Dead Again The Black Hawk chopper banked a hard turn rotors thumping providing a bird s eye view of the burning landscape Commander Peterson couldn t help wondering what people around the world thought of this

  • Title: Dead Again
  • Author: George Magnum
  • ISBN: 9780983977858
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Black Hawk chopper banked a hard turn, rotors thumping, providing a bird s eye view of the burning landscape Commander Peterson couldn t help wondering what people around the world thought of this apocalypse Maybe they accepted it as a biological infection Maybe some believed a curse had descended upon the world, that this was the end of days Maybe some already reaThe Black Hawk chopper banked a hard turn, rotors thumping, providing a bird s eye view of the burning landscape Commander Peterson couldn t help wondering what people around the world thought of this apocalypse Maybe they accepted it as a biological infection Maybe some believed a curse had descended upon the world, that this was the end of days Maybe some already realized the inevitable, horrible truth only the strongest would survive.Within forty eight hours, it had become a global pandemic There was no explanation The dead were rising, returning to life, and devouring the living Commander Peterson, leader of the most elite fighting unit in the U.S armed forces, was assigned one, last final mission.In his worst nightmares he never could have imagined this unholy war, or that he and his team were to become the one last hope that still remained.

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      445 George Magnum
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    One thought on “Dead Again”

    1. As bookworms, I think we can all admit we have that one genre that we’re a little protective of. More inclined to be happy that we read a book that had something we loved in it than to be critical about little things like how believable it is and if it contains any original material. That’s how I am with zombie novels. I can acknowledge material is endlessly recycled and characters are generally cardboard cutouts and the level of realness is, uh, sometimes significantly lower than it should [...]

    2. I'm s huge fan of the zombie books & this was disappointing. The characters were so annoying I was at times hoping they would Succumb to a zombie bite.

    3. I'm not even sure how to review this story With everyone writing zombie books these days, you really have to put the effort in to make your story stand out. I'm sad to say that this story didn't even try. The plot:So like I said, every body and their mother is writing zombie stories and this could have been cooy\pasted from any number of books out there in the same genre I kept thinking that I had already read this three or four times now. There was nothing new, nothing exciting, and nothing to [...]

    4. A good story that takes place during the opening of a zombie apocalypse. The story follows a special forces unit on a mission to rescue a scientist who might be able to turn the tide of the war against the zombies. Fast paced and easy to read, with lots of action. However, it comes up a bit shy on character development. I remember a lot of names, but not many characters. But overall, I enjoyed it.

    5. Pure Garbage. How do you mess up writing a Zombie tail? As a military man I find this book inaccurate, ignorant and out right racist. "Sgt. Jackson was big, loud and proud to be black." Seriously? Privates in a super spec op team? C'mon man. It's like this book was written by an white, middle-aged wannabe military stay home dad who just happens to like Zombies. I am glad I never finished this book.

    6. I'm still not sure if I actually liked this book or not. There were elements of it that I enjoyed but there were other things that really annoyed me and made me want to bite the book.Lets start with the good. I liked the overall plot of the book. If you want to be picky you can say that there is nothing new in it but it is still entertaining for zombie fans. A military team are to escort a smug scientist on a mission to collect another scientist and his data for a cure from a secured location. Y [...]

    7. Author George Magnum approaches the Zombie infestation not from the point of view of the dead, nor of the victimized, but rather through the eyes of Commander Peterson, heading an elite military force scrambled to the cause in the interests of national security (while there is still a nation-or any society-remaining to protect, which begins quickly to seem very doubtful). Peterson is rather an unusual character for his role, in that he is much more three (or four) dimensional than we usually exp [...]

    8. SPOILER ALERT:"Twice Dead" is a story about a crack group of soldiers who are sent to rescue a certain scientist from a government think tank on the east coast. It's the day after the virus turned people into zombies and it is possible that this scientist has a cure to save mankind. Unfortunately, the team never reaches their destination but do stop en route to rescue a group of civilians trapped in a small town overrun with zombies. When it's all over and done, only half of the team and civilia [...]

