Deadly Ties Some bonds are love and some bonds are deadly Taylor Reese is done with men except for her son Ryan Dr Gavin Kinncaid realizes Ms Reese is the only woman he s ever wanted to strangle but fate and

  • Title: Deadly Ties
  • Author: Jaycee Clark
  • ISBN: 2940013124820
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Nook
  • Some bonds are love, and some bonds are deadly Taylor Reese is done with men, except for her son, Ryan Dr Gavin Kinncaid realizes Ms Reese is the only woman he s ever wanted to strangle, but fate and passion soon twist their feelings into something other than antagonism, first into passion and then into love But someone plots to rip this new happy family apart, spiSome bonds are love, and some bonds are deadly Taylor Reese is done with men, except for her son, Ryan Dr Gavin Kinncaid realizes Ms Reese is the only woman he s ever wanted to strangle, but fate and passion soon twist their feelings into something other than antagonism, first into passion and then into love But someone plots to rip this new happy family apart, spilling pain and death in their wake.

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    One thought on “Deadly Ties”

    1. This was another wonderful story. I love romantic suspense and this one did not disappoint. The suspense was great and I could not turn the pages fast enough. This story deals with child abuse and it was very emotional reading about the horror the little boy Ryan went through. It was also very heartwarming watching Gavin and Taylor start to trust each other and build a relationship.

    2. Jaycee Clark can craft psychos with amazing skill. In "Deadly Ties" she's come up with a female villain that will scare the pants off you! This is book two in her 'Deadly' series about the Kinncaid men and I couldn't turn the pages fast enough!Taylor spends her time working and celebrating the joys of her adopted son Ryan. Ryan still needs extra time to adjust after almost being killed by his drug-addicted psychotic mother. Thankfully, she's now in jail and Taylor and Ryan moved to a new town to [...]

    3. 5 Stars – Deadly Ties is an adult contemporary romantic suspense thriller by Jaycee Clark and the 2nd book in her Deadly (Kinncaid Brothers) series.Social worker Taylor Reese adopted her son Ryan after his abusive, drug addicted biological mother was sent to prison. Betrayed by her ex-husband, she decided to start a new life with her son in Washington, D.C far away from her ex-husbands lies and infidelity. And far, far, away from Valleyview Texas State Penitentiary where Ryan’s biological mo [...]

    4. This is the second book of Jaycee Clark's Deadly (Kinnaid) series. Gavin loses a patient and meets with the social worker, Taylor Reece, and first impressions aren't good. They meet again when Taylor has an accident and Gavin is first on the scene. Gavin is interested and decides to pursue the lovely Taylor and plays protector when bad things start happening.Jaycee Clark has become a must read author for me. I highly recommend to those who love romantic suspense with an emphasis on romance. A re [...]

    5. Books like this one are the reason that I love to read romantic suspense novels. So glad that I found time to try and catch up with this great writer. Must hurry up and read more of this series.

    6. Omgggggggggg I am hooked!!!! The Kinncaid clan has officially stolen my damn heart and I want to get all up in their nitty-grittywn to the damn last sibling!! Forge on!

    7. Yet another DNF in this series, which tells me, I'm done.After the bust that was its predecessor, I actually rather liked the prologue and chapter one (with the hero "elbow deep" in blood, trying to reanimate his patient)Then the heroine made her entrance and I realized I'm reading a repeat of the first book.The prologue is always from the villain's POV, then boy meets girl, it's insta-hate (although deep down inside they both fancy each other), they bicker, they give each other puppy eyes, she' [...]

    8. What a story! I loved the first one (Deadly Shadows) for it's drama, suspense, and romance. I knew I had to read this one as well, and I'm so glad I did. The first was great. This was even better, if that's possible.The romance was wonderful, and quite natural in how it blossoms. What a wonderful male character Dr. Gavin Kinncaid is. Then there is Taylor Reese and she turns out to be his total match. She's not easy to get either! Unfortunately, she's got some unfinished baggage to deal with and [...]

