #3, even if it is [...]

    3. The story get so much more intense in this book. As much as I like the first book, this one is my favorite out of the two, so far. My favorite character is Chris. I like his humor and quick wit. I loved the laid back feeling of playing pool and just hanging out with knowing that something was always about to happen. The suspense had me turning the pages faster than I could read them. I loved the fight scene as well. full of action and I am itching to find out what happens to David. I cant wait t [...]

    4. Demon Evolution is a great continuation in the trilogy. I love the characters and the twists and turns the story took. I can't wait to read the final book.

    5. Demon Evolution Joint Review David EstesJasmines Review:I can't even explain how amazing this was. Some sequels are sad a depressing. This was adorable and exciting. It wasn't even possible to predict what was going to happen next. There were so many twists. I personally liked the demons way way way more than the angels. Taylor and Gabriel are OMG soul mates for life. Their so adorable. The fact that Taylor can forgive Gabriel for anything so easily shows how much she really loves him. I kind of [...]

    6. Demon Evolution, the second book to Angel Evolution unfortunately did not have the same pace nor did it hold the same interest for me as the first book did. The author really developed the characters however the storyline became a little predictable. However I am a fan and I will read the last book, Archangel Evolution to see how the series concludes.

    7. Actual rating is 4.5 stars.Well this was fun! If I had to describe this second installation of the Evolution Trilogy in one word I would say "development". That is to say that instead of just continuing on telling the story in typical "middle book" fashion, it felt much more focused on building the characters and cultivating relationships. All the while using this to really enhance the story and build foundations for what is to come in Archangel Evolution.We begin the story right where we left i [...]

    8. What an awesome sequel to Angel Evolution! LikeWow!The end of Angel Evolution left me dying to learn the fates of the characters, especially my darling Gabriel! *Squeal* There was SO much suspense and drama in this book that it drove me crazy! And crazy in the best way!I'm still obsessed with Gabriel, and one day, I swear he'll be my boyfriend :) To be honest, Taylor kind of annoyed me in this book because she was constantly trying to downplay her feelings for Gabriel so she would be independent [...]

    9. War, revenge, traitors, romance, Angels, Demons. This book has it all. Demon Evolution is not your typical ‘middle’ book in a trilogy. Instead of just going on with the story, Estes gave us more depth to the characters and more reasons to care. The close-knit group of friends has an awesome dynamic. Each has their own personality and meshed together they are fantastic. You really can’t help but like them and want to be part of their group. This pulls the reader in. It makes you care when t [...]

    10. Demon Evolution picks up right where Angel Evolution left off. I'm not going to say where exactly. I'm a little hesitant to give much of a synopsis for those who haven't read Angel Evolution yet. I don't want to spoil it. Angels vs. Demons, good vs. evil, add in a couple of teenage romances with their usual angst and volatile mood swings and you have a wonderful combination of assorted conflicts and adventure.Estes brilliantly uses small cliffhangers and foreshadowing to keep you in that state o [...]

    11. I know it took me so very long to finally read the evolution trilogy books, but I finally got the books out of my bookshelf and read them. this book was amazing just like the first one. I did not expect what happened in this 2nd book at all with Gabriel's brother, that part really took me by surprise specially the ending of the last book.This trilogy ass amazingly written and David Estes did a great job with all the characters specially Taylor. I've read so many books and in most of them the the [...]

    12. Wow! Demon Evolution was even better than the first book for me. Again, you can't help but fall in love with the amazing characters. No wimpy, whiney, co-dependent heroes or heroines at all. Everyone pulls their weight and all are courageous and strong,which I love about David's books! As usual, the banter going on between the friends is very humorous and funny, another characteristic of David's books that I enjoy so much. And again, I seem to enjoy the "best friend" the most; Sam!I can't wait t [...]

    13. Where to being with this review… I first must say that I totally and completely LOVED this book!! It was far better than the first book. The characters truly have “evolved” is every way. There was no lack of suspense, humor or any lovey -doveyness. Every page I turned just made me never want to stop. In the midst of the battle between Angel and Demon, Gabriel sees the errors he has made and goes against everything he’s been taught since childhood. And why do you think he did this? Becaus [...]

