Niegodziwcy Pierwszego dnia po wakacjach dw jka dzieci przychodzi wcze niej do szko y W sali gimnastycznej dokonuj makabrycznego odkrycia na linach pod sufitem zwisa pi zmasakrowanych cia Brutalno morderstwa i po

  • Title: Niegodziwcy
  • Author: Lotte Hammer Søren Hammer
  • ISBN: 9788375362763
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pierwszego dnia po wakacjach dw jka dzieci przychodzi wcze niej do szko y W sali gimnastycznej dokonuj makabrycznego odkrycia na linach pod sufitem zwisa pi zmasakrowanych cia Brutalno morderstwa i podejrzenie, e stoi za nim jaki powa niejszy zamys , stawiaj du sk policj na nogi Dochodzenie jednak posuwa si naprz d wolno, a gdy znika jedyny cz owiek, do ktPierwszego dnia po wakacjach dw jka dzieci przychodzi wcze niej do szko y W sali gimnastycznej dokonuj makabrycznego odkrycia na linach pod sufitem zwisa pi zmasakrowanych cia Brutalno morderstwa i podejrzenie, e stoi za nim jaki powa niejszy zamys , stawiaj du sk policj na nogi Dochodzenie jednak posuwa si naprz d wolno, a gdy znika jedyny cz owiek, do kt rego prowadz wszystkie poszlaki, trafia w lepy zau ek Znakomicie poprowadzona fabu a i doskona e wyczucie wsp czesnych l k w krymina rodze stwa Hammer w to po czenie wci gaj cej intrygi z opowie ci o manipulacji, sile demagogii i braniu sprawiedliwo ci we w asne r ce opis wydawcy

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      456 Lotte Hammer Søren Hammer
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    One thought on “Niegodziwcy”

    1. I will admit that I basically gave up and skimmed to the end of this book. I really do enjoy Nordic crime fiction but this just did not work for me on a number of levels.The characters were not fully developed and seemed rather flat to me. This, however, was not the main problem. The writers are a Danish brother and sister and I’m assuming they are not native English speakers. I do not know if they wrote the book in English or simply had a sub-par translator. The dialogue was often stilted and [...]

    2. Why did a Danish brother and sister try to write a crime novel in English? Why was it not edited? Why would anyone publish it? Misused idioms, poor phrasing, and dozens of words used in the wrong context or inappropriately-- these are only a few of the problems with this disaster? The story begins with an interesting crime scene and then goes downhill from there. I shouldn't have finished it but I slogged through. Inane dialog, nonsensical characters and indecipherable phrases like " in the zoom [...]

    3. Groan. how do I rate this book? The storyline itself was actually pretty good, but after that it's a bit hard to say anything too positive! All the main characters are quite boring, I didn't feel a connection to any of them, and the main character himself - police investigator Konrad Simonsen seemed to be hardly in the book much at all! Then there is confusion with names. Depending on who was speaking to him, Simonsen was called either Konrad, Simonsen or to totally confuse matters, Simon! It wa [...]

    4. Soren and Lotte Hammer enter the literary scene with a highly thought-provoking thriller that will keep the reader pondering well after closing the book's back cover. Five men are discovered hanging in a school gymnasium, their bodies mutilated. The case is assigned to Detective Inspector Konrad Simonsen and his team, who begin asking the poignant questions as soon as they arrive at the scene. Battling with Danish media outlets, Simonsen must address rumours that the five men are pedophiles befo [...]

    5. The Hanging is one of those times where the idea is there but the execution was lacking. I wonder if this is perhaps more to do with a translator who didn't attempt nuances when converting it to English; the writing often felt stilted and drab.The same could be said for the characterization. As this was an audiobook I listened to at work, I didn't have the time or inclination to take notes on the characters. Without it, I had an exceptionally hard time keeping track of who was who. It didn't hel [...]

    6. This is an intriguing plot and a clever story set in Denmark.The first of a series of police procedurals from a brother and sister writing team; based on this book I shall certainly be looking out for later episodes about Detective Chief Superintendent Konrad Simonsen and his team as soon as they are translated into English.This novel addresses the crimes of child abuse from an unusual angle and is about public opinion and political will as much as the solving of a terrible crime. Indeed since t [...]

    7. Πέντε κρεμασμένοι και ακρωτηριασμένοι άνδρες είναι η υπόθεση που καλείται το Τμήμα Ανθρωποκτονιών στην Κοπεγχάγη να λύσει. Ποιοι είναι, ποιος τους σκότωσε και γιατί. Τα πράγματα δεν είναι απλά για τον Κόνραντ Σίμονσεν και την ομάδα του (Άρνε Πέντερσον, Πολίνε Μπεργκ, Πουλ Τ [...]

    8. I had a rough time with this one. I was so hoping to really like it; hoping it would be a page turner like some of the other nordic novels out there - not so. The story opens with a major crime, the following investigation commences. You get to know all the players in the law enforcement team and some of there weaknesses and strengths. You also know the culprits. Then there is the dance bewtween the two. There is the underlying theme of pedophilia and Denmarks legal treatment of this crime. The [...]

    9. Well, I quite liked this, although I see a lot of people didn't. I thought it read well enough; main threads are the relationships within the police team, which are a bit strange to say the least, and the issue of what happens when the public, and perhaps even some of the police, are more sympathetic to the killers (victims of child abuse taking revenge on paedophiles in adult life) than they are to the victims (paedophiles, but still victims of a horrific murder).

