The Silent City When John opens a letter addressed to his missing roommate Kyle he expects to find a house key but instead he is swept into a strange realm of magic mysticism revolutionaries and assassins Though

  • Title: The Silent City
  • Author: Ginn Hale
  • ISBN: 9781935560081
  • Page: 251
  • Format: ebook
  • When John opens a letter addressed to his missing roommate, Kyle, he expects to find a house key, but instead he is swept into a strange realm of magic, mysticism, revolutionaries and assassins Though he struggles to escape, John is drawn steadily closer to a fate he share with Kyle to wake the destroyer god, the Rifter, and shatter a world.

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    One thought on “The Silent City”

    1. **Warning Spoilers Ahead**”What if the power of the Rifter can’t do anything but tear the world apart?”Ginn Hale may have messed with my head here a bit. Haha….But she can f*ck with my head anytime she wants! I can’t seem to explain exactly how this chapter in the Rifter journey made me feel, but let me give it a go…Everything changes in this story. We jump from one side to the other. The Silent City, book 8 in the series, allows readers inside the Fai’daum. We get to see, feel, an [...]

    2. This journey has been a twisted path and that which was previously hidden is being exposed. Like the two halves of an oyster shell, we've seen past and future, but this installment addresses that central piece binding them together, that hinge of two lines and lives. Jahn is beginning to accept that reality of the situation and who he is. What he is.“Power never has only one function,” Ji replied. “It is neither good nor evil—neither inherently creative nor destructive.

    3. I really needed this book at this point of the story. It’s a chance to catch my breath and consolidate a lot of what has happened in the past.We are back with John’s POV now and a lot of questions are answered. But that in itself only poses more questions doesn’t it? It always does with Ginn Hale. She’ll give you a bone with one hand and sprinkle a trail to an all-you-can-eat buffet with the other. I’m always hungry for more answers, but for now, I’m satisfied.I can’t believe how p [...]

    4. Because I had grown so attached to Jath'ibaye and Khalil in their time pocket, I was a tiny bit sad to be brought back to Jahn and Ravishan's story. It may also be because I know that something dreadful is ahead and I'm too afraid to face it. *sobs*Book 8 of the series had a lot to do with Jahn's training and ultimately use of his power. I found this all fascinatingd I loved the introduction and interaction with the characters in this Fai'daum story arc. I was slightly bummed that a good portion [...]

    5. As predicted I spent the entirety of this book in the past, but it was an interesting and informative past. One that contained both Jahn/John/Jath'ibaya and Kyle/Kahlil/Ravishan (pick a name any name). It would also seem that the past is catching up to the present so I have hopes that with book #9 The Iron Temple I will begin to see things come full circle.One thing I do know for sure is that for me the word boring is not an applicable descriptive in regards to these books. Confusing at times co [...]

    6. This series just gets better with each installment and is a must for fantasy lovers. John and Ravishan encounter the Fai'daum, and Ji begins to instruct John to take control of his power without hurting himself or others. I loved the explanation as to how John received his name, Jath'ibaye. Very apt. Moving on to book 9 The Iron Temple

    7. Ok, this is not funny any more. I'm reading this series for a couple of months now and quite frankly, getting tired of it. There's this huge issue with a past/present/past jumping I have here which annoys me A LOT! But I keep thinking about John and Kahlil and really want to know their story. And so I keep going back to them. It's a slow moving series for me, but I do plan to finish it. This instalment, however, was an overkill, in my opinion. We are back in the past and chew the same events in [...]

    8. Reviewing the eighth part of this serialised novel is going to tax my reviewing skills a little! The book itself is the same number of pages as usual (each serial is about 130-150 pages) but this part, more than any other has a focus on setting the scene and consolidating information, rather than there being anything concrete in terms of dramatically furthering the plot. In fact I can probably give you the entire plot of part eight in one sentence: John and Ravishan join the Fai'daum and learn o [...]

    9. Each book just gets better and better. This is mostly due to the reader understanding more and more. The storytelling is just as excellent.This one is from John’s perspective. He and Ravishan are now fighting for the rebel faction, the Fai'daum. What a turnabout. From priests to rebels. At the center of all the turmoil, though, remains their devotion to each other. And we find out how John gets his name, Jath’ibaye… And we learn its meaning: solitary green.It comes as an award. The bestowi [...]

    10. In the 8th books we're once again thrown back into the past to find out how events led to book 7. I enjoyed it very much, I really was curious to see how Jahn got to be the man we meet in the previous books. Also we see an other glimpse in his and Ravishan's (Kahlil) relationship. They're so beautiful together they make me ache. We also see what being the Rifter really means to Jahn. Seriously these books are so addictive and I'm dreading the moment when the series will be over. Also the writing [...]

    11. Well I managed to find some time to pick up the series again and it's awesome still! :) Some great stuff is happening and I can feel everything building towards the inevitable. Gah, I love this series. Straight onto the next one---------I need to get back into this It's a brilliant series, but I felt exhausted by the time I got to the end of the last instalment. So I've kind of stalled out and need to get back into this one so I can finish the series. Might try and finish the remaining three thi [...]

