The Shadow of Saganami The Star Kingdom has a new generation of officers And this elite group hand picked and trained by Honor Harrington herself is going to be needed immediately as their first assignment turns out to be

  • Title: The Shadow of Saganami
  • Author: David Weber
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 430
  • Format: ebook
  • The Star Kingdom has a new generation of officers And this elite group hand picked and trained by Honor Harrington herself is going to be needed immediately, as their first assignment turns out to be dangerous than anyone expected What was supposed to be a quiet outpost, far from the blazing conflict between the Star Kingdom of Manticore and the People s Republic ofThe Star Kingdom has a new generation of officers And this elite group hand picked and trained by Honor Harrington herself is going to be needed immediately, as their first assignment turns out to be dangerous than anyone expected What was supposed to be a quiet outpost, far from the blazing conflict between the Star Kingdom of Manticore and the People s Republic of Haven has actually been targeted by an unholy alliance between the slaveholders of Manpower, the rival star kingdoms of Mesa and Monica, and the bureaucrats of the Solarian League The alliance stands to benefit if the Havenites defeat Manticore, and are preparing for a surprise attack from the rear to divide Manticore s forces, which are already strained nearly to their limits With their captain, the young Manticoran officers will risk their careers, if not their lives, on an unauthorized mission to expose and counter the threat to their Star Kingdom Follow their journey as they show what they re made of as New York Times best selling author David Weber begins a new series that will be a must for the hundreds of thousands of Honor Harrington fans.

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    1. BTW, if anybody cares that I have not been posting, it's because I've been rereading all of David Weber's "Honorverse" series. My reason for doing so is that I read them out of order before, and I wanted to re read them in order to get a sense of the continuity of the story. For the most part, I appreciated them more the second time around, although my objections to some of the ones toward the end of the series wasn't fundamentally changed. I do have to say that this doesn't apply to 'Storm From [...]

    2. This novel is another spin-of from the Honor Harrington series. It is telling the story of the new cadets of the Royal Manticoran Navy in their first cruise. All of them are expected to follow the example of Edward Saganami, the name inscribed in their academy.The story has the same feel as the original series, even without seeing Honor Harrington in the center of the action. Maybe it is not so surprising because it is indeed written by David Weber himself (unlike the Torch series which is the c [...]

    3. Must be in a bad mood tonight because this is the second book I've given a mere two stars, and it too isn't Actually poorly written, nor does it suffer major plot holes, awkward dialog, or any of the other major deficiencies of most books I rate so harshly. In fact, I'm actually glad I read it because it does flesh out what actually happened out in the Talbot Cluster during At All Costs. (IMHO "Saganami" should be read first: it does not contain spoilers for "All Costs," while the reverse is not [...]

    4. MAY 2012 -One of the problems with the Honorverse series is figuring out where a book fits in. Is this part of the mainline Honorverse (with only a brief glimpse of Honor herself) or a new subseries, or At any rate, this book picks up with the new Talbot Cluster, where the most recently discovered wormhole from Manticore leads. Even as Manticore is stretched thin fighting off the new war with Haven, the systems of the Talbot Cluster have applied to become part of the new Empire of Manticore, rat [...]

    5. I have been referring to this book as the Talbott Clusterfuck. This is the worst of the Honorverse books I have read so far. The idea of following some of Honor's top students as they begin their careers is good but the execution is terrible. I really struggled through this one--it took me 2 weeks and these normally take me 2 days to read. There are just too many characters, too many planets, and none of them are really unique enough to make them interesting. Some stand out but most just blur to [...]

    6. First read October 7, 2010.I reckon it also falls in the Honor Harrington series at 10.5. Nope, it's 13 in the Honorverse.Captain Aivars Terekhov follows in Duchess Harrington's footsteps as he maneuvers to protect the Talbott System and the Lynx Junction with the help of Lt. Abigail Hearns, the first Grayson woman to go through Saganami, and Helen Zilwicki who is on her first snotty cruise but brings her already vast experience with hand-to-hand combat and her father's spycraft aboard.

