Sworn When her dad is transferred Rachel Wood is uprooted from her home in Pennsylvania and forced to enter a new high school in th grade in an affluent suburb in Westchester New York She finds hersel

  • Title: Sworn
  • Author: Emma Knight
  • ISBN: 9780983977803
  • Page: 180
  • Format: ebook
  • When her dad is transferred, Rachel Wood is uprooted from her home in Pennsylvania and forced to enter a new high school, in 10th grade, in an affluent suburb in Westchester, New York She finds herself in way over her head, as she struggles to come to grips with meeting new friends, finding a boyfriend, avoiding the cliques of mean girls, and figuring out how to survive iWhen her dad is transferred, Rachel Wood is uprooted from her home in Pennsylvania and forced to enter a new high school, in 10th grade, in an affluent suburb in Westchester, New York She finds herself in way over her head, as she struggles to come to grips with meeting new friends, finding a boyfriend, avoiding the cliques of mean girls, and figuring out how to survive in such a hostile new world She has trouble navigating this new world, where drinking and drugs seem the norm, and where social pressures build on her from every direction.Everything seems to go wrong for Rachel, until salvation comes in the form of Rob, a football player who takes a liking to her But just as their romance is about to blossom, she finds herself confused by his actions.As things reach a low point, Rachel meets a mysterious boy from her school, Benji, a loner who keeps apart from the other kids, and who takes her on a ride on his motorcycle They have an unforgettable night together in an amusement park until something goes horribly wrong, and Benji shocks her by saving her life.Rachel knows that Benji is different from everyone else, and she knows that he is the love of her life And as their romance deepens, she has to decide if she is willing to give up everything to find out his secret

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    One thought on “Sworn”

    1. Honestly this book made me mad. The thing that's so aggravating is that Benji just popped out of nowhere and all the sudden they're in love. Sorry if I spoil it for you fans or people who want to read it but there's nothing to spoil. It sucked. Rachel wanted to figure out all his secrets because she was so in love when they knew each other for five minutes so sorry if I'm being negative but really? I just couldn't even get through this book without getting mad and that's saying alot. I would hav [...]

    2. I'm ashamed to even admit I read this book. It is awful. Horrible even. Poorly written and the characters were ridiculous. It broke her heart that he didn't trust her! Sad but hey idiot, he met you less than 24 hours ago. I hate to bag on authors because really, kudos to you for not only starting and finishing a book but for getting it published. But did you read it?

    3. I don't even know what to say about this book. I only downloaded it off of the Google store because it was about vampires, free and I needed something easy to read. The only good thing about it was that it was fairly short.The most frustrating part about it was that about half way through I realized that so far there has been no introduction to any 'person' that could be a vampire. We don't see him until almost the end and it was instant love. ~rolls eyes. She literally just was snubbed by her f [...]

    4. This book was fucking awful. Typically, I'm not that blunt in my reviews. However, this book made no sense whatsoever. There were so many errors that needed edited that it was hard to read. Also, all of the plot inconsistencies were ridiculous. The main character was head over heels "in love" with a guy, then completely forgot about him as soon as the next guy came along a few seconds later. Her parents were over protective and worried about her going out to the movie with some friends, but they [...]

    5. This is quite possibly one of the worst books I have ever read.I'm not a fan of vampire books, which should have been my first clue, but it was free and I liked the cover. I don't have any knowledge whatsoever about vampires, and I could have written a better book. Actually, not once are vampires mentioned or even hinted at in this book, except for at the VERY end with Benji's cold hands and freakish super human strength. This book is essentially a boring story about a boring, desperate, patheti [...]

    6. Honestly speaking this book made me think about my decision of giving it 5stars.Wow never in the world I read a book like this.This book had all shorts of teen daily life problems but never gets to the point at the right time.From the staring I have been waiting for the hero to come but he did come until 76%of the book was over and his entry was as good as a supplementry character in the storry.In most of the story heroine is shown to be worried about what would her parents say if she is late or [...]

    7. This book was honestly painful to read. So many grammatical errors it was distracting. I found the idea/story line to be interesting but the author included so many unnecessary details and seemed to leave out so many more details that would have really enhanced the story line. Fortunately, the second two books in the series (that is all that have been released at this time) were much better and made it almost worth reading the first book. I feel SO bad about being so harsh on the author but it r [...]