    14. This is a great continuation of the story started in Angel Evolution.There are surprising alliances, spies, traitors, a great new romance, and a rather unusual petA great dynamic has developed among the circle of friends, which of course endears them all to the reader and has you in their corner barracking for the win.This series is really refreshing and I'm happy that the author is able to execute his ideas well and with purpose. In the middle of a whole lot of angel/demon books that have emerg [...]

    15. What can I say; it was like nonstop suspense and action with some humor. I can see my boys’ reading Evolution Trilogy. I definitely enjoyed reading Demon Evolution. This author uses many metaphors to help you picture the story. I would love to read a series about the three couples’s children. We know that an angle + angle = gargoyle, demon + demon = gargoyle and angle + human = angle or demon + human = demon, but what do you get when it is Gabriel (angle) & Taylor (unknown), and Sampson [...]

    16. A fun and interesting read, I felt like a lot of the characters grew and became much more realistic in this book. I loved that we got a deeper look into the angel world and met many others who disagree with the "plan"Sampson is a fun new character and I loved little rocky and Gabriel's family. Chris is still awesome. There are some flaws but over all the books was a good second to angel evolution and a good read. Looking forward to the next one to see how it all plays out in the end.

    17. 3.5 stars. I enjoyed this second installment of the evolution trilogy more than the first, but still have serious issues with Taylor, the heroine. She needs to realize that it's ok for a woman to be strong and feel protected by the man who loves her at the same time, we are complex creatures ;-). I loved the twists and turns and the evilness of Dionysis, the angel we all love to despise!

    18. I do not enjoy this as much as Angel Evolution but it was still a good read. I found parts of it predictable but understood why things had to happen. Estes did a great job throughout the book strengthening all of the relationships, which I am guessing will be essential to the final fight. Can't wait to read on and find out how things are resolved!

    19. A fantastic twist to the angel and demon relationships. Where light is not always good and dark is not always bad. I enjoyed reading about the ever changing relationships of the many characters. A book I really enjoyed reading and once I started reading it I could not put it down.

    20. Ruddy hell! This book was awesome! It rocketed along at breakneck pace with some very tense action scenes and I actually like the character of Taylor now. It's a lot different from all the other paranormal romances in that you can't guess what's coming and the central couple aren't predictable.

    21. Loved that it picked up right where it left off of Angel Evolution. Again humor, action, and the love story had me intrigued and I couldn't put the book down!

    22. Now this book was a page turner. With twists and turns, I did not anticipate. Yes, I really enjoyed this book.

    23. Another fantastic book by David Estates, that had my gripped straight away. Off to buy the third part now to see what happens to everyone :)

    24. This book is a part of David Estes' Evolution Trilogy. In my opinion, the series gets better in this book. I love the fact that the female characters, Taylor and Sam, even though they're human, are strong, not whiny and not co-dependent on their boyfriends to be saved all the time.The book focused on developing the characters more and giving us a feel that something more is in store for the readers. Not the typical middle book, where it just picks up where things were left off from the first bo [...]

    25. I am just not in love with this trilogy the way I am with David Estes' others. As usual the writing, character development etc was spot on. Perhaps, even though David's other books (Dwellers and Country books), are aimed at younger audiences than myself, this particular trilogy is too young for my tastes. I would recommended this trilogy for girls my daughters age, pre-teen or early teen. The plot was predictable, and the romances were not intriguing enough. Demon Evolution seemed to lack the ch [...]

    26. the battle of demon vs angel continues this time we see taylor has evolved into a superior type angel. i guess that comes from having a powerful aura. though my guess was wrong, i thought she evolved as a result of her union with gabriel. lol. i am not sure they have done the deed or not, as i was speed reading some parts. real twisted to get his own brother to turn against him. more action this round and as usuals the youngsters saved the world again. not forgetting, their main source of victor [...]

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