Love Accidentally From the author of The Opposite of Me and Skipping a Beat an original eBook short story that shows whom we fall in love with may be the biggest and happiest accident of all Ilsa Brown wasn t expectin

  • Title: Love, Accidentally
  • Author: Sarah Pekkanen
  • ISBN: 9781451674347
  • Page: 280
  • Format: ebook
  • From the author of The Opposite of Me and Skipping a Beat, an original eBook short story that shows whom we fall in love with may be the biggest and happiest accident of all.Ilsa Brown wasn t expecting a little, injured dog to lead her to the love of her life But within months of their first meeting on a street corner in L.A she and Grif, the dog s owner, are engageFrom the author of The Opposite of Me and Skipping a Beat, an original eBook short story that shows whom we fall in love with may be the biggest and happiest accident of all.Ilsa Brown wasn t expecting a little, injured dog to lead her to the love of her life But within months of their first meeting on a street corner in L.A she and Grif, the dog s owner, are engaged Things between them are so blissful that Ilsa is stunned by the tension that erupts during their visit to Chicago to meet his parents, where she discovers that Grif s old girlfriend, Elise, is still woven into his family What Ilsa needs to know before she can walk down the aisle is whether Elise is still in Grif s heart, too Featuring a character from Sarah Pekkanen s original eBook short story All Is Bright, Love, Accidentally is surprising and heartfelt It s a story about taking chances and choosing hope, and discovering what it means to love someone and to let go of someone you love.

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    One thought on “Love, Accidentally”

    1. Freebie short story that stops at 48%. I’m just playing around with Paul today I’m his tag along - read this while he ran into the bank - in the car goofing OFF!!!There’s a dog in the story that got a boo-boo on his foot - he got better and his cute veterinarian started dating the guy!MUST READ!!!!!! HA HA!!!!!!

    2. I'm scratching my head here. This is supposed to be a short story, but reads like a first chapter of a novel. And it ends at the 48% mark on kindle, then there's a sample of one of her novels. If this was supposed to be a teaser, I wish amazon had told me. Glad it was free.

    3. Slightly longer than All is Bright and told from Ilsa instead of Elise. I liked this one more because Grif appeared like a great guy given the circumstances and the girls weren't catty.

    4. I was really excited to read this story. I'd heard good things about the author, and I thought .99 seemed like great value for a short story. The description said it was approximately 94 pages. I'm giving the story itself 3 stars because I was enjoying itbut when I turned the page, ready to read more was over. The ending wasn't really an ending. Which left me clicking, and searching, thinking that surely there must be more. I looked down and I was only at 23% progress on the Kindle. Now, I under [...]

    5. This spinoff to the short story All Is Bright was just as enjoyable as its predecessor. In this story we hear from Ilsa, the woman who takes over the space in Griffin's heart now that Elisa (the heroine in All Is Bright) has vacated. She instantly feels an electric chemistry with Griffin from the moment they meet. Their relationship is a whirlwind and it doesn't seem strange, at first, that Griffin proposes to her just six weeks after they started dating. That is until she starts wondering how m [...]

    6. The author's previous story ALL IS BRIGHT continues in the new short story LOVE, ACCIDENTALLY. But this story is told from Griffin's new fiance Ilsa's point of view. It begins with Isla and Griffin meeting by chance when his dog is injured. Within months, the couple grow close and are engaged. During a visit home to Chicago, Isla meets Griffin's parents and discover his ex-girlfriend Elise is still close with the family. Now Isla wonders whether she's the rebound girl or whether falling in love [...]

    7. Sarah Pekkanen tells tales you feel a part of. Love, Accidentally presents a love story that many have been a party to. Is Ilsa really the girl Grif wants to be with, or is she stepping into a rebound role from a first love that might not be finished. I loved this story. Sarah establishes characters that feel fresh yet familiar. She is a beautiful crafter of words. Wonderful short story Sarah!

    8. I have enjoyed both of these short storiesAll Is BrightandLove Accidentally . It is amazing how Pekkanen can develop characters in such a short amount of time. It is rare that you feel like you know a character with such few words, but Pekkanen has this power. I would love to see these characters explored further. Are there more short stories? I want Elise to be a happy too! What about Corrine and Bruce?

    9. This short story is the continuation of All is Bright A Short Story. I did enjoy All is Bright a bit more, but Love, Accidentally was still an enjoyable read, especially considering it being the low, low cost of free. It was a happy, cute story, however, I do feel it that it could've been ended waaaaay better.

    10. I really liked the characters in this little story. But I wasn't ready for it to end! lol. I saw a lot more potential for tension and drama and fun. Nice little fun read. Also has excerpts from the author's other books - including her not yet released novel.Thanks to Sarah for a sweet little story!

    11. I loved it! I loved getting to see the other side of the love triangle BUT PLEASE NEXT CHRISTMAS CAN WE GET A SHORT STORY WHERE I DON'T FEEL HEARTBROKEN FOR ELISE?!?! I need her to meet someone that makes her forget about Griffin. I NEED it!

    12. A story of Ilse dealing with the knowledge that an old girlfriend has years of history and memories in her new fiancée life and family. Overcoming those visions and realizing that she and Grif have memories to make ahead of them. I thought the meeting of the two women was done very well. A very short but complete read. NOTE: The other side of the story begins in All Is Bright ; the old girlfriends Elise’s point of view.