    8. Sworn drew my attention because of it's kick arse cover and it's price. Twilight kind of ruined me for most normal Vampire-meets-a-human-chick novels. But I thought I would try this one on for size. And quickly learned that you cannot always judge a book by its cover. From the beginning I was slightly bothered by the writing. It was too abrupt and choppy for my tastes, but I kept reading because I wanted to learn what happened to Rachel. But it took the entire novel for her to meet her vampire. [...]

    9. I honestly felt that this was a big waste of my time. The grammar and spelling gave me a headache. The story telling brought tears to my eyes. I feel like I destroyed brain cells jut by reading this. The dialog was atrocious! Much of the story had so many Twilight parallels I felt as if I may as well have been reading a rewrite of the Twilight series. A big annoyance was the list of big name retail items mentioned. I counted at least 36 (Kipling, Urban Decay, Converse, etc) and the majority of t [...]

    10. If I added up the amount of times the name Rachel is in a chapter, let alone the whole book, I would probably puke. Rachel did this, then Rachel went here. Rachel said this. Rachel thought that. Rachel wanted this. It was like a bad fanfiction writing - shame as the storyline actually could have been good.*SPOILER*My next biggest dilemma is the romance. Benji literally just pops out of nowhere. Their meeting is so unrealistic as this stranger just picks her up out of nowhere and whisks her away [...]

    11. This book could be the example of how not to show in every telling not showing English class ever. So the best thing about this book is the plot, and considering it is basically a retelling of every other 'vampire' novel I've read (and I haven't read THAT many). New girl, new school 'unpopular' and average looking who suddenly stops hearing from her best friend 5eva and wow is suddenly and completely unexpectedly a boy magnet. Shocking and so different I know.However, there is some great stuff w [...]

    12. Briefly: a badly written and edited, unimaginative, uninspired piece of work that doesn't deserve publication.My trawl through free Google Play YA fantasy e-books has thrown up some gems of bad writing, illogical and pedestrian plots, and outright bizarreness, but this has to be one of the worst to date. What's so bad about it? Let me count the ways-Copious errors that any editor worthy of the name should have found, including typos, missing words, incorrectly capitalized words, and more.-Incred [...]

    13. SWORN (Vampire Legends #1)By Emma KnightRead: Sep 19th, 2014 (Abandoned)*** SOME MINOR SPOILERS***I haven't finished this book, and I probably wont.First off, Rachel is supposed to be this likable and smart girl, but just seems kind of shallow to me. All she seems to care about is being popular, and getting with this hot football player. Another thing that I find makes her so unlikable, is that she seems to hate her sister for liking bad music and being too popular and happy, but so far her sist [...]

    14. this is the first time I've ever given a 1 star rating to a book, but I have many reasons why so let's begin my rant. the book is super short. it's more of a short story. the ebook is 96 pages. the writing was horrible, it reminded of chick flick books towards middle schoolers. the main character had the typical "we're moving, I hate my life, I miss my friends, they're ignoring me" then it goes to "oh there's a cute guy at my new school who is super popular and for some reason takes an interest [...]

    15. "Sworn" was a really disappointing read for me. During the first fifty pages or so, I quickly grew tired of all of the references to various stores and brand names (i.e. JCPenney, etc). For a while there I thought it would never end. Then, too much time was spent exploring the whiney angst of the bratty teenage herione, Rachel. By the end of the book, I realized that I just did not like her character very much.Rachel Wood and her family are forced to move to Westchester, N.Y. when her father's c [...]

    16. First off, there are so many grammar mistakes I was literally grinding my teeth. In the first chapter, the MC describes her new house as white with black shudders. Really?? Then, there is so much 'name dropping' of products I started to wonder if the author got kickbacks. Urban Decay, Maybelline, Covergirl, Wal-Mart, Target, the list could go on forever. The MC is unlikeable and washy-washy, being a typical rebellious teenager one minute, then straight and narrow the next.As for the storyline, I [...]

    17. Ok, honestly, the story has potential, but the execution was clumsy. The development of the plot was jerky and abrupt in places, and really slow moving in others. The random insertion of morals seems contrary to the main characters rash decisions in other instances (to leave class, skip school, go places she knows she isn't supposed to with people she barely knows, sneak out to go to a party, etc.). Another issue? The male lead doesn't really show up until more than three-quarters of the we thro [...]

    18. This was a frustrating short story to read. While the writing is not bad the flow of the story is all over the place. I actually enjoyed the way Knight's writing felt at times, but then the story would speed up suddenly and it no longer mattered. The relationships in this practically sprang out of nothing and her connection with Benji felt premature and childish due to the speed at which it developed. Also the over use of brand names was extremely annoying and was just too much. I do give her cr [...]

