Here Be Monsters An Anthology of Monster Tales Eight tales of vampires werewolves demons zombies and other horrors M T Murphy Blackmail S M Reine Something Wrong India Drummond The Reaver Anabel Portillo Lux Jeremy C Shipp Figs Samantha Anders

  • Title: Here Be Monsters: An Anthology of Monster Tales
  • Author: Samantha Anderson M.T. Murphy Sara Reinke India Drummond S.M. Reine Jeremy C. Shipp Anabel Portillo
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Eight tales of vampires, werewolves, demons, zombies, and other horrors M.T Murphy Blackmail S.M Reine Something Wrong India Drummond The Reaver Anabel Portillo Lux Jeremy C Shipp Figs Samantha Anderson Deals and Demons Sara Reinke Periphery People M.T Murphy Spider Bag.

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    • [PDF] Download Ê Here Be Monsters: An Anthology of Monster Tales | by È Samantha Anderson M.T. Murphy Sara Reinke India Drummond S.M. Reine Jeremy C. Shipp Anabel Portillo
      454 Samantha Anderson M.T. Murphy Sara Reinke India Drummond S.M. Reine Jeremy C. Shipp Anabel Portillo
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] Download Ê Here Be Monsters: An Anthology of Monster Tales | by È Samantha Anderson M.T. Murphy Sara Reinke India Drummond S.M. Reine Jeremy C. Shipp Anabel Portillo
      Posted by:Samantha Anderson M.T. Murphy Sara Reinke India Drummond S.M. Reine Jeremy C. Shipp Anabel Portillo
      Published :2018-012-10T18:09:10+00:00

    One thought on “Here Be Monsters: An Anthology of Monster Tales”

    1. The thing that impressed me most about this anthology was the art at the end. It was brilliant! I should find more of Alissa Rindels and Jose Manuel Portillo Barientos' work.At first I tried to take notes on every story but I just forgot after awhile. So only general impressions. Creepy is the predominant feeling. If you're looking for happy endings don't pick this one. I liked all of the stories though they left me in different kinds of creeped out mode. Like the third one (view spoiler)[ with [...]

    2. Overall I enjoyed this compilation. The only story I really hated was the first one, 'Blackmail'. The odd thing is the same author has another story included in this compilation called 'spiders' which ended up being one of my favorite stories. Here are my opinions on the stories:Blackmail : This story was cheesy. I hated the name 'Lucifera' and the plot was thin and predictable. The beginning of the story is written awkwardly and reads like an amateur wrote it. I give this story 1.5 stars.Someth [...]

    3. A collection of 8 short stories covering a variety of paranormal inventions. Here is my short synopsis:Blackmail by M.T. Murphy - Corporate setting with vampire’s in charge and making all the rules and need you be reminded not to cross them?Something Wrong by S.M. Reine - A story of the actions we take due to hate and of how we delay and may end up regretting it.The Reaver by India Drummond - A creator from another world makes beautiful things from our most personal parts. It tells of how even [...]

    4. I liked the 1st story(blackmail) and Periphery People was my favorite. The last story, spider bag, was awful because I HATE spiders. I did not finish this story. I put it down as the werewolf was about to kill Chad. I did not need to read that last bit! I would love to read a full novel based on the Periphery People short.

    5. Great booksReally great collection of short stories. Some of them are a little bit creepy, like skin crawling creepy. Really great authors in the series as well. If you get a chance to read you should.

    6. I absolutely love these stories if u love supernatural this is the short story collection you can not do without. Some are serious, funny, and weird but we'll worth the read.

    7. For a work offered for free, a reader has very little to complain about but there is some.The Simon Cowell response:The editing could've and should have been better. Numerous flaws throughout the book--though not in every story--from some incorrect words, to missing commas before direct addresses, and other spelling/grammar/and punctuation issues. Brings to mind Laymon's Rules of Writing, and his admonition to writers to remember that editors often don't know how to edit. Of a truth, they're of [...]

    8. Here Be Monsters: An Anthology of Monster Tales is an eclectic collection of stories using the classic monster trope, but not in the traditional vampire/ zombie/ werewolf mode. There are a few of the Universal Studios godfathers here, but in general, the collection steers away from the known and tread into the unknown. There have been a number of anthologies in recent years that have deliberately tried to shift horror away from the traditional beasties we all know and fear. I don’t know if Her [...]

    9. Here Be Monsters – An Anthology of Monster TalesBy M.T. Murphy, S.M. Reine, India Drummond, Anabel Portillo, Jeremy C. Shipp, Samantha Anderson, and Sara Reinke.(Review by Saewod Tice – Great Minds Thinking Aloud Literary Community)Eight tales of vampires, werewolves, demons, zombies, and other horrors: M.T. Murphy - Blackmail.- A nice twist in a familiar tale.S.M. Reine - Something Wrong. - A simple, beautifully written horror. India Drummond - The Reaver.- A fresh tale with a ghoulishly ka [...]

