Zombie Tales Primrose Court Apt Tommy s world is falling apart It s the worst day of his life but it s about to get much worse Enjoy this short story based on the novel Don of the Living Dead

  • Title: Zombie Tales: Primrose Court Apt. 502
  • Author: Robert DeCoteau
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Tommy s world is falling apart It s the worst day of his life, but it s about to get much worse.Enjoy this short story based on the novel Don of the Living Dead.

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    One thought on “Zombie Tales: Primrose Court Apt. 502”

    1. When you're a twenty-something stoner living at home with your mum what's the worst thing that could happen?Your mum is bat-shit-crazy/mad-as-a-box-of-frogs/has more holes in her concept of reality than an airtex shirt and you get fired and then you find out that your Dad is not the guitarist of a shit band, it's another guy who was the drummer and then you run out of weed and when you dial your dealer you discover that he's boffing your bird on the side (to you on the other side of the pond thi [...]

    2. As this is my second review of one of Robert DeCoteau's short/parallel stories related to his Don of the Living Dead book, I really want to reiterate that I generally abhor short stories with a fiery, stinging passion. The concept of the "Zombie Tales" books, perspectives (in separate novellas) of different residents of an apartment building set in the Don world during an impending zombpocalypse was such a novel (heh, novel, I made a joke!) concept, that I overlooked my general dislike and decid [...]

    3. The author quickly captured and kept my attention once introducing the character of Tommy. Tommy seems to be living "Murphy's Law"d then the zombie apocalypse begins. There was no real conclusion to this story and that is because it is a glimpse into what is happening in the lives of other inhabitants of "Don's world", I suppose. I read the excerpt for "Don of the Living Dead" that was included at the conclusion of Zombie Tales and after several laugh out loud moments - I immediately purchased i [...]

    4. I liked this story more than the others because Tommy seemed so sympathetic. This placed you more directly into the world of the novel and gave a view of the start of the zombie onslaught from above. I say enjoy the short and go for the main event. I think it may be interesting to read the full length book.

    5. I am sorry I read these. Each primrose tale is only 10% zombie. Most of the story is about the life of the character that lives at that address. I want zombies. Story is over before it began. Then you get the same son of the dead excerpt that is used as page filler.

    6. This is one of a set of three short stories (also Zombie Tales Primrose Court Apt. 205 and Zombie Tales Primrose Court Apt. 305) written about the same series of events, through the eyes of the residents of three apartments in the same complex. These stories lead up to the full length book Don of the Living Dead. The first three chapters of the book are previewed at the end of each of the short stories, though I'm going to wait to read because I have a feeling I'm going to want the entire book a [...]

    7. I'm always impressed when an author can create a story that draws me in and keeps me interested with so few pages. At only 40 pages Zombie Tales does just that. I really liked the authors writing style. The story revolves around Tommy and the day in his life when the zombie apocalypse begins. I really enjoyed the way the author built his characters. He doesn't always paint them in a great light, but you can understand how they got to where they are in their lives. Even if they aren't shining exa [...]

    8. 3.5 StarsThis was my 2nd favorite of the Primrose stories. Tommy is a tragic but likeable character because even though he has his own 19 year old angst issues, he's trying to take care of his Mom who has Alzheimer's. There is actually one part of the story where he responds to his Mom as if he is his father because his Mom is mentally gone and keeps thinking he's his Dad and I my heart actually went out to him. To see this 19 year old kid trying to be an adult who is also responsible for his ai [...]

    9. Robert DeCoteau, Zombie Tales: Primrose Court, Apt. 502 (Zombie Tales Press, 2011)A short set in the same world as DeCotea's full-length Dawn of the Living Dead. I wasn't impressed much with the story; I like what DeCoteau was trying to do—this is basically a character sketch of one pissed-off teenager whose personal life goes to hell right at the time of the zombie uprising—but I'm not sure DeCoteau achieved the parallel he was after, ending up focusing a little too much on the peripheral z [...]

    10. I read all three of the Primrose Court short stories in one setting, going from 502 to 305 to 205. I don't think it matters what order you read them in, but I have to implore anyone who loves to watch good character development to read all three.Robert DeCoteau seems to have put much thought and work into the development of "Tommy," a young druggie stuck at home with his ailing mother, who seems to have some reality issues. That's the least of his problems today, however.I liked that these stori [...]

