Flowers of Evil Volume Takao Kasuga is a bookworm And his favorite book right now is Baudelaire s Flowers of Evil While the young man may often be seen lost in thought as he rabidly consumes page after page Takao is not mu

  • Title: Flowers of Evil, Volume 1
  • Author: Shuzo Oshimi
  • ISBN: 9781935654469
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Paperback
  • Takao Kasuga is a bookworm And his favorite book right now is Baudelaire s Flowers of Evil While the young man may often be seen lost in thought as he rabidly consumes page after page, Takao is not much of a student Actually when we are first introduced to the middle school teen, we find him sneaking some reading as he receives and F on a recent language exam NakagawaTakao Kasuga is a bookworm And his favorite book right now is Baudelaire s Flowers of Evil While the young man may often be seen lost in thought as he rabidly consumes page after page, Takao is not much of a student Actually when we are first introduced to the middle school teen, we find him sneaking some reading as he receives and F on a recent language exam Nakagawa is known as the class bully When she is not receiving zeros she is usually muttering profanities to those around her While she doesn t care for books or their readers, she does have a thing for troublemakers Takao may not be one, but having read over his shoulder a few times, she knows he is not very innocent If anything he is bored and aware of it Together, by chance, they shake up their entire rural community as Takao tries to break out of his shell in a random moment of passion and affectiont directed towards Nakamura And contrary to Takao s predictions, the girl he was falling for, Nanako Saeki, responds by eventually accepting the bibliophile for who he is Or at least, who she thinks he is.And therein lies the conflict Takao is not a hero He is not trouble maker, either He is a regular teen who through equal moments of cowardice and chivalry takes a long step towards adulthood as he desperately tries to cover up a dark secret Takao Kusuga has stolen an item precious to someone he is attracted to, and if he doesn t form a contract with his new best friend, she is going to tell.

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      390 Shuzo Oshimi
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    1. The Story of a Filthy Fucking PervertThis review is for the entire series - spoilers ahead!Like many young adolescents, Kasuga has lofty notions of altruistic and platonic love. He has constructed a fantasy world for himself in which he shares this noble kind of love with his popular classmate Saeki, the girl of his dreams. When, to his great surprise, an actual romantic relationship with Saeki starts to develop, Kasuga is not only thrilled but also terrified. His romantic ideals are finally put [...]

    2. "These kings of the sky, clumsy, ashamed."            —BaudelaireThe young teenage years are pretty much rough on everyone. Forget all the body weirdness—the growing boobs, getting hairy nuts, the changing voice, the blood, the acne. Forget all that awful, awkward business about having a body that's transitioning from its sensible kid form into what will eventually come to be the slightly more stable form of the adult person. And forget the fact that with your new limbs and protr [...]

    3. Kasuga is a schoolboy obsessed with Saeki, his classmate. One day after school he spies her gym clothes at the back of the empty classroom and steals them - but bad girl Nakamura saw him and is gonna blackmail him with his dirty secret! Shuzo Oshimi’s The Flowers of Evil explores teen sexuality from the perspective of early pubescent kids who’re just beginning to experience it. But it’s also a very Japanese book in that sex is so repressed over there (have you seen their pixelated porn?! I [...]

    4. So, a few days ago I started watching the Flowers of Evil anime on a whim, and decided to check out the manga. First things first, I don't particularly care for the massive outcry there has been online for the anime taking on a jerky rotoscoping style of animation. In fact, if you go on Japan, there's been a whole deluge of people giving the anime one star ratings and reviews. This may not be true of every Japanese review on , but the majority seem to really have taken umbrage with the change i [...]

    5. I can't recommend this manga because I found what little I read of it distastefulbut so far I think the anime version is fantastic. The rotoscope animation, the deliciously creepy music, the moody atmosphere that's been created -- everything in the anime has helped to put a spotlight on the biggest strength of the manga: the psychological studies of these deeply flawed teenagers. To anyone who was disappointed in the manga (as I was), give the anime a try since, no matter what the manga purists [...]

    6. This was a really weird book. However, it's from Japan, so I expect no less. A nerdy dude who reads a lot of books and hangs out with other losers in school has a huge crush on a girl. One day after school he goes back to grab his book and finds her gym bag on the floor. He decides to steal it and take it home because, well it has her school uniform that she wore that day at gym, and he'd like to do some nasty things (Boy lingo for jerking off). However, the news comes out that her stuff is stol [...]

    7. I've said this before and I'll say it again: Adults who want to be young again must not remember how hard growing up can be.This graphic novel series is a semi-autobiographical story about Takao Kasuga. He is in middle school, an avid reader, failing a class or two, and puberty comes knocking. Nakagawa, the class bully and all around strange girl, sees Takao do something that he is deeply ashamed of, and uses this power to make his life hell. Nanako Saeki is the beautiful and smart girl Takao ha [...]

