The Jukebox Queen of Malta It is and the island of Malta is under siege by the dominant German air force Out of the smoke and magnesium glare of bomb blast steps Rocco Raven native of Brooklyn New York apprentice radiom

  • Title: The Jukebox Queen of Malta
  • Author: Nicholas Rinaldi
  • ISBN: 9780552147866
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Paperback
  • It is 1942 and the island of Malta is under siege by the dominant German air force Out of the smoke and magnesium glare of bomb blast steps Rocco Raven, native of Brooklyn, New York, apprentice radioman and expert secondhand car dealer His only contact is an American secret serviceman, Fingerley, whose rank upgrades with their every meeting and whose purpose is known toIt is 1942 and the island of Malta is under siege by the dominant German air force Out of the smoke and magnesium glare of bomb blast steps Rocco Raven, native of Brooklyn, New York, apprentice radioman and expert secondhand car dealer His only contact is an American secret serviceman, Fingerley, whose rank upgrades with their every meeting and whose purpose is known to no one but himself Far from finding a role for Rocco, Fingerley leaves him to face the chaos alone On only his second day there, his billet, on the top floor of a brothel, is blown to pieces Without contacts or belongings, Rocco is left to wander the devastated streets of Valetta in a bewildered daze until he sees an apparition, a beautiful, ethereal woman She is Melita, the Jukebox Queen of Malta, who spends her time delivering the jukeboxes wrought by her cousin from old automobile and gramophone parts to the bars and restaurants which must accommodate the beleagured civilian and military populations It is the beginning of an extraordinary relationship that is at once passionate and guarded, which flourishes as the island s fortunes decline Under the threat of starvation and in a world populated by the eccentrics of war, Rocco s seems to be the lone voice of sanity, until he too is affected by the madness around him and succumbs to the voluntary thrill of dangerThe Jukebox Queen of Malta is an extraordinary novel of passion and intrigue set in a world which seems perilously balanced between what is real and what is not It is a magnificently evocative piece of storytelling, where the bizarre and heady atmosphere of a society under siege masks the uneasy truce between the Allied occupiers and the Maltese natives, and where the physical beauty is only tainted by the sense of mystery desecrated.

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    One thought on “The Jukebox Queen of Malta”

    1. After so many attempts I DNFed this book. I couldn't get any further than 80 pages the writing style was so boring, the characters fell flat to me and I cant even talk about a plot because it was so boring that I did not even get to read the plot This is such a slow book and I'm not in the mood for it like at all. Maybe it is too soon to say anything about this book but every page was a torment for me and I'd rather read another book which would interest me more so unfortunately this book is a n [...]

    2. The book description gives a very detailed plot summary, so not point trying that in the review. This was a readable book, set on the war-torn island of Malta in the midst of World War II. It is not a heavily war oriented book, more a background to an isolation romance for the American radio operator. There are details from the flyboys he mixes with, there is enough depth to the descriptions of the planes, the details of war, and enough overview of the war in north Africa, but ultimately it the [...]

    3. Great book until the very end. So I really give it just 2.5 stars. I found myself wondering when the tale derailed - I'm still not sure when the novel morphed into a sort of fantasy. I did enjoy reading about World War II Malta. I personally believe Malta is one of the best-kept secrets in the Mediterranean. I wish more Americans knew about it and would come visit; they'd surely fall in love with the island. The people are amazingly resilient and the island is gorgeous! The book, on the other ha [...]

    4. I actually read this book on a trip to malta to find my heritage. around noon, when the sun (and, consequently, the streets made of stairs) became unbearable, i'd retire to my room or the gardens to read this book for a different kind of history. An absolutely beautiful story of love, war and everything that happens in between.

    5. Het is een heel knap boek. Wanneer de verhaallijn wat stil valt raak je niet meteen verveelt, want het verhaal blijft leuk om lezen door de manier waarop al Rocco's gekke gedachten worden neergeschreven. Ook heb ik een mooi beeld kunnen schetsen van WO2 in Malta en op andere plaatsen.

    6. This book was compared to Catch-22. In that it is about the absurdities and randomness of war and set during World War II, I suppose so. I felt the tone of the book was a little remote from the characters. I also felt the ending was pretty abrupt.

