Byleveld Dossier of a Serial Sleuth Piet Byleveld is a super detective Honoured by the International Police Association as one of the top three detectives in the world he has assisted the FBI Scotland Yard the Canadian police and Mos

  • Title: Byleveld: Dossier of a Serial Sleuth
  • Author: Hanlie Retief
  • ISBN: 9781415201435
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Paperback
  • Piet Byleveld is a super detective Honoured by the International Police Association as one of the top three detectives in the world, he has assisted the FBI, Scotland Yard, the Canadian police and Mossad with their serial killing investigations But it is in South Africa where he perfected his technique, solving some of the country s most famous cases and catching some ofPiet Byleveld is a super detective Honoured by the International Police Association as one of the top three detectives in the world, he has assisted the FBI, Scotland Yard, the Canadian police and Mossad with their serial killing investigations But it is in South Africa where he perfected his technique, solving some of the country s most famous cases and catching some of the world s most dangerous killers In this book, journalist Hanlie Retief, who had exclusive access to Byleveld s dossiers, writes about the notorious serial killer cases and other murders Byleveld solved She weaves into it the story of Byleveld s own life The book includes full color photographs from police records throughout It is astounding detective work told in a punchy, hard hitting style.

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      189 Hanlie Retief
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    One thought on “Byleveld: Dossier of a Serial Sleuth”

    1. Whilst learning about history, regardless of era; whether more recent or ancient. One is taught that the author is subject to bias; perception is influenced at the time writing; and personal opinion. Hanlie Retief takes this to the extreme though. Although there are blithe attempts to cover up this fact, it is pitifully obvious that she has more than a school yard crush on Byleveld. The reader is slogged along for the ride; often at times gratuitously so. It is such a pity as the subject matter [...]

    2. To give a book a five star rating, means it comes highly recommended. If you reading this book, you either fascinated by the legend which is Piet Byleveld or you read crime novels or non fiction regarding. To me, the book was Patricia Cornwell on steroids. The book is as much about Mr Byleveld as it is about each of the victims, murderers and their respective families.I read the book in a total of four hours and yes, I wanted to go make sure the back door is locked by the end. Mine dumps, high h [...]

    3. I very rarely buy or read tabloids. In early June 2017, however, there were not one, but *two* cover lines in that week’s edition of YOU magazine which piqued my interest enough to make me pick up a copy, whilst stuck in bumper-to-bumper trolley traffic in my local Woolies’ check-out queue.The first, ‘Henri and Girlfriend Loved Up in the Park’, was an exclusive pictorial showing family axe murder accused Henri van Breda taking a break during his trial, cosying up to his better half in Ca [...]

    4. This book really divides opinions. The first time I read this, I lost respect for Piet because of his comments regarding profilers (Criminology student's opinion here). The cases were really interesting, but I think that a different approach could have been used to write the book.

    5. yeah - this was okayi did expect it to be less boring considering the man and his history - and what he doesi wonder if the author or the man was the problem the result was a bit like swimming in jelly

    6. Although the subject matter is interesting, I didn’t enjoy the writing style at all! I really wasn’t interested to hear that she picked up Piet Byleveld here and dropped him there etc. It isn’t a proper biography and neither does it deal with his various cases in any depth. I felt it was just a skim over things by someone who is clearly ‘taken’ with him. I finished the book as I was interested to read about his cases. There’s something strange about the paper and cover of the book to [...]

    7. I thought this book would have more about his methodology or the inner workings of the cases but it seemed to glance over them rather quickly. It instead it was nearly equally parts focused on Piet Byleveld's personal life and some of the high profile cases he worked. However, the way Retief chose to get into the cases does more in the way of praising Byleveld for his police savvy without really delving deep into his ability to solve crimes. He comes across how he is - stoic, reserved, intuitive [...]

    8. A swift factual telling of the stories of some of South Africa's most notorious serial killers. Simultaneously Retief guides the reader through the rise of super cop Piet Byleveld.For me the book does not as much highlight Byleveld's superhuman talents, as much as his drunken dedication, and his simple human passion to see justice served in a nation that has slowly begun to awaken from the dream of a "rainbow nation", to a reality of violent crime and widespread governmental incompetence.Bylevel [...]