    9. My Review:Overall.4.00Performance4.50Story3.75I am really loving the audiobooks by this author and narrator. This one was particularly good for the first part of the book. I liked the strife between the hero and heroine. I enjoyed the dynamic of their jobs (even though their initial meeting was extremely tragic)e social worker and the physician. Their chemistry was incredible through the first parts of the story. I also really enjoyed the whole backstory for Taylor and her ex-husband. That just [...]

    10. Deadly Ties is the 2nd Kinncaid Brothers novel and it was great. Dr. Gavin Kinncaid and Taylor Reese are thrown together after losing a patient and the child who Taylor was responsible for as a Social Worker. From the beginning sparks flew as they clashed.Both are strong willed and honorable people who care about children. Taylor trusts no one except for her adopted son. Ryan, who’s been through his own horrible past is very weary of everyone except for Taylor. His own biological mother has tr [...]

    11. This is the second book in a boxed set. I liked the first one in this series and this one was really good too. Taylor is a social worker who has recently moved to DC with her adopted son, Ryan. Ryan's story is a heartbreaker and if child abuse is a trigger, you need to steer clear of this book. Ryan's mother is in jail for attempted murder of Ryan but she has vowed to get her son back and vowed revenge against Taylor. Gavin is a OBGYN workaholic. He meets Taylor under terrible circumstances and [...]

    12. A fast paced fun read from new-to-me author Jaycee Clark, the second in her Deadly series. Deadly Ties is the first in the series that I have read and I do not feel like I missed much. Taylor moved to DC with her adopted son Ryan to remove him from the pain and memories of Austin. They are working so hard on moving forward from the trauma that Ryan’s biological mother put him through. What neither of them expected was to meet Gavin Kinncaid, son of the Kinncaid hotel family. Gavin may not work [...]

    13. Can you say AWESOME……I started reading the 1st books in this series (they can be read in order or as stand alones) 5:54pm Friday and by 7:29am Monday morning I had finished the 5th book. Yes I barely left the house all weekend and I was late for work Monday!This romantic suspense series has fantastic characters, the author has made them come alive. As you read these books you immerse yourself into the characters’ lives, you become vested in them overcoming obstacles, defeating the bad guys [...]

    14. Nina was an abusive mother who ends up in prison for attempted murder on her son. She has vowed to kill everyone who has taken him from her. The judge, the lawyer and especially the social worker who also adopted her son Taylor Reese. Taylor is now a single mother who is still fighting everyone who for the children'a rights. Her latest victim Dr. Gavin Kinncaid who also happens to fall in love with the soft hearted but hard as nails Taylor. Can these two survive Nina's wrath and end up happily e [...]

    15. We have a crazy bitch running loose in this bOok. This one is the stOry abOut Gavin Kinncaid. He met a sOcial wOrker name TaylOr Reese. And we have sparklers and fireworks coming from them Lol And Taylor have a son named Ryan. She adopted her before her divorce was finalize. And Ryan birth mOther is the crazy bitch that I'm talking abOut. I find that Jesslyn character fromoverlapped with TaylOr. Or shOuld I say the Kinncaid men are attracted to sassy women?? Anyway, this book bring some chilling [...]

    16. WOW! I am loving this series! The villian was one very wicked womanI was on pins and needles waiting to see what she would do.I loved Taylor's sassiness. These Kincaid men, need women who don't let them get away with nonsense :) Taylor's ex is a complete ass, I'm so glad she found Gavin.Ryan is one exceptional kid, he's been through hell and back, he's coping and starting to open up. His journal entrieswow! So great to see things through his eyes. Gavin is a definite keeper! He was great with Ry [...]

    17. Rating 3.5 starsMy second book by this author was much better, yes I again had complaints with the heroine and her need for independence but unlike in the previous book the heroine in this one didn't suffer from TSTL (too stupid to live) syndrome. The hero is an OB/GYN and the heroine a social worker who adopted a kid whose mother is a monster. We throughout the book get to hear Ryan's (the kid's) side and his special ability. The romance flowed for me in this book and like the last book we get [...]

