Raina s Story Raina is happy and relieved that her friends Kathleen and Holly found volunteering at the hospital rewarding They loved their summers at the hospital so much they will be working for credit during the

  • Title: Raina's Story
  • Author: Lurlene McDaniel
  • ISBN: 9780440238669
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Raina is happy and relieved that her friends Kathleen and Holly found volunteering at the hospital rewarding They loved their summers at the hospital so much they will be working for credit during their junior year Raina is also looking forward to spending as much time as possible with Hunter during their last year of high school together Kathleen is still dating CarsonRaina is happy and relieved that her friends Kathleen and Holly found volunteering at the hospital rewarding They loved their summers at the hospital so much they will be working for credit during their junior year Raina is also looking forward to spending as much time as possible with Hunter during their last year of high school together Kathleen is still dating Carson, but they are at different schools and she s worried it won t last And poor Holly s still waiting for her parents to let up on their rules so she can actually go out on a date.Everything is going well until Raina s old boyfriend Tony shows up and threatens to ruin the thing that matters to Raina the most her relationship with Hunter But she isn t the only one with a secret When Raina s mother reveals her family secret, Raina feels betrayed Luckily she has Holly and Kathleen to lean on.From the Hardcover edition.

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    1. Currently Reading (1/15/17): I'm finally reading my first Lurlene McDaniel book. Wish me luck, and let the lolz begin.*Girds loins*I'm probably going to make some new shelves for this book. Allons-y!Review(1/16/17):Where to begin? I was face-palming when I wasn't loling.I remember hearing about her books on a dead blog snarking her books, and I knew I had to read them. One of the most hilarious things for me is that the author can't write realistic teenage dialogue or characters. She also used m [...]

    2. I struggled over whether or not to read this book. I did not like the covers!! This is a series of three books. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the first two books, Kathleen's and Raina's stories. In this case, the old adage is certainly true Never Judge A Book by It's Cover!

    3. I thought this was a great second book book to the Angel's in Pink Trilogy. We are not learning more about Raina and what she is going through in her life. She is madly in love with her boyfriend Hunter, but things become a bit rocky between them. We also find out about two bomb shells about Raina's life. I also do like how we are getting all three girls prospective throughout the book. Little bit here and there,but the main focus is Raina.

    4. "Angels in Pink: Raina's Story" is one of three books in the Angels in Pink Series, but before reading this book, i did not know that it was a series. After seeing this book in the store and reading the blurb, it looked pretty good, so i decided to go ahead and read it. The story revolves around three best friends: Kathleen, Holly and Raina who all attend the same school and also are part of the Pink Angels volunteer program at their local hospital. The book details each girl's specific problems [...]

    5. With this, Lurlene McDaniel earns the dubious honor of being my most-read author on . (Let's be honest -- she's long been my most-read author in life. Siiigh.)This book is the second in a series, but I'd argue you lose absolutely nothing by having not read the first (I say, having not read the first). This one has sentences like "The two women held a silent conversation with their eyes, as only women can" and phrases like "monumental ennui." The latter describes not the girl whose mother is deal [...]

    6. Required Author - Lurlene McDanielThis book made me laugh out loud. Literally. I'm sad to say, though, that it was scornful laughter. McDaniel's plot goes from weak to completely and outrageously improbably. Young Raina unfolds the great mystery of her family, learning that she's the perfect bone marrow donor for a total stranger, who she later learns is her half-sister, then discovers this random person is actually her full-blooded sister and that her mother had a tumultuous relationship with t [...]

    7. In this angle's in pink for the second book in the series, it is telling Raina's story. Raina, Kathleen, and Holly are all best friends and they enjoy spending time with each other. They have been best friends since they were little. This is there junior year and Raina's boyfriend, Hunter, is a senior this year. Hunter is Holly's brother and that makes them even closer. This school year, all three girls have signed up for the volunteer project again and everything is going fine. Raina finds out [...]

    8. Homework Book #2. This is book two in a three book series, so I jumped into the story in the middle, though I feel the author did a good job of filling in a reader like me with the pertinent details as quickly and painlessly as possible. The way the main characters interacted with each other gave me some good ideas for how some of my own characters should interact. Though my eighth grade characters are younger than these high school juniors, I think the concepts track nicely. I should have antic [...]

    9. This is the first book of the Angels In Pink series that I've read. I've grown up on Lurlene McDaniel's books but when it comes to this one, I really sensed somethings different. Each book I've ever read before always seemed to have one core topic. Not this one. It covered so many issues all tied up into one intriguing story. Pink Angels (which are hospital student volunteers) and how important they are, the importance of honesty and forgiveness, the importance of the bone marrow registry, the i [...]

    10. Oh, the cheesiness of this book. Honestly just reading the back of this book clued me in to the fact that it would be artificially sad and sweet and cheesy. Ok, I hope that doesn't sound too harsh. I'm sure there are people who like these kinds of books and that's great. I'm just not one of them. One example of what I'm talking about is when they address each other as "girlfriend." And it's not even when they are being silly or happy. In the midst of all the juvenile speech and problems, I was s [...]

    11. This book is kinda weird but interesting. It was also funny. I think that my favorite part is when the volenter to work at the hospital and Raina gets to work the babys. This is not unusualy for here she used to work with the kids who had cancer but that is now emilys job. She enjoys working with the babys at first she was full of joy because she thinks it will be fun and of course it will who doesent love spending time with little kids there adorable But she doesent relize how much work it will [...]

