Westward Weird From a Western circus where monsters and heroes collide to a Civil War robot that clanks into battle to a mining family that encounters parallel universes Westward Weird features original stories

  • Title: Westward Weird
  • Author: Martin H. Greenberg Kerrie L. Hughes Dean Wesley Smith Kristine Kathryn Rusch Jennifer Brozek J. Steven York Jeff Mariotte Jody Lynn Nye
  • ISBN: 9780756407186
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Paperback
  • From a Western circus where monsters and heroes collide to a Civil War robot that clanks into battle to a mining family that encounters parallel universes, Westward Weird features 13 original stories that open the Old West to new frontiers of science fiction and fantasy Original.

    • ☆ Westward Weird || ô PDF Read by ☆ Martin H. Greenberg Kerrie L. Hughes Dean Wesley Smith Kristine Kathryn Rusch Jennifer Brozek J. Steven York Jeff Mariotte Jody Lynn Nye
      474 Martin H. Greenberg Kerrie L. Hughes Dean Wesley Smith Kristine Kathryn Rusch Jennifer Brozek J. Steven York Jeff Mariotte Jody Lynn Nye
    • thumbnail Title: ☆ Westward Weird || ô PDF Read by ☆ Martin H. Greenberg Kerrie L. Hughes Dean Wesley Smith Kristine Kathryn Rusch Jennifer Brozek J. Steven York Jeff Mariotte Jody Lynn Nye
      Posted by:Martin H. Greenberg Kerrie L. Hughes Dean Wesley Smith Kristine Kathryn Rusch Jennifer Brozek J. Steven York Jeff Mariotte Jody Lynn Nye
      Published :2019-01-15T04:45:47+00:00

    One thought on “Westward Weird”

    1. *Rating for the Flower of Arizona (InCryptid 0.01) by Seanan McGuire only.

    2. Only read The Flower of Arizona by Seanan McGuire because InCyptid - nice intro to Jonathan and Fran. I love their meeting and the Aeslin mouse (who is very sure of Fran's place even though Jonathan may not be). I was a little bummed that the "monster" problem had to be resolved in the way it was, but I was glad that the person taking advantage was handled.Quick and short story. Fun history into the Healy-Price family.

    3. I started reading this without any expectations and ended up loving it. There are thirteen stories in this collection and while you might consider some stories better than others, as a whole this anthology has a great selection. There is not one universal theme unless you count the feeling of old West with a dash of supernatural as one. And that's just what it is - a feeling - because not all of these stories are set in the past, nor are all in the wild wild west. (view spoiler)[This is just a r [...]

    4. Review only for the InCryptid story included.Rating 3.45 stars. This is the story in which Jonathan Healy meets his future bride Frances Brown. Since I'm familiar with both the quotes from the novels and some of the short stories featuring her, I knew she was a delightfully violent woman but I didn't expect that level of violence from the start. There were moments when I wondered if she isn't some long lost member of the family because damn she makes the rest of them seem like pacifists. So many [...]

    5. A fun collection of stories for the end of a long week, when you’re too tired to tackle serious literature and your attention span is that of a gerbil. Somehow, the mixture of science fiction and fantasy with the western is a genre mash-up made in heaven. I enjoyed all the stories in the volume, but I had specially chosen it for the Seanan McGuire offering, The Flower of Arizona. McGuire did not disappoint, although I did think that if you were new to the InCryptid world, you might not have th [...]

    6. And now, I proudly present *cough*Westward Weird or How I Tricked Myself To Read Something I Had No Intention of Reading aka Forgive Me, It's 38°C Outside(Not necessarily a review)So, sometimes I pick a book based on a cover (at times, I'm shallow)Here's an example I see this coverI immediately think of the movie Westworld en obviously llowed by d inescapablyThen I start to hum and than singShall we dance? On a bright cloud of music shall we fly? Shall we dance? Shall we then say "Goodnight a [...]

    7. Some day, I will have a chance to use the phrase "Hail, Priestess of Unexpected Violence!"I hope it's soon.

    8. What delightful little story this was. Rating 4.5A spoonful of mystery, a sprinkle of wild west, a bunch of humor, a couple of likable leads an a bag full of adorable mice. Delicious. “Your horse is named ‘Rabbit’?” asked Jonathan.“Your mouse talks,” countered Fran. “I don’t think you get to say a word.”“Fair enough,” Jonathan said. “Please continue. Nice way to draw a reader into a series. “All aboard for Phoenix, Prescott, Ash Fork, and all points east!” The Adventu [...]

    9. Anthology. My rating average is 3.42 stars which is better than I thought it would end up. So worth a read. 1. The Temptation of Eustace Prudence McAllen by Jay Lake. This story was chock full of metaphors. As short of a story as it is, if you made a drinking game out of reading a metaphor you'd probably have alcohol poisoning. **2. The Last Master of Aeuronautical Winters by Larry D. Sweazy. Entertaining story. I couldn't figure out whether Buffalo Bill Cody was a good guy or a bad guy. And the [...]