    7. Read for the I Just Have to Read More of That Author Reading Challenge, the Military Spec-Fic Reading Challenge, the Giants of Genre: A Long Book Challenge, the Read the Sequel Reading Challenge, and the Space Opera Reading Challenge at Worlds Without End.Length of book: 897 pages (pocket-book paperback,) not including appendices.Ah, the enigma of David Weber. This man is never going to win a Hugo or a Nebula, a Locus or a PKD Award. His writing is too all over the place, and he's not really doi [...]

    8. Another of David Weber's breakaway Honorverse books. This one again mostly ignores Honor Harrington, the mainstay character of almost all of the previous books. This one moves the focus to a new area of space where the Kingdom of Manticore has been asked to take the new planets under their protection in an Annexation. This book focuses on a New individual, who is a Cruiser Commander and the younger members of his crew. It also shows the different ways that one can resist change. It is a very int [...]

    9. Zdecydowanie odświeżająca pozycja całą serię. Brak kryształowej Honor tylko poprawia obiór cyklu. Marysueizm dużo mniej odczuwalny,z a to świetna intryga, fajny obraz rozgrywek politycznych, kilka starć lądowych i w kosmosie. Do tego kilku ciekawych bohaterów pobocznych (westman i Van Dort chociażby) uatrakcyjniło powieść.

    10. A great read, and way of introducing new characters whilst keeping a few old friends around, albeit in supporting roles. My only complaint was the ending seemed a bit rushed, what with the intricate and detailed buildup.

    11. The Shadow of Saganami is an Honorverse spinoff of the brilliant Honor Harrington series that I really didn’t want to start reading, but I had been reading so much about the several sub-series’ spinoffs and how they elaborate on key plot elements, that I decided to go ahead. And I’m glad I did. Of course, the book didn’t feature Honor and I missed her, and it’s a whole new cast of characters, but you quickly get to know them and care about them and, as it’s a long, long, comprehensiv [...]

    12. A nice story about a people who want to join the star kingdom, and how they deal with those who don't want to. We get to see new characters on a new ship the action is interesting and the underground resistance movements are believable.This is a good place to jump into the world if you don't want to go back to the first honor books or are just tired about reading about honor. Thought there is just enough references to the main series for long time fans.My nitpicks on the book are relatively mino [...]

    13. From Publishers Weekly In his long-running saga of the Manticoran Space Navy and its battles (_War of Honor_, etc.), Weber has chronicled the career of Honor Harrington, a distaff Horatio Hornblower transplanted into a futuristic conflict based loosely on the Napoleonic wars. These hugely entertaining and clever adventures are the very epitome of space opera, but their emphasis on one officer's contribution tends to give a lopsided view of how a military organization fights. In his rousing secon [...]

    14. First, before I get started on the actual plot As I've done with the rest of the Honorverse books, I listened to it. Because this deviates slightly from the main series arc, they brought in Jay Snyder to narrate. He has a wonderful voice for prose and for the men, but is extraordinarily awful at female voices. Each one made me want to cringe a little more. There's a lot to be said for subtle feminine subtext over falsetto.Okay, the plot. Contrary to the cover (which not only displays Honor promi [...]

    15. A new class of midshipmen have been graduated from Saganami Island, and a small group of them are assigned to the HMS Hexapuma, one of the newest and most advanced Saganami class battle cruiser. Her commander, Aivars Terekhov, has spent quite a bit of time in the diplomatic circles after a fateful encounter with pirates some years ago. This is his first command since that Pyrrhic victory. Down on "Snotty Row" the middies are being squared away and given assignments. The ship begins her shakedown [...]

    16. This is the first Honor Harrington (or in this case, Honor Harrington universe) book I've read in a long, long time. At first, it was rather like visiting somewhere you haven't been since childhood -- trying to reacquaint yourself with landmarks, remember the names of the people you knew back then, figure out what the actual timeline of events was. I'll admit that that made it a bit challenging reading at first (there's a reason it took me nearly a month to finish this book -- and not just becau [...]

    17. This book fills in some of the details we don't see in the main Honor Harrington books. The story is mostly new characters, with a few minor ones from Honor's series. There's a lot of science fiction action, military engagements, and politics.Most of the main characters are trainees just about to graduate from the Academy that trains the Royal Mantacorian Navy. They get the thrill of new assignments and the difficulties of fitting in to their new ships' companies.I enjoy the concepts of the Hono [...]

