The Path of Loneliness Finding Your Way Through the Wilderness to God Elliot lost her first husband to murder in the South American jungle and her second to the ravages of cancer In The Path of Loneliness she gives hope to the lonely through reflections on God s love an

  • Title: The Path of Loneliness: Finding Your Way Through the Wilderness to God
  • Author: Elisabeth Elliot
  • ISBN: 9780800759940
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Paperback
  • Elliot lost her first husband to murder in the South American jungle and her second to the ravages of cancer In The Path of Loneliness she gives hope to the lonely through reflections on God s love and his blessings.

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    One thought on “The Path of Loneliness: Finding Your Way Through the Wilderness to God”

    1. VERY STRONG 4.5 STAR RATING!I wish there were more female Christian writers that are cut from the same cloth as Elisabeth Elliot. She always says it like it is. She is not shy about holding to her traditional, biblical values - and she'll challenge you to do the same. She doesn't feel the need to be "politically correct" or overly accommodating in her thoughts. At times, she may even make you squirm. But you will forgive her, or at least I do because you know its coming from a place of personal [...]

    2. Elizabeth Elliot vorbeste despre singurate sub toate formele ei si ne deschide portite spre insemnatatea ei, dar si a suferintei, atunci cind le acceptam in viata noastra si ne intoarcem spre Dumnezeu cu intrebarile, durerea, golul lasat de acestea in suflet. Dezveleste inima si viata ei si a altor multi oameni si imparte din framintarile prin care ei toti au trecut in Valea Plingerii, aratindu'ne si invatindu'ne cum se poate aceasta transforma intr'un loc plin de izvoare.Pentru ca aceasta carte [...]

    3. Tremendous book. Written not to tickle your ears, but to reflect His truth and demonstrate more clearly our choice every circumstance. Highly recommend. "In circumstances for which there is no final answer in the world, we have two choices: accept them as God’s wise and loving choices for our blessing (this is called faith) or resent them as reproof of His indifference, His carelessness, even His nonexistence (this is unbelief)…although as the world looks at things, we may be solo, we are no [...]

    4. I did not know that Elisabeth Elliot was married only two years to husband number one before he was killed and four years to husband number two before he died of cancer. The book shows she had a deep love for all three of her husbands. My takeaway from this book is that many people marry thinking that a spouse will fill their every need. Some needs can only be filled by God. Many married people are among the most lonely.

    5. Nothing less than an "amazing" rating for this book by Elliot, even though I would quibble with just a few of her points. One of Elliot's gifts is her knack for offering something to every reader who visits her writings, such as the long-time married woman who reads her book on Passion and Purity or the no-I'm-not-lonely person who reads this book on loneliness. So much encouragement and wisdom here.

    6. It was an excellent book written with the heart, not only ink. Elisabeth Elliot shares her experience and others` as well concerning the struggle with loneliness and what to do with it, you should consider it as a gift and offer it to God so that He might do the best with what you have, you should turn it into solitude and solitude into prayer. I gladly recommend it to anyone seeking God`s will.

    7. Although the book addresses loneliness, I believe it speaks more to suffering and death (not just physical, but spiritual death). The content of this book kept drawing me back to believe in the God of all Love. The God who is in control; the God who is transforming my pain. I’m called back to faith, back to hope, back to Him, and who He said He really is. No longer to writhe, but to trust in pain, seeing Him create life out of death. He did it for His Son; watch Him do it in you. I am realizin [...]

    8. Everyone faces the reality of loneliness now and again In this book, Elliot speaks from her place of widowhood into the loneliness that any and everyone has encountered at one point or another in life. Elliot draws out examples in Scripture where God uses loneliness, and she elaborates on the vague phrase "gift of singleness," in a way that many writers for young-adults fail to explain.This is, I think, one of Elisabeth Elliot's lesser known works. You might be more familiar with Through Gates o [...]

    9. A good example of Elisabeth Elliot at her best-this work offers honest answers to life's tough questions, even the ones that most Christians are afraid to ask. Elliot offers hope despite suffering, which she defines as having something we don't want or wanting something we don't have. According to this definition, we've all suffered, and have asked ourselves if there is a purpose in any of it and if it will ever go away. Elliot's response-there's a purpose if we give our pain to God and allow Hi [...]