    12. Angels in Pink: Raina's Story is another great book to an amazing trilogy by Lurlene McDaniel. When dark secrets of the past become unraveled and love is threatened, three best friends Raina, Kathleen, and Holly can only turn towards each other to get through difficult times. It amazes me the loyalty and dedication that these three girls have towards their friendship through any tragic and dark times in their lives. The lessons of love, forgiveness, loyalty, hope, and understanding that come fro [...]

    13. I just love Lurlene McDaniels. I discovered her writing in the 4th grade when my teacher read us Six Months to Live. From that point on, I was hooked. She has such a way if telling a story that pulls you in. Her characters deal with life and death situations and manage to give you the tiniest glimmer of how that really feels. The Angels in Pink series doesn't disappoint. The 3 best friends deal with love, loss, pain, and triumph-learning how to navigate life with all it's ups and downs. Giving m [...]

    14. RAINA'S STORY still goes inside the lives of the three friends from the first book (Kathleen, Raina, and Holly), but the main focus is on Raina St. James. RAINA'S STORY explores the relationship between Raina and her mother, her boyfriend Hunter, and Raina's lack of faith. Everything is going good in Raina's life, until an old boyfriend shows up at her school and threatens to turn everything around. While she's worried about what might happen with him, she throws herself into her volunteer work [...]

    15. Raina St.James has always thought that she has had a regular life. Two best friend`s, Kathleen and Holly, a cute boyfriend, Hunter who is Holly`s older brother and a normal Mom who works at a hospital. That is about to change her thinking. When Raina and her friends begin working at the hospital as "Pink Angels" who help save lives Raina is told that she can save a 26 year old girl`s life by giving her her bone marrow. Raina thinks that it`s crazy that she is doing this for someone she dosent ev [...]

    16. Raina and her friends all work at a hospital for volunteer work. They love it there so when Raina gets a call saying that she could be a possible bone marrow donor she is thrilled to be able to save someones life. But her mom isn't so sure and it's because of the secret she has been hiding from Raina all this time. Since her and her match are so close they can't just be strangers. Raina realizes that the girl who needs her bone marrow to survive is her sister. Raina saves her sisters life.

    17. The novel Angels in Pink: Raina's Story by Lurlene McDaniel is a great read! This is one of my favorite stories I have ever read. Me, being a tween who loves drama-filled stories, loved this book, and am planning on reading the rest of the series in the near future (Kathleen's Story and Holly's Story). I recommend this story to anyone who loves romantic, drama-filled teen love. I rated this story a 5,being one of my favorite novels I have ever read. If you enjoy this novel, I would recommend the [...]

    18. A perfect little world at peace for Raina. During the last year at High school with Hunter, raina doesn't want to miss a chance being without him but when her ex-boyfriend turns up and threatens her to ruin her relationship that matters her the most, her world doesn't seem much perfect. Later her mother also reveals her a family secret, feeling betrayed, she's lucky to have Kathleen and Raina by her side.Second in the trilogy, Raina's story carries out the message for life isn't simple but tangl [...]

    19. Angels in Pink: Raina's Story wasn't really interesting. I would consider it a boring book. In this bookRaina finds out that she has a sister her mother never told her about. Her sister was adopted by a family in another state and her name is Emma. Emma is in an urgent need of a bone marrow transplant, and luckily Raina matches them perfectly. Raina does the transplant and her sister ends up getting married in the hospital. I think this book is boring because I think the author put events that r [...]

    20. i love this book. it was about this girl, Raina, that her lfe was perfect until this boy named Tony came to her life and told her boyfriend a big secret. Then her mom tells her about Raina having a sister who's very sick and that probably is the same person who she needs to donate her bone narrow. Well i can't tell you the rest. Wait until you read it.

    21. This book was okay. It was kind of sad so I didn't enjoy it as much. I don't recommend this to people that don't like sad stories, but if you do, then this is a good book for you. It was realistic fiction, which I do like. But this wasn't that great of a story. Some of the book was exciting but it was mostly sad. I recommend this book to people who like realistic fiction and sad stories.

    22. This book is really good. In this one Raina finds out that her dad didn't leave her family when she was little but he died before she was born of OD, he didn't even know she was going to be born. Then to top it all off she finds out that she has a long lost sister that her mother put up for adoption because she was only 16 when she had her.

    23. I loved this book. It was really good. I'm happy that Hunter could forgive her for her mistakes in the past. She was young and mistakenly thought she was in love. She was desperate to stay with Tony and would do anything to do so. She learned from her mistake though. I'm glad Hunter over looked all that and decided to be with her in the end with the help from his sister Holly as well.

    24. This is the saddest of the Angels In Pink book. Its sad when Hunter dies. Raina loved Hunter so much, they were already thinkingo future future together. Even though they didn't have the same beliefes they were perfect for each other.

    25. I'm embarrassed I have to put this on my good reads list! haha! (its for a class) I have to hand it to Lurlene--she can write to the pulling of heartstrings! very emotionally targeted writing. Meant for girls. I didn't like it that much. Kind of like a soap opera series.

    26. This book was equally as good as the first one. The secret of Raina having an older sister was kind of really surprising. It still was a really good book. This year is an estimation and i think this is the book i read in my grandma's bed in the summer.

    27. i read this book over the summer because my cousin checked it out from the libary and i didnt have anything eles to read so i read this book. it was very good its about a girl and her firned going through problems that a lot of teenage girls goo through it was very well written.

    28. This book was a romantice and heart warming story. It was great to read firendships that would last. Relationships that they say would last forver and be married and so much more. I would say this book is for someone who loves to read strong bonds friendships and love.

    29. This is one book you can't posibly put down once you start reading it. This is one amazing book. I never knew a mother could keep a secret like that, which could change someone life completly, form her daughter.

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