    9. This is a story about a general in the Military named Peterson. He is trying to find out the causes of the zombie apocalypse. He and his crew go looking for answers in videos, and diseases in recent dead animals. After their research, they think it is curse by God. Trying to figure out which source is the right one is the challenge. But only destiny will tell. Read book #1 of this wonderful series.The book was entertaning. I liked some parts, and some I didn't. A section that I like was when the [...]

    10. While this is an interesting read it suffers from several issues. First and foremost, grammatical accuracy followed by poor editing and ending with lack of research. The proper use of grammar in any written work is essential as it allows the reader to better understand what the author is attempting to pass on to them. That being said, I’ll move to the other issues within this work.As the storyline develops, the readers are introduced to Commander Peterson, who is some kind of Special Operation [...]

    11. Overall A Decent Read I haven't had time lately to read anything. This book was just sitting in my Kindle and I decided to take some time for myself and enjoy a good book. This was a decent read. I think what I personally was missing was more substance --- more information into the relationship between the characters. And most importantly more action. Otherwise, this is a good read and I look forward to reading book number two in the series.

    12. Not very well written and in desperate need of editing. All of the errors are quite distracting. That said, the characters are interesting and the story keeps you hooked. I might even read the second one.

    13. For a zombie apocalypse novel I was disappointed by this.Sure, there is a lot of elements needed in a zombie novel to make it that but honest to gods this one was so cliched it was annoying. The characters were over the top and felt forced. For all the training the main character has, the opening of the novel felt terribly out of place in how I thought he would've reacted to the situations.

    14. I love zombie novels. Even if people are reusing ideas from other novels or movies, it’s still great to read people’s creativity.Visit me at Shh, I Am Reading for reviews like this & more!This novel had a little too much military jargon but hey, every night I pop off heads of zombies in Killing Floor (however I’ve never killed any floors yet) so some of it I do get.After the initial first part of the novel, because creepy kids, it turned into the beginning of the original Predator or e [...]

    15. This book earned itself a 2.5 from me, but I rounded it up to be nice. Maybe because this review is going to be less than complementaryDead Again follows Commander Peterson as he and his team take on the mission to find and rescue the one doctor that may be able to stop the zombie-producing 'virus' that is taking over the world. Yes, the world is coming to an end, and EIGHT highly-trained individuals are sent in a helicopter to rescue the lone doctor who can somehow conquer zombiism. So, can you [...]

    16. I'm always looking for something fresh in the zombie apocalypse genre. This, unfortunately isn't it. It had a lot of the necessary elements of zombie fiction, it was just really tiresome in places. It suffered from a handful of really basic issues.First, the actual writing is clunky and awkward. 'Show' is good, 'tell' is less so, but to do both just drags the pacing to a standstill. A decent editor could have really helped in this department.Second, the characters are not consistent - not in the [...]

    17. This story centers around a heavily armed, well trained, special forces group at the outbreak of a zombie apocalypse. They are assigned a mission to find and secure a scientist who may be the key to stopping the spread of the contagion. My initial impression was that the spec ops team as they were introduced were a bunch of super agent caricatures, and to a degree they definitely are, but they do start to develop as the authour crafts a bit of their back story and motivations.I liked that it was [...]

    18. I was entertained by this book but only because it was short enough to read in a couple days if it was any longer I may of not finished it. This book is about an "elite" military squad tasked with saving a brilliant scientist from a secret military research center. In the process they face many perils that the barely get out of. Ignoring the lack of creative plot points there are many issues that I couldn't ignore. This book tries to be from the perspective of a military unit but there are many [...]