    12. John and Ravishan join the Fai'daum revolutionaries in this book set in past time.'John wished the ground would swallow him up, but checked himself, fearing that he might actually be able to make that happen. Keeping his eyes on his charm, he murmured, "Yes. We've kissed. We've kissed a lot." At this, he thought he heard Kansa snicker. It was ridiculous, but John felt a hot blush spreading across his face.'

    13. Rifter Book Eight: The Silent City continues to piece together the long reaching and rather complicated plot. This is one of the better installments from my perspective because I’m an unabashed John/Jath’ibaye fan so the fact that he’s the narrator and main focus works very well for me. Here the story picks up after Ravishan and John left the Holy Road and are hiding in the woods. John, as the Rifter, is unleashing a hellish storm to help his healing but he can’t control the storm. A gro [...]

    14. Is that it????OMG THE ANTICIPATION IS KILLING ME !!!! sdklkfkgjhhhThe last two books must deliver everything for me or else uugh I don't know okay?! I'm not okay.More coherent response : Now I know where John got his new name (Jath'ibaye) & it's surely suits him well. I wanna know why the hell Saimura acted like that towards John. I missed Bill already. Also I envy John & Ravishan you guys are my otp now, deal with it.Onto the next book!

    15. This quote pretty sums up this book for me: "He was not a distant observer, recording the behavior of a strange society. He was enmeshed in this world and he had taken a side."A lovely installment, but you can feel the bad horizon coming.

    16. 4.5 starsThis installment entirely happens in John's and Ravishan's past. Running away, they encounter Fai'daum, who allow first John and then both of them to join. Ji teaches John to control his power. She is the only one who, at this point, is aware of his real nature. She tells him that they have to destroy the gate between the worlds so that Basawar wouldn't be destroyed. That means that John and Laurie can't go home. Fukiri also joins Fai'daum. Neither Ravishan nor John are particularly hap [...]

    17. 3.5ish/5I'm starting to lose interest and it's making me sad. I have only two more left so I'm going to finish the series but I hope it's something epic for all this build up. I enjoyed seeing John's storyline progress in this and as always, I love Kyle and I just want more of him all the time.

    18. The countdown is running. And now there are only two This part was full of excitement and incredibly emotional moments between Kyle and John.“He’s in love with you, isn’t he?” Tanash asked. John paused before responding. He didn’t want to destroy her adolescent dreams, but deceiving her wouldn’t be a kindness either. “Yes,” John said quietly. “Do you…” Tanash flushed a little. “Does it bother you?” “What?” John was suddenly aware that the other girls were listening [...]

    19. I know the back and forth is good for the story as a whole but I would rather have a straight time line, as far as possible. We could’ve easily gotten to read the series in a different pattern instead of get it all mixed up. Tension building, check. Boredom with some bits? check. *sigh* Knowing that the events we’re building up to have already happened kind of make me want to skip reading them. Probably I’m the only one feeling like that… The writing and storytelling itself is beyond fan [...]

    20. I'm having a hard time distinguishing this one from the ones before. Unsure how to rate it when I can't even remember where exactly this one started?But this was excellent once again.

    21. This was a bit shorter than the others and I'm getting scared because there are only two books left and so so much has to happen!!! I just want a happy ending for my precious babies!!!After my reread : On my goodness. This book. So, so much happens in it and our boys deal with such pain and fluff at the same time. I'm biting my nails as we're winding down towards the end

    22. I ought to write my individual reviews for each book in the series but I figured that it’s more proper for me to consider each book as part of a whole saga (containing seven arcs) encompassing thirty years in the life of John, a human transported into another realm – a world where his housemate Kyle came from.The epicness of this series is just beyond me! I enjoyed and loved every second of reading this ten-part series. What I appreciate most though is the fact that as much as possible, the [...]

    23. A a surprisingly relaxed and even sweet and sometimes funny interlude with DOOM hanging over it. I liked getting to see a new locale, with lots of character interaction and magic. (view spoiler)[I'm glad John and Ravishan got a chance to openly be lovers and enjoy each other's company, even for a brief time. Ji inviting Ravishan into the Fai'daun was partly what I was thinking of when I said I liked seeing people behave rationally.I also loved John's interactions with Ji, and seeing him explore [...]

    24. What can I say about The Silent City? HmmmWe are once again transported backwards to a time when John was still Jahn, Ravishan had just defected from the Payshmura and would never become Kahlil. Our two heroes are escaping from the Holy Road and the church that now persecutes them, and this is when they encounter the Fai'daum. As a whole, the book is dedicated to John's growth, the process in which he evolves from a simple man trying to make his way in a strange new world, to a character that ba [...]

    25. This series was comprised of 10 novella length books. I read all the books before I came back to review, so my reviews are more of the series as a whole.Now that John realizes he is the Rifter, and more importantly, that Ravishan is the youth that will grow up to be his rommate, Kyle, he can't bring himself to tell Ravishan. Ravishan is very excited about being chosen as the next Kahlil so when John takes him to Vundomu in the last books, he expects him to be consecrated as Kahlil. An unexpected [...]

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