    10. Ein Spitzen-Debüt! Intelligent und politisch, ohne dabei zu werten. Ein interessanter und kluger Plot. Die Charaktere sind durchwegs ausgefeilt und entwicklungsfähig. Ich hoffe, die Geschwister Hammer schreiben bald weiter!

    11. Inhalt: Eine Schule in Kopenhagen, zwei Schüler, die in der Turnhalle 5 Leichen finden. Es handelt sich bei den Toten um fünf Männer, die auf bestialische Weise gefoltert und ermordet wurden. Die Kriminalpolizei, angeführt vom Hauptkommissar Konrad Simonsen, begibt sich nur wenige Stunden nach dem Fund der Leichen auf die Suche nach dem Mörder. Doch für viele Ermittlungsfragen lassen sich nur schwer Antworten finden und vor allem das Motiv des Mörders bleibt für die Ermittler lange Zeit [...]

    12. Keď sa objaví päť popravených a zohavených tiel, je to pre dánsku verejnosť poriadny šok. Vďaka závažnosti zločinu dostane komisár Konrad Simonsen k dispozícii prakticky neobmedzený rozpočet a možnosť zostaviť si svoj vyšetrovací "dream team". Postupne vyplávajú na povrch desivé skutočnosti - muži boli zapletení do zneuživania detí či širenia detskej pornografie. Dásnkou spoločnosťou sa začne šíriť vlna hystérie, násilia a predovsetkým neochoty spoluprac [...]

    13. Lousy attempt to write a police procedural. No sense of what provides the reading pleasure in such novels, the building of suspense, the development of character, the various possible solutions that the investigative team pursues. The chief character stops one of his subordinates from ideating because he says he'd rather engage in action than speculation! So basically it becomes a blow by blow forensic investigation which is definitely not my cup of tea. The authors also need a class in characte [...]

    14. The mystery part of this book was great - raised a few issues and really made you think. And the main parts of the 'cast' are OK - Simonsen is sympathetic, and the Countess, Pauline and Arne all are interesting and seem like they could develop into more compelling characters. But the language was so stilted that I really questioned the translation; parts of the book also seemed to be confusing - the parts with the journalists could have been simplified. Again, that might be due to the translatio [...]

    15. This looked good and the concept is interesting, but something got lost in the translation. The characters were not fleshed out, there were too many of them, and when they did give details, there was no context. Kind of like watching a procedural TV show when they try to get you to care about the the character's personal lives. I had to force myself to finish this one.

    16. So I finished it. Just. It was a slog and I couldn't tell you what happened at the end. The terrible translation, the poor handling of a sensitive subject (paedophilia) and the fixation on irrelevant things (like the police's pizza order) made this book a real struggle to read.

    17. This book needed to be edited better. I think a lot of things got lost in the translation as it was quite disjointed at times. I think if it was edited better then I may have enjoyed it more. I found the main detective ok.

    18. Sujet potentiellement intéressant, style décousu au possible et pauvre. Se méfier des livres qu'on lit très vite. La fin est Sans intérêt. Ne donne pas du tout envie de lire d'autres titres des 2 auteurs, voire de la collection

    19. Not great, by any stretch. Hard to tell if it's poor writing or a poor translation, but the the characterisation is weak, the dialogue clunky and at times the plot quite murky, in terms of things being implied that, to me at least, were nigh on impenetrable. It might be that I'm dense, of course, but it felt like the authors, knowing in their heads what was going on, overestimated how much reading between the lines was possible.It also doesn't really convince as a police procedural, some of the [...]

    20. I enjoyed the book, although at times it was a bit slow moving. Not sure if some of the pace was lost in translation. One has to pay attention, notably with the place and persons names (as an English reader). The closing chapters were a bit convoluted and I had to flick back once to twice just to make sure i was following the thread. I am a regular reader (and watcher) of Scandinavian writings and movies/tv series - it is an acquired taste, if you can get into it, they are well worth the effort, [...]

    21. I wanted to like this book so bad. I love crime novels so this was right up my alley. It had so much potential because the storyline was very appealing. However,the execution was very poor. The story was weak and the characters were one-dimensional. It lacked details and always felt like stuff was missing. I think this is in large part because of the fact that it's Danish literature and the story might have gotten butchered during translation.

    22. From the opening chapter to the last, this book kept me engaged and the writing is excellent! From the unfolding of the crime to the work of Simonsen's team in solving the crime and I felt like I was part of the team as they pieced together the bits of evidence. They are methodical and the story unfolds incredibly realistically. I do not dare give any more information in order to not give anything away. I highly recommend this book!

    23. Thématique intéressante, chouettes personnages, écriture fluide, rythmée et agréable. Mais l intrigue, dévoilée dès le début, n est vraiment pas à la hauteur, et on en sort déçu, surtout sur la dernière partie. Dommage que ça manque de consistance.

    24. 2.5 stars, but will give three because it's a first novel. I'll give the second novel in the series a read before abandoning this author.The premise was interesting, but the book moved along at a slow pace. As others noticed, the translation is a bit funky.

    25. As a procedural thriller it does what it sets out to do. This first offering from the siblings Hammer left me wanting for a lot more thriller thus I never found myself on the edge of my seat or really particularly worried about any characters.

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