The Real Rio D Aquila From the gutters to the penthouseItalian by birth this street urchin lived a life of extreme poverty until he escaped to Brazil where he cast off his roots took a new name and pulled himself up fro

  • Title: The Real Rio D'Aquila
  • Author: Sandra Marton
  • ISBN: 9780263887020
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the gutters to the penthouseItalian by birth, this street urchin lived a life of extreme poverty until he escaped to Brazil where he cast off his roots, took a new name, and pulled himself up from the streets.Now Rio D Aquila is beyond wealthy, with a reputation for being uncompromising in business and incomparable in bed But on meeting vulnerable IsabeFrom the gutters to the penthouseItalian by birth, this street urchin lived a life of extreme poverty until he escaped to Brazil where he cast off his roots, took a new name, and pulled himself up from the streets.Now Rio D Aquila is beyond wealthy, with a reputation for being uncompromising in business and incomparable in bed But on meeting vulnerable Isabella Orsini he feels something deep within him stir, and he finds himself pretending to be that long fogotten man.Passion flares and their affair spirals, but Isabella still doesn t know that her lover has lied to her Who is the real Rio D Aquila THE ORSINI BRIDESTwo Sicilian sisters, two powerful princes two passionate, tempestuous marriages

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    One thought on “The Real Rio D'Aquila”

    1. I thought this might be the book in which Marton's "cynical-detached-tycoon-falls-head-over-heels" formula finally wore thin, but once again she turned it around and made me her bitch. Well, not entirely. The first third of the book had too much bickering and stubborn feistiness from Isabella, and the last third was heavy on character reappearances, this being the final book in a long family series. Marton did get some fun out of that fact, as in this scene:"Startled, Rafe, Dante, Nick, Falco an [...]

    2. This was an enjoyable HP and anyone who has read a lot of Marton knows she has a formula but I enjoy that, a hunk hero who falls for a heroine so much so that he can't stop kissing her to shut her up.Izzy is the youngest Orsini, a landscaper and she shows up a late for an interview with Rio. Izzy isn't a fan of wealthy men and Rio who is pissed off that she's late doesn't correct her about who he is, when she mistakes him for the caretaker, after all she will be gone shortly but as things come t [...]

    3. This book was okay but it was sort of all on the surface. It took place over about 3 days and they were super in love. It was very light and so little happened that it seemed like the actual nuts and bolts of the story could have been told in maybe 30 pages. Just that the day they met took over half the book. Enjoyable but more fluff than normal even for HP.

    4. Man, the cover stinks on this book. Good thing I read the description before looking at it!! yikes! Anyway, I really enjoyed this book despite wondering what planet these people were from at times. Ok. She probably wouldn't have researched him because she is an outdoorsy type, but c'mon!Letting it go. He was a rather drool worthy hero, btw. A good, satisfying read. I kinda wish I had read the rest of the books in the series, but I don't think you really need to do that unless you are like I am n [...]

    5. Woooooooosh----An instant lust built on lies, what could go wrong? But boy, wrong it did. But not before a lot of good things happened. Things that were oh-so-sweet, and funny, and cute.Maybe my tolerance for this story has improved, because I just ignored how quickly they fell in love with one another. Izzy was sweet, but still snappish; Rio was arrogant, much like all the other men in the family. It was a nice touch with one man saying something, and another realising that actually, no, that w [...]

    6. If 'The Ice Prince' was great,'The Real Rio D'Aquila' was amazing/ Thank God! I didn't get dissuaded by my friend's constant warning- "The book is damn boring!"Well,I found the book lovely, emotional, elusive and charming. The story was so different and it was hard not to fall for the couple.The heroine- Izzy was kind of dumb at first. C'mon, when you've signed on an important client whom you haven't met, you can at least check the world wide web. Or did Sandra Marton write the novel at a time w [...]

    7. THE REAL RIO D’AQUILA by Sandra Marton is a December 2011 release by Harlequin Presents.Isabella Orsini is looking forward to a job at tycoon Rio D A’Quila’s new country estate as a landscaper. But she was late to the interview due to unforeseen circumstances. Reaching there at last she meets a hunky shirtless man who introduces himself as Matteo Rossi, the caretaker of the estate. And sparks flew! Rio had waited for Isabella to turn up for the interview and when at last she did come and t [...]

    8. Aku tau aku bakal jatuh cinta sama buku ini #loveitLucu, kocak, romantis, menghibur, pokoknya recomend. Paling seneng saat2 mau ending, mereka ga perlu waktu lama buat saling mengungkapkan kalau mereka saling mencintai. Matteo Rossi, atau Rio D'Aquila, siapapun dirimu, aku meleleh. Banyak banget curi2 ciumannya hahaBikin mesem2 sendiri bacanya. for you 5 of 5

    9. This was an OK book. I was looking forward to Izzy's story and really wished it had had more of her gardening since that was so important to her. Somehow, too, the "insta-lust" between the two of them just didn't ring true to me.That said, there were some good passages: Another minute or two, then he’d pull aside the curtain and reveal himself as the Wizard in the Emerald City. And, no, that hadn’t gone so well for the real wizard but the analogy made—and I *loved* this one!: The band bega [...]