    18. 3.5 STARSI read this as part of The Deadly Series Boxed Set.I liked this one more than the first book, mostly because I liked Taylor more than Jessie. The suspense elements drew me in, Nina was a chilling villain. Gavin was a good guy, protective and sweet, yet there was a vulnerable side to him as well. I loved his relationship with Ryan.Two things kept me from loving it:1) The paranormal element. It was minor, but I'm not a fan of that plot device.2) While I loved Ryan, he was way too "old" to [...]

    19. The first of the twins. Gavin, the baby doctor, goes head to head with social worker Taylor. Taylor finds herself in a situation that puts Gavin as her rescuer, which puts Gavin and Taylor in a situation for romance! Taylor and Gavin fight their attraction, as usual, but eventually submit to it and take the journey together with Taylor's son Ryan. But Ryan's drug addicted, murdering mother doesn't want Ryan in a happy family with caring parents. She makes life difficult for the Kinncaids and wil [...]

    20. I loved everything about this book. Some parts of the story made me sad. I thought Nina was a piece of crap & she got what she deserved. I loved how Taylor become the mom that Ryan never had. I loved how Taylor gave Ryan the love he never had. I loved how Gavin gave Taylor & Ryan the love they never had. I loved how Gavin gave Taylor & Ryan the family they never had. I love how the Kinncaid family sticks together. I loved the ending of the story. I think this book was much better tha [...]

    21. In book 2 of her Deadly series, Ms. Clark steps it up with the family ties of the Kinncaid clan. I really love how the family comes together; they moved me to tears and made me LOL. The Kinncaid brothers sure know how to man up when they need to yet are able to get brought to their knees when those they love are hurt. I was excited that Ian got to make an appearance and I am definitely looking forward to reading his story. I also enjoyed how the story of love & suspense was balanced. Not too [...]

    22. It's been a whileIt's been a while since I read a five star book, thank God and thank you Jaycee Clark! This is a great romantic suspense book that will keep you on the edge of your seat, not predictable at all. The romance, sexual tension is realistic. Suspense, love, passion. What really stands out is Ryan's perspective. I can't remember a book that actually has the kid's pov wonderful! Great job Jaycee! Downloading the next right now! (Looooove my kindle :-) )

    23. I enjoyed this one more than the first in the series - it seemed to move along faster. I liked how the "romance" part of the story was resolved quite early in the book and we got to see the relationship between the two central characters as many romance books have them sniping at each other until the last page - I know that is meant to make for drama but it's also nice to see a couple within a relationship (even while a whole lot of other drama is going down). Quick, enjoyable read.

    24. This is defiantly a romantic suspense!!! I did cry Okay okay I sobbed. Luckily my hubby wasn't around. He just doesn't understand. My heart stings were pulled! Ryan is such a wonderful boy and my heart was crushed every time he had to go through the abuse of his bio mom. The love that is displayed in this book is fantastic! Gavin Oh Gavin! What a man! His passion for Taylor and his 'this I will defend' motto for his whole family! Spot on!! Happy reading!!

    25. This was my favorite of the entire series. I absolutely loved the story and the characters. I absolutely loved Taylor and Gavin and Ryan was my favorite character in the ENTIRE series. He was just absolutely adorable and I so wanted to love him the entire book. It was a an absolute incredible read.

    26. Second in "Kinncaid Brothers" series and an solid read. Because it deals with child abuse and some rather emotional passages, it kept me on a roller coaster. Well written characters, some laughter, fear, and a whole lot of family love makes this one romantic suspense worthy of recommendation.

    27. I wanted to like this book in the series, but something about it just didn't hold my attention like the first book did. It almost felt forced, Taylor and Gavin. Their first time meeting in the hospital had good chemistry between them, but after that it just fell flat. So much so I skimmed a good portion of the book.

    28. I liked the return of the previous characters and this book is focused on the Doctor, Gabriel. He meets Taylor and her son Ryan. The stars align and all falls into place for them but not before a crazy Mom escapes prison and comes after them. Some laughs and a few tears were shed while reading. Looking forward to the next book in the series.

    29. Great Book! Great read! Could hardly put it down! Loved the characters and their backgrounds. The twists, turns and suspense was just what I was looking for. Can't wait too read the next one.

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