    11. I enjoyed reading Robert DeCoteau's short stories of apartment dwellers interacting with each other and life in general prior to the Zombie outbreak. His three short stories provide a unique insight into what goes on behind the door of that neighbor you nod to everyday. In some cases, a Zombie invasion may not be so bad!Another aspect of the short stories that I enjoyed is the difference in the characters. Some writers eventually bleed personalities together but Robert's short stories and the bo [...]

    12. This, and the other Primrose Court tales, are part of a larger universe (novel). That might explain why there was no explanation for the zombie epidemic.That said, the three Primrose Court stories run simultaneously. Each story tells about one man, his circumstances, and his actions during the zombie rampage. What happens in Apt. 502 was pretty funny. Poor guy loses everything in the course of one day AND has to contend with rampaging zombies. But he wants to live. That little joke at the end (w [...]

    13. 'Zombie Tales: Primrose Court Apt 502' is the third and final story of three short stories which are in the same universe of 'Don of the Living Dead' by Robert DeCoteau. Tommy is having a horrible day, fired from his job and finding out that his girlfriend is cheating on him. Tommy lives with his mother who is dealing with her issues, so Tommy decides to stand out on the ledge of his apartment, to think?, to jump? Who can say but he has the best seat as the city descends into chaos. Tommy's day [...]

    14. I liked the short story in the front of this, unfortunately the last half of the document is a teaser plug for his novel. I don't mind that, but using fifty percent of the document seems a little bit extreme. I can't complain too much though since it is free on the Nook. That said, it was pretty good writing and love a good Zombie story so if it isn't too expensive I'll probably add the novel to my to-read list on here. Best part is reading the story and the author's bio, I'm literally all aroun [...]

    15. well, what can I say!! again the author is able to integrate the first 2 shorties into this one from differing angles I was left really rooting for this guy although initially I wanted to slap him silly! how the character is shown to have depth in his care for his mother is so sweet his convo' with the idiot policechap is gigglesome! am now left hanging so want to read the whole/larger novel to see what happens to this guy (hope he is in it!) lots of little sad moments, a few funnies and some re [...]

    16. Very enjoyable third installment from Robert DeCoteau. The writing wasn't as clunky as Zombie Tales: Primrose Court Apt. 305 and the characterisation and storyline was well developed for such a short story. Based on the three short stories I have read, I will definitely be checking out more of DeCoteau's work.

    17. Tommy lost his job his girlfriend, and his drug dealer all in one morning. At least he had his mom who doesnt know him anymore. Little does he know these things that happened to him are minute to whats waiting for him later! Tommy watched the whole thing unfold, the beginning of the end. This was an awesome short story. I hope to read more from this author!

    18. Wow Robert just keeps them coming. This story was from the viewpoint of 23 year old Tommy. His life is totally screwed so he's sitting on the ledge contemplating his situation. If these stories are leading up to something larger, I can't wait to read it. You should really read all three of these stories.

    19. More like a chapter than a 'book', but it was free, so i mustn't grumble too much! The first story and characters are mentioned in this (second) instalment, and i imagine this one will be mentioned in the third.

    20. Three apartments in Primrose Court are featured free short stories by author Robert DeCoteau. Both stories I've read so far feature characters who are probably more messed up then the zombies below. I'm looking forward to the main story, Don of the Dead.

    21. Really liked this. I powered through it in about 20 minutes which is perfect when you have a half hour break or what not. Was not aware that some of the other characters had a short story also. Loooove That! Will be reading them soon :)

    22. I got this book as a free download and I liked it. It was one of 3 short stories that lead up to the main book. Its intense and gory and full of promise what we might find as the story unfolds. I am curious to see how it all will work out.

    23. awesome book, both stories were wonderfully creepy and gruesome. i was sad when the stories ended. cant help but wanting more, its that good of a short story. i recommend this to anyone who is in to zombies! you wont be able to put the book down!

    24. Another great short story.with just enough comedy that will keep you wanting moreCan wait to read the novel:-)

    25. Enjoyed the three part series very much. Was fun to see how the stories intertwined each other. Very clever :)

    26. Zombie Tales is a cool series to read. This is my Third book. I love how all the books are connected. I wonder what’s next.

    27. After Tommy lost his job and came home to his sick Mom he didn't think his day could get any worsey was he wrong!

    28. This is a quick read. The author did a good job of stitching this short story of personal torment into a larger backdrop of a zombie apocalypse.

    29. Short storyEnjoyed this more than the first story - 205. This poor guy had a lot of bad stuff happen to him including the zombie apocalypse.

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