Out Stealing Horses Winner of the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award In fifteen year old Trond spends a summer in the country with his father The unexpected events that come to pass alter his life forever An

  • Title: Out Stealing Horses
  • Author: Per Petterson Anne Born
  • ISBN: 9780099506133
  • Page: 138
  • Format: Paperback
  • Winner of the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award.In 1948, fifteen year old Trond spends a summer in the country with his father The unexpected events that come to pass alter his life forever.An early morning adventure out stealing horses leaves Trond confused when his friend Jon suffers a sudden breakdown Behind this scene, he will discover, lies a personal tragedWinner of the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award.In 1948, fifteen year old Trond spends a summer in the country with his father The unexpected events that come to pass alter his life forever.An early morning adventure out stealing horses leaves Trond confused when his friend Jon suffers a sudden breakdown Behind this scene, he will discover, lies a personal tragedy the first incident in the gradual destruction of the two boys families.As an old man, living in an isolated part of Norway, Trond chances upon a character from that fateful summer who stirs up painful memories and forces him to look back at his past.Out Stealing Horses is a poignant and moving tale of a changing perspective on the world, from youthful innocence to the difficult acceptance of betrayal, and of nostalgia for a simpler way of life.Per Petterson, defeated eight finalists, including Julian Barnes, J.M Coetzee, Salman Rushdie and Cormac McCarthy to win the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award for Out Stealing Horses.

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    One thought on “Out Stealing Horses”

    1. I have a feeling this book may take root and blossom further within me over time, but for now, I must stop one star short of my top rating."Out Stealing Horses" won the world's richest literary prize (The Impac, out of Dublin) last year, and it has had enough buzz that I had to wait weeks for it to come off the reserve list at our local library.It is the tale of a 67-year-old Norwegian man who retreats to the north woods to review his life, and particularly, a fateful summer in 1948 when he was [...]

    2. This is a story of growth, of a boy who becomes and adult in an isolated rural region of Norway, close to the Swedish border, in the course of one summer.But this is also a story of decline, of an old man who revisits the countryside where he last saw his father in 1948, expecting to capture the blinding light of indifferent nature, the flashing clarity of unhurried memories, the physical vigor that pumped up his young body more than sixty years ago before the clock of his worn-out life ticks ou [...]

    3. What do we see when we look back over our lives. Are we the hero of our own story? Looking into that mirror, can we really see ourselves, or is our view doomed to be perpetually blocked, offering maybe a Maigret image of only the backs of our heads? A man, 67, Trond, lives alone in a small house by a lake in east Norway and contemplates his past. We travel back and forth between the present, 1999, and 1948 when he was a fifteen-year-old, living with his father in a summer place. The events of th [...]

    4. My copy of Ut og stjæler hester has a little tear in the dust-jacket, and when my girlfriend sees it she looks at me reproachfully, she respects books in a way I cannot, as physical objects, and she had bought me this elegant first edition as a present, but now I had carelessly used the dust-jacket to mark my page and put too much strain on the paper, it had not been important to me, for I respect books in my own way and was lost in the author's words, in his unique way of using the Norwegian l [...]

    5. What in the hell just happened here? What in the hell?I am completely flummoxed by my own reaction to this book.So, quick back story on this. . . About 3 years ago, I was hiding out in the kitchen at a neighbor's New Year's Eve party. My husband had become trapped against the wall in the den, stuck in a conversation with several other men, forced to listen to a man give the play-by-play on how he had just tiled his floors. I saw that I couldn't save my spouse, so I had slipped into the kitchen u [...]

    6. The only negative thing I can say – or, more accurately, am willing to say – about this novel is that it begs to be read by the fireplace, and not everybody has a fireplace. I don't have a fireplace.

    7. With the use of stark, simple language, Norwegian author Per Petterson tells the complex story of a summer that brings about a coming of age for 15 year old Trond, seen through his 67 year old eyes. This language suits the setting perfectly - aging Trond has retreated to a cabin in remote wilderness, to a very simple life (he doesn't own a phone and not even his children know where he is). But, while he may have simplified his landscape, all the messiness of his interior life comes with him, esp [...]