    10. Fun little collection of Western stories with a twist. Fantasy and science fiction fit in well with frontier-style storytelling. Highlights include J Steven York's "The Clockwork Cowboy," Christopher McKitterick's "Surveyor of Mars," and excellent contributions by Dean Wesley Smith and Seanan McGuire.

    11. A nice, fun collection of 13 short stories set in the Ol' West but featuring something that one doesn't normally find in western literature. Some feature science fiction elements like robot sheriffs, or bounty hunters while others lean more toward horror in the form of some sort of supernatural presence that needs to be dealt with. Many readers pick up this volume only for the story, "The Flower of Arizona" by Seanan McGuire which is part of her InCryptid urban fantasy series. I haven't read any [...]

    12. Borrowed this to read the Seanan McGuire "The Flower of Arizona" story from her Incryptid series, found myself reading all the stories. As with any anthology, some are better than others. One of the stories I particularly liked was the J. Steven York story "The Clockwork Cowboy", about a town of mechanical people fighting a human rancher's threat of cutting off their water supply.

    13. This anthology is an alternate history/fantasy/science fiction presentation of tales of the Old West. Well, except when the Old West is actually a colony on Mars (go read L Neil Smith's Pallas). Or when there is a crystal cave with time traveling powers. But hey, I can roll with the general theme. Like most anthologies, there were really good and only mediocre stories collected together. The back of the book did a pretty good job describing it. While there is an Old West theme going on here, nea [...]

    14. I'm not marking this as read or giving it a rating yet because I've currently only read one short story from the anthology. I do intend to come back to it and read the rest at some point though so I'll update this review when I get around to it.4 stars for The Flower of Arizona by Seanan McGuire:Read: 5th April 2016Although The Flower of Arizona is the first story about Jonathan and Frances it's actually the third one I've read since I downloaded a couple of the freebies from Seanan McGuire's we [...]

    15. I only got it out of the library to read Seanan McGuire's story, The Flower of Arizona. I saw it advertised when it was release, but weird westerns aren't really my thing, even though the author line-up seemed OK. It's hard for me to put away an anthology without reading it these days, but this one didn't tempt me too much. Seanan's story was a good meet-cute story for fans of her InCryptid series. The grandparents of the current generation of heroines and heroes, Jonathan and Francis, met in Ar [...]

    16. Not a bad anthology of science fiction/fantasy with an old west theme. I bought this book for one reason - to read Seanan Mcguires "Flower of Arizona" which is the .01 of the Incryptid series, the .02 and .03 being available on her website. That was the best read in the book as far as I was concerned. The rest were good, but none led me to want to go out and purchase any more of their authors books.

    17. Nice to know how Jonathan and Fran met. Wonder what it would be like in the old West. Can't wait to read more of Jonathan and Fran!

    18. Writing a review for an anthology is difficult if some of the stories aren't your cup of tea. Seanan Mcguire's story is an hysterical 5-- the Aeslin mice are priceless.

    19. Great selection of urban fantasy stories in a Wild West sort of setting. I need to look into some of these writers.

    20. Review for The Flower of Arizona - though this definitely looks like a great anthology, so I'll update this in the future with a full review.A fantastic introduction to the series (even for someone who's not exactly new to it), to the family, and to the Aeslin mice (who I'm starting to suspect may be the common thread to all this)

    21. Pretty much all just sorta meh; none of these really stood out, and Flower of Arizona was honestly kinda disappointing for a Seanan McGuire short.

    22. I got this just so I could read the Seanan McGuire story "The Flower of Arizona" which shows us how Jonathan and Fran met up. This was just as good as I expected from reading other short stories featuring the pair (free on the author's website.)As long as I had it in my hands, I read a few other stories, but not the whole thing.The Temptation of Eustace Prudence McAllen by Jay Lake - read this one because of the catchy title, it was ok.Lowstone by Anton Strout - an interesting, if sad, western z [...]

    23. I only bought this anthology so that I could read the short story by Seanan McGuire, based on her Incryptid series. Those who have readwill be familiar with Verity Price and the history of the Price family. Well, Mcguire's entry in this anthology, "The Flower of Arizona", tells the story of how her multiple times great grandparents, Jonathan Healy and Frances Brown, first met. It's a cute story and it definitely gives you an idea of where Verity got her snark from. The rest of the stories in the [...]

    24. Review for "The Flower of Arizona" by Seanan McGuireBoy goes out west because there be monsters. Boy meets girl. Boy and girl also meet a questing beast. Boy and girl unfortunately have to kill the questing beast, but they send it's body back to the boy's parents for scientific observation. Boy and girl ride off into the sunset together. Well, less ride, more take a train, and then the train well, that's the next storySo begins the start of the Johnny and Frannie saga of the Incryptid series. Ou [...]

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