    10. Akhirnya setelah sekian lama cerita ini dilirik kembali dan bisa terselesaikan. Awal membaca karena pernah gue diamkan selama berbulan-bulan ceritanya bakal membosanlan. Ternyata tidak juga Si Rio/Matteo yang kata Anna bajingan ternyata punya pesona terpendam khas hero harlequin. Itu doang sebenernya Yah namanya harlequin mau berharap alur beda? Ya jangan harap lol

    11. I like this better than the first one. They look real. An ordinary girl meets an ordinary boy, even tough you can't call Rio D'Aquila ordinary. Woman who looks ordinary compared to her perfect sister, make her insecure. And this is the first time a woman rejects him, even though she didn't know the he's Rio D'Aquila.

    12. Río es un empresario duro y frio,huerfano criado en la enorme pobreza.Donde se dedico a la vida delictiva para poder comer.Se enfrento al mundo solo pero resurgió de sus cenizas como el Ave Fénix y alcanzo un lugar en el mundo.Exitoso,guapo,con dinero y poder las mujeres caen rendidas a sus pies.Pero el no quiere ningún compromiso serio y como todo protagonista Harlequin lo menos que quería era creer en el amor.Claro hasta que llega su damisela en apuros,la guapa Isabella.La menor de la din [...]

    13. This is a case of mistaken identity mingled with love. Rio d'Aquila grew up in an orphanage, living in poverty until he escaped to Brazil and assumed a new identity. There, he made a name for himself and became a wealthy, ruthless entrepreneur. On impulse, Isabella Orsini bids for the job of landscaping his new house. Unfortunately, she wrecks the car on the way to the job site and is forced to walk to her appointment. A young man greets her when she finally reaches d'Aquila's lavish home, weary [...]

    14. The list of Romance Books Everyone Should Read got me started. This is number 10 on my personal list. Last one, I promise. Harlequin Presents, also Mills and Boon Modern (I like their covers better, so sometimes pick their editions). Heroine mistakes hero for the caretaker instead of the tycoon. But this is not full of angst and drama. Sandra Marton does a fine job of these two falling in love, they speak the same language, like the same things, it makes sense. And when she finds out who he is, [...]

    15. This book is my favorite in the Orsini books, The plot was different in a very good way Rio or Matteo as I prefer to call him was charming and quite funny especially when Izzy was blabbing on and on about people he has no idea who they were , knowing about his childhood had me falling for him even more , I loved the hero. Isabella was a heroine I absolutely adored she's messy in a humorous way , a little sharp tongued and speaks her mind all the time I really liked her. Matteo and Izzy had in [...]

    16. Sandra Morton'un Orsini Kardeşler serisinin bu romanını beğenerek okudumOrsini Kadeşlerin en gösterişsiz ve deneyimsiz olanı İzzt Orsini ve Gizemli yakışıklı milyarder Rio D'Aquila nın hikayesiİsabelle Orsini bu gizemli yakışıklıyı görüşmeye geldiği Rio'nun bahçıvanı Matteo Rossi olarak biliyordu ve bahçesinin düzenleme işini alm ak için gelmiştiAma çiftin tanışmaları çok olaylı olmuştuGüzel bir hikaye idi

    17. A very nice story.Rio D'Aquila is the name he earned, but Matteo Rossi was the name he was given. While one had struggled to become the other, his being Matteo was truly at the heart of Rio. Isabella Orsini might come from a large family, but as the youngest, she had always remained in the back ground, never truly finding herself. Meeting up with Matteo gave her the passion to seize life and go for her heart's dream, but finding out he had lied was almost too blinding to get past.

    18. I just love Sandra Marton's books and have been a fan for years.Her Orsini brothers and now sisters series is now over (cue - howling). Her heros are so magnetic and gorgeous and how fabulous to a family of 4 brothers - wow, hot! And because her fans wanted more, she wrote HEA for the 2 sisters.Loved the series - hope she writes another soon :)

    19. the Orisini Brides're the 5th & 6th parts of the Orisini Brothers series & Again i really really enjoyed reading it but i loved Izzy more than Ana & i don't Know why it's just what I felt :) anyway Great work Sandra keep it up i really love your Novels :)

    20. Sbnernya sih tinggal Matteo/Rio anter Izzi ke penginapan terdekat, beres deh tp ceritanya jd cepat selesai.Ga sengaja baca ulang versi terjemahan di iJak ternyata lebih bagus & enak dibacanya.

    21. Wow Mau bangettt sama Rio D'Aquila 4 bintang untuk novel ini. Dari semua segi udah oke dan keren, kurangnya cuman satu !!!Kurang panjang ceritanya Puasss

    22. after reading the back cover,i had different expectations and it didn't meet them. otherwise it's a decent story.

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