    8. I was sorry when I turned to the last page. And surprised--my right hand still held several pages of the book, and I hadn't realized they were the blank ones that often come at the end.I was sorry, because I wanted to spend more time in this space--rural Norway, mostly, with ventures into Oslo and Sweden. I wanted to spend more time with the narrator, Trond, whose name rarely emerges in the text and who we follow when he is fifteen and when he is sixty-seven, with ventures elsewhere in his life. [...]

    9. “That part of my life when I could turn the dreams to some use is behind me now. I am not going to change anything anymore.”Out Stealing Horses is a pure, poignant and luminous story that feels out of place in this modern and cluttered world. It's a simple tale that doesn't do anything fancy, and had the feel of both being radiant like the sun high up in the sky and the echoing sadness of a dry riverbed. Petterson effectively catches hold and haunts with the one thing we all ponder on from t [...]

    10. The book that began with an ending, ended up winning me over. If you look back on your life what will you see? Will you be happy with your relationships? Will you be proud of your actions? Will you be haunted by past events that forever changed your life. Actions have consequences. How do consequences affect a person for life?I read this book when it first came out with my book club and it blew me away in a very quiet subtle way. Par Peterson is an award winning Norwegian writer who introduces u [...]

    11. Onvan : Out Stealing Horses - Nevisande : Per Petterson - ISBN : 1555974708 - ISBN13 : 9781555974701 - Dar 258 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2003

    12. The Evocative title lured me into buying this book. It starts out as your typical autumn recalls the beginning of Summer type story as an older man, settling into a basic cottage by a lake in search of solitude (plainly a hard task, but someone has to do it) in southern Norway, hard by the border with Sweden recalls his youth in the same area. Some sexual tension as he recalls watching the deft fingered milkmaid at her work and the faded cotton dress clinging to the woman out helping a bunch of [...]

    13. As chilly as its Norwegian setting, Petterson's novel continues to haunt my thoughts weeks after reading it. Its very title and the many allusions to cowboy culture made me think about what frontier and re-invention means if the edge of the world is vast and dramatically sculpted desert that only ends with limitless ocean, or claustrophobic forest that transitions into Arctic ice. But mostly it made me think about no matter how much we think we know about others and ourselves, it's never complet [...]

    14. رواية أنيقة، مثل لوحة بديعة تتحرك بحذر بين الضوء والظل، بين ما يقال صراحة وما يتجاوزه الراوي عمدًا. أحببت اشتغاله على مناطق الصمت وقدرته العالية على القبض على "صوت الطفل" المفعم بالتساؤل والجوع إلى الفهم والاتساع. هناك أيضا الحضور الغامر للمكان بشكل حسّي وحي. أنت فقط تقرر متى [...]

    15. "You decide for yourself when it will hurt." The image of an egg falling from the top of a tree and then of a nest destroyed in some seconds. The image of life being shattered in the space of some seconds. These two images got imprinted on my retina while reading this book. They haunted me and they still haunt me even now after having finished the book. I don’t know if it’s Petterson’s unique style of writing that gives these images such strength or putting them in the context that he did. [...]

    16. Sumptuous Prose, but Largely Redundant Picking up this novel (translated from its original Norwegian), it is easy to understand why “Out Stealing Horses” has earned such high praise from critics; its author, Per Petterson, is a writer of astonishing talent. There are moments where his astute observations and beautiful descriptions sent chills down my spine. Petterson’s depth of understanding for his main character, Trond, is palpable, and he is carefully rendered in an achingly believable [...]

    17. This is lovely. Very compressed language. Funny how that comes through even in translation (from the Norwegian). At certain points the novel suggests all that is good about Hemingway's "Big Two-Hearted River," which is not to say it's derivative, not at all; just that Petterson knows his Hemingway. The narrative flashes between past and present. A 67 year old man has moved to rural Norway, away from Oslo after the death of his second wife, and settled in a lakeside village. His children, two dau [...]

    18. We have had a death in the family which has meant stopping almost everything to pay my respects to Death and Time. I don't know how long they'll be right in the house like this. Maybe until the Peak Freans run out, or until some illuminating memory shakes out of the vault to make sense of the whole; a snow globe marked 'Souvenir of Life on Earth', the light hidden in those falling fake metallic flakes. I do know that whatever it is, Death and TIme will return to their place on the back burner to [...]