    7. First let me start by saying that my rating is no way an indication of the quality of the writing, the storyline or the novel as a whole. It is purely a reflection of my personal preferences. The book was written well, the storyline was interesting and I enjoyed the characters thoroughly. Having said that, this just isn't my kind of book. I like novels based on historical events and am frequently intrigued by how the author intertwines the characters into the events that occur. I had a hard time [...]

    8. A poignant love story - not too soppy but lovely. I really liked it. What I loved most about the book was the background of it all - war-torn Malta. The author did a terrific job in researching the places and names associated with Malta. He must have lived sometime on the island or else he's a very good researcher. Loved the different characters especially the Maltese people. The text was very descriptive but not at all boring, but this maybe because I enjoyed reading about Malta, which is after [...]

    9. It took me longer than it should have to finish this. The first two-thirds were great, but then I just wanted it to be over. It was an interesting story, akin to Catch-22 but not nearly as witty, but dragged on too long. I also got sick of the author's attempt at stream-of-consciousness, which didn't quite work, and ended up instead being a string of strangely organized independent clauses strung together by misplaced commas. Call me a grammar Nazi, but that really bothered me. However, the char [...]

    10. I think the best way to describe this is a "mainstream Catch-22". There's a quote from Joseph Heller on the cover saying it's a good book, so that was my first tip-off. But compared to Catch-22, there is absolutely NO EDGE to this book. The story and characters are definitely worth reading, and it tries desperately, at times, to be quirky and absurd like it's predecessor, but it fails most of the time. But despite this, and the mainly romantic nature of the story, the writing is good enough to b [...]

    11. very well written WW2 isolation love story set in Malta. Rinaldi brings both Malta and his characters to vivid, stark, bare bones siege-edged life. Like this book better than his Tom Thumb novel though it was good too. Gobs of symbolism, imagery, and themes in Jukebox Queen, even if is hard to read through the screwed up characters at times. the religious aspects of the jukeboxes, the pilots lives and sky descriptions shines through, as does hapless Rocco's distraught family life.

    12. Excellent read. Strong characters, echoes (but not mere imitations of) of Catch 22, a knack for describing an isolated and rather eccentric locale, good story, enough literary smarts to keep it interesting, and excellent language make this book a dangerous one to read at night. It is easy to fall into the "one more chapter and then to bed" trap.

    13. This book is dreamy. It tells a beautiful and enchanting tale about Malta in World War II. Who even knew Malta had anything to do in World War II? The story revolves around a really great love story (not the annoying sappy kind). The writing is creative and different. European magical realism perhaps. Whatever genre it really is, it is a lovely book to read.

    14. The story was pleasant. I found more magic with Malta itself than with the plot or any of the other characters. Everyone on the island seemed to move in a dreamlike state. Melita reminded me in many ways of the main character in Malena. -- eps, 08/16/03

    15. I found the imagery very interesting and in some ways the people seemed real and you cared about them. Some of the characters were very funny too, though the time/place -- Malta during the constant bombings during WWII -- made it hard to recognize the humor.

    16. A wartime novel set in the land of my birth. It is truly amazing what the brave Maltese were able to withstand from the Germans in WWII.

    17. This was one of my favorite books of last year. Love, war and fantasy collide in a Joseph Heller takes Fellini out to lunch kind of way.

    18. This was a very profoundly sad book. Very interesting, but profoundly sad. What can you expect from a wartime book, I suppose. Definitely liked it though!!!

    19. Set on the sun-baked rock of wartime Malta, with the Luftwaffe bombing it into gravel on a regular basis, this book sets out on a unique footing and continues until the end. A great read!

    20. Thought it would talk about WWII and how the people on Malta survived. It didn't. And there were no characters I cared enough about to invite to dinner. Did not finish the book.

    21. Easy, enjoyable read. More fantasy/mysticism than I expected but it blended well. It was an unexpected find.

    22. Evocative but simultaneously distancing. Some lovely writing but the characters were not always believable. A different view of WW2 -- from Malta.

    23. Overall, a nice story that's beautifully written that keeps you guessing. Until the end when it all sort of falls apart. Some of the dialogue also seems contrived and not spontaneous.

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