    18. I enjoyed the politics but there was too much of it. I don't understand why Weber felt it was necessary to write such a long book about the Talbot cluster. Even so, it was well done. Overdone however. What was really disappointing though was how little action there was. Weber had built up marvelously to a ground engagement. I was excited but just as it started to kick off, the account abruptly ends and the reader is given the after action report. It's like Weber didn't have the energy to write a [...]

    19. 7/10This book, to me, was good space opera--large-scale conflicts made personal by a large cast of characters, some black, some white, some gray, with a very light sprinkling of romance (very light!). I really enjoyed getting to know Captain Aivars Terekhov and the main members of his crew.My only complaint is that the exposition, via long discussions between characters, is not always fascinating reading. Those passages, along with detailed descriptions of the weapon systems and construction of [...]

    20. This is the first of a spin off in the Honor Harrington series. It starts off by dealing with the next generation of midshipmen. Helen Zilwicki, one of the characters created by Eric Flint for the Honorverse, is prominently featured.I was disappointed with the first 300 pages but after that the book rapidly picks up the pace and shows true Honorverse form. It is a shame that Weber has descended into verbose overflow. Yes, David, I understood what you meant after the first sentence. You don’t n [...]

    21. David Weber is in desperate need of an editor. Not just to carve 200 or so pages out of this bloated work, but to make sure that the final product is, well edited. The copy I read had been previously checked out by someone who could edit, and the book was filled with editing marks showing where error after error had been allowed to go to print.The story itself is classic Weber. The Talbot Cluster, a group of mostly-poor star systems in the vicinity of a newly-discovered terminus of the Manticore [...]

    22. Like it, the plot is good and the writing bad. The book has it all - espionage, politics, terrorist and the epic battle to end the book. Also it's fresh in a way as it's not about Honor Harrington.We actually get many new characters. Aivars Terekhov and Westmen were interesting characters and more focus on them would have been great.Weber's typical problem does crop up- adding useless pages and going to in-dept making the read dull most of the time. Hate his habit of repetition, after reading 20 [...]

    23. I had actually read or at least skimmed this once before. The story is interesting but in places the actual telling of it seems awkward and clumsy. Like, when Helen Zilwicki seems insightful beyond her years. And when he compares a reconnaissance drone and its mothership to Odysseus and Penelope. And is it just me, or does anyone else think he might be setting up for a reveal where (this isn't a spoiler, just speculation, unless I turn out to be correct) (view spoiler)[Helen Zilwicki and her mot [...]

    24. A novel mostly of the politics in the Talbot Cluster, a collection of planets on the far end of the Lynx terminus of the Manticore wormhole. Plus some space battles. The political side dragged a bit, not helped by the fact that I was reading this on an old PDA, and it was difficult to get to the "cast of characters" page to figure out who everybody was. But the last half of the book was fantastic. Weber has a skill with writing a battle that makes them tremendously engaging.The book ends very ve [...]

    25. David Weber continues to expand the Honorverse with this new book. This one focuses on a new captain and several midshipmen on their maiden voyage. The ship is also sent to a new territory far away from home, so picture this as semi-Star Trek Voyager. There are enough familiar characters from previous books to keep the reader grounded. I understand that Weber is trying to set up an all new area, but the nearly 900 page length is way too long. He goes far too long between action sequences. He doe [...]

    26. This is a substantial book that gives strong background on Lt (Junior Grade) Abigail Hearns, Midshipwoman Helen Zilwicki and Captain Aivars Terekhov. These somewhat peripheral characters take centre stage in this story of the Talbott Cluster systems coming to terms with becoming part of the Star Kingdom, and the attempts by a syndicate of malefactors to get in the way.Great characters, heroic action. Lots of politics but by now I am actually interested in it. This is easily as good as many of th [...]

    27. The book starts off pretty slow, and I found myself reading without comprehending anything. There really are a lot of politics in the beginning, and so many new names, that it was hard for me to follow along with the story. About 1/3 to 1/2 of the way through the book things start picking up and it becomes a great story. I just hate books that you have to "work through" to get to the good parts. My second reading however, after having read Storm From the Shadows went much better, and things made [...]

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