    19. a third of the way through and i was certain i'd give this book four or five stars spare, strong sentences, a jumping chronology, meandering, mysterious i loved it. and had it remained how it had started -- that is, a book of sketches strung together by a common element -- i would have loved it but it doesn't. in a way, i think, petterson lacks confidence in his own abilities: he introduces certain plot elements i found wholly unnecessary (not to mention an incredibly anti-climactic resolution) [...]

    20. As I said in an update, this book has some of the most effortless to read prose I've ever encountered, but also seems very worth re-reading.This story of a father and son's relationship, linked by mentions of the titular phrase, holds so much emotion: love, loss, pain, regret, hope and hopelessness, moments of overwhelming joy followed by inevitable sadness. I found the earlier part of the book absolutely poetic, the latter less so.but I'm unsure if that was the book (the story) or me and my rea [...]

    21. "You decide yourself when it will hurt."Pet Petterson's novel about a man in late middle age who has exiled himself to a cottage in the remote Norwegian countryside has garnered literary prizes and rave reviews almost everywhere. I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I was well, underwhelmed.I confess I'm an aficionado of bleak fiction, of those sour almost hopeless ruminations on the fate of age and solitude that might fill more cheery readers with despair. So I was expecting to savor Out Steali [...]

    22. msarki.tumblr/post/8630462Just a marvelous book, paced so lovely, and the telling of the tale so interesting to me. The back and forth between the past and the present accomplished so adroitly that I was simply amazed at Petterson’s talent I had previous to this book been admittedly embarrassingly unaware of.I think what made this novel feel so important to me is the narrator’s age of sixty-seven and how after a successful career, a couple wives, two kids and on, he decides to return alone t [...]

    23. Håvard Vikhagen (n. 1952) - Pintor (Out Stealing Horses (Ut og stjæle hester))Uma história evocativa e nostálgica de um regresso às origens - dominada pelos sentimentos humanos e condicionada por uma floresta deslumbrante. Magistral"Toda a minha vida ansiei por estar sozinho num lugar como este. Mesmo quando tudo corria bem, como era frequente acontecer. Bem que o posso dizer. Tenho dito sorte. Mas mesmo nessas alturas, por exemplo a meio de um abraço e quando alguém me sussurrava ao ouvi [...]

    24. A quiet, reflective novel of one man's attempt to understand and escape from a deep sadness he has carried with him since he was a child. Alone in a remote cabin with the harsh Norway winter fast approaching, Trond searches for a way to explain a single, piercing childhood tragedy that has echoed hauntingly throughout his life. As the focus of the novel shifts seamlessly between a summer Trond spent working with his father and the silent time he now spends alone in his cold, tiny cabin, the deta [...]

    25. No doubt Out Stealing Horses has been reviewed thus:Too many long sentences.Or, to put it another way,Who does he think he is, anyway, this Per Petterson, with his immodestly large sentences that have no inkling when to end, no brakes, no sensitivity to the situation of the poor reader who has drawn the most enormous amount of oxygen into their lungs, sucking it in until fit to burst, face red and bulging, in order to start at the beginning and be able to go through right to the end of just one [...]

    26. Per Petterson trusts me. I felt this with some satisfaction while reading Out Stealing Horses. He unfolds his story with no unnecessary signposts or reminders or references, trusting that his reader will care enough to gather up every quiet detail as it is shared and infer those that didn’t need to be put down. It is a simple story with many pieces that never snap together so much as they are smoothed into place with time, just as the narrator’s memories are. His power of description is sad [...]

    27. 2.5 starsOut stealing horses is a book that I have wanted to read for a long time but just had a hunch that it was not for me and the hunch was correct.This is a quiet but thought provoking sort of novel and tells the story of Trond a vigorous 67 year old residing in rural Norway. He is a loner and has withdrawn from the world.The writing in this book is beautiful and I loved some of the descriptions in the novel but the story is more a study of character than plot and as much as I enjoyed the w [...]

    28. I just lost my review, sigh. I will just say "read this book". It is quiet, powerful, and a glimpse into Norwegian life. It has won a number of awards, and is one of the best European novels translated into English in the past 10 years.

    29. having finished:The story grew on me as it began to center more on the father-son relationship, but I did not fall in love I liked how it was structured, I liked the evocation of landscape and season, but the characters were shadowy for me and it never reached the point of intensity that I wanted it toat was perhaps the point: not to, to have many small flickers of light instead of one really bright & intense one, but it's what I wanted. I wanted less shadowy characters--for at least one of [...]

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