    13. i gotta admit, pulling the readers in and telling the different characters and their interactions lively in just tens of pages, is truly amazing. but what's with that ending tho.whatever happened to corrine and bruceda hell mani like all is bright better than this even though the closure made in live accidentally is a real knot maker

    14. I usually enjoy this author, but this is a VERY short story (probably about 45 pages). It was a reasonably enjoyable time sink. Save it for a train ride.

    15. I adore e-short stories! Sarah is a wonderful author (I just discovered with her new book “The Best of Us” (a 5 star), which I read first, so diving into reading her other previous books. (I usually start with new ones which pull me into the author and then start backwards). Being in the online media world, front covers are a big draw as well as reading works of my favorite authors---especially with e-books, as the crisp colors are so appealing since you do not have the typical print front c [...]

    16. This is one short story that I wish was turned into a novel. The story is about finding love in unexpected place, which in this case it happens to be in the street when Grif's dog was run over by a car. It was love at first sight for Ilsa since it was mainly focused on her and was sure that Grif could be the one even if they dated for a short while. Corrine, Ilsa's sister, was having troubles with her husband Bruce because of an unsettled past. Thus making Ilsa think of Grif if he has an insettl [...]

    17. After reading All is Bright, I wanted to hate Ilsa. I really did. But it became clear to me that Elise didn't appreciate Grif. Ilsa did. Ilsa made him happy in a way Elise couldn't. I understood Ilsa's pain and worry at the thought of Grif's past. I can't imagine dating and marrying someone with a past relationship as detailed and long as Grif and Elise's. My boyfriend and I have been together for more than seven years and I sometimes I still find myself getting jealous of the first girl he kiss [...]

    18. Isla is an animal veterinarian who meets a man (Griff) walking his dog as she was on her way to meet a blind date. I thought this was a very cute meeting. On the surface, Griff seemed to be a great guy, a perfect guy for Isla; however, all that was put into question when we discovered that he was unemployed. Ooh, not good! And Isla has had some experience dealing with dead-beat losers. Additionally, was Griff trying to be too perfect when he flew her out to meet his parents on Christmas? But, mo [...]

    19. This was the first writing by Sarah Pekkanen I have read. She has novels that have caught my attention so I decided to try $.99 short story to get a feel for writing. Mission accomplished! I loved the story, I love her writing style; however I discovered my dislike for short stories. The advertising didn't mention there was a prequel short story, "All is Bright" that lead up to this this story about Grif and his ex Elise (which he accidentally calls Ilsa (the new girlfriend) in the story). Sarah [...]

    20. Short stories are very different from complete novels in that the author must get to the point quickly and then end it quickly. As I knew I already was a fan of Sarah Pekkanen, it was a joy to read something different from her. The story begins with a young woman headed out on a second date that she isn't too excited about, she comes across a young man and sparks fly immediately, but he has an ex-girlfriend who is still in his family's life. I enjoyed the real struggle that each couple has as th [...]

    21. This was ADORABLE! I think there could have been so much more to this story, but the little snippet was perfect. Now I have to read All Is Bright because I want to know more about Elise! Bookshout has been my home for quick little reads and it's actually had me discovering authors that I didn't know anything about! I would very much like to read more by Sarah Pekkanen now because I really like her use of description and her ability to create characters that hold on to your soul! Excellent!

    22. I enjoyed this short story and it had everything I would want from a short read.Ilsa and Grif. Two characters with enough going on for future books by Sarak Pekkanen. I went into reading this knowing it was a short story. I didn't expect this little pretty to have a 300 page book's worth of info shoved into under 60 pages. Ms. Pekkanen gives us just enough insight into the lives of Ilsa and Grif (and a bit of Elise) to make me want to read more about them. I enjoyed Ms. Pekkanen's writing style, [...]

    23. This book is the companion piece to "All Is Bright," and even though this story has more to it, I feel that a lot of it was rushed through. I read it immediately after "All Is Bright," making the two perspectives of the same story much more cohesive, but I would've preferred a little less rushing in "Love, Accidentally." A little more insight and emotion from these characters could've gone a much longer way in keeping the reader connected and engaged. Instead of two short stories, I feel as if I [...]

    24. For what it was - a short story - I found this to be a highly enjoyable read. I kept waiting for 'the cliche`' even when reading the unexpected, and, I am glad to say, I didn't find it. Love, Accidentally held everything I would hope to find in a story of its length. It left my romantic heart quite satisfied. I was also thrilled to discover I will be able to read Elise's story in All is Bright - which I will be going straight on to.This is the first time I have read anything by Sarah Pekkanen. I [...]

    25. I already anticipated that this will be as short as All Is Bright (where the story was told in Elise's point of view). The love story of Isla and Grif (as narrated by Isla) was as nice and as fast-paced as how it was written, which also made me warm up to them quickly. You don't usually see this kind of set-up in Filipino contemporary romances, but I admired how Sarah created the characters and made the situation work. Nice read for something free!

    26. Another short, enjoyable read from Sarah Pekkanen. I did enjoy All is Bright more - both story wise and character wise. More feels in the latter. And at least for me I felt more connected to Elise. Ilsa is a bit of a drag at times, but more it was her sister that I wanted to skip over, which isn't a good thing in a story this short. Going to have to pick up another book by this author and see how she does with a full length story (all while wishing she'd continue Elise's story).

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