Adept When insurance investigator David Braun probes a particularly violent break in the crime scene raises questions than it answers Turning to Susan Milton of the London School of Antiquities for help h

  • Title: Adept
  • Author: Robert Finn
  • ISBN: 9781905005574
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Paperback
  • When insurance investigator David Braun probes a particularly violent break in, the crime scene raises questions than it answers Turning to Susan Milton of the London School of Antiquities for help, he exposes a horrifying secret that s centuries old.

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      210 Robert Finn
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    One thought on “Adept”

    1. Not bad for a first published novel but I felt it suffered from a less than page-turning pace as well as a noticeable number of adverbs used in dialogue tags, as in: "he said softly," or "she said agreeably". A few I wouldn't have minded, but when I, a writer aspiring to be published and constantly reading experts who say essentially "Don't use any adverbs unless absolutely necessary," I notice them and it detracts from my enjoyment of and immersion in the story.I will say the protagonists were [...]

    2. Abordei a leitura deste livro com alguma expectativa que advinha de críticas e comentários que tinha lido e que me despertaram a curiosidade sobre o livro. Bem, afirmo desde já que o livro foi uma grande desilusão: a históriaé pura e simplesmente desinteressante, abundam diálogos maçudos e excessivamente extensos, o autor está semper a derivar da história principal para 5traçar a cadaq momento o perfil psicológico dos personagens, cuja personalidaqde nem sequer é deveras interessant [...]

    3. David has carved a niche for himself in the world as a security consultant for an old established insurance firm, he recovers lost goods. However the latest investigation brings him into the world of strange abilities and superhuman powers. A building his firm insures has been broken into and 2 out of 3 of the villans are dead, the other one survived a fall that's impossible.He recruits the help of american academic Susan Milton because one of the items stolen is a very old talisman. The stories [...]

    4. Not the greatest page turner but not bad. A little more thrills and less explanation would have made it better for me.

    5. Begins well and the characters are good. Gets a bit daft later with the magic stuff but still very readable.

    6. Considerado como uma variante do “Código Da Vinci” da “Regra dos Quatro”, este “O Perito”, policial que marca a estreia literária de Robert Finn, deixava antever ser um thriller digno dos acima mencionados, até mesmo transformar-se num thriller de culto.Exagero!Antes de mais, o que sobressaiu na sinopse, que confesso me despertou a curiosidade, foi a colagem ao best seller de Dan Brown e, na minha opinião, tal colagem não funcionou a seu favor, porquê?Simplesmente porque criei [...]

    7. The book kept you turning the pages, but there was a lack in deeper things than this. I agree with someone who wrote about the use of adverbs. I didn't feel like the characters reached an utter completion by the end of the story, apart from the romantic element. They needed to be something more than the typical superficial European and American characters in their thirties. Sometimes I felt that there was no cohesion, for example, at some point it said that "this is in the begging of the desease [...]

    8. This is a combination of crime and occult/paranormal thriller that centers around an insurance investigator, David Braun and an academic, Susan Milton, working with the London School of Antiquities. They are brought together when a violent break-in and theft of an artifact leads them to uncover a secret that is centuries old. This discovery makes them a target for a ruthless killer who threatens the kind of things ruthless killers threaten.I had originally read it a couple of years ago expecting [...]

    9. If you can totally, absolutely and utterly suspend your disbelief and just accept the notion that some people (adepts) have supernatural powers then this book is not a bad read. If you can't, don't waste your money. After the slowest start imaginable the pace heats up and the plot becomes quite interesting while the main characters are sympathetic and engaging. The author does have a tendency to over-describe which can be annoying but it doesn't detract too much from the enjoyment. Not a book I [...]

    10. I had a very nice time reading this book.A combination between mistery,crime and ocult thriller with some romance inserctions.By far is not the gratest book from it's tipe but it give's you a nice feedback,at least for me.And let's don't forget that the action is laid in London and that gives a big + from my point of view.I recomand it to all of you.

    11. Well didnt get to the end before the library download lease ran out, the problem with library leases is that you cant renew them so i have had to return it and now have to wait for it to become available again!!Overall so far its quite a good story, i really do want to get to the end so annoyed i didnt do it.

    12. I really enjoyed this book.By the second chapter I was hooked and was trying to work out who the culprit was. The book was well written and flowed beautifully with just enough humor to not imitate a joke book. Nearing the end of the book it was obvious what going to happen and it seemed to loose some its mystique and humor along with it my attention.

    13. The first part of this book was okay but then I felt that the second part went on too long and I couldn’t wait to finish it. This is the first book that I have read by this author, I believe that there is a follow up but I won’t be rushing to read it.Some other reviews described this as similar to the Da Vinci Code but although I can see some similarities, DVC was so much better.

    14. an interesting start, which transforms into a rather dully book. I don't know the potential target, as Adept seems a mixture between a Serie Noir with an Edgar Wallace mystery, children comics and some esoterics. poor final, three stars means great benevolance

    15. Fue una lectura entretenida para pasar el rato y en mi caso dar comienzo a las vacaciones, sin embargo, encontré un poco flojos ciertos argumentos y eso me hizo perder interés a ratos. En caso de recomendarlo advertiría de no tener expectaciones demasiado altas.

    16. I liked the story, however the author chose to include a lot of details that were not important to the plot making it somewhat boring in some parts.

    17. Not my normal style of book, much more my husbands, still enjoyed it thoroughly had enough to keep me wanting more. A great escapist read.

    18. I don't like to criticise when people have doubtless worked long and hard on their craft, but this book was not for me. I found it lacking in most aspects. *apologises*

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