    19. I finished it and said, "this might be the worst book I've ever read." I recommend that people throw this out and read a good vampire love story like the Vampire Academy series or a really excellent paranormal romance series Die For Me by Amy Plum. I feel like I need to go read a classic to clean this garbage out of my brain.

    20. Don't read this book. It's a waste of space. I think even the editor threw his/her hands up two thirds of the way through and said "I quit. Only select+all+delete could make this better." This book appears to be written as maybe Twilight fan fiction or plagiarism almost? It's like someone thought "hey, how can I make Twilight worse" and then they wrote this.

    21. Oh my am I glad this unadulterated piece of crap was over with quickly. It must have been written by an 8th grader.So horrible. So stupid. Why did I waste my time?

    22. *SOME SPOILERS*I normally don't write reviews because if I loved the book, I feel like my stars will show that. If I hated the book, I feel bad about criticizing the author. But in this case I realize, that it's better to just give a bit of warning to the people who might read this in the future. First off, cover art and plot synopsis. The cover for this book is really quite nice, I like it a lot. The description of the plot too makes it seem like it is going to be a pretty interesting novel (if [...]

    23. This was, hands down, the worst book I have ever read. *Spoilers ahead*I started reading and immediately didn't like it because of the repeated times Rachel's name was used. Like, we get it. Her name is Rachel. She literally wouldn't have dialogue with anyone, or even be thinking about anyone else, but her name would be used to start every sentence. Argghhh.I tried to keep an open mind and trudged on. Then I got annoyed by the constant name dropping. I knew more about what her notebook looked li [...]

    24. Forgot about this freebie. Unfortunately, this was better left forgotten in the cloud. Even for a free book geared toward YA readers, that I chose for mindless beach reading, it's poor. It reads like something I would have put together in creative writing in middle school, if Twilight had been around then to "inspire" me. The protagonist suffers from a hefty case of middle child syndrome, though in fairness, her parents do treat her differently than her popular siblings. She claims to be indepen [...]

    25. Sworn is the first book in a series of five. The story is of a normal girl uprooted from the small home town she has always known. Family moves to a new town and Rachel (a tenth grader) is not feeling the love. She is sullen and moody with her family and thinks the world is against her. At first, I was a little put off by Rachel's character as a perpetual poor me, no one likes me, victim. And yet, when you think of it, Ms. Knight has done a wonderful job of bringing out the depression, anxiety, [...]

    26. First off I am trying to give constructive criticism so if it comes across differently, I'm sorry. The idea is cool and the cover is intriguing but the writing made me think of a small child telling a story, how they go over mundane details too much and there wasn't enough descriptive or creative writing that draws you in. The story was too choppy. For example, when Rachel leaves homeroom to meet Mr. Mysterious they have a 2 minute overdramatic dialogue and then the bell rings for everyone to go [...]

    27. Extremely easy read-read in a few hours. I was distracted by the grammatical errors, the repeated references to name brands of all kinds, and the fact that this girl falls in love soooo easily. Really? You are totally in love with one boy who stands you up, so as you walk home, you get on a motorcycle with a boy you've never even seen before Really? She seems like a character with a brain at first, then she does all these really stupid and reckless things. I don't find this believable behavior o [...]

    28. This book was honestly one of the worse books I've ever read. The writing was downright terrible, characters were quite shallow and not developed AT ALL, and lets not forget to mention the terrible insta-love. And this wasn't you're usual insta-love, this was just bad. (view spoiler)[ You meet Benji in chapter 16 of 19, within those three chapters Rachel becomes madly with him, and is willing to just up and leave her entire life, to go run off who knows where, with this random (clearly supernatu [...]

    29. If you find this book, get a match maybe a flamethrower. I try to be patient. I try to be understanding. I recognize that not everyone likes the same books. That said, there is a REASON to hire an editor and proofreader. If you as an author cannot be bothered to get either one, let alone both, trust me there will be issues. Page one of this crapfest apparently you don't have "brakes" on cars in the 90s. You have "breaks". Nope. Not reading further. If there was a way to rate the book lower than [...]

    30. Name DropperOne would think an author needed to ask permission before doing so many name drops. It makes the series a bit dated since many of these things will not be around forever. Someone is going to have to do some serious googling to make it through this book. Aside from that is was a bad read. It was boring and seemed like something a high schooler would spit out just to pass a creative writing course. Good enough to get a C+ but barely. Story so dry you needed an IV hooked to a bag of wat [...]

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