    9. So this is the book I bought from the dinner I went to with a friend. I've just got round to reading it now because my boyfriend borrowed it first. I ploughed thru it in 2 days. It was an easy and fascinating read. Honestly. I had no idea South Africa was so high up there on the Serial Killer list I mean we watch all these tv shows and movies set in America and I guess somehow I always associate most Serial Killers with there. But after reading this I know we could have our own tv show or movie [...]

    10. Piet Byleveld, baasspeurder, oudbrigadier. Almal het al van hom gehoor en gelees. Op die boekomslag word geskryf hy 'word wêreldwyd gereken as een van die beste speurders van ons tyd'. Die boek is nie net 'n biografie nie maar vertel ook van die sake waaraan hy gewerk het en opgelos het. 'n Deeglike speurder kom 'n mens agter terwyl jy die boek lees, terwyl hy besig is om 'n saak op te los sowel as by die hofsake. Hy het telkemale sukses behaal en geregtigheid laat geskied.Die boek vertel ook v [...]

    11. I liked this book. Why? Well, because local is lekker. I would give this book 3.5 stars.It's an interesting read with a lot of insight into the old school police force in South Africa. It's a quick and easy read with well organized chapters. The cases are frighteningly scary and it is very sad to see what actually goes on on our doorstep. Yea sure this kind of thing happens every where in the world, but you don't read about it every day and to read some of the cases that took place is really eye [...]

    12. 3.5/5 Interesting though unsettling look at some of the key cases worked on by the renowned eponymous South African cop. There are some appalling people described within these pages. unfortunately the author is all too fond of cliche and sensationalist tricks to make the book work as a whole and the cases, while fascinating, only have a very loose biographical thread linking them. this is a great shame as Piet is a genuinely interesting and admirable man, clearly with great intelligence and inte [...]

    13. 4.5This was a page turner of note!I read Micki Pristorius's "Catch ME a killer" first and found it very interesting reading about some of the same crimes from different perspectives (the investigator and the profiler).I did think it strange that Byleveld doesn’t mention Micki in his book but Micki mentions Byleveldkes you wonder!?!Anyway really good storyline, great writing! I really, really, really hope this is not the last we hear from Byleveld and Hanlie – I’m sure Byleveld has many mor [...]

    14. I loved this book and couldn't put it down. Many of the stories were familiar as one hears the cases progressing on the news, but here was an in depth account of how the killers were tracked down. I think SA is poorer for losing Piet Byleveld as he has retired from the police force. He iwas a magnificent and dedicated detective and well done to Hanlie Retief who put all this information into an enjoyable, albeit grim book.

    15. A great non-fiction book revealing the personal life/history of a South African super detective, Piet Byleveld, who successfully solved horrifying serial homicides in the country. It also unveils on how he became one of the top detectives in the world with his creativity when it comes to catching suspects.It is a lovely book to read if you are fascinated by true crimes and enjoy non-fiction.

    16. Not great literature but pretty compelling reading despite the gruesome subject matter. I was gripped from the first case which happened to involve a victim from my home town. I had no idea there were so many serial killers in South Africa and I really admire the skill,persistence, and determination of Piet Byl. He seems to have a six sense for getting to the truth where villains are concerned.

    17. Baie goed geskryf. Dink die sal een van die beste boeke wees wat ek die jaar gelees het. Kon nieophou lees nie, met elke bladsy moet jy net sien wat gebeur op die volgende bladsy. Het my so biekie wakker gehou in die nag ook so wees gewaarsku.

    18. What an absolutely thrilling read! It made me feel quite ignorant of the things that happen all around us here in SA and definitely made me wish this man didn't have to retire, although he definitely deserves it. I would recommend this to everyone but definitely to my fellow South Africans! :)

    19. Worth a read. Beside his personality which entices his suspect to develop trust and open up to him, Piet does not say much about what else has made him sleuth superstar. But was a very good read after all.

    20. Interesting book as close to home so it has you on the edge of your seat. Warning: you will lock your doors and go check on your children once you are done reading this.

    21. Absolutely brilliant! Easy to read and simple. Insightful in that it is as much about the detective's personalty as about the cases. An inside view into his character and methods for detecting.

    22. Very interesting, be prepared to finish this in a day or two, as you won't be able to put it down. Obviously also upsetting

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