    8. When you pick up a book that takes its title from Baudelaire's poetry, you know you're in for something screwed up, but Jesus Christ.Here's the short version. This story involves:1) The main character stealing a girl's gym clothes for masturbatory purposes,2) A girl blackmailing a guy over (1) and forcing him to3) Go on a date with the girl he stole clothes from while,4) Wearing said clothes under his normal outfit, during which time,5) The blackmailer derives perverse pleasure from watching the [...]

    9. The Flowers of Evil is a story about weirdness. The author wants us to ponder on the definition of weirdness. Why are certain behaviors considered weird? And aren't we all some kind of weird, in a certain way, to a certain degree?So, if you want to see some weird characters, this is the book to go for. The two main characters are most definitely weird. Why? For me, it qualifies as weird to force a guy to wear the (used) gym clothes of the girl he likes. It is weird for the guy to steal these clo [...]

    10. I admit that I picked the volume up because the cover character resembled Rei Ayanami. What can I say? She's one of my all-time favorite characters, so I'm drawn to anything that resembles her. It didn't hurt that the premise sounded amazing and the cover boasted that it'd won an award. While this manga does have a lot to boast for itself, such as great artwork and a decent plot line, there's just something about this volume that just felt a little boring. Don't get me wrong- Oshimi does a great [...]

    11. Clever and cunning little sleeper of a story about a kid who gets way in over his head with a predatory classmatenjipress/2012/05/the

    12. Manga: The Flowers of Evil Vol. 1 (The Flowers of Evil 1#) by Shuzo Oshimi.Genre: Coming of Age, Drama, Slice of Life, Seinen, Young-Adult, Horror, Psychological.Age: Young-Adult, Mature, defiantly not for your kiddies.Pages: 208 pages.Format: Kindle.Publication: December 8th 2015 by KodanshaFinal Rating: 3.5/5"This heavy burden to uplift, O Sysiphus, thy pluck is required! And even though the heart aspired, Art is long and Time is swift. Afar from sepulchres renowned, To a graveyard, quite apar [...]

    13. This series has been on my to-read list for a while now, and I've heard it's pretty messed up, so I've been really looking forward to reading it. This first volume, however, I found extremely annoying. Kasuga is the most obnoxious character ever. His constant state of anxiety and panic got so old so quick. I understand how some of it could have caused anxiety, but basically if anyone even looked at him, he flew into a state of hysterics. I found myself willing Nakamura to kill him, or at least i [...]

    14. Oshimi's Aku no Hana (the series as a whole) will really take you places, if you're invested enough to follow it all the way through the end. It feels excessive at 11 volumes, but Kasuga getting blackmailed into a contract by Nakumura after she sees him stealing Saeki's gym clothes in a moment of weakness, is only scratching the surface. These events are only a catalyst, although somehow represent how they will save and ruin each other, and eventually yearn for closure or redemption. The twists [...]

    15. This is the weirdest/most unique/most messed up book I have ever read. See, most books make me feel normal. When I was reading this book I felt like I had to read another book to feel normal.I liked it. It was so messed up. I really liked how the character went through so much internal (emotional) trauma. His expressions greatly added to that effect. What do I think of the characters?Well, I like and hate them-for some weird reason, it's bothAnd here's a question: what grade are these people in? [...]

    16. See Seth Hahne's more complete and great review. But I liked this a lot. Made me smile. Middle school horrors book. Kashuga is a bookworm whose favorite book is Baudelaire's Flowers of Evil. One day on a whim he steals the gym clothes of a girl he likes; another girl who seems to like him observes this, blackmails him, ah, the anguish…. Baudelaire doesn't figure in too much in this one, except maybe in a mock-epic way, or maybe all the despair and anguish of the young poet are somehow equated [...]

    17. In the Japanese version (which has Nakamura-san saying "piece of shit クソムシが" on the cover, unlike the English version "flowers of evil") the author dedicates this manga to all who are undergoing the tortures of puberty, and all who have gone through the tortures of puberty. Who's puberty involves these kinds of scenarios?! I was taken by Kasuga-kun's moral dilemma until the forceful stripping of his pride near the end of chapter three. Unbelievable stripping, not possible in life.Unfor [...]

    18. I just picked this up at the library, but honestly I didn't enjoy it at all. the characters were really annoying me, the plot was kinda iffi, and overall I wasn't into the storyline. maybe I'll check out the second book and see if it gets better though :)

    19. I've read the manga until the middle of volume 8 (still not fully published), and I'll keep on, but here's the review of the rest:It's somewhat insane. And weird. And at some moments very dramatic, but it somehow manages to fit and not look stupid. A great read, but would be hard for most people.

    20. Vertical always does the most interesting titles.The FlowersofEvilbyShuzo OshimiTaking its title fromBaudelaire's poetry thismanga is strangeand yet perverselyexciting! It willleave you hungeringat the finish forthe next volume.

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