    19. Special Forces black ops team given the mission to recover the lead scientist and/or the hard drive containing the research results from a government lab on the east coast. The team leader unwisely decides to take on an unexpected side mission to save a bunch of civilians from an infested town. By the time their done half the team and half the civilians are down. Now the team lead wants to pursue the original mission with half a team, but they have to escape from their now surrounded current loc [...]

    20. A standard zombie apocalypse arrival novel. The army is in tatters, society collapses, but a segment of society remains. The plot follows a super élite group of soldiers as they well no spoilers. The writing is okay, the story is okay - and relies on a lot of clichés and tropes from the zombie apocalypse milieu. It is hard to rate a book like this - it isn't terrible - but it isn't great either. The primary complaint I have is the editing is terrible - 'of' instead of 'off', 'hear' instead of [...]

    21. Zombieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!! Unfortunately there was little, if anything, 'new' in this novel - The same old super soldier/SEAL/Black Ops hero with his badass crew, the usual zombieeeeeeeeees biting chunks out of each other, the same old little boy with soulful eyes pleading to be saves, etc etc etc.It didn't make any sense either. Within a day or so there were millions of the dratted things - chomping their way through the poor innocents who had been safely locked in their houses away from all [...]

    22. There was too much military talk in the beginning. There wasn't any action at all between Peterson and Sharon when there were so many opportunities where there could've been, and their past love life could've at least been described in flashbacks rather than just be mentioned. They got derailed from their mission and the shadow team helping the townsfolk annoyed me from the beginning let alone them helping the remaining people again after being safe in the shelter. I understand the deaths of Spo [...]

    23. It was okay. It might have a stronger appeal for those who have a greater enjoyment of military stories, love zombie plots unconditionally, play horror survival games and favour a young, tough male perspective. I hate giving two stars to anything, but in the rating system that means 'it was okay.' I won't put stars up there with the review because it would drag the overall down and I don't think that's fair - particularly when it's free. There's nothing wrong with it, I just can't come up with a [...]

    24. Over-all a pretty good read. The story started off rather slow detailing the command structure and mission the this group of soldiers had to follow. Some of that probably would has been glossed over a little to spread up the first 1/3 of the book. But then again, militaristic ideas and plots are not something I enjoy reading. After that the pacing and action happened pretty steadily. With much carnage and zombie death. Hurt enjoyed reading this. Will look for the rest of the series now.

    25. I should have realized I wasn't going to like this book when within the first chapter I was put off by the author's description of the main character getting out of the bed of a woman in her "early twenties". It just struck me as wrong. Follow that up with bad grammar, characters who literally are interchangeable, and a storyline that doesn't make a whole lot of sense and you get my 1 * rating.

    26. It's been done before - sooooo many times. I really wanted to enjoy this story as it sounded promising. Instead, I found myself putting it down and sighing with frustration. Yes, it's fast paced but its all felt very expected.It was ok, I wouldn't rave about it or recommend it, unless you've run out of other zombie books to read, then have a read. Perhaps with less expectation you may enjoy it.

    27. Great start to the series, I can't wait to read more. One of the better zombie books I've read this year, and I've read a lot! I loved the fact that the characters aren't cookie-cutter or generic, there's actually a female character who kicks butt and the story moves along at a great pace with tons of action. Hurry up with book two!

    28. Well it was pretty good but just as its getting really interesting its over and apparently the 2nd book has not yet been published. So I'm left with lots of questions and no answers. But brought up so very good points about panic and fear reactions of those without the right mind set. Oh and never trust a politician.

    29. I rather liked this book. It was short and left off on a cliff hanger for the second book and that was not unexpected. For me this book was a pallet cleanser. I read it in just a couple of hours. As far as the Zombie quality, I have read better and I have read worse. It was a fun and quick and it would make a decent movie if Hollywood would stop rehashing old movies.

    30. I loved itCouldn't put it down after I started. TWD is my favorite tv show and this book goes in the same vein. The storyline struggled a bit, but finally got on track. Thank you for an exciting read, Danny Scott.

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