    10. So this pack of stories starts and ends with MT Murphy. 1. Blackmail. I wasn't a fan of this one. It was just too cheesy for me. The whole 'Lucifera' name, prefect example of cheesiness. Couldn't help but notice the name was used again in his other story.2. Something Wrong. That story was alright. I would have liked to have known what the 'killer' daughter was though.3. The Reaver. This was a weird story but pretty interesting.4. LUX. What can be said for this one? Weird? Confusing? It had poten [...]

    11. I'm a big fan of short story compilations and this one had the right amount of scary, freaky, creepy and interesting. I enjoyed them all.M.T. Murphy-Blackmail- Fun vampire story, the twists were fun and the ending a delight. S.M. Reine-Something Wrong- Very creepy! VERY. I advise not to read while babysitting. India Drummond-The Reaver- Disturbing tale of soul taking, and a good reminder to parents: Don't break a promise to your child!Anabel Portillo-Lux- The perfect killer, created by a madman! [...]

    12. A neat mix of dark stories and well, morbidly dark stories… I’m looking at you SOMETHING WRONG author S.M. Reine and you too FIGS author Jeremy C. Shipp; who definitely have a twisted and hauntingly gruesome side. For the most part, I’d say all good original stuff in HERE BE MONSTERS (An Anthology of Monster Tales). It’s a respectable collection of shorts that should satisfy any horror buff some within even worthy of further exploration on their own, a true novella or full novel perhaps? [...]

    13. Esta é uma antologia que baixei da kindle store. Não é nada de outro mundo, os diversos contos falam de monstros mas nem sempre da forma a que estamos habituados.De todos eles o melhor é sem sombra de dúvida o Something Wrong que consegue ser algo atrofiante. O leitor é conduzido numa narrativa que no fim acaba por surpreender.Também no fim temos várias ilustrações, todas elas de grande qualidade. Não é um livro que ficará na memória mas é uma leitura rápida que dá para distrair [...]

    14. Anthologies can be hard to rate, especially ones with multiple authors. While I was able to download this as a free book, considering the quality of stories I got I probably would have paid for it gladly. Yes, some of the stories left a little something to be desired, but for the most part I was thoroughly entertained. I also liked all the information it gave about each of the authors at the end. I will definitely be looking a few of them up in the near future.

    15. Pretty decent short collection of monster tales. There weren't any real standouts either way; one of the characters was a monster in each of the stories, and that character may not have been the monster you expected, the end. A comfortable read while I was sick; I'm not sure what that says about me, though.

    16. A little creepier than normalnot just another book of short scary stories.These stories stay with you then come back to haunt you later in your head when you least expect it.Kudos to the authors for thoroughly disturbing this horror fan,there is new blood out there just be sure it's not your own !!!

    17. I enjoyed reading this anthology. The monsters were pretty cool. There were too many spider stories (2)and sorry to the authors, I had to skip those. I really enjoyed the first story: vampires as corporate bosses, great theme. If you like monsters, check this anthology out! Great job to the authors!

    18. A decent collection of short stories featuring various creatures. A quick and fun read, but not an amazing collection either. I would really only suggest this for people who like horror, and more specifically, creature-focused fiction.

    19. I liked this collection. I actually like reading short stories sometimes and this one really delivered. Each story was unique, some better then others. but none of the stories were bad. The grade I would have liked to rate it was 3.5 stars. And it's free on .

    20. Over too soonSo I have become a fan of anthologies, especially supernatural and fantasy. I gave this rating because there were a lot of stories that made me want more. I wish it was longer.

    21. About an even split of decent to good stories (shout outs to Blackmail by M.T. Murphy and Periphery People by Sara Reinke) and only a couple of not bad but sort of meh stories. If you like horror short stories I'd recommend giving it a try.

    22. A good anthology of horror short stories. Vampires, strange creatures and a good mix of other creepy characters. The last one was a funny one about a werewolf, wannabe vampires and spiders. There was some fantasy horror and a good vs. evil tale. All in all? Good read.

    23. I liked the book it was pretty goodI liked the book it was pretty goodI chose this tasting because it was a pretty good book.I would recommend this book to my mom because she likes books like these.And I think it was a nice book hopefully others do to.

    24. Unusual Entertaining Read!A couple of the stories were a bit muddy and you have to fill in the blanks but it's still worth the time and effort. You will be entertained!

    25. Overall was ok. Seemed like a bunch of high schoolers put together a book. I think they took it too far trying to scare the reader, making it unrealistic and sloppy.

    26. This collection of short horror stories is fabulous. I dig the heck out of Periphery People. That one gave me chills. Well put together, well edited, and fun to venture through.

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