    10. First reading: sometime in fall 2008Second reading: May/June 2010This is a really good book--honest, but full of truth. It talks about being lonely, but also about what to do with your loneliness. Here's my 2008 review:"One of the best Elliot books I have read so far. With kindness and honesty, Mrs. Elliot brings out the importance of offering whatever we are going through--be it loneliness or suffering or whatever--as a sacrifice to God and letting Him do what He will with it. She says " unders [...]

    11. If you are struggling with a season of loneliness in your life, consider reading this book. Elisabeth Elliot writes of how giving the pain of loneliness over to God results in us being used by God to love and minister to others. I chose this book for my Lenten reading this year. It has helped me so much. The book closes with a description of a widow and how God powerfully used her to help others: "Her Valley of Baca (weeping) has been made a place of springs She stands as irrefutable proof that [...]

    12. Loneliness is hard. I like Elisabeth Elliot's analogy of a wilderness. It fits. The author is not afraid to share from her many and varied experiences of the pain of loneliness, and the solution that she found in offering the loneliness up to God. Make loneliness solitude, and solitude prayer, she says, but only after you have received God's gracious gift and offered back to Him yourself in whatever place and relationships (or lack of them) you are. I think her treatment of the subject is thorou [...]

    13. This book was given to me by a friend who has experienced similar grief, and she passed it on to me about a month after my husband died. The book is saturated with Scripture, and ministered to my heart in very specific ways. Ellisabeth Elliot, of course, relates perfectly to my thoughts and emotions having been widowed twice herself. She does a great job pointing out that in our various paths of loneliness, Christ is the answer and the One who truly satisfies. The Gospel is woven throughout. Thi [...]

    14. A rare insight into the spiritual and personal challenges loneliness brings. Akin to Lewis' "Grief Observed," where he explores his own loss and loneliness, Mrs. Elliot studies the brokenness and opportunities within which loneliness operates. She also describes a humbler, higher way to tread the darker paths. In all a rich and invaluable read.

    15. This is an amazing book. I picked it up in a time of transition into understanding what being a stay at home mom is all about and dealing with the isolation of it all. While she does not touch on this particular situation, she speaks Truth into all forms of loneliness we might inquire. She's a straight talker, and always points to God's word. I love that about her writing.

    16. Excellent book that I'd recommend to anybody. Elisabeth Elliot communicates and teaches that you can make an oblation out of anything the Lord has given you, whether a joyous blessing or a sorrowful suffering. What matters is offering everything back to God to let him use it as He wills in your life. It's about God's agenda, not yours.

    17. WOW!!! What a book! I read it in less than one day!!!;)This book talks about loneliness and how to give your loneliness to God! Thanks, Brittany for suggesting it! I enjoyed and and it gave me lots to think on!

    18. I was given this book as a gift, and had a deep reluctancy to read it. When I finally picked it up, I was daily encouraged by each of the chapters. Even when I may have felt alone, I never am alone. Elisabeth Elliot is a blessing to me.

    19. Excellent reminder through Scripture where our treasure lies and who it is who truly satisfies our desires. It also helps readers become more aware of the different types of loneliness so many people face, so that we can learn to build one another up in love.

    20. Love, Love, Love this book. A great read for anyone in a season of lonliness, suffering, struggling, etc! A great read even if you are not in one of those seasons will help you to notice and encourage others who are!

    21. This is a book filled with wisdom and grace. It is one I know I will read many times, turning to it for comfort and encouragement. It is like applying a healing ointment to a shattered heart and broken dreams.

    22. AMAZING read for those going through dark places. This was written by one of my favorite authors about the time following her husband's martyrdom. However it spoke to me at a chosen lonely time in my life and added such balm to my broken heart at the time.

    23. A good complement to her book on suffering, which I read last week. Excellent, practical stuff, with no frills or nonsense.

    24. I read this book for the second time after Elliot's recent death. Her words remain powerfully adept. This is one of my favorites.

    25. Read in 1999 and now can say I was still blessed again this time. Never read one of her books that I didn't love.

    26. This book shaped my thoughts and expectations about life; hopefully it brought me more